Scottish Christian Broadcast Magazine Spring 2016

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Going deeper anticipating real change in Glasgow God is impacting Glasgow’s broken and marginalised with His love and it is the generosity of our supporters that is allowing us to go deeper with those we serve. If you join us, we’ll be able to do even more. Join us in Going Deeper with the people we serve to see lasting change.

Giving 3 hours a week to volunteer with us could mean someone coming to realise God’s love

Praying for those we serve will have a deeper impact than any of us can imagine

Getting involved in one of our fundraising events, or organising your own, means we can continue to be there for people

Donating £12 a month will pay for coffee and a listening ear to help someone in crisis

Visit or call 0141 221 2630.

Glasgow City Mission, 20 Crimea St, G2 8PW. Tel 0141 221 2630. Reg. Charity SC001499