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Newsletter 2016

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Competition for Butchers & Bakers



Deadline for entries 21st October 2016

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Increasing sales for Butchers & Bakers


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New Football Judging Panel




New Macaroni Pie Category

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World Championship Scotch Pie Awards

Welcome from Alan Clarke, Chief Executive Welcome to the very first edition of our new Scotch Pie Club newsletter, initially we will be producing this at the launch of the competition and after the awards ceremony each year.

Welcome from Alan Stuart Founder of the World Championship Scotch Pie Awards I’ve always loved pies. Saturday lunches at my Papa Stuart’s house were a weekly family ritual, checking the quality of our Scotch Pies, so important to our well-being. If they were good enough for us, they were good enough for our customers. He would have been just as appalled as I was at the devastating effect of “mad cow disease” on the bakers & butchers of Scotland in the late 1990s. It’s easy, twenty years on, to forget how really bad things were. Sales of pies dropped 40%, other meat savouries by 25% and sausages, burgers etc were equally devastated. It was clear to me that all Scottish bakers & butchers needed to come together and restore public confidence and return sales to normal. And so, lo and behold in November 1999, we saw the birth of the Pie Club and its twin sibling, the modestly named World Championship Scotch Pie Awards, focusing on quality and innovation. I like to think, perhaps a little immodestly, that my wee idea to help all my fellow pie-making bakers and butchers has fulfilled all the original aims we set out at the beginning. Two years ago, I handed over the reins to Scottish Bakers and the SFMTA and the event has continued to attract a vast amount of positive publicity for our two trades, as well as increased sales, not just for the lucky winners, but for us all. (Even those who don’t enter!). I hope that the recent media-fuelled speculation can be ignored and that wise heads will realise that the only way forward is for us all to continue to support and nurture our golden goose. You’ve got to be in it to win it! The Scotch Pie Club and our World Championship Scotch Pie Awards have been good for our two trades for 16 years, bringing bakers & butchers closer together and sharing our many common skills, strengths, worries and successes. Let’s keep it that way and continue to celebrate our wonderful Scotch Pie. Alan Stuart Chairman, Stuarts of Buckhaven

You will see in the newsletter that we are introducing new innovations this year: - The football pie & savoury category will now include a celebrity panel of football judges which will help maximise the publicity for the competition; by popular demand, a new category ‘The Macaroni Pie’ has been added to celebrate this unique Scottish product. All other categories remain unchanged and the competition is open to all bakers, butchers and pie makers who want to be judged as the best in Scotland. As you can see from the stories inside the World Championship Scotch Pie Awards have gone from strength to strength over the years. A competition that was established to combat the commercial effects of BSE on butchers and bakers in the late 1990’s now attracts TV coverage for the judging and the winners and letters of congratulations have been read out in the Scottish Parliament. We are committed to continue to raise the profile of this competition for every baker and butcher that enters. Please don’t hesitate to contact me at any time if you have any questions or suggestions as to how we can continually improve the competition for bakers, butchers and all pie makers. Alan Clarke Chief Executive

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VIEW from the TOP 2016 World Championship Scotch Pie Winner Kandy Bar of Saltcoats On the 13th January 2016 when Carol Smillie announced THE KANDY BAR as “Scotch Pie World Champion 2016” I simply could not contain the emotions of immense jubilation, excitement and total euphoria that flowed through my whole body. Rona my wife was exactly the same. I remember jumping up and down on the stage and then having a wee dance with Carol who whispered in my ear “I think you should go and give Rona a great big hug”, everyone in the room was cheering and clapping, it just felt great. The reaction from the local community, all at Team Kandy Bar, our loyal customers old and new, our family, friends, colleagues within the bakery industry and the national and local press has been overwhelming. Champagne, cards, letters and emails of congratulations have been pouring in. The amount of people who shook my hand, patted me on the back, gave me high 5`s was tremendous, even people in cars were tooting their horns and putting their windows down shouting out “congratulations”. Everyone within the local community are saying that THE KANDY BAR winning these amazing accolades has been great news for all the towns and local areas we have shops in. Business has been great since winning these amazing accolades.

“I think you should go and give Rona a great big hug”

“To all butchery & bakery businesses across Scotland LARGE and SMALL please, please do not hesitate to enter this competition.” We have gained lots of new customers who are coming from far and wide, our turnover has gone up quite substantially as a result! There has also been some unexpected outcomes as a result of winning these fantastic accolades. Rona and I have made a couple of appearances on STV`s Live at 5 show. Our celebration after being crowned “Scotch Pie World Champions 2016” received over 140,000 views, on social media! I also had a live radio interview on Radio Scotland, and the most unexpected outcome of all was when Jamie Green the MSP for The West Of Scotland wrote a letter stating that he lodged a motion in The Scottish Parliament “Congratulating THE KANDY BAR Saltcoats, North Ayrshire, on its achievement in winning the prestigious title of Scottish Baker of The Year 2016/17 and notes it has also become the first bakery to win both the Scottish Baker of the Year Awards and also hold the title of World Champion Scotch Pie in the same year. To all butchery & bakery businesses across Scotland “LARGE and SMALL”, please, please do not hesitate to enter this competition. THE KANDY BAR waited 15 years to be crowned “World Champion Scotch Pie winner 2014 and yes again two years later in 2016 but please believe me when I say, it was absolutely worth the wait! Stephen McAllister Owner

To enter visit or call 01383 661 555

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2016 Diamond have their DAY

Football Pie Winner Bruce of the Broch

Steak Pie Winner Brownings the Baker

Vegetarian Savoury Winner Macdonald Bros

Sausage Roll Winner Thomas Johnston

Category Winner of the Steak Pie: Brownings the Bakers

Category Winner of the Hot Savoury: Nevis Bakery

‘“We were delighted when Carol announced us as winners of the Steak Pie category, it meant so much for our business and was great testimony to the hard work of all our staff who are proud to say that they “work for the ‘Kilmarnock Pie company.

“I’ve been taking part in this competition since it began and it’s ‘done great guns for our business’. To hear Carol Smillie announce Nevis Bakery as winners of the Hot Savoury category for our Pepper Steak & Stornoway Black Pudding Pie was overwhelming,

The benefits to the business have been huge, our sales have increased by 20% which tells its own story, coincidentally

although I think my son was more excited than I as it was his mission to get a selfie with Carol Smillie

it was around this time we rebranded from the Killie Pie to call it the Kilmarnock Pie. We used the award in all our marketing and promotional materials which helped increase our sales and raised our profile.” John Gall Owner

(which he did) and proceeded to show-off to all his pals on Facebook and Twitter. As a team we all enjoy the buzz and excitement that surrounds this competition, it has definitely benefited our business and our industry. We have customers travelling from all over the country to try our award winning pies and more often than not will buy the odd cream cake as a wee treat! As always we are looking forward to entering this year’s competition; hopefully we will be the next World Champion Scotch Pie Winners of 2017.” Archie Paterson Owner

Don’t miss your chance to have y Web

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Award Winners and their SAY...

Hot Savoury Winner Nevis Bakery

Cold Savoury Winner Foston Fine Meats

Bridie Winner W.F. Stark

Apple Pie Winner Boghall Butchers

Category Winner of the Bridie: W.F Stark

Category Winner of the Sausage Roll: Thomas Johnston

“When Carol announced W.F Stark as Winners of the Bridie Category we were overwhelmed, the previous year we won silver, so winning the top prize was sensational. It was also an extra bonus to have Alan Stuart (the founder of the competition and my previous boss) congratulate me.

“It was a really good feeling winning the awards especially the Diamond for the sausage roll category. The reaction from the customers and staff were all positive; this win definitely lifted spirits all round. We also took advantage of the marketing opportunity and advertised our win within all our shops and in turn sales have

The staff were joyous about our win, they were all so proud and took great delight sharing the news with our customers. Our win heightened morale and without a doubt increased our profile, we saw our Bridie sales increase significantly; eight fold to be exact, in fact, we struggled to keep up with demand! It was a fantastic experience, one that I would recommend to any Butcher, Baker or both…go for it!”

increased, in some cases by 40%!” Thomas Johnston Owner

Amos Smith Owner

your name in lights, register today Email Tel 01383 661 555

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On Your Marks... Get Set...Go... By popular demand the race is on to enter the New Macaroni Pie Category We are delighted to announce the introduction of a new category for Macaroni Pies.  This iconic product now has a category all of its own.   Ian Nelson, head judge said: “The macaroni pie is a unique Scottish product and we want to recognise this and have created a category all of its own.  This means that butchers and bakers now have more chances to win in our vegetarian savoury products category.”

Celebrities sign up to judge The Best Pie in Scottish Football This year sees the introduction of celebrity judges to judge the football category. Former players and managers will come together with professional judges to pick the best pies & savouries sold at a football match in Scotland.

“It’s important to remember that managers and players are customers too and this gives us the opportunity to celebrate the great pies that are served every week in grounds all across Scotland.”

David Beattie chairman of Patrick Thistle was excited about this and said:

The prizes will be awarded by the celebrity judges in January at the prize giving in Cumbernauld.

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Butchers & Bakers Crowned Scotch Pie World Champions 2000 - 2016 2000 John Davies, Bo’ness

2001 Thos Auld & Sons Ltd, Greenock

2002 Thos Auld & Sons Ltd, Greenock

2003 Maclean’s Highland Bakery, Forres

2004 Sugar & Spice, Auchterarder

2005 Boghall Butchers, Boghall

2006 Bon Bon Cake Shop, Airdrie

2007 R T Stuart Ltd, Buckhaven

2008 W.F. Stark, Buckhaven

2009 Boghall Butchers, Boghall

2010 Murdoch Brothers, Forres

2011 Maurice Irvine, Beith

2012 John G Renicks, Thornhill

2013 JB Christie, Airdrie

2014 The Kandy Bar, Saltcoats

2015 Murrays, Perth

2016 The Kandy Bar, Saltcoats

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How to enter With the launch of our new website you will be able to enter and pay for your entries online this year. The closing date for entries is the Friday 21 October 2016. Entries submitted after this date will NOT be accepted. If you would prefer to complete a paper copy of the entry form, we have included a copy with this newsletter or it can be downloaded from the website. It will remain possible to pay by BACS or cheque if either of those are your preferred method of payment. Judging for the competition will take place on Wednesday 9 November 2016 at the Carnegie Conference Centre, Dunfermline. After the entry closing date we will write to you with instructions on supplying your products for judging. Details of collections points will also be provided should you be unable to deliver your products to Dunfermline yourself. We look forward to receiving your entry this year and BEST OF LUCK!!!

2017 World Champion Scotch Pie Awards Categories: Scotch Pie Football Pies & Savouries Macaroni Pie - *New category for 2017 Steak Pie Sausage Roll Cold Savoury Hot Savoury Vegetarian Savoury Haggis Savoury Bridie Apple Pie Sponsorship opportunities are available for the World Championship Scotch Pie Awards. For more details contact Angie Foreman, Marketing & Business Development Manager,

Tips for success The World Championship Scotch Pie Awards has a strict set of regulations and if they are not adhered to then your product risks disqualification on judging day. A full set of competition rules and entry information is available to download from the website and we advise that you read this carefully before deciding upon which of your products to enter. You can also see what our judges are looking for on the Scottish Bakers You Tube Channel.

Key dates for your diary Deadline for entries

21st October 2016, send postal entries to 2 Halbeath Interchange, Kingseat Road, Dunfernline, KY11 8RY

World Championship Scotch Pie Judging

9th November 2016, Carnegie Conference Centre, Dunfermline

World Championship Scotch Pie Awards Lunch

11th January 2017, Westerwood Hotel, Cumbernauld

Contact Information


Telephone: 01383 661 555

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World Championship Scotch Pie Awards Newsletter  

First Edition of the new World Championship Scotch Pie Newsletter

World Championship Scotch Pie Awards Newsletter  

First Edition of the new World Championship Scotch Pie Newsletter