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The Scottish Baker

Raising Champions within the Bakery Sector

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Welcome to the SCOTTISH BAKERs 125th Anniversary conference After much anticipation the Scottish Bakers Annual Conference and Awards weekend finally arrived on the 6th & 7th May 2016. Hosted at the prestigious Crowne Plaza Hotel in Glasgow, the event celebrated the Scottish baking industry in its entirety. This year’s event saw a record number of attendees, with over 350 attending the regional awards and conference and over 470 attending the ‘Oscars of the bakery sector’, the National Scottish Baker of the Year Awards on the Saturday evening. Scottish Bakers President, John Gall officially opened the event, then introduced our compere for the weekend, Scottish Bakers Ambassador and TV celebrity Mich Turner MBE. Mark Tomlinson, CEO of BAKO North Western Group, expressed his delight to be the event partner sponsor and wished everyone a fantastic weekend.


While the guests made their way around all the exhibitor stands, the first Drinks Reception sponsored by Reynards was officially opened by Commercial Director Danny Leigh ‘Let the weekend begin - Bakers Style’ Exhibitor and sponsor photographs were taken with Mich Turner MBE, Key Note Speaker Tom O’Toole, Scottish Bakers President John Gall, CEO of Scottish Bakers Alan Clarke.



































The Scottish Baker

Raising Champions within the Bakery Sector

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drinks reception What a great way to start off the conference weekend with a wee celebratory tipple. Huge thanks to Reynards for their generosity and continued support.

Supplier Showcase Spectacular! More than 35 exhibitors from all over the country used this opportunity to display their goods and services. The effort and imagination of each exhibitor was top-class, no expense was spared! From tempting display cabinets of bakery delights to 10ft packing machines and industrial mixers!

opening of

conference Scottish Baker of the Year Regional Awards Glasgow City Council, sponsors of the evening drinks reception, was represented by Deputy Lord Provost, Baillie Gerald Leonard who welcomed all distinguished guests and officially opened the Scottish Baker of the Year 2016/17 Regional Awards. Before dinner President John Gall extended a warm welcome to our sister organisations then proudly announced his delight for Scottish Bakers who scooped the top prize in the 2015 UK Association Awards for Best Conference Development.

Sister Organisations Craft Bakers Association, Irish Association of Master Bakers, Flour Confectioners & Bakers Association of Ireland, British Society of Baking, Worshipful Company of Bakers, British Confectioner Association, Association of Bakery Students and Trainees, Federation of Bakers and London South Bank University’s National Bakery School.

Deputy Lord Provost Baille Gerald Leonard

The Scottish Baker

Raising Champions within the Bakery Sector

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A total of

ÂŁ3216.50 was raised on the night

The Make-a-Wish Foundation is Scottish Bakers chosen charity partner. The charity exists to grant truly magical wishes to children and young people fighting life-threatening conditions. Over the year Scottish Bakers Thank has carried out several high profile joint fundraising events to help support this worthwhile cause and this night would be no different. Regional Fundraising Manager, Carolyn Thornton was invited on stage to say a few words of thanks.


Charity Partner

Deputy Lord Provost, Baillie Gerald Leonard

L-R: Mich Turner MBE, JC Jeffrey, Angie Foreman, Alan Clarke

L-R: Mich Turner MBE & Carolyn Thornton

L-R: Jane Eaton, Linda Hill & Elizabeth Allan

The Scottish Baker

Raising Champions within the Bakery Sector

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Regional awards Regional Bronze Savoury Award

Regional Bronze Scone Award

Annies Bakery

Aulds Bakeries

Regional Silver Biscuit Award

Regional Bronze Savoury Award

Bad Girl Bakery

Bells Food Group

L-R: Mark Tomlinson, Alan Clarke, Megan Shearer, Mich Turner MBE, Annie Body, Scott Newman , Keith Houliston

L-R: Mark Tomlinson, Jeni Hardie, Alan Clake, Mich Turner MBE, Douglas Hardie, Kamal Uddin

Regional Gold Scone Award

Beth Brownings Bakery

L-R: Mark Tomlinson, Alan Clarke, Mich Turner MBE, Elizabeth Macsween, Paul Long

L-R: Mark Tomlinson, Alan Clarke, Mich Turner MBE, Alan Marr, Paul Long

L-R: Mark Tomlinson, Alan Clarke, Alison Gilfillan, Mich Turner MBE, Ronnie Miles, Keith Houliston

Regional SILVER Biscuit Award BEST IN REGION Individual Cake Award

Biggar Flavour

L-R: Mark Tomlinson, Alan Clarke, Jane Brown, Mich Turner MBE, Ranald Brown, Douglas McCabe, Kamal Uddin

The Scottish Baker

Raising Champions within the Bakery Sector

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Regional awards Regional Bronze Biscuit Award BEST IN REGION Biscuit Award

Regional Bronze Individual Cake Award

Border Biscuits

The Butterscotch Bakery

Regional Bronze Biscuit Award BEST IN REGION Bread Award

Regional Bronze Morning Roll Award Regional Gold Biscuit Award

G H Barnett & Son

Goodfellows of Dundee Ltd

L-R: Mark Tomlinson, Nicola Stewart, Dee Scott, Mich Turner MBE, Alan Clarke, Lynsey Kennedy, Kamal Uddin, Brian Dempsey

L-R: Mark Tomlinson, Alan Clarke, Mich Turner MBE, Stewart Barnett, Steven Spratt, Kamal Uddin

L-R: Mark Tomlinson, Alan Clarke, Rachel Nelson, Mich Turner MBE, Douglas McCabe

L-R: Alan Clarke, Mark Tomlinson, Martin Goodfellow, Mich Turner MBE, Robert Sinclair, Kamal Uddin

Regional Bronze Scone Award, BEST IN REGION Bread Award, Regional SILVER Bread & Savoury Awards, REGIONal Gold Biscuit Award

J G Ross (Bakers) Ltd

L-R: Keith Houliston, Mark Tomlinson, Alan Clarke, George Robertson, Dianne Smith, Mich Turner MBE, George Ross, Cameron Ross, Paul Long, Kamal Uddin, Steven Spratt

The Scottish Baker

Raising Champions within the Bakery Sector

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Regional Bronze Bread & Morning Roll Awards, Regional SILVER Individual Cake & Scone Awards, BEST IN REGION Individual Cake & Savoury Awards, REGIONal Gold Morning Roll & Bread Awards

Harry Gow Bakery

L-R: Paul Long, Fraser Gow, Mark Tomlinson, Jane McIntosh, Alan Clarke, Mich Turner MBE, Kamal Uddin, Sara McIntosh, Jim Duncan, Steven Spratt, Douglas McCabe, Keith Houliston

Regional Bronze Individual Cake & Biscuit Awards, Regional SILVER Morning Roll Award, best in region Morning Roll Award, Regional Bronze Savoury Award, Regional gold Biscuit Award

The Kandy Bar

L-R: Mark Tomlinson, Alan Clarke, Stephen McAllister, Mich Turner MBE, Rona McAllister, Kamal Uddin, Douglas McCabe, Jim Duncan

Regional SILVER Scone Award

BEST IN REGION Biscuit Award Regional Bronze Biscuit Award

Keptie Bakery

MacLean’s Highland Bakery

L-R: Mark Tomlinson Alan Clarke, Mich Turner MBE, Jane Eaton, Allan Eaton, Paul Long

L-R: Mark Tomlinson, Alan Clarke, Carol Shewan, Mich Turner MBE, Graham Shewan, Kamal Uddin

The Scottish Baker

Raising Champions within the Bakery Sector

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Regional awards Regional Bronze Savoury Award

Regional Bronze Biscuit Award


Nevis Bakery Ltd

BEST IN REGION Morning Roll Award

Regional Bronze Morning Roll Award

The Three Little Bakers

WFM Brown

L-R: Mark Tomlinson, Alan Clarke, Mich Turner MBE, Linda Hill, Keith Houliston

L-R: Mark Tomlinson, Alan Clarke, Jane Murphy, Mich Turner MBE, Patrick Murphy, Jim Duncan

L-R: Mark Tomlinson, Alan Clarke, Archie Paterson, Mich Turner MBE, Kamal Uddin

L-R: Mark Tomlinson, Alan Clarke, Duncan Drever, Anna Drever, Mich Turner MBE, Louise Drever, Jim Duncan

The Scottish Baker

Raising Champions within the Bakery Sector

‘I never knew icing could be so much fun’

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‘It looks easier than it is’

SCOTTISH BAKERS ANNUAL CONFERENCE SATURDAY AGENDA The conference began bright and breezy (well for some) at 8:30am with freshly brewed coffee and pastries. With no time to spare Mich announced the teams who were going head to head in the

‘Great scottish bakory-off’

“Just wanted to congratulate you all for putting on a fabulous conference, so well organised and the running order was spot on! Also wanted to thank you for your kind words of support on Saturday afternoon- really helped.”


Cream and Jam an Iced Finger demonstrated by Gordon McGhee Make a Strawberry Tart demonstrated by Andre Sarafilovic Decorate Chocolate cupcakes demonstrated by Mich Turner MBE

President Welcome Address John Gall welcomed all conference guests and highlighted some of the Scottish Bakers achievements during his time as President.

Conference Partner Welcome Address Mark Tomlinson expressed his delight in adding to the president’s welcome. “Seeing the amount of people here today and the professionalism which goes into organising an event this size makes BAKO Nothern & Scotland delighted to be your conference and awards partner.”

Shaping the Future The New Food and Drink Strategy James Withers, as ever, provided a thorough and engaging presentation around Scotland’s Food & Drink industry. It was impressive to hear that this industry is the second highest contributor in the domestic sector raising £14.3 billion for the economy - only £2.2 billion short of reaching the 2017 target. Our manufacturing growth rate is twice the UK average and our collaborative approach and investment around international market intelligence is opening global doors for our food and drink industry. James encouraged us to think ‘futuristically’ ‘technologically’ and ‘convenience’ as being the way forward. Will there come a day when drones will drop off your shopping at a convenient time a place for you? Amazon are at the forefront of this development - watch this space, or maybe I should say watch what may fall from the sky!

Michelle Phillips Mimi’s Bakehouse

The Scottish Baker

Raising Champions within the Bakery Sector

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Future Opportunities Selling to the US & Canada

with Juan-Carlos Jeffery Vice President (US) Food and Drink Scottish Development International Juan-Carlos’ presentation on the emerging markets in the US & Canada highlighted what it is that export markets are looking for from Scotland’s food and drink exporters. Juan-Carlos explained the benefits of exporting to North America and the key reasons that make this a logical low risk option for Scotland’s food and drink industry, he asked why North America? The reasons were simple; • • • •

Same Language Similar legal system Similar business practices Great infrastructure

This together with familiarity with currency and locations, leads to manageable profitability. Juan-Carlos identified areas of opportunity within the North American market, these included, approx. 75 million US households buy premium products, US$36 billion retail category in 2015 up 3% in the USA. The ability to address trends such as Gluten free, GMO free, Dairy Free, Healthier for You options, Convenience ‘On the Go’ options and World Flavours.

CREATING THE FUTURE WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS Our returning champions from last year’s Scottish Baker of the Year Awards along with the current Scotch Pie World Champion took to the stage to share their experiences of winning such prestigious titles. Gordon McGhee, Ian McGhee (McGhee’s Bakery), Michelle Phillips (Mimi’s Bakehouse), George Ross (JG Ross Bakers) and Stephen McAllister (The Kandy Bar) were also joined by Dan Carr of Warings Bakery which won England’s Most Loved Bakery. It was great to hear how these awards have benefited each business: Increased turnover, growth in sales and orders, new customers, heightened staff morale, business investment, raised profile, to name but a few… To quote Gordon & Ian, Scottish Baker of the Year Champions 2015/16... “Has it been good for business winning Scottish Baker of the Year? ...You Bet!!”

The Scottish Baker

Raising Champions within the Bakery Sector

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THE FUTURE OF SCOTTISH BAKERS - ONE YEAR ON After lunch it was time to hear all about the work Scottish Bakers has been doing on behalf of the industry over the last year, from the association’s Chief Executive, Alan Clarke. Of course it had been a busy year with the Export Group attending the Showcasing Scotland event at Gleneagles, meeting various international buyers, responding to the new National Living Wage legislation and the Scotch Pie Awards being highlighted during Alan’s presentation. The most significant and impressive though was a live demonstration of the online James Allan Bakery Academy which is set to launch soon, this will transform how bakery training is delivered to apprentices across the UK.

Tom O’Toole

Author, inspirational speaker, business leader and founder of the famous Beechworth Bakery We were delighted to welcome back to our Conference our keynote speaker Tom O’Toole. Those of you who saw him in 2014 will have known what expect, however, those who didn’t were in for a real treat! Tom is best known for his incredible entrepreneurial story on how he created Australia’s most successful standalone retail bakery business. Employing over 250 staff, with a turnover in excess of $17 million and serving over one million customers per year, the bakery is testament to Tom’s savvy entrepreneurship, drive and innovative business practices. He is also much more than this and wears multiple hats in his life today. He has risen above his impoverished background to become an incredibly successful businessman, leader, author, mentor, ambassador and, of course, Australia’s most unorthodox speaker. His grit and guts typify this charismatic baker from Beechworth. Tom is a highly captivating and unforgettable speaker who has spoken to tens of thousands of people in Australia and around the World. His wealth of knowledge and wisdom has transformed their lives and businesses. Tom is a real as it gets. He simply shares his story and experiences with great passion, and is famous for making his audiences laugh. He rekindles enthusiasm and inspires eagerness to change without audiences ever realising it until they walk out, totally energized and raring to go. Packed with practical take away messages for delegates both at a personal and business level, ‘If your heart’s in it the sky’s the limit.’ ‘The person who does nothing, makes no mistakes.’

The Scottish Baker

Raising Champions within the Bakery Sector

Colin Cloud Colin Cloud is a Scottish stage mentalist, speaker, comedian and writer who describes himself as a forensic mind reader. He has been compared to both illusionist Derren Brown and to Sherlock Holmes. After his performance we will testify to that! Over the past year, he’s become known the world over as a man who can reveal your deepest, darkest secrets. He continues to be a hugely popular guest on ITV’s This Morning. He has since caused amazement and more than a few red faces on Radio and TV Broadcasts around the world. For one hour only Colin Cloud amazed the Scottish Bakers audience with his spooky ability to ‘actually read minds’. Guests were left utterly bewildered and astonished asking the question:

How did he do that? ‘Thrilling...Cloud’s unusual talents are worth witnessing and he provides a well-rounded, entertaining hour at the fringe that will leave everyone asking themselves... did he do that?’ The List

‘Colin Cloud is a brilliant mind-reader and regularly achieves the apparently impossible...a classy show which will impress anyone who sees it!’ Daily Mirror

‘How did he know that’ Scottish Bakers Conference Guest

For more information visit

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The Scottish Baker

Raising Champions within the Bakery Sector

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Presidential Drinks Reception Saturday evening started with the Presidential Drinks Reception kindly sponsored by Sudzucker UK. Bakers and suppliers from up and down the country were dressed in their finest to celebrate the Scottish Bakers Presidential Banquet and Scottish Baker of the Year Awards. Top table guests were piped in and seated. TOP TABLE John Gall and Sharri Parker Alan Clarke and Sue Gibson Mich Turner MBE Craig and Lesley McPhie Brian and Moira Irwin David and Susan Smart Mark and Sandra Tomlinson Robert and Dorothy Ross Susan and Ian Whyte




7.00pm Welcome Mich Turner MBE, Compere 7.05pm

Scottish Bakers Life Member & Honorary Member Awards


Presidential Installation Current Vice President Craig McPhie


Presidential Banquet

9.45pm Scottish Baker Of The Year 2016 National Awards Presentation Mich Turner MBE 10.30pm Entertainment Disco 2.00am


Charity Partner

The Scottish Baker

Raising Champions within the Bakery Sector


Craig McPhie of McPhies Craft Bakers in Glasgow has been installed as the President of Scottish Bakers, taking over from John Gall for a two year term, during which time he will take a leading role in helping to promote and steer the sector internationally, nationally and locally. Now in its 125th year, Scottish Bakers is the only association that supports and promotes the interests of Scottish bakers across the country.

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Mich Turner MBE ensures the Presidential Chain is properly in place

Lesley McPhie congratulates her husband Craig

McPhies Craft Bakers was established in 1973 by Jim McPhie and Craig joined the business in 1985. As a partner and Master Baker himself, Craig is passionate about the industry in Scotland and was keen to take up the role as President of Scottish Bakers at this challenging time for the sector. In an emotional inaugural speech, Craig thanked his father Jim and his wife Lesley for their support and advice over many years “I have been passionate about our industry since the day I can remember. Even before I started primary school, I was going into the bakery to see Dad, taking the empty glass bottles out the milk crate then turning it upside down so I could stand on it to reach the old wooden table. I’d take my special wooden pin (which was not quite as thick as the others allowing my wee hands round it) and I’d help Dad pin out that days roll production. Happy Days Indeed - and cheap Labour for my Dad.” “I was involved in our association relatively early in my career and started going along in the late 80’s early 90’s to our marvellous 40 Group events. They had business meetings and social functions all over the place. My first foreign study tour was Switzerland in 92. What a visit that was. That was a real eye opener for me. We visited this bakery where a husband and wife ran it with practically no other staff.   “So it is with real delight that I am stepping up at this challenging and exciting time to be President of Scottish Bakers. I am looking forward to working with the Scottish Bakers team and my peers to support our sector and bring growth and prosperity to us all.” Craig McPhie President, Scottish Bakers President Craig McPhie makes his inaugural address

The Scottish Baker

Raising Champions within the Bakery Sector

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Lesley McPhie & Mich Turner MBE

Craig McPhie & Past President Gordon McGhee

L-R: Sharri Parker, Mich Turner MBE, Past President John Gall

L-R: Lesley McPhie, Mich Turner MBE, President Craig McPhie, Sharri Parker, Past President John Gall

The Scottish Baker

Raising Champions within the Bakery Sector

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Scottish Baker SPECIAL AWARDS 2016 Honorary Award Alan Stuart was invited on stage by Mich Turner MBE and Alan Clarke to receive Scottish Bakers highest award, Honorary Membership. As a current Scottish Bakers Life Member alongside his role as Past President of the SAMB and Chairman of the British Confectioners Association, Alan’s commitment and passion to the sector is unquestionable! Born in to the baking and butchery industry, Alan has assisted to build one of the largest family bakery and butchery businesses in Scotland; RT Stuart. Almost 20 years ago butchers and bakers were getting bad press so Alan decided to set up a competition to promote the quality of savoury products in Scotland. This became known as the World Champion Scotch Pie Awards. With more than 100 butchers and bakers entering the competition the impact of Alan’s idea has seen butcher and bakers around the country raise their game and raise the profile of the industry. Congratulations to a deserved recipient of this highest Award - Alan Stuart.

L-R: Mich Turner MBE, Alan Stuart, President John Gall

The first of the Life Membership Awards was presented to Fraser Hogg. Having spent most of his career in the baking and supply industry, Fraser’s journey shows drive, innovation and determination. Starting at a young age in the family bakery in Glasgow, Fraser went on to study Food Science and Technology at the University of Strathclyde before following in his father’s footsteps to join Macphie as a Technical Service Representative. During his time with Macphie’s he was responsible for the development of a number of significant product and technological innovations which continue to play a key role in the success of the baking industry worldwide today. His passion, support and commitment to the baking industry is a testament to his achievements and success. Congratulations: Life Member Award, Fraser Hogg.

L-R: Mich Turner MBE, Fraser Hogg, President John Gall

The second Life Member award was presented to Mike Holling. Mike was Executive Director of the Craft Bakers Association for three years before stepping down, prior to that Mike was President of the former National Association of Master Bakers in 2007/08 and subsequently chairman from 2008 to 2013. Mike has worked in the bakery industry for many years and has been with his current employer (Birds of Derby) for more than 20 years. Combining both roles, Mike has developed strong links with Scottish Bakers and together they have made a significant impact to many bakers up and down the country. Congratulations: Life Member Award, Mike Holling

Special Announcement Scottish Bakers Chief Executive, Alan Clarke made a special announcement. In 2015 Keith Houliston was presented with the

L-R: Mich Turner MBE, Mike Holling, President John Gall

Honorary Award, this is the highest award to be achieved within Scottish Bakers. Unfortunately, his wife was unable to make last year’s event and missed seeing her husband receive this prestigious award. In the presence of his wife, Alan invited Keith on stage to present the award once again.

The Scottish Baker

Raising Champions within the Bakery Sector

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Sponsored by



Border Biscuits

Maclean’s Highland Bakery Ltd


NATIONAL Bronze Award

Pathhead Bakery

Goodfellows of Dundee Ltd

L-R: Mich Turner MBE, Brian Dempsey, Kamal Uddin, Alan Clarke

L-R: Mark Tomlinson, Mich Turner MBE, Jillian Malloy, Jim McLatchie, Audrey Illingworth, Kamal Uddin, Alan Clarke


L-R: Carol Shewan, Kamal Uddin

L-R: Mark Tomlinson, Martin Goodfellow, Mich Turner MBE, Robert Sinclair, Kamal Uddin, Alan Clarke

Sponsored by



JG Ross (Bakers) Ltd

G H Barnett & Son

L-R: Steven Spratt, Mark Tomlinson, Cameron Ross, Mich Turner MBE, Alan Clarke, Julie Ross, George Robertson, Joyce Robertson, Dianne Smith, Gordon Smith

L-R: Mark Tomlinson, Stewart Barnett, Mich Turner MBE, Jessie Barnett, Mhorag Barnett, Steven Spratt, Alan Clarke

The Scottish Baker

Raising Champions within the Bakery Sector

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Sponsored by


NATIONAL Bronze Award

T A Francis & Sons

Tower Bakery

L-R: Alan Clarke, Mark Tomlinson, Tom Francis, Mich Turner MBE, Marilla McMillan, Steven Spratt

L-R: Mich Turner MBE, Angela McKinnon, Steven Spratt, Alan Clarke


Sponsored by

BEST IN SCOTLAND Individual Cake Award


Harry Gow Bakery

Humble Pie Bakery


NATIONAL Bronze Award

Ashers Bakery Ltd

Cuckoo’s Bakery

L-R: Mich Turner MBE , Douglas McCabe, Fraser Gow, Alan Clarke

L-R: Mich Turner MBE, Douglas McCabe, Alister Asher, Alan Clarke

L-R: Mark Tomlinson, Mich Turner MBE, Susan Brown, Alan Clarke

L-R: Mich Turner MBE, Graham Savage, Douglas McCabe, Alan Clarke

The Scottish Baker

Raising Champions within the Bakery Sector

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Sponsored by

Morning Roll Category Best in Scotland & National Gold Winner

JB Christie

L-R: Mark Tomlinson, Carolyn Chisholm, Mich Turner MBE, Andrew Chisholm, Allan Burns, Alan Clarke


NATIONAL Bronze Award

The Kandy Bar

The Three Little Bakers

L-R: Mich Turner MBE, Stephen McAllister, Allan Burns, Alan Clarke


L-R: Mich Turne MBE, Allan Burns, Jane Murphy, Alan Clarke

Sponsored by



Harry Gow Bakery

Pars Food Ltd

L-R: Mich Turner MBE, Keith Houliston, Sara McIntosh, Alan Clarke

L-R: Alan Clarke, Mark Tomlinson, Brian Sarafilovic, Mich Turner MBE, Radovan Sarafilovic, Andrea McLaughlan, Keith Houliston

The Scottish Baker

Raising Champions within the Bakery Sector

NATIONAL awards SAVOURY Sponsored by

Page 22


Sponsored by



Brownings the Bakers

Irvines Bakers & Confectioners



Beth Brownings Bakery

Ashers Bakery Ltd



John Gillespie & Sons

Morton Rolls

L-R: Mich Turner MBE, Keith Houliston, John Gall, Alan Clarke

L-R: Alan Clarke, Mark Tomlinson, Sharon Strain, Blair Macsween, Mich Turner MBE, Elizabeth Macsween, Barrie Macsween, Emily Macsween, Paul Long

L-R: Mark Tomlinson, Alan Clarke, Evelyn Gillespie, Mich Turner MBE, Iain Gillespie, Paul Long

L-R: Mark Tomlinson, Alan Clarke, Susan Irvine, Mich Turner MBE, Maurice Irvine, Paul Long

L-R: Mich Turner MBE, Paul Long, Alister Asher, Alan Clarke

L-R: Mark Tomlinson, Alastair Sherry, Mich Turner MBE, Paul Long, Alan Clarke

The Scottish Baker

Raising Champions within the Bakery Sector

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Category Sponsor

Conference & Awards Partner

The Kandy Bar

Category Sponsor

Craft baker of the year

retail craft baker of the year

Mimi’s Bakehouse

The Kandy Bar

L-R: Chris Laing, Ashley Harley, Mark Tomlinson, Mich Turner MBE, Alan Clarke, Michelle Phillips, Natalie Togher, Connie McQuaker, Michael Phillips, Britney Stephen, Stephen Buchan, Victoria Mason

L-R: Mark Tomlinson, Alan Clarke, Rona McAllister, Mich Turner MBE, Stephen McAllister, Andy Underwood

Category Sponsor

wholesale baker of the year

Reids of Caithness

L-R: Mark Tomlinson, Alan Clarke, Gary Reid, Mich Turner MBE, Tracy Reid, Richard Tearle

Category Sponsor

MANUFACTURER of the year

Carr’s Flour, Scotland

L-R: Mich Turner MBE, Allan Burns, Jane Tyler, Jim Duncan , Ross Dea, Alan Clarke, Aileen Michael

The Scottish Baker

Raising Champions within the Bakery Sector

Finally, the time had arrived to announce the winner, who would be crowned ‘Scottish Baker of the Year 2016/17.’ The Johnstone Pipe band, entered the venue playing Scotland the Brave. Midway through their performance they stopped playing! The anticipation in the room was almost visible - Mich Turner MBE announced the winner of Scottish Baker of the Year 2016/17 as… THE KANDY BAR OF SALTCOATS Also winners of the The World Scotch Pie Champion in January 2016, The Kandy Bar were also recognised on the night as: Retail CRAFT Baker of the Year 2016/17 Biscuit Category: Regional Gold in the Borders and Lowlands for their shortbread Biscuit Category: Regional Bronze for their Empire Biscuit Individual Cake Category: Regional Bronze Award for their French Fancy Morning Roll Category: Best Morning Roll in the Borders and Lowlands for their well fired roll as well as the National Silver Award Morning Roll Category: Silver Award in the Borders and Lowlands for their Morning Roll Savoury Category: Regional Bronze Award for their Macaroni Pie in Region Owner of Award winning Little Venice Cake Company and Judge on ITV’s Britain’s Best Bakery Mich Turner MBE, who presented The Kandy Bar with their award said “It has given me great pleasure to be involved in the competition again this year. There have been some fantastic entries and all the prizes I have handed out to bakers have been worthy in every way. I wish The Kandy Bar well in the coming year as Scotland’s premier craft baker.” Chief Executive of Scottish Bakers Alan Clarke commented “It’s been a long journey to get to this point. Over 15,000 customers from across Scotland voted for their favourite bakery products across six categories. Judging day saw 110 bakers deliver 600 of their most popular scones, loaves, savoury items, morning rolls, individual cakes and biscuits for judging by the professionals whose job it was to decide upon the best six products in the land and just nine of the top bakers in Scotland have made it to the all-important business category. But there can only be one SCOTTISH BAKER OF THE YEAR 2016 and The Kandy Bar are a worthy winner.”

Page 24

“I am absolutely delighted, shocked, stunned..WOW! To have taken the World Scotch Pie title for the second time in January and now to take the title of Scottish Baker of the Year, words cannot express how delighted I am” Stephen McAllister, The Kandy Bar

The Scottish Baker

Raising Champions within the Bakery Sector


Page 25

“What a great weekend and a truly memorable Conference. You certainly set the highest of standards! It was an absolute pleasure attending and trust everyone enjoyed the experience as much as I did. You and the team presented an interesting and informative Conference combined with excellent speakers and very enjoyable entertainment. It was my first SB Conference experience and I can now completely understand why the event is award winning! Well done to all concerned, a real pleasure attending the event.” Paul Turner DuPont Nutrition & Health

“Can I take this opportunity to congratulate you and the team back at HQ, for an exceptional event over the last few days. A huge amount of time and effort had clearly gone into the event - and I could see the staff scurrying around behind the scenes trying to make it look seamless on the nights. Well done all - you should be very proud of an event well executed, and very successful.” Dee Scott Border Biscuits

“Congratulations again to you and all your team for an excellent conference. Again the whole weekend was brilliant and from what I remember faultless. The record numbers attending are testament to how far the conference has come. There is no doubt it is a must attend event.“ Cameron Ross JG Ross “Just had to write to say a huge THANKYOU for inviting me to participate in the conference at the weekend. It was a really enjoyable and enlightening experience .” Dawn Lamarra Scottish Enterprise “Thank you very much to you and your team for a fantastic weekend. The execution of such a busy agenda was incredible and we all thoroughly enjoyed ourselves. The speakers on Saturday were amazing and I am still in awe of Colin cloud.” Dianne Smith JG Ross “Just wanted to congratulate you all for putting on a fabulous conference, so well organised and the running order was spot on!” Michelle Phillips Mimi’s Bakehouse

“We’ve just returned from the annual “Scottish Baker of the Add- Download your copy of the Winners brochure here Year Conference” and want to take a moment to sincerely SBYA16%20Winners%20Brochure.pdf thank Alan Clarke and his team for making it such a worthwhile experience. We know you’ve all spent many months planning the event - and it showed.

To register your interest for Scottish Baker of the Year 2017/18 please contact The entire content of the weekend was relevant and very

helpful. We especially liked your selection of plenary speakers. You will definitely have your hands full next year trying to equal the quality of this year’s event.” All at Reid’s of Caithness

The Scottish Baker

Raising Champions within the Bakery Sector

Page 26

Please join us ...

Anniversary Ball

for a once in a lifetime evening where we celebrate 125 years of the Scottish Association of Master Bakers / Scottish Bakers. This will be a night to remember. Our host for the evening is Carol Smillie, who will be introducing an array of Scottish talent including Edwardland, Michelle McManus, the Red Hot Chilli Pipers and the former lead singer of Runrig, Donnie Munro plus a few surprises.

Saturday 3rd September 2016 Sheraton Grand Edinburgh

Tickets are limited so early booking is advised. To order tickets or tables of ten please contact Lucy or Susan on 01383 661555 or email Tickets are £125.00 each plus VAT or £1,200.00 plus VAT for a table of 10.

ORDER YOUR TARTAN TODAY! have graciously had a Scottish Bakers Tartan designed and registered with the Scottish Register of Tartans in honour of the 125th Anniversary of Scottish Bakers. Orders are now being taken in this very special Tartan for; • Kilts - £325 • Trews - £275 • Ties - £20

Prices including VAT Orders must be placed before 24th June 2016 at 12 noon. For more information please contact: Lucy Carpenter, Tel 01383 661 555

The Scottish Baker

Raising Champions within the Bakery Sector

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BFP has been purchased out of administration BFP has been purchased out of administration and the first depot to start deliveries again was Livingston in Scotland. Whilst only Livingston and Leeds BFP depots were purchased from the administrator’s, the Company will continue to offer a UK service through depots in Basildon and Avonmouth. Former MD Nick Harris has re-joined the business and said “Firstly I would like to thank the customers, employees and suppliers for their good-will towards BFP. We are delighted to announce that we have opened our new office in Basildon and the racking is being erected in the warehouse, so the South East and Midlands will come back on stream very quickly. The plans for the chill and freezer facilities in Basildon have been approved so installation will begin in June. Shortly we will be preparing Avonmouth for receipting goods and stocking to complete the National coverage. Leeds and Livingston Depots have received supplies with the range of goods available growing every day.”

To date Scottish Bakers have raised an absolutely amazing £15,244.52!!!

Charity Partner Carolyn Thornton, Regional Fundraising Manager, Scotland for Make-A-Wish said “The Charity Partnership with Scottish Bakers has been fantastic and without their support we would not be able to continue granting truly magical wishes to children and young people fighting life-threatening conditions. A wish is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. It’s a positive distraction from on-going medical treatment and a focus for children living with serious illness whose future maybe uncertain and it’s about spending time as a family. Our wishes are about magic, hope, smiles and memories.  We cannot add day’s to a child’s life but we can, with their help, add life to a child’s day”.

The Scottish Baker

Raising Champions within the Bakery Sector

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Don’t miss this free training from

Resource Efficient Scotland

in June 2016

There are many actions you can take to reduce energy, water and waste costs and improve your organisation’s environmental impact. But to ensure performance and costs are kept under control, knowing how to effectively measure and monitor your resource use is a critical business skill. Thankfully, during June, the Resource Efficient Scotland programme is delivering training to teach these valuable skills to Scottish SMEs, for FREE. Join the training and you will be able to: • • • • •

Save money by identifying patterns of wasteful behaviour. Engage staff with accurate performance information. Impress senior management with the savings your projects achieve. Fix problems quickly such as burst pipes and faulty equipment that otherwise go undetected and eat away at profits. Compare your performance and see how you shape up against others.

The training includes an interactive half-day workshop at Edinburgh Zoo on 1 June (with free Zoo entry and lunchtime Panda viewing) and a webinar series.

Find out more and book your place here

Modern Apprenticeship Training

Costs will remain at a MINIMUM for Scottish Baker Members until April 2017

With the introduction of the new National Living Wage and mandatory pension contributions, Scottish Bakers are concerned about the financial impact this will have on many businesses up and down the country, therefore the Board have agreed to keep providing Apprenticeship training for no CASH cost for employers for the remainder of this financial year (until 31st March 2017). The reason for this stems from a reduction of 22% in funding by Scottish Government. This means that Scottish Bakers will lose in the region of £100,000 for doing the same amount of work for this year as last. In reality this is not sustainable and a cash cost towards training will have to be introduced in April 2017. If you are interested in taking part in the Modern Apprenticeship scheme, we strongly encourage you to sign up as soon as possible. We have a limited number of places remaining for this year.

Modern Apprenticeship Menu

.. Craft Bakery Skills Level 2 & 3 Distribution Skills Level 2 Level 2 .. Production & Process Skills Level 2 Food Sales and Service Skills Level 2 .. Automated Plant Bakery Skills Level 2 Food Manufacturing Excellence Level 2&3 .. Food and Drink Operations Level 3 Supply Chain Skills level 3

If you would like to find out more about the Modern Apprenticeships Scheme, please contact or visit

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CENTENARY CLUB 24th anniversary all sectors centenary club launch tuesday 10th may, huntingtower hotel, perth

The Centenary Club was founded after the Centenary celebrations of 1991 to allow people retired from the baking industry to keep in touch through informal lunches, talks and visits to bakeries, manufacturers, and places of interest. There are three Centenary Club sectors covering Northern Scotland, East of Scotland and West of Scotland. The annual all-sectors Centenary Club lunch below is organised by Fay Somerville, past Company Secretary of the SAMB (now Scottish Bakers) and well known to all Centenary Club members. Newly appointed President Craig McPhie delivered a warm, welcoming speech - the first of many to come no doubt, and Scottish Bakers CEO Alan Clarke provided an overview of recent activities, including a slideshow and video of the Scottish Baker of the Year 2016/17 Awards Conference. Both were thanked by Fay on behalf of the Centenary Club members for attending the lunch and for their interesting update on the excellent progress of Scottish Bakers. If you are interested in joining the Centenary Club contact Lucy Carpenter (

David Graham, Derek Patterson and David Dalgity

Chief Executive Alan Clarke, President Craig McPhie, Past President Jim McPhie and Fay Somerville, who organised an excellent lunch

Sandra and Tom Frost with Tom Frost Senior

Christa and David Briggs with Jim Brown

Ann Neilson, Milly Hay and Past President John Young

Andrew Noble (left) with Robert and Dorothy Ross

Past President Alex Hopkins with his wife Irene, Bryan Alley & Past President Jim Lamond

Past President Bill McLaren, Past President Ian Hay, Alison McLaren & Jim Neilson

Lyn Brown (left), with Bill and Eileen Montgomery

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Brook Foods & Polin Study Tour On behalf of the 40 Group we would like to say a really big thank you to Brook Foods and Polin for hosting a fantastic study visit! The quality of the hands on training provided, the bakery visits and the hospitality shown to us was second to none. The 40 Group returned enthused about the quality of Polin equipment and how it can be used to make traditional Scottish bakery products and impressed with the quality of the bakery products that are made in Italy. We would like to say a really big thank you to Steve & Ann Wells from Brooks Food and to Marco Pagliosa, Marco Filippini and owner of Polin Alberto Cometti. Their kind hospitality was absolutely outstanding!! Alan Clarke Scottish Bakers, Chief Executive & Graeme Ford, 40 Group Chairman

Itinerary of Thursday 28


April 2016

08:30 Polin ’s logistics fa ctory, Nogar for factory to ole Rocca ur 09:30 Main Polin factory for factory to Bread Baking ur Hands -on demonst ration from M Edoar aster Baker do Corti Incl uding Ciabatta dividing and mixing and do ugh proving Demonstratio on Multidrop ns and Twiny de positors includ wire cut bisc ing uits, sponge merin ca ke , choux and gue. Pasty, Shortb re ad & Bread Baking Demonstratio ns on Pastry Line includin Danish pastry g and shortbre ad Bread baki demonstratio ng ns co nt inued Ciabatta Grissini and , Pugliese, Focaccia.

Friday 29 A

pril 2016

04:30 Early morning Bake ry visit. Richemont cl ub member producing 25 0kg/hr. 09:00 Polin ’s Mixer and Dividers fact ories for fact ory tours. 14:00 Trans fer to Augug ia ro & Fi gna Flour Mill in Padova fo r tour and Pi zzetta baking www.agugiaro

The Scottish Baker

Raising Champions within the Bakery Sector

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Great trip, I enjoyed the focaccia and ciabatta being made, also the bakery visit at 3am.

The Polin factory was excellent and a great chance to see their machinery in action. We were up in the middle of the night to see a Richmond baker in action and it didn’t disappoint. The quality of hand crafted traditional breads being produced was a highlight of the study tour. Graeme The Premium Bakery

Audrey The Apple Pie Bakery

I think it has been a thoroughly interesting visit with some great people. The factory and bakery visits were informative and eye opening as to some of the equipment that is available out there, but my highlight has to be the mill, I have picked up quite a bit of info to put to use. Ian Maclean’s Highland Bakery

The Polin visit was very interesting and informative. The flour mill was impressive, I learnt things I didn’t know about flour grains. Dean Goodfellows of Dundee Ltd

I’m very impressed with Polin after this tour. It’s solid kit that was clear in the factories. I was also impressed by the depositor demo; it’s something we could use. All in all I‘ve really enjoyed this trip, would like to thank Polin, Brooks & Scottish Bakers. Tom T A Francis & Sons

The study tour has been fantastic, as well as being great fun it’s been highly educational. Russell

D McGhee & Sons Ltd

We were delighted when Scottish Bakers approached us about running a study tour to Italy, we love having an opportunity to take bakers to see equipment being manufactured at the state of the art factories. The delegates were from a real cross section of companies within Scotland and it was good to learn more about the businesses. Everyone seemed to enjoy the study tour and especially the live master baker demonstrations that gave participants the chance to get hands on producing authentic Italian breads. Ann Wells Brook Food Processing Equipment, Group Marketing Director


G H Barnett & Son

Russell McGhee

D McGhee and Sons Ltd

Garry Borthwick

Ashers Bakery

Marilla McMillan

T A Francis & Sons

Alan Clarke

Scottish Bakers

Eric Metcalf

Brook Foods

Audrey Dick

The Apple Pie Bakery


Graeme Ford

The Premium Bakery

Ann Wells

Brook Foods

Tom Francis

T A Francis & Sons

Steve Wells

Brook Foods

Alison Gilfillan

Bells Food Group

Marco Filippini

Polin SRL

Ian Green

Maclean’s Highland Bakery

Alberta Cometti

Polin SRL

Dean Lawrence

Goodfellows of Dundee Ltd

Marco Pagliosa

Polin SRL

SCOTTISH BAKER EVENTS 2016/17 Craft Baker Association Annual Conference

24/25th June 2016

Hilton Manchester (Deansgate), Manchester

Scottish Bakers Board Meeting

29th June 2016

Bakers House, Dunfermline

Scottish Bakers 125th Anniversary Dinner

3 September 2016

Sheraton Hotel, Edinburgh

Scottish Bakers Board Meeting

14th September 2016

Bakers House, Dunfermline

IAMB Biennial Conference

23/24 September 2016

Lyrath Estate Hotel, Kilkenny

BSB Autumn Conference

11/12th October 2016

Woodland Grange Hotel and Conference Centre, Leamington Spa

Scottish Bakers Strategy Away Days

1st/2nd November 2016

Westerwood Hotel, Cumbernauld

Scottish Bakers Northern Dance

12th November 2016

Skyway Hotel (formerly the Airport Thistle) Aberdeen

Irish Bakers Benevolent Society

(Date TBC) November 2016

Shelbourne Hotel, Dublin

Worshipful Company of Bakers Election Dinner

(Date TBC) November 2016


Scotch Pie Awards Judging

9th November 2016

Carnegie Conference Centre, Dunfermline

Scotch Pie Awards Lunch

11th January 2017

Westwood Hotel, Cumbernauld

Scottish Bakers Board Meeting

(Date TBC) January 2017

Bakers House, Dunfermline

Scottish Bakers Board Meeting

(Date TBC) March 2017

Bakers House, Dunfermline




The Scottish Baker Newsletter  

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The Scottish Baker Newsletter  

May/June Edition