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By: Wilmonte’

ď‚— Congress authorized the

construction of the Martin Luther King Jr. memorial in 1996.

ď‚— The Martin Luther King Jr. memorial is the first

African-American memorial in Washington D.C.. ď‚— The memorial was dedicated on August 28 2011.

ď‚— The cost of the memorial was 120 million dollars.

ď‚— The memorial is located in the National Mall.

The sculptor The sculptor of the MLK memorial is Master Lei Yixin

ď‚— The memorial is made of 159 blocks of granite and

there are 14 quotes on the memorial.

ď‚— The 3 themes are:

Democracy, Justice, and Hope.

 The MLK memorial is 30

feet tall.

 The inscription wall is

450 long.

The landscape of the memorial includes :  American Elm trees  Yoshino cherry trees  Liriope plants  English yew  Jasmine and sumac

 Martin Luther King Jr. was born on 1929.He was a

famous civil right leader. Dr. King inspired many people to keep follow in their dreams. The “I have a dream” speech is his most famous speech.

ď‚— Martin Luther King Jr. (MLK) does deserve a memorial. I

think so because he fought for all races to have freedom. MLK believed that all people should be treated equally, not to be judged by the color of your skin, but by the content of their character. This is why I think MLK deserve a memorial. MLK didn’t use violence he use speeches and marches.

Wilmonte' MLK Memorial  
Wilmonte' MLK Memorial  

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