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The Capitol Shy’Darricka M.

Design • Dr. William Thornton designed the Capitol. • Limestone was chosen as a the material. • It means a lot to the people in Washington, DC.

Sample of limestone

History • They started building the capitol in 1783.It was George Washington’s idea to build the capitol.

Example of the cornerstone

Interesting facts • The capitol building is 400 feet tall. The United States Capitol is the meeting place where the United States Congress and the Legislature meet.

Questions • • • • •

Who designed the capitol building ? When was the capitol built? Who wanted the capitol built? Did you know that the capitol was made out of limestone? Do you know how long it took to build the capitol?

Answerers 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

William Thornton In 1783 George Washington Did you? More than 4 years .

Shy'Darricka's The Capitol  

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