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Smithsonian Museum Of Natural History By: Madison J.

Visitor Information • The Museum of Natural History opened in1910. It is one of the Smithsonian Museums. Admission is free. Hours of operation are 10:00 a.m. till 5:30 p.m. seven days a week. The only day they are closed is Christmas Day.

Outside view of the museum

The Design • The eyecatching design of the museum is an octagonshaped rotunda. • There were Corinthian columns and a large portico. • The architects were Mr. Hornblower and Mr. Marshall.

One view of the main floor of the museum

One of the lion’s in the Hall of Mammals.

The Hope Diamond

• The Hope Diamond has a spooky mystery behind it. • It is on display in Harry Winston Gallery.

• If you want to see it you will have to go to Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, and go in Harry Winston Gallery. • This Exhibit is permanent.

The Hope Diamond itself.

The Evolving Universe • The evolving universe is a breath taking adventure from earth to space. • If you go you can see stars, and see galaxies to. • This kind of observatory is Astrophysical Observatory.

The Sant Ocean Hall •

This exhibit is permanent.

• In this exhibit you will find Ocean science, also you will find ongoing research in marine biology.

Orchids of Latin America Want to stroll through a tropical rainforest on a cold winters’ day? This exhibit will take you to the rainforest. This Exhibit is not permanent and will leave on April 21, 2013 The exhibit opens January 26, 2013

Hall of Dino’s The hall of dinos is where you will find the Tynasaurus Rex standing up. It has fossilized skeletons and cast models of clay. This Exhibit is permanent.

Hall of Mammals • The Hall of mammals has many different animals. • This exhibit is permanent. • This exhibit can be visualized by people.

African Elephant • The African Elephant has his trunk raised high. • This exhibit is permanent.

The Carmen Lucia Ruby • This exhibit is permanent. • It is 23.1 length around this diamond.

Lets see how much you learned!

Pop Quiz  What date does Orchid of Latin America leave the Museum?

 What Kind of elephant is the one in the museum?  What are the two diamonds I included in the slide show?  What year did the museum open?  Who were the architects of the museum?

Answer Key   April 21, 2013  African  The Hope Diamond and Carmen lucia Ruby  1910

 Hornblower and marshal

Madison Smithsonian  

Learn about one of the Smithsonians here.

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