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The White House is 168 feet long.  It has 132 rooms.  In the White House there are 6 levels.  The yard is 18 acres.  There are 35 bath rooms.  There are 412 doors.  It has 147 windows.  There are 28 fire places.  It has 8 staircases.  There are 3 elevators. 

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James Hoban was born in 1758. He was the designer of the White House. He designed the White House in 1792. He died on December 8,1831

The White House took 8 years to build.  It survived a fire in 1814 during the War of1812.  It also survived another fire in1929 when Herbert Hoover was president.  43 presidents have lived there. 

3,366 people work in the White House. The first president to live there was John Adams. It has a tennis court, a jogging track, a swimming pool, a movie theater, a billiard room, and a bowling lane.

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