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• Family by Dennis DeRado • Local Calendar: February • College Kids Can Cause Tax Filing Problem by Peter VanderWoude

The Wood Sign Guy Unique hand-crafted wood signs custom created in Ithaca


Wild Ginger Asian Fusion Serving up delicious modern interpretations of classic Asian cuisine in downtown Cortland

• Where Do I Belong? by Tabitha Scoville • Hear Your Best this Valentine’s Day! by Dr. Suzette Pace • The Coltivare Culinary Center by Jason Sidle



Edible Arrangements Ithaca shop celebrates 3 years of creating and delivering fabulous fresh fruit arrangements, artful platters, and healthy treats that taste as delicious as they look P|22

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The Wood Sign Guy


Edible Arrangements


Wild Ginger Asian Fusion

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Peter VanderWoude, Jason Sidle MS, CPA, CGMA Dennis DeRado Dr. Suzette Pace Tabitha Scoville

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Happy Valentine’s Day! Please enjoy our February issue of What’s HOT What’s HOT highlights the best of dining, arts, entertainment, and so much more in the Ithaca and Cortland areas and beyond. Designed with exceptional photographs, articles of interest, community connections, and an enthusiasm for our beautiful region, What’s HOT will inspire you to seek out all life has to offer in Central New York. Lifestyle. Leisure. Shopping. Cooking. Business. Real Estate. Health and wellness. Recreation. Theatre. Travel. Tourism. Treasures. Education. Exploration. Enrichment. Motivation. Inspiration. A little bit of anything that’s up, and nothing that’s down. If it’s hot, we’ve got it covered. What’s HOT magazine is published monthly in print and online, with a free distribution of 10,000 copies to 600+ local sites throughout Central New York. Find your copy each month at your favorite supermarket, professional office, restaurant, gas station, library, hotel, tourism center, coffee shop, and many other locations. Read past issues of What’s HOT online at whatshotmagazine.com


The Coltivare Culinary Center The

Coltivare Culinary Center is the only culinary center in upstate New York that is a part of a community college. Tompkins Cortland Community College offers a hotel and restaurant program, a wine marketing program, a sustainable farming program, and a culinary program. The Coltivare Culinary Center is the hub where students from these four hospitality programs filter through our doors every semester. The Coltivare Culinary Center has a fully functioning bar, restaurant, and event space that can accommodate parties, weddings, and special events of up to 200 people. Our restaurant and event space are staffed by professionals in the industry, and our students have classes that require them to work in these areas. Students learn every job that the restaurant, bar, and


event space have to offer, so that by the time they graduate they have been trained in working every position we have. We are providing them with on the job training and developing their foundation to be leaders in the industry. This hands-on training and work experience provides them with an advantage that will enable them to secure employment immediately at graduation and for many years to come. Our sustainable farming students have the opportunity to work on and help develop our very own farm, where we grow produce that is used at Coltivare. Our wine marketing students attend class at the culinary center in an amphitheater-style wine tasting class room. They learn skills they can use in the wine industry right here in the Finger Lakes, which has been rated the number one wine region in the U.S. Our hotel and restaurant students take classes where they work with us at the culinary center and help with events and fulfill various internship requirements. At the Coltivare Culinary Center, we look to go above and beyond for our students, our guests, and our community. Training the next generation of hospitality leaders is hard work, but we do so much more. Please come in and join us for a

glass of wine or beer at our bar, have dinner or brunch, or host an event with us. Our bar is open Tuesday through Sunday at 4pm, and we seat for dinner starting at 5pm Tuesday through Sunday as well. We have a farm to table menu and source over half of our ingredients from local farms. Our current special is called “Wine Down Wednesday” where our guests can receive a complimentary glass of wine with the purchase of any entrée on Wednesdays. We are also introducing our very own “Friday Fish Fry” this month, and we do it Coltivare style! What does that mean? It means we serve local fish, fried and elevated to meet our farm to bistro style. So please feel free to come in for a cocktail, some dinner, brunch, or have an event with us. Visit our website at Coltivareithaca.com for our hours, menus, events and happenings, to purchase a gift card, or to contact us for a future event. I wish everyone an amazing month of February, and I hope to see you soon at Coltivare! Jason Sidle Director of the Coltivare Culinary Center (607) 882-2334 www.coltivareithaca.com


Where Do I Belong? Have

you ever been part of a club? Clubs are great organizations that bring together folks with similar interests. Most people will belong to a club of some kind over the course of their lives. However, have you ever been a member of a society? It sounds a little ritzy, doesn’t it? In the case of Cortland County Historical Society (CCHS), nothing could be further from the truth! If you have never visited us, you don’t know what you are missing. CCHS is a member based non-profit organization that is home to both the Suggett House Museum and the Kellogg Memorial Research Center. The folks who are members, who volunteer, and who


visit to dig into their Cortland County roots all have one thing in common—they are seeking answers from the past. Many of our members are true history detectives who eat, breathe, and sleep history! Sometimes that means they are experts on the buildings and businesses in Cortland. Some of these history buffs know everything there is to know about Cortland County’s Civil War involvement. And some of these people are genealogical sleuths of epic proportions! Some people just come in to piece together all the forgotten details of days gone by in Cortland County. They are interested in the people who built our settlements and communities within the county. No matter why people visit CCHS, if you hunger for history, you will fit right in at the society!

wouldn’t believe the research requests that come out of left field that we are able to find something about.

Are you a map person? We have scores of them! Do you love old photos? Bingo— we have tens of thousands and we might have pictures of your ancestors! Are you looking for information on the old family business from 1872? We can help! You

Tabitha Scoville Cortland County Historical Society Director cchsresearchrequests@yahoo.com

Membership at CCHS is a fantastic deal. For a $35 annual membership, you get unlimited assisted research, so you can learn all you want about your family and community! You also get free tours of the Suggett House, a 10% discount in the gift shop, free workshops, and a quarterly newsletter. It’s less than 10 cents a day to preserve and protect all the stories and artifacts that touch your life. We hope that you will invest in CCHS for you and for your descendants. Contact us at 607-756-6071 for more information today! CCHSResearcher@gmail.com


College Kids Can Cause Tax Filing Problem As

a parent you have prided yourself on guiding your child to become a selfreliant human being. They take on seasonal or part time jobs and help, in part, pay their way in college. Now that your child is back in college for the spring semester, you go back to your routine and try not to be a helicopter parent.

Opportunity Credit which can yield up to $2,500 in a tax credit to help you as parents pay for your child’s education. You both look at each other and exclaim, “Yes, there is a Santa Claus!” During this tax filing season, your tax advisor e-files your tax return, and… your filing is rejected!

Before you and your spouse accumulate your tax documents to bring to your accountant, your college student has already received their W-2 from their employer and a Form 1098-T from their college. Taking initiative, and without telling you, they go online and prepare their own taxes and excitedly await their refund.

Your tax professional will advise you that to maximize the tax credits you expected to receive ($2,500 in American Opportuinity Credit and $500 in child tax credit), your child’s filed tax return will need to be amended by filing Form 1040X. It has to be paper filed and takes 90 days or more to process. You and your spouse will need to file an extension of time to file your own tax return. Once your child’s

As part of your child’s college funding package, you learned about the American

The education tax credit is taken on the tax return of the taxpayer who can claim the college student as a dependent. When not supervised the student may, in error, claim themselves on their tax return which will register a conflict in filing your tax return. While your child may receive a refund of taxes withheld, they will only qualify for a small portion of the American Opportunity Credit due to their limited income.


amended tax return has been processed, your own tax return can be e-filed. While you expected to receive your tax refund by early spring, you now will have to wait until late summer or early fall to receive it. This is a hassle that is best avoided by being a helicopter parent! As parents, you should insist on filing your child’s taxes along with your own. The Form 1098-T will be addressed and mailed to your child from their college and is also available through their college’s online student center. While it is in your child’s name, you as the parent are the one who uses it on your tax return. As long as there is a $4,000 or more higher difference between tuition paid (cash or loan) than scholarships or grants received, you may qualify, depending on your level of income, for the full credit for four tax years. As accounting and tax professionals, we are here to help! Peter VanderWoude, MS, CPA, CGMA Equus Advisors Accounting and Tax Professionals www.EquusCPA.com





most of our customers know, Long Point Winery is a small, family business that prides itself on treating patrons and employees like part of the family. One of the best ways to bring a family together is with food. Whether you’ve enjoyed a sandwich or antipasto from our deli, Amelia’s, or you’ve partaken in a Cayuga Wine Trail event and sampled one of our delicious soups or stews, you know we take our food very seriously. One of our favorite ways to enjoy food is with a food and wine pairing. We’ve had

several extremely popular appetizer-style pairings in recent years. The barrel room is set up in a cocktail style setting and customers are served carefully selected homemade appetizers alongside wines specifically chosen for the meal. A good pairing can make both food and wine shine a little brighter, as the flavors of each are accentuated.

On Sunday, February 16, 2020 at 2:00 p.m. we will be hosting another food and wine pairing. Four fantastic appetizers and one decadent dessert will be paired with five of your favorite Long Point wines. Check out our Facebook page for more details and to view the menu. The cost is only $25 - tax and tip included. Space is limited and filling up fast, so call us at 315-364-6990 to reserve your spot. Come join us and become part of the Long Point Winery family! Dennis DeRado Long Point Winery www.longpointwinery.com


Hear Your Best this Valentine’s Day! Valentine’s Day is

coming and love is in the air! While some people may not subscribe to this holiday, the romantics of the world are surely planning a nice evening with their significant others. If you’re one of these old-fashioned romantics – shopping for flowers and chocolates, or planning a nice dinner on the town – take a few moments to consider how hearing loss affects your relationship throughout the entire year. Oftentimes, hearing loss occurs so gradually that many people don’t realize they

have a problem. If you suffer from hearing loss and haven’t noticed it, chances are your wife, husband, or significant other notices it every single day! Perhaps he or she is always repeating themselves when you can’t hear them the first time, or they bicker with you over the volume of the radio or TV. Many people don’t realize the negative effects that hearing loss has on those close to the person impaired, and the tremendous strain these negative effects can create in an otherwise loving relationship. Hearing is critical to effective communication, and communication is key to healthy relationships. If the person you care about most is complaining about your hearing, give them the romantic gift that will last well beyond February, and have your hearing tested by


an audiologist! Today’s hearing devices are more discreet and advanced than ever, and can help you hear well again in almost any environment—including crowded, dim, romantic restaurants! Valentine’s Day is only once a year, but hearing and communication are important year-round. If you’re special someone is complaining about your hearing, show them you care by getting your hearing checked today! Call the hearing experts at Cortland Hearing Aids to learn more, 1-888-720-8410. Suzette Pace, Au.D. Doctor of Audiology/Owner Cortland Hearing Aids www.cortlandhearingaids.com

Fast Facts Business: Edible Arrangements Location: 2300 N. Triphammer Road, Ithaca NY (Tops Plaza, near Applebees) Phone: 607-391-2227 Facebook: facebook.com/ EdibleIthacaNY Instagram: edibleithaca


Edible Arrangements

Edible Arrangements creates and delivers fresh

fruit arrangements to help you celebrate special occasions. Created to resemble a beautiful bouquet of flowers, an Edible Arrangement contains a delicious array of fresh fruit favorites, featuring pineapple, melons, grapes, and gourmet chocolate dipped strawberries. It’s all artfully arranged in a centerpiece container for the perfect presentation.


Mike Katz recently celebrated the third anniversary of the Ithaca store. “It’s been a good three years,” Katz said. “We thought this would be a great market for ‘Edible Arrangements’ healthy products, and we were right.”

to Cortland, Spencer, Trumansburg, Aurora— roughly a 30-mile radius from the store. All arrangements are made fresh daily and hand delivered in a refrigerated van. The single busiest Edible day is Valentine’s Day, because “it’s all about showing love.” Sending an Edible Arrangement is similar to sending a bouquet of actual flowers, but the value proposition is higher because our fruit is not only beautiful, it’s also food. In the great schism between “things” and “experiences,” a fruit bouquet is both: you gaze at it, but then you eat it.

Edible Arrangements also sells fresh fruit and chocolate-dipped fruit platters that are perfect for gatherings, events, or meetings. What is unique about Edible Arrangements is the whole presentation, the ‘wow’ factor for the recipient. Same day orders are available and they deliver


What’s HOT February 2020

On Valentine’s Day we’ll deliver 400 orders versus only 10 on a typical day. Obviously, we’re happy to have the business but it’s also helpful to have orders on days other than February 14. To encourage that, I am offering a 20% discount for any orders for delivery February 12, 13, or 15, plus we’ll discount the delivery fee to $9.99 on those days. Just call the store at 607-391-2227 to order. Everyone loves to see the Edible Arrangements driver arrive!

Here are some reasons why someone sent an edible arrangement last week: • to say thank you to a neighbor • to show appreciation to a customer for a referral • to lift up a staff member who was home sick • to comfort a colleague whose mom recently passed • to celebrate with a client who just opened a new office • to congratulate a friend who just had a baby • as a special treat for a co-worker • to say “I Love You” to the perfect partner • to say I’m sorry about yesterday Whatever the reason, Edible Arrangements will surprise and delight your family and friends!

“I received twenty calls from being in What’s Hot magazine and those folks told twenty more people! What’s Hot has been great for my business!“ Kyle Bean kk Bean Tree Service (607) 745-8080

Give us a call to have your company’s message viewed by thousands of people living in and visiting the Ithaca and Cortland areas each month.

Phone: 607-423-2133 or 607-591-0830 facebook: What’s HOT CNY Twitter: @WhatsHOTmag



Pet Therapy Programs Give Help and Comfort to Patients Visitors

to C a y u g a H e a l t h S y s t e m hospitals may find therapy dogs visiting patients at C a y u g a Medical Center and helping physical therapy patients at Schuyler Hospital. Laurie Williams and Ava of Enfield have been volunteers with PAWS for Friendship Inc. visiting Cayuga Medical Center patients since July 2018. Ava wears an aqua vest during her twice weekly visits and has her own business card for anyone who asks about the pet therapy program. They visit patients interested in talking to

Laurie about dogs and meeting her 3-yearold, puffy-white Goldendoodle. “Ava brightens the day for many patients and CMC employees, and that makes this so rewarding,” says Laurie, who is the local coordinator for PAWS for Friendship and evaluator for dog-owner teams interested in pet therapy. Schuyler Hospital’s therapy dog, also named Ava, started her work during the fall in the outpatient physical therapy clinic where her owner, Katlynne Ray, PT, DPT, sees patients. Ava, a 3-year-old chocolate Labrador retriever serves several roles during her once a week visit. “When kids come for therapy and see Ava, they relax and forget about their worries. For adults, I have Ava help,” Dr. Ray says. “Ava is also working side-byside with me increasing participation and

limiting stress within a treatment session. Ava really improves patient motivation and can double the number of exercises they do,” Dr. Ray says. Dogs at both hospitals are evaluated for calm, gentle behavior and checked for current vaccination records. Some dogs, like Dr. Ray’s Ava, go through several months of obedience training before becoming a therapy dog.

Fast Facts Restaurant: Wild Ginger Asian Fusion Location: 47 Main Street, Cortland, NY Phone: (607) 756-2888

Store Hours:

Mon - Thurs: 11am - 10pm Fri & Sat: 11am - 11pm Sunday: 11am - 9:30pm

Order Online:


Wild Ginger Asian Fusion


Wild Ginger Asian Fusion is a cornerstone

Thai food on the menu, the Japanese chef is in

in the Cortland community offering delicious

charge of all the Japanese kitchen goods, the

modern interpretations of classic dishes

Sushi chef makes delicious sushi and has a high

since 2012.

skill set of plate decoration and food art, the

Wild Ginger Asian Fusion offers a variety of Asian foods and has been recognized for its outstanding cuisine, excellent service, and

Chinese chef specializes in making delicious Chinese food, and the Hibachi chef performs entertaining shows in front of customers.

friendly staff. www.wildgingercortland.com

Wild Ginger Asian Fusion aims to provide the best quality dining experience. A majority of the employees have years of experience and come from different parts of the country. Our chefs specialize in preparing the foods of different regions: the Thai chef makes all the


What’s HOT February 2020

Wild Ginger’s manager has business relationships with many different food supply companies to ensure the best and freshest quality ingredients including vegetables, meats, fish, and Japanese drinks. Imported fish are checked by our sushi chef to make sure the quality is top of the line. Vegetables and meats are checked by our kitchen chefs to make sure they are in excellent condition. Any imported goods that do not meet the restaurant standards for quality are sent back for replacement.

Wild Ginger Asian Fusion offers delicious dining and takeout for lunch and dinner. Located at 47 Main Street in Cortland, Wild Ginger Asian Fusion is open Monday through Thursday from 11:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m. and until 11:00 p.m. on Friday and Saturday, and on Sunday from 11:00 a.m. to 9:30 p.m.

Maria's Original Baklava • c/o Maria Hopko T: 607-423-5236 • email: mariasbaklava@yahoo.com


















Local Calendar: February


February 8

February 14

February 17, 19, 21

Valentine Making at Cinch Art Space 11:00 am - 1:00 pm, Cinch Art Space, Corset Building, 75 East Court Street, Cortland. Master papercrafter and card maker Brenda Fox offers up her extensive stash of papers, stamps, and elements to lucky participants. Use templates, or go it alone and let your creative spirit guide you through the process of making old-school Valentine’s cards. Admission is $16 includes all materials and instruction to make 5 cards. Reservations required. For more information visit www.cinchartspace.com.

Valentines Day Party/Dinner w/ DJ Evo and Singing Notes and Slinging Jokes 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm, Six Mile Creek Vineyard, 1551 Slaterville Road, Ithaca. Join Six Mile Creek Vineyard, Ramsey R Fulcher and Singing Notes; Slinging Jokes for a Valentine’s Day party that is unlike any other. For more information visit www.sixmilecreek.com.

Ice Cream Making 101 1:00 pm, 1 & 2 pm on Sunday, Cayuga Lake Creamery, 8421 Route. 89, Interlaken. Visit the Creamery’s production room to see how our hand-crafted ice cream is made and have a chance to sample it fresh! Reservations required, you can book through messaging on facebook.com/CayugaLakeCreamery. Adults $10, includes a one scoop & Children $5 includes a kiddie scoop. Plan to spend about 45 minutes watching and enjoying samples fresh out of the batch! For more information visit www.cayugalakecreamery.com.

Cortland, NY

February 8 Ithaca, NY

22nd Annual Downtown Ithaca Chili Cook-Off 11:30 am - 4:00 pm, Downtown Ithaca. Featuring over 40 chili’s prepared by 30+ restaurants from across the region as 30+ local and regional restaurants competing for the best in various categories such as Best Meat/Overall Chili, Best Vegetarian/Vegan Chili, and People’s Choice Chili. Festival guests will also have the opportunity to sample and buy complementary food items including baked good, sweets, and cornbread. This annual foodie festival also features a farmers market with local wineries, breweries, cideries and farmers sampling their goods, plus lively entertainment plus many fun activities, entertainment, shopping and dining throughout Downtown. For more information visit www.downtownithaca.com/event/ chilicook-off/.

Ithaca, NY

February 14, 21 Ithaca, NY

Downtown Ithaca Craft Beverage Tour 4:00 pm and 6:00 pm. Tompkins Center for History & Culture, 110 N Tioga Street. Downtown Ithaca Craft Beverage Tour is a narrated, guided tour of the heart of Ithaca. You will visit four local businesses, sampling alcoholic libations at each. Sip craft beers, Finger Lakes wines, artisan ciders, and a cocktail crafted with local spirits. The tastings will add up to about two drinks. Along the way, enjoy delicious local food tastings paired with each beverage. Tickets can be purchased online for $52. Tour starts at Tompkins Center for History & Culture. For more information visit www.ithacaisfoodies.com.

February 15 Cortland, NY

Winterfest at Greek Peak Mountain Resort Greek Peak Mountain Resort 2000 NY-392, Cortland. Join Greek Peak Mountain Resort for the 3rd annual Winterfest! They will be celebrating with live entertainment, Greek games, costume contests, giveaways, tastings and more!. For more information visit www.www.greekpeak.net.

Interlaken NY

February 19, 20, 21 Ithaca, NY

Happy Hour at Gola Osteria 5:00 pm - 6:30 pm, Gola Osteria,115 South Quarry Street, Ithaca. Enjoy Happy Hour WednesdayFriday 5 - 6:30 pm: Sit down for dinner and receive 20% off your subtotal. For more information visit www.golaosteria.com.

February 21 Cortland, NY

Murder Mystery Dinner and Show at Lynne Parks ‘68 SUNY Cortland Alumni House 7:00 pm - 9:45 pm, Lynne Parks ‘68 SUNY Cortland Alumni House, 29 Tompkins Street, Cortland. 6:50 pm - All guest must be seated 7:00 pm - The show begins 8:00 pm - Dinner is served 9:20 pm - The show resumes 9:45 pm - End of the show EVENT COST The cost of the dinner and show is $45 per person which includes show admission and buffet dinner. Buffet dinner consist of chicken Parmesan with a Mediterranean pasta salad, tossed salad, Italian

bread, and a mystery dessert. Alone with coffee, tea, water and punch. Catered by Blue Moon. REGISTER Register by Friday, Feb. 14. Cancellations are non refundable after Wednesday, Feb. 12. Register online or call the Parks Alumni House at 607-753-1561.

February 29 Ithaca, NY

Presented by DSP Shows The Machine Performs Pink Floyd: 40th Anniversary of The Wall Doors: 7 pm / Show: 8 pm $25.00 - $35.00 State Theatre of Ithaca, 107 West State St., Ithaca, NY. When Pink Floyd released The Wall in 1979 it brought the legendary band into a different realm. The Machine presents a special 40th Anniversary performance of The Wall in its entirety as only The Machine can, plus an encore featuring fan favorites from other Floyd albums. Featuring the Interstellar Lights. For more information visit www.stateofithaca.org.

February 29 Cortland, NY

Chill-A-Bration 12:00 pm - 4:00 pm, Downtown Cortland. Cortland’s annual chili cook-off and winter tasting tour is back! Chill-A-Bration will take place this year on Saturday, February 29, 2020. Sampling will take place from 12 - 4 pm with prizes and awards given out at 4:30 pm For more information visit www.experiencecortland.com/ events/chill-a-bration-1.



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