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Barnard College ​ooh hey max how's your day going Hey oh good grief is that your lunch or a care package to ward off starvation in the third world it's my lunch wise guy look I was gonna sing it to you but my wife told me if I couldn't do something nice for somebody today don't do anything at all so I'll just saying happy 50th birthday Charlie hey thanks max I thought I did a better job of keeping my birthday a secret I don't think it's this one that I want to celebrate them oh you know you're only as old as you look you don't look a day over 95 what are you doing here reading up on Medicare no I'm reading about this health evaluation program that companies got going looks pretty good you know it's been three or four years since I had a physical not getting any younger I'm not getting mixed up in that stuff my health is my own business I take care of number one all by myself well you call that taken care of yourself max you're a monday night couch potato with the appetite of the fridge you keep up your lifestyle you won't need a doctor you'll need a gardener are you talking about I'm in a pretty good shape I get plenty of exercise every wednesday night at the bowling alley you don't want to take two trophies this year anyway I'm nowhere near as old as you are Oh have you read any of the literature the companies had printed up on this program you better get with it max this is an important program might just be one of the most important benefits steel case offers you're gonna take this health evaluation you might just learn something about yourself help evaluation nah this is gonna tell me I eat too much it drink too much and play too little I don't need it clonise gives me that sermon every night after dinner well good for her at least she worries about you look why don't you come to that meeting with me this afternoon see what they got to say I don't think so come on what have you got to lose you still feel the same way afterwards you can forget about it's no big deal right look put down the Twinkie make a commitment let's just say it's a birthday present for your old pal huh chamilia it's just a waste of time I got to tell me anything I don't already know all right all right I'll go we're just to hold your hand make sure you don't trip over anything what's the one those brochures hi I'm Pam winning it's my job to coordinate our steelcase halo program I'd like to take just a few minutes to explain how your involvement in the health evaluation program can help us all ensure that our lives and the lives of our families are healthier and more productive it's no secret that healthcare is complicated the whole subject makes us think about things we'd rather ignore and it's no secret that healthcare is very expensive last year steelcase spent over 20 million dollars on it but we also know the cost of healthcare can't be measured in dollars alone our families far too often pay the bigger price so we've developed a program specifically designed for steelcase employees a program that will direct some of those health care dollars towards preventative rather than recovery care the program makes sense here to help me tell you more about it is burnt knitter from the wellness center of Butterworth metropolitan health care services Thank You Pam we've developed a program that will help you learn more about your health and will help steelcase cut the cost of health care at the same time it's called the health evaluation program it's designed to measure a number of things the most important are those conditions and lifestyle factors that lead to the number one killer in America today heart disease a heart attack occurs in this country every 60 seconds over 500,000 American's die from coronary heart disease each year and many of those people had no idea they had a health problem in fifty percent of these cases the first symptom of heart disease was sudden death these are not pleasant statistics to report but perhaps the fact that's the most startling of all is that most of the conditions that caused these heart attacks were preventable and it's that fact that has brought us to develop the health evaluation program fruit is a steal employee I know that one of our major concerns over this evaluation program or any testing program for that matter is privacy we've heard a lot these days about drug testing in the workplace some people are concerned about how this evaluation will be used how can we be sure that the health evaluation program is not a test for drug use that's a good question Pam in a very legitimate concern the health evaluations are absolutely confidential in fact as hospital affiliated contractors we are bound by the American Hospital Association's regulations which state in part that the patient has the right to expect that all communications and records pertaining to care be kept confidential the elements of the health evaluation program are themselves very different from a drug test a drug test for example legally requires assigned employee consent form indicating that the employee is aware that he or she is undergoing a test specifically designed to measure drug use more than that a drug test uses a urine sample as its primary screening tool in drug testing different blood drawing and handling techniques are used from those employed in the health evaluation program and for the protection of the employee a drug test must be conducted in the presence of a supervisor our evaluation is quite different in many ways the health evaluation program is conducted by highly trained health

professionals specifically contracted by steel case for this evaluation the health evaluation itself includes the following the measurement of blood pressure determining blood cholesterol levels and in some cases measurement of other blood fats and sugars but only those items permitted to be examined through the consent of the employee through the health risk appraisal form the evaluation will also include an inventory of a number of lifestyle factors like eating habits and weight control whether or not a participant is a smoker and if so for how long in addition we'll ask questions about levels of exercise as well as questions designed to give us a profile of the hereditary background of each of the participants when this data has been collected and analyzed general categories of health risks will be brought to the attention of the appropriate people at steelcase then programs can be developed for the entire world for us programs that will help the company become more conscious of the general health and well-being of its employees throughout this entire process the individual employees results are kept confidential and that's another job of the halo wellness program we are given the responsibility for developing programs to meet the needs of our employees and their families we've already developed programs for stress management and aerobics we've also provided swimming classes and other activities designed for the entire family and there are the seminars on parenting as well as other family related health issues the health evaluation we've been talking about is the important tool we've been looking for to help us develop programs that are appropriate to the needs of our employees I don't think that we can overemphasize the importance of the health evaluation it gives the participants some very valuable data one piece of information gathered through this screening process is the cholesterol level of the blood cholesterol is a waxy fat like mineral manufactured by our bodies and use to make hormones nerve cells vitamin D and other substances necessary to maintain good health when we eat too many fatty foods however excess amounts of cholesterol buildup in the bloodstream leading to the formation of plaque a fatty deposit that accumulates inside the arteries and restricts blood flow this could lead directly to a heart attack or stroke that's very powerful information a high cholesterol count can be a real danger it's good to know we can do something about that one of the elements of the health evaluation has to do with blood pressure we don't know if we have high blood pressure until we have it tested in fact no one knows whether tie or low until it's measured and high blood pressure is another major contributor to cardiovascular disease it's a major risk factor a risk factor is any condition or element of lifestyle that provides a risk to the health of an individual and risk factors are those things that we are measuring through the health evaluation program so high blood pressure like cholesterol is a risk factor that should be measured and controlled high blood pressure can be controlled through exercise diet modification or medication although it is a major risk factor high blood pressure is something that can easily be controlled and perhaps even eliminated through a good wellness program we firmly believe that people have a right to make choices and we wouldn't want to do anything to change that but we also believe that if we give people the best information they can get about themselves they'll make decisions about their own lifestyles that are in their own best interests the truth is those decisions are in the best interest of steel case as well the company benefits from a healthier workforce in many ways lower absenteeism a higher level of morale greater productivity and of course lower healthcare costs that's the whole purpose behind the steel case halo program we all know that heredity has something to do with our general health and we can't do much about some of the high risk factors that are passed down to us we don't choose our parents sometimes we inherit characteristics that are not in our favor but there are many characteristics relating directly to our general health over which we have complete control those are the characteristics we call lifestyle factors let's talk for a minute about the section in the health evaluation program that relates to lifestyle we can control many risk factors related to our lifestyles if we know what they are and what to do about them factors like blood cholesterol levels smoking weight gain sedentary lifestyle stress and high blood pressure factors we have direct control over in our lives it's no secret that smoking is a number one cause of lung cancer in this country and smoking is a lifestyle factor that weighs heavily in the development of heart disease but smoking is another lifestyle factor that each of us can learn to control with a little help from a good wellness program we all know that stress is often blamed for many of our health problems today deadlines and other pressures we have to face on the job every day are factors over which we have no control but if we deal effectively with what we can control we can lessen the impact that stress or other factors beyond our control will have on our general health you know Pam fifty percent of the factors leading to a stroke a medical condition where plaque or a blood clot blocks blood flow to the brain are contributed by lifestyle for cancer it's thirty-seven percent and for heart disease the number one killer in America today it's fifty four percent taking control of our lifestyle is clearly the most important thing that we can do to ensure our own good health I want everyone to meet a very brave man John vessel ssin a steel case man John has agreed to talk to us at a very difficult time in his life hello I'm John vessel ssin I've worked at steelcase for more than 28 years recently I've spent a lot of time in hospital rooms because I'm recovering for my second heart bypass operation after my first bypass operation I continued to smoke and really didn't pay attention to the changes my

doctor recommended I stopped smoking a year ago and since I just had my second bypass operation I've made a lot of changes in my life style I've changed my eating habits I don't eat animal or vegetable fats but I do eat plenty of fruits and vegetables I'm exercising every day by walking and I know that I'm feeling better because I've made these healthy changes in my life style I want to urge you to participate in the health risk appraisal the information you discover from the appraisal will help you learn what you need to know to change your lifestyle habits to ultimately become healthier when you have your health risk appraisal you'll learn a lot about your health including what your blood pressure and cholesterol levels are listen to the results and use this information to make changes in your lifestyle that will make your health better steelcase cares about their employees and the wellness program has helped me to have a second chance I've learned that the best way to stay healthy is to live a healthy life it was very kind of John to share that with us we certainly wish him and his family a speedy recovery how fortunate we are to live in this country and at a time when health care has come so far according to the American Medical Association the next dramatic breakthrough in healthcare probably won't come from the hospital or laboratory but from those institutions that concentrate on prevention rather than treatment that's what we want to do here at steelcase take a look at this and a new study shows that healthier lifestyles not medical breakthroughs have dramatically reduced the death rate from heart attacks in the past 25 years the study said in this country reductions in cigarette smoking cholesterol and blood pressure and increased exercise have been responsible for the lower death rate Thank You Bert we know that lifestyle factors are the key elements in wellness in America if a person 45 years old stop smoking reduces the cholesterol content of the diet lowers the blood pressure and starts a prescribed exercise program the risk of suffering a heart attack is reduced by fifty two percent these are significant numbers they spell out a challenge last year steelcase spent over 20 million dollars on health care we need to get a better return on our investment we need to spend more of those dollars on prevention we sincerely hope that each and every one of you will take a stand for better health participate in the steelcase health evaluation program we need your help and you may learn more things about yourself than you ever dreamed were true I am max how's your day going great hey how about a carrot stick Charlie my lunch is loaded carrot stick what happened to the old Macs where are the potato chips and the Twinkies don't tell me you're doing your grocery shopping at the health food store no I just told lettuce I want to cut down on the cholesterol on my diet she died it's very important it could help I'm involved in his wellness program we got here I'm telling you I've learned a lot about dieting its effect on heart disease exercise Paul it's amazing me a lot to learn hi I'm Jerry hecker as most of us are well aware our health and that of our loved ones is extremely important to each of us in many cases we don't recognize how important it is until we become sick we are fortunate here at steelcase to have the halo program it is aimed at helping us achieve and maintain good health I support the halo program and take advantage of the health evaluation the program offers all of us an opportunity to learn how to be in charge of our own help it's important to take care of ourselves by working to become healthier we're benefiting not only ourselves and our families were also helping to hold down the cost of health care for a steel case and that's good for everyone I urge you to participate in the halo program and the health risk appraisal your health should be one of your most cherished assets and make sure you take care of it thanks you SUNY University Centers.