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o gang, I am gonna cut to the chase and ask you to read this edition and then frame it... this will be a collector’s item someday! I want you to consume and enjoy this “first edition special” and then keep it somewhere secret, as this day will go down in history as the day we (as an industry) all took a step closer to helping more people reach their goals and making more people be awesome!

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Thank you for being you... and for being part of history and I mean that very sincerely. When I decided to develop Mates Rates, it was with one clear focus; and that was to connect as many people, to the best health and fitness businesses in the UK as possible...and with the help of my team and you (of course), we will achieve this. This first edition special is something of a benchmark for us and is something that I am very proud of. I promise you that with each monthly edition of “High Performance” we are going to bring you more and more valuable content, bundles of sales ideas and marketing inspiration. We will also share with you some handpicked special offers from our partners to help you get ahead.... for less!

works and what effect this will have on your business. When you subscribe to a PRO account for only £20 per month, I will send you a £20 pre-loaded gift card every month to give to your start client. This will work wonders for your retention rates and increase the lifetime value of your client. They will then go shouting to all of their friends about how brilliant you are and how awesome they feel.... and we all love hearing that don’t we?

Lend me 2 minutes of your time before I tell you what’s inside this special edition...

The best thing is; we want to make a big fuss of them too... All you need to do is tell us what they have achieved or overcome to become your star client that month at and we will make them feel like a superstar.

NEW Feature Launched This Month: Some of you are already using this and seeing great results, so I feel compelled to explain how the new “gift card” system

Scotty Hodson, The World’s Fittest Webmaster


A key lesson from the one and only Sir Chris Hoy about “Marginal Gains”

Then we will find out the Trainer of The Month – Will it be you?

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We are going to hear from the amazing Jackie Diss on developing an online programme on a budget

Lifetime Training talks about using exercise referrals and gives a cheeky special offer

Learn the 3 priorities of your website and how to get it working for your business

The wicked Ben Davies from NPE talks about time management strategies

Then you will read a mindbending article by Yvette Nevrkla on doing your “thing”

We present a cool way to earn cash through great nutrition with

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An invite to a new business opportunity with Pete Cohen, aka The Weight Loss Guru.

sir chris hoy

marginal gains owes his success

to e.t.&


ir Chris Hoy was the awesome inspirational Dave Brailsford (British Cycling coach and CBE for speaker at this year’s National Entrepreneurs his achievements in British Cycling) coined the phrase Convention, where myself and 1,499 other “the aggregation of marginal gains” – I bloody love entrepreneurs got to learn how he got to the this phrase! There is not just one thing that will make top of his game. you and your business a success, but a combination Hoyey (as he told me to call him - now we are of mini successes that will put you ahead of the chums) revealed that he got his love competition and help you to achieve for cycling at the tender age of seven the big dream. when he saw the movie E.T. He went This exercise is what British nuts for BMXing and by the age of 10 Cycling is famous for, and why he rode in the World Championships. the world is jealous of us. Sir At the age of 14 he got introduced Chris and his team put the right plan to the concept of Goal Setting and together to win the right races. This is Planning by his local cycling coach, demonstrated by Sir Chris winning his Ray Harris. Ray asked the whole squad first world title in Copenhagen by just to write down their long, medium and 1:1000th of a second. He and his team short term goals. Sir Chris was the only realised that rest and recovery was a chap to write down that he was going key component of success – so each —Sir Chris Hoy to be the Olympic Champ at the 2004 of them, wherever they were training Games in the 1k time trial. At that stage he or travelling or competing.... took their own wasn’t even the best in the room, let alone the world! specially designed mattress. The proud Scot went through a process of breaking This ensured they got a good night sleep in the things down and putting a step by step plan into grubbiest of hotels and that their performance was place to achieve his goals. The short term goal’s was maximised. They also got some science buffs to talk each season’s objectives, the midterm was the 4 year to some tailors about making some “hot pants” to wear objective (Commonwealth Games Gold) and the long just before the race, so that they were at optimum term goal was Olympic Gold. temperature to compete.

why limit yourself?”

“be the best that you can be, by definition you can’t do anymore; focus on the process not the outcome... and this takes away the stress. people spend too much time and energy thinking about other people.” —Sir Chris Hoy



Commonwealth Champion

World Champion

Olympic Champion


2 •

World Record holder

2008 Sports Personality of The Year

2012 Olympic flag bearer

marginal gains?

 The right marketing  The right people around you (personally and professionally)  The right plan  The right equipment  The right mindset  The right training  The right “marginal gains”


hodson's marginal gain

An example of my “marginal gain” is that before I start my daily business development, I have a smoothie. This makes me happy, focused, satisfied, hydrated, energetic and awesome! If I wrote my marketing and business development plans half asleep and hungry, wouldn’t life would be rubbish and boring? Start your day the same way with a smoothie that includes::        


what do you think make up your

Honorary Doctorates

MBE and top bloke

Handshaker of Scott Hodson

Spinach, Kale, 1Frozen banana 2 teaspoons of cocoa 1 scoop pea protein 2 teaspoons coffee Water Almond Milk

online program... budget! setting up your own

on a

No matter what your idea, concept or client base, this simple formula will help you to develop a clear journey that helps your clients get the best results possible from your own online programme STEP 1 Set a clear goal of what it is you want to offer and AVOID over complicating things!!! STEP 2 Ask your target market if your idea is something they would want to use and THEN ask what they would need from you to succeed. STEP 3 Use your market research to help you plan out your content, or risk wasting time and money developing something no-one wants. Does your audience need to be contacted daily, weekly, monthly and by what mix of methods? STEP 4 Clarify exactly the process and experience you want to deliver and over which time frame. • 3-30 days are great for lead generating online programs and building relationships • 30+ should always be charged for, as you are giving away golden content STEP 5 The key pages you need to create are: • Your Sales Page – Telling people about the benefits of your online program and a place for them to register • Congratulations Page – This is a great place to give them any guidelines or snippets of what to expect and build excitement and rapport. Too many people miss this opportunity • Day 1 to day ??? content – Put your content out there, whether it’s workouts, recipes, menus, videos, etc. • Congratulations Page – Give them a big pat on the back and move them on to what’s next... • Follow up emails – Keep your relationship going; it doesn’t have to stop because the program has

3 •

STEP 6 Get Creative... all at once! I recommend you bulk-create your content, so try and organise a photo shoot or filming day and create a tick list for every shot and video you need to create (articles, exercise library, recipes, workouts, etc.). Now I know what you are saying; “Jackie, this is supposed to be on a budget... I can’t afford a photo or film shoot!” Fear not! I am the queen of developing content on a budget - for years I have done my own film and photo shoots and all I have used was my phone, iPad and digital camera. At most, my shoots cost me a Starbucks as a way of saying thank you to my friend [or Scotty] for their time, pressing record. If you do get the hang of developing online programs and you want to go a little more pro, I would recommend investing in some... • Cheap photography lights • A plain white backdrop • Tripod • Microphone • Wireless shutter remote All of the above can be bought on Amazon for about £250 and that is money well spent. STEP 7 Test, Test, Test Upload your content into Mailchimp (a simple to use email software) which is FREE up to 2,000 and can automate your messages. Put a test group through your programme first. Never assume you have your online program content right the first time. I have created countless online programs and I can honestly say that client feedback is ESSENTIAL for a successful online program. Phew! I think that’s everything you will ever need to get started with creating your own online program - on a budget. Happy developing! Jax X

Jackie Diss

Branding Queen of the Fitness Industry TOP TIP Deliver a program your target market will use, NOT what you think they should have. TOP TIP Include sales messages in paid-for products, up sells and down sales throughout the programme to increase profitability. TOP TIP Your test group testimonials are fantastic for PR and marketing on your big launch!



Of Your Website & How To Get It Working Hard For Your Business.... THE FACTS: (LIKE IT OR NOT!) • 95% of people coming to your website aren’t ready to buy • You have 3-11 seconds to impress them with your design – if they don’t like it they will press the back button • You have 2-4 minutes to try and convince them to buy/convert – If your content is not compelling you will find that your conversion rates will be below 1%


The World’s Fittest Webmaster

• People typically need 20+ communications before they know, like and trust you enough to buy from you This paints a pretty hard landscape, but with the right strategy and tactics your website can provide you with a

GET PEOPLE’S CONTACT DETAILS • Develop a free gift for each of your web visitors • It has to be of perceived value* • What does your web visitor want to achieve or avoid? • Develop a free gift to help them (e-book / hardcopy book / video / DVD / White paper / Audio series, etc. etc.) • Offer this gift at pride of place (above the fold) on your home page • Offer this gift on every single page of the site (or a link to a page to get it) • Give them the free gift in exchange for their contact details • We now have the opportunity to build a relationship with them and move them closer to the sale. *This is only achieved if you have properly defined your target audience and know what they are looking for.

4 •

very cost effective sales and marketing tool. The best way to deliver this for any small or medium sized business is to grow your database (full of your target audience), blog regularly and provide value in a regular e-newsletter. This gives you the tools and the content to get people back to your site 20+ times and increase your sales. The 3 Priorities... (in order of importance) Get this right and your website will be a sales and marketing tool, not an expensive business card: •Get people’s contact details • Signpost people to the right service for them • Get people to know, like and trust you That’s how you get your website working... MAGIC!

SIGNPOST PEOPLE TO THE BEST SERVICE FOR THEM • Do not start your website with welcoming them or telling them how long you have been in business...people don’t care. They only think “What’s in it for me?” • Identify what type of web visitors you are getting ° Beginners / Intermediate / Advanced ° Face 2 Face / Remote / Online ° Young / Middle aged / Older adult • Develop packages and services which are ideal for them – They all have different needs! • Get into the mindset of each of your categories • Speak directly at them and tell them what’s in it for them and where to find it • Take them to a page where you address all of their fears and list the benefits of working with you

GET PEOPLE TO KNOW, LIKE AND TRUST YOU • Website content ° Use images/videos of you ° Use images/videos of your target audience with big fat smiles on their faces ° Use compelling and intriguing text ° Use testimonials with images/videos ° Use big call-to actions - what do people have to do next? • Publish valuable blogs regularly (try for 1 a week) ° How to... ° Answer a frequently asked question ° Case studies and testimonials ° Stir up debate with a provocative point of view • Email your database and tell them about your new blog/newsletter ° Use or Infusionsoft ° Your website traffic goes through the roof (should increase by 30% at least) ° People return to the site for another 2-4 minutes to get convinced to buy!

trainers who discover their

“thing” Have More Fun And Make More Money!

I Yvette Nevrkla

one of the UK’s top PT Business Coaches and founder of The PT Business Gym which helps personal trainers and health and fitness coaches to find their niche and build a profitable business out of it.

5 •

magine if you could spend every day doing what you love, not just in your life but in your business too! We all know people who do jobs they hate and who just live for the weekend. What about you? I imagine that you chose your profession because you wanted to do something you love, something you’re good at and are passionate about. Broadly speaking, it’s got some connection with helping your clients become healthier and fitter (and hotter!). One of the most critical business steps a PT can take is to discover their ideal and profitable niche because this lies at the heart of successful marketing and sales, and ultimately it’s sales that make the difference between an endless struggle and a thriving business. I want to share a case study with you to show you the difference it makes when you find your thing and master your marketing and sales. When I first got to know Nico Valla he was in the process of relocating and was really concerned about how to build up his PT business in a completely new part of the country. He was actually thinking about quitting because business was just proving too hard and getting clients was hard. He estimated that out of 100 people he spoke with, he would get only ten free sessions booked, and out of those he would sign up maybe three. It was very demoralising and he was starting to believe that building a successful and profitable business as a PT was a myth.

He took a leap of faith and invested in my business programme where he developed the core foundational elements for his business and one of those was identifying his niche – his “Thing” – the thing he was especially good at and especially passionate about. Another key element was mastering the art of selling so that he could make the most of every sales opportunity he created. The result – Nico no longer thinks about quitting. He is loving his business and he’s having fun! He turned his depressing sales experience around so that he can turn every conversation into a sales opportunity, and is reliably converting 80% of those people into paying clients. These clients are great clients for him. They get great results and they are happy to pay his prices which have increased too. He recently opened up a private studio, and using the skills and strategies he had learned, he was fully booked in just 8 weeks. This business journey was kick started by finding Nico’s perfect niche. It gave him the focus and direction he needed to really get stuck in and start making real progress. Building a successful business is challenging but it’s one hundred times harder if you do it by guess work and following the crowd. My number one tip has to be to find your thing and nail your niche. Stop trying to be a PT who helps everyone do a bit of everything because this is a recipe for broke and burnt out.


of the month



ake a bow Alexandra... you are crowned November Trainer of The Month 2013 Maybe we can put Alexandra’s success to the quote she has on her profile... “You may never know what results came of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results.” – Ghandi Or maybe we can put her success down to the massive 13 reviews she earned during October? Congratulations to Alexandra; you have made history and become the first ever “Trainer of The Month”. You will be receiving a little gift and certificate from us – keep up the good work!


reviews are in

Here are some samples of the effect Alexandra has on people! Kudos to you for being you!

great class for fast results!

challenging and effective

wonderful trainer and great results

“Since starting alexandra’s bootcamp class my fitness levels have improved dramatically and I can see the results in the mirror. Alexandra is very encouraging and keeps us motivated throughout the session. The classes are different each week, which means the exercise never gets boring and stays challenging. I would recommend this class to anyone!” —Laura

“I have been training with Alex for around 6 months, during this time she has kept me motivated by being incredible enthusiastic, knowledgeable and ensuring the exercise routines are challenging and effective. I would recommend Alex as your personal trainter to elp you achieve your goals.” —Claire

“I have been training for 4 months with alexandra and I have loved each class. I feel we become stronger and fitter in each class. Totally recommend not only for fitness but for a healthier life style :)!” —Luisa

fitness and fun “Alexandra is a great instructor and positive motivator. I really enjoy her classes - they are fun (not too serious) and feeling a lot fitter because of them” —FionaB

to see all her reviews go to:

DO YOU WANT TO BE THE TRAINER OF THE MONTH NEXT MONTH? We take each success on their merits and will be choosing from the activity of your profile. You can write interesting blogs which challenge people’s beliefs... you could get

6 •

more reviews and report your success stories to us... you could develop a kick arse offer which generates the most amount of leads, or even publish the most appealing profile with images and videos.

Whatever you do, listen to Ghandi - “You may never know what results came of your actions, but if you do nothing, there will be no results.”

wellness fitness is the new

Personal Training for people with medical conditions...


ccording to Let’s Get Moving, a government action plan produced in 2009 for increasing the nation’s activity levels:

• 27 million adults in the UK do not meet the recommended activity guidelines to benefit their health. • Active lifestyles are as effective in the treatment of mental ill health as drugs and psychotherapy.

Paul Waters

is a Curriculum Delivery Manager for Lifetime Training. He specialises in delivering Exercise Referral qualifications and has 12 years of experience working with clients with a range of conditions

• Exercise can substantially decrease the risk of heart disease, hypertension, Type 2 diabetes, osteoporosis, back pain, osteoarthritis, depression, weight gain and some cancers. As part of the government’s plan to increase activity, Exercise Referral schemes are in place across the UK to give people an opportunity to take up exercise and manage, improve or in some cases even solve their health problems in the long-term. Personal trainers have often viewed Exercise Referral as a course just for those who want to work on ‘schemes’, usually run by councils or local leisure centres. Whilst this is true, there is also a huge market for individuals with these conditions who want to have personal training. In fact, 2.3 million people in the UK have a heart disease-related condition; around 30% of adults have high blood pressure; 2.8 million people in the UK have osteoporosis and around 3 million have been diagnosed with diabetes. These conditions and many others make up the Exercise Referral qualification and so it seems wise these

days for personal trainers to invest in training that allows them to broaden their potential client base substantially. Add to this the fact that many who have these conditions are over 50 and that the older population tend to be the ones with more expendable income, it seems sensible to obtain the skills, knowledge, qualifications, insurance, and importantly the confidence required to be able to work with them. Working with medical conditions is a hugely rewarding role, helping people to manage their health and improve their quality of life. It also adds variety to the average day of a PT, a challenge above and beyond the usual requests to ‘tone up a bit’ or ‘lose a little weight’. This coupled with the fact that at present, Exercise Referral is a prerequisite for progressing onto a Level 4 fitness qualification, allowing an instructor to specialise in a given condition and work more closely with the medical world, often in a clinical setting, make it an attractive proposition. The biggest buzz about working with people with chronic medical conditions comes from the knowledge that your day’s work has helped someone to lead a better life. The feeling when a client is able to climb the stairs again or walk to the shops, play football with their son, decrease or even come off a medication, or even just have the confidence and ability to get out of their chair and walk into the kitchen to make a cup of tea, is one that cannot be described and one that every fitness professional can enjoy. If helping people is your thing, this is definitely the route of choice.

EXCLUSIVE MATES RATES OFFER: 20% off The Lifetime Training Exercise Referral Diploma (RRP £699, £559 for our readers) For more details about the course go to: Sign up to the course by calling 0870 120 1207 (option 3) and quote Mates Rates

7 •

time management effective

Ben Davis

is the UK/European Director for NPE. NPE is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs and is best known for helping Personal Trainers master “the business” of fitness.

Phone calls Phones (in particular your iPhone or Android Smart Phone) are the BIGGEST culprits in stealing valuable time from you! I very rarely answer my phone when it rings. I have it on silent 95% of the time, and typically what I do is I check phone calls twice a day at the same time I do e-mails (which I will come to in a minute). I’ll do my e-mails, and then return my phone calls. In today’s society, many of us run around with mobile phones in our hand or pocket and we act like those mobile phones are for everybody else’s convenience. The strategy that works best for me is to have my voicemail message let people know that I will be returning phone calls during a set time of the day. The time slots I have are 10.30am to 11.00am and 2.30pm to 3.00pm.


e’ve all been there…busy all day but somehow we didn’t get a damned thing done. Don’t you hate that? It seems to be a common frustration for most fitness businesses I know. Up early, home late, and you weren’t able to get one thing done to move your business forward because you were so busy doing all the little stuff that needs to be

E-mails E-mails are a close second to phone calls as the biggest time wasters. They can be an important and valuable tool that can be used to get business done more efficiently, but the sad fact is that most people let their inbox rule their workday. I have a set time daily where I respond to my e-mails, typically late in the morning and late in the afternoon, because earlier in the day I want to deal with the biggest, most urgent tasks of the day - things that will move the business forward.

8 •


Text messaging I admit that sometimes text messages can be a valuable resource when you need to get a quick message to somebody, but they quickly become a nuisance and a huge time waster when you get sucked into text messaging back and forth with your friends, employees and family members. Only use them to send a quick message and that’s it.

Internet/Facebook/ Twitter Both Facebook and Twitter can be very effective marketing tools for your business but the key is to use them appropriately. The best way to do this is to have a plan of what you are going to post and then set yourself a time when you are going to visit the sites to place your post. Avoid the temptation to aimlessly scroll through your news feed because valuable time will quickly be gobbled up and you can’t retrieve it!

For Fitness Business Owners!

done to keep your business going and to put food on the table. The simple truth is that if you could just avoid and/ or properly manage the following list of TIME WASTERS and ENERGY KILLERS better, you would be free to grow your business the way you had always planned. Bottom line: If you own a business, manage your time or it will manage you.

Multi-tasking It is very important to absorb yourself with one thing at a time, give that thing your fullest attention and complete it (at least the part you were planning to complete now) before moving on to the next thing. Give the tasks you work on the attention they deserve so that you get that task COMPLETED.

Time Vampires These are people who just want to sit and chat, waste your time, and drain you of your energy. Avoid these people at all costs if you want to have a productive day! Make sure your staff don’t suck you into a “Got-aminute?” meeting. Back in the day before I organised myself with effective time management, my team members would ask me if I had a minute to talk and all of a sudden a “Got-a-minute?” meeting would break out. This would suck up precious blocks of my time. Make sure your staff knows that all non-urgent items should be made a note of and then addressed during the regular team meetings.

Not Using Time Blocks This is possibly one of the BIGGEST success strategies you can adopt. When you have allocated amounts of time per task you are now in a position to plan your day ahead. It is important to have a time slot for everything, including your 6 main tasks of the day along with time to make phone calls, meet clients and to reply to emails. DO NOT start your days with e-mails or responding to people’s phone calls. Like I said, this puts you in the reactive mode, responding to other people’s needs and values.

better results get


for your clients and earn cash from it!


e all know that nutrition is a fundamental building block for getting results for your clients... that is why we have paired up with the best in the business (Musclefood) to provide you with a genuinely easy to use system that gets better results for your clients and generates you additional revenue to boot. Sign up for the Fitness Pro Reward Scheme STEP 1. Sign up for the Fitness Pro Reward Scheme Step 2. Refer your clients to use Musclefood to get superior results Step 3. You get £10 per referral and they get either x4 chicken breasts, x4 protein crisps, protein bread or a protein ready meal for FREE as a little gift! But there is more: Use the code below to let the guys from Musclefood know you come from us... We know what you’re thinking.... You’re thinking we get £10 for the referral right? Well, we have negotiated that you get an additional £10 saving off a Super Lean Luxury Meat Pack so you save even more money... Because that’s how we roll! Use the code below and you get £70 of Luxury Meat for only £39 (instead of £49) PLUS an extra FREE Gift... AWESOME! Sign up for the Fitness Pro Rewards system using this code: SH14825; Go to: – it’s really quick and simple to do

9 •

organo gold F

Pete Cohen aka the Weight Loss Guru

10 •

or over 4000 years, Ganoderma Lucidum has been considered by Chinese medical professionals to be the highest ranked herb found in the Chinese Pharmacopoeia. Packed with over 150 natural antioxidants, Ganoderma Lucidum is believed to strengthen the immune system, oxygenate the body, boost stamina (in general ‘’and’’ in the bedroom – sorry, but it is true), improve circulation, promote cell rejuvenation and therefore younger looking skin, and even encourage a deeper, more enjoyable sleep. By blending it with coffee, Organo Gold hope to make it a part of our daily life. Not only do these products make sense but there is also a brilliant compensation plan for people that want to distribute them to their friends, family, colleagues and clients. The long-term health benefits will, of course, take longer to judge, although 4000 years of employment in Chinese medicine has us feeling pretty confident.  Outside of water, coffee is the world’s tipple of choice. Every single day Americans drink a whopping 400 million cups of coffee, with more than half of Americans above the age of 18 partaking in a caffeine hit every day. People are rightly concerned about the effects all this caffeine has on their health. Is it good for you, people ask. Well, if it’s Organo Gold coffee, then yes it is. The 100% Arabica bean coffee is mixed with the Reishi mushroom. It’s hugely expensive because it is incredibly difficult to grow, but even the smallest amount of it has great benefits to people’s everyday health. It makes their immune system stronger, enabling them to fight off common colds which otherwise get them down. As well as that, it has a pep boost similar

A delicious coffee infused with a Chinese Herb called Ganoderma that could boost your health and your business to caffeine but without the comedown. People’s general demeanour can be improved through this miraculous mushroom. Called Lingzhi in China, the best English translation would come out something like ‘the mushroom of immortality’. 4,000 years of Chinese wisdom cannot be wrong: they have decided that this thing works, and that they are healthier because of it. Nowadays, Western scientists are beginning to believe the hype too. Research has been carried out which proves this isn’t a load of hot air: it really does have the claimed positive effects. This is why the manufacturers of Organo Gold are so proud of their product. Why is it called Organo, you may ask. Well, that’s because the entire product contains 100% organic Ganoderma. In today’s world where everything is over-processed, it’s important to know the history of a product. This is all natural. This delicious instant coffee is available in instant mix packets with different options, depending on how you like your coffee. Black, white, latte or mocha, it’s all here. Gourmet taste has been combined with medicinal knowledge to give the perfect product for one and all. Fancy a FREE sample of the coffee so you can test it yourself? Email and we will send you some Want to hear more about the coffee and how you can implement it into your business? Come to my next coffee and jazz mixer Email us at for your seat

#MatesRates has three very focused aims

Helps all health and fitness businesses attract new clients by showing their profile to local people interested in their services

Helps all health and fitness businesses retain more clients by providing a very cost effective and genius “incentive scheme� using Fitness Vouchers

Provides you with special offers and promotions from hand picked partners to help you get ahead for less!






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