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MY BOOK Genre = Horror. Target Audience = Eighteen years plus. Title = “Thievery Corporation”. Mood = Lighting – Dark, with dashes of white. Colours – White, black and grey. Text/font – The font of “Trebuchet”, which indicates the horror genre.

BOOK COVER EXAMPLES Horror Genre Comedy Genre

Sci-Fi Genre Thriller Genre

STEVE ROBSON Stephen Robson is an artist and printmaker, who joined Greenwich Printmakers in 2010. Stephen attended Goldsmith's College and has a background in teaching and photography. Stephen is perhaps influenced by the work of artists such as Samuel Palmer, Edward Hopper and Paul Nash. The Thames estuary and the coast of Norfolk and Suffolk have been examples of places he has chosen as the subjects of his paintings.

I quite like the the chosen images below, because in these pieces Steve Robson manages to re-create certain places, and design them to look almost exactly the same. The pieces of art are also highly detailed, containing densely coloured objects which are particularly noticeable. For his printing, Stephen Robson uses the style of‌ When choosing compositions, he must search for certain places, which look both interesting and fairly easy to print. In most of his work, Stephen appears to be focussing on images regarding the seaside.

COMPARISONS The work of artists Paul Nash, Edward Hopper and Samuel Palmer, is fairly connected to the work of Stephen Robson. For example in most of Stephen Robson’s pieces, the artwork always center's on an important/popular destination. The third picture (on the right) is a good comparison to the work of Stephen, as that too is in black and white.

A piece by Paul Nash.

A portrait by Edward Hopper.

Artwork by Samuel Palmer.


FABIENNE RIVORY Fabienne Rivory is a French artist, who produces unusual yet interesting images by incorporating mirrored photographs and watercolour paints. Since 2007 Fabienne has been creating excellent artwork that links to the exploration of of memory versus reality, by using photographs from her own collection.

FABIENNE RIVORY Fabienne Rivory’s art is particularly interesting to look at. Using a distinctive colour in every piece, it is used to create a calming effect, in a small dose. The movement of the figure from the piece opposite, creates a real feeling of activity. In the piece opposite (top one), Rivory mixes photographs with watercolours or ink to create the subtle effect. Fabienne’s composition is based around a horizon line, which is often featured in the center of her pieces. Fabienne also always mirrors her photographs and over exposes them. In many of her pieces, the focal points are usually large black objects, or figures of people. Time periods that may have influenced her work is contemporary, but it seems to have a Chinese feel to her art. Fabienne perhaps wants to say (using her art) that by using simple designs, she can still make it interesting.


Final book cover design, using my style of Fabienne Rivory.

FLORIAN IMGRUND Another photographer who uses black and white mirror images, is Florian Imgrund (artwork below). Florian makes his pictures using ‘double exposure’ where one image is superimposed onto another. He also fuses black and white portrait shots with natural landscapes to create unique images.

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