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Oct. 18th 2013 through Nov. 29th 2013 - Samford University

918 Letterpress Ephemera Show The 918 Letterpress Ephemera Show will take place from Oct 18th through Nov 29th, 2013 at the Samford University Art Gallery in Birmingham, AL, USA. Ephemera is defined as any transitory written or printed matter not meant to be retained or preserved. Examples of letterpress printed ephemera include: posters, greeting cards, pamphlets, postcards, tickets and zines. The name of this show is based on the fact that letterpress wood and metal type is made .918 inches tall. If you know other letterpress enthusiasts please share information about this show with them. The show received well over 500 submissions from 203 letterpress artists in the United States, Switzerland, UK, Australia, Canada, Portugal, Italy, Belgium, Japan and Denmark. 129 submissions received acceptance into the show. The jury selected one best of show and six honorable mentions. Awards are listed next to the work in the catalog.

Jurors Paul Moxon Paul Moxon is a studio letterpress printer, internationally known consultant, instructor and author of Vandercook Presses: Maintenance, History andResources. He is also editor of the American Printing History Association Newsletter, prints for hire and publishes limited edition books and broadsides under the imprint Fameorshame Press.

Sarah Bryant Sarah Bryant is a letterpress printer and bookbinder specializing in the production of editioned artist’s books under her imprint, Big Jump Press. These books have been featured in exhibitions around the United States and have been acquired by special collections libraries internationally, including The Yale Arts Library, The Houghton Library at Harvard University, The New York Public Library and The Darling Bio-medical Library at UCLA. In 2011, Bryant won the MCBA Prize for her book Biography. Bryant has taught book arts courses for The University of Georgia, The University of Alabama MFA in the Book Arts Program, and Wells College, where she was the Victor Hammer Fellow from 2008-2011. She currently lives in Brighton, United Kingdom and teaches bookbinding and letterpress printing workshops there and across the United States.

Scott Fisk Scott Fisk is the curator of the 918 Letterpress Ephemera Show. He is an American graphic designer and educator who teaches at Samford University. His work is part of permanent collections both in numerous galleries and in such museums as the National Archives. Scott enjoys traveling with his wife Timarie who shares his peculiar interest in broadsides, ephemera, and antique printing processes. You can view Scott Fisk’s work at

Press Name: Jade Hoyer Name: Jade Hoyer Minneapolis, MN Title(s): How Asian are you?

Press Name: Pressbound Name: Melissa Gruntkosky Beverly, MA Title(s): 2013 Letterpress Desk Calendar 2013 Letterpress Wall Calendar

Press Name: babyinktwice Name: Dafi Kühne Zürich, Switzerland Title(s): «ART/SOUP» «Definitiv Herbst»

Press Name: Brain Washing From Phone Towers Informational Pamphlets Name: Sarah Nicholls Brooklyn, NY Title(s): Escape Wheel (Honorable Mention) Action at a Distance

Press Name: Lead Graffiti Name: Ann Lemon Mohnton, PA Title(s): We step on the toes of our fellows Chapter 3 “You may think him a silly fellow”

Press Name: Two Left Hands Press Name: Linda Stinchfield Los Gatos, CA Title(s): Ambition Distraction

Press Name: Jill Kambs Name: Jill Kambs Erie, PA Title(s): An Unfair Life

Press Name: Indulgence Press Name: Chip Schilling Minneapolis, MN Title(s): Ampersand Invite, Apokalupsis Love Me Not Ampersand Invite Press Name: Various Name: Greg Bennett York, PA Title(s): Oliver Bennett Birth Announcement Recharge Poster

Press Name: Studio 204 Name: Virgil Scott Dallas, Texas Title(s): Big Top

Press Name: Kate Barber Name: Kate Barber Tuscaloosa, Alabama Title(s): Farmers Market Broadside

Press Name: Bowerbox Press Name: Val Lucas Monkton MD Title(s): Best Peacock Woodcut Card Yo Momma Woodcut Card Snow Owl Woodcut Card

Press Name: Union Press Name: Eli G. Epstein Somerville, MA Title(s): Union Square Farmers’ Market Bike Boston

Press Name: Hooksmith Press Name: Russell Frost London U.K. Title(s): Give me Hops and Round Round Sold the Farm Press Name: Fluid Ink Fine Letterpress of Australia Name: Davina Farinola Perth, Western Australia Title(s): You Rock Greeting Card

Press Name: None Name: Jenna Rodriguez Chicago, IL Title(s): Girl

Press Name: DoubleMRanch Design First and Last Name: Rowan Moore-Seifred Everson WA Title(s): Practice Healthy Skepticism Know Your Future

Press Name: Flowers & Fleurons Name: John Christopher Brighton UK Title(s): Business Card

Press Name: Laura Brown Name: Laura Brown Minneapolis, MN Title(s): Flyover Poster and Flyover Postcards

Press Name: Cleanwash Name: Adam Trageser Yardley, PA Title(s): FZ Media Design Inc.

Press Name: Galbreath Design Name: Joe Galbreath Morgantown, WV Title(s): McIntyre/Galbreath Save the Date: Foundry type on Gmund paper

Press Name: Jackson Creek Press Name: Jeffrey Macklin ON, Canada Title(s): PCVS Show Poster Georgian Legend

Press Name: Littoral Press Name: Lisa Rappoport Richmond, CA Title(s): Gilbert, Horses at Midnight without a Moon Hass, Time and Materials

Press Name: Marlene Yuen Name: Marlene Yuen Vancouver, BC Canada Title(s): Gingerbread Blahs

Press Name: CRINK PRESS Name: Taylor Guess Birmingham, AL Title(s): Crink Press Doodle Pad Gmitro Wedding Package

Press Name: Cryptic Press Name: BJ Alumbaugh Knoxville, TN Title(s): 'Alpha-Blox Hellcat'

Press Name: Firebrand Press Name: Lauren Faulkenberry Solon, IA Title(s): Devour The Body as Instrument

Press Name: Artichoke Press Name: Georgia A. Greeley Saint Paul, MN Title(s): Black Bird

Press Name: Thomas-Printers Name: Kseniya Thomas Carlisle PA Title(s): Charles + Merrill Wedding Suite, Bob + Soledad Anniversary Invitation

Press Name: Thomas-Printers Name: Kseniya Thomas Carlisle PA Title(s): Maxine Kumin Broadside

Name: Mary Kuper London, UK Title(s): Poetry is a dame

Press Name: Bareback Press Name: Quince Mountain & Danica Novgorodoff Brooklyn, NY Title(s): Lawrence Weschler David Shields poster J. J. Sullivan poster Press Name: Homem do Saco Name: Homem do Saco Lisboa Portugal Title(s): BĂşssola

Press Name: Hardy Letterpress Name: Karen Hardy Pittsburgh, PA Title(s): Dingbat Valentine The Leaden Army

Press Name: Glenn House, Sr. Name: Glenn House, Sr. Gordo, AL Title(s): One Earthquake

Press Name: Blush Publishing Ltd Name: Jim Williams Flintshire United Kingdom Title(s): Churchhill

Press Name: Inklings Name: Beth Weiss Watertown, SD Title(s): Circle of Friends

Press Name: re:press Name: Elizabeth Herrmann St. Petersburg, FL Title(s): Blockout Zine, 1

Press Name: Cabaret Typographie Name: Mauro De Toffol Belluno Italy Title(s): Il Faut Se Mefier Des Mots (CT + Anonima Impressori) Work

Press Name: Cabaret Typographie Name: Mauro De Toffol Belluno Italy Title(s): Typo Ninfee

Press Name: Marnie Blair Name: Marnie Blair Red Deer, Alberta Canada Title(s): Moose Bike

Press Name: Huldra Press Name: Marianne Dages Philadelphia, PA Title(s): Impossible Objects Small Fires No. 1

Press Name: Kathleen Name: Fetters Gordo, AL Title(s): Mule Day 2010 Mule Day 2013

Press Name: Tipoteca (Cornuda, Italy) Name: Meta Newhouse Bozeman, Montana Title(s): La Dolce Vita Bicycle Thieves 8 and 1/2

Press Name: David Umemoto Name: David Umemoto Montreal, QC Canada Title(s): Mutations

Press Name: Red Rooster Press Name: Jeff Pulaski Wichita Kansas Title(s): SPQR-Initialism

Press Name: Red Rooster Press Name: Jeff Pulaski Wichita Kansas Title(s): Frederick Douglass (Honorable Mention) Flip Side

Press Name: Thomas & Brown Name: Mark Moroney OAK PARK, IL Title(s): Spiral Make Ready Greatest City Broadside

Press Name: Porchlight Press Name: Nicole Standard Burnaby, British Columbia Canada Title(s): Heart

Press Name: Sin Nombre Press Name: Anne Covell Iowa City, IA Title(s): Natural Order: A Game of Pairs

Press Name: Lush Ink Name: Jeffrey Lush Lafayette, LA Title(s): I Scream

Press Name: Yifen Name: Liu Title(s): The Renaissance of the Warmth of Characters: History (Honorable Mention) Treasure, and Discoverys and Ho Hua Jen Print Exhibition - Eagles of Taiwan

Press Name: Mama's Sauce Name: Brooks Chambers Orlando, FL Title(s): Your Word, by Joe Alessio

Press Name: Moonhead Studio Name: Thomas Thielemann Lenoir, NC Title(s): Hombre Lobo (Honorable Mention) Joe Nathen vs. The Tucker

Press Name: Caveworks Press Name: Julie Russell-Steuart Reinbeck, IA Title(s): Insta Book No.1

Press Name: Yes Ma'am Press Name: Jaime Shafer Arlington VA Title(s): Nuclear Threats 3

Press Name: createdbykatehill Name: Kate Hill Nashville, TN Title(s): Matthew 5:44

Press Name: walking bird press Name: Tara Bryan Flatrock, NL Canada Title(s): Look! attach Queen Type Pie Press Name: The Sun Hill Press Name: Darrell Hyder North Brookfield, MA Title(s): Press Anniversary Poster

Press Name: Pakaste-Warner Design Name: Mervi Pakaste Manhattan, KS Title(s): Infinite Tales

Press Name: Starshaped Press Name: Jennifer Farrell Chicago, IL Title(s): Urbs in Horto (Best of Show) It’s in the Grain

Press Name: Katrien Dellafaille Name: Katrien Dellafaille Oost-Vlaanderen Belgium Title(s): Wedding invitation

Press Name: spike Name: Spike Gascoigne London, UK Title(s): Don’t Worry (wood cut) Last Orders (lino cut)

Press Name: spike Name: spike gascoigne London, UK Title(s): MWM Zine (Honorable Mention)

Press Name: Egremont Press Name: Gordon Chesterman Cambridgeshire UK Title(s): Baldwin’s Pills poster

Press Name: Art House Press Name: Catherine Jackson Wichita,KS Title(s): Little Red Bus Start Here


Press Name: Levi Sherman Designs Name: Levi Sherman Chicago, IL Title(s): Manifesto of Aesthetic Intervention

Press Name: BREDpress Name: Ned Drew Newark, NJ Title(s): Seasons

Press Name: BREDpress Name: Ned Drew Newark, NJ Title(s): Currency Series (Honorable Mention) Ludd System Poster

Press Name: Southpaw Printers Name: Steve Varvaro Scarborough, NY Title(s): Thanksgiving

Press Name: Two Tone Press Name: Michelle & Angie Dreher Kansas City, MO Title(s): Phantom of the High Seas Escape From Extinction Shutter Stock

Press Name: Olfactory Press Sarah M. Smith Lebanon, NH Title(s): Should Cards: Dating

Press Name: L'Imprimerie d'H么tel Rustique Name: McCloud ZICMUSE Brussels BELGIUM Title(s): Onigiri Set Pizza Puppet invitation

Press Name: You Look Like The Right Type Name: Mark Addison Smith New York, NY Title(s): September 12, 2010

Press Name: Aviary Press Name: Megan Adie Frederiksberg Denmark Title(s): Sydney

Press Name: Pomegranate Letterpress + Design Name: Joe Borges Oakville, Canada Title(s): This Country by Stompin’ Tom Connors, on wood veneer with a worn out hole to represent his “stomping” abilities Group of Seven Canadiana Cards, with funny lines inside

Press Name: Minor Avenue Productions Name: Karen Carcia Iowa City, IA Title(s): Support Your Local Hive

Press Name: Marginalia Press Name: Jaime Shafer Washington DC Title(s): Superstition Superstition Broadside Detail

Press Name: Steam Whistle Letterpress Name: Brian Stuparyk Cincinnati Ohio Title(s): Thank You Card

Press Name: POINT JAUNE museum Name: Martin Amstutz St.Gallen Switzerland Title(s): Wochenblatt N째 763 Wochenblatt N째 765 (Honorable Mention)

Press Name: Pushmepullyou Press Name: Michael Kelley Portland, OR Title(s): Word Play Facing Pages Billie

Press Name: Auburn University Graphic Design Name: Kyle Wherry Address: Auburn, AL Title(s): Wanderlust

918 Letterpress Ephemera Show Catalog  
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