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What Does A Divorce Attorney Actually Do! If you are going through a divorce in the Chicago area, considering hiring an divorce attorney is not a bad idea at all. Now you may have heard this advice before and wondered: What does a divorce attorney actually do that I can't do myself? There isn't just one answer to this question because a divorce attorney does so much to make the divorce process as simple and painless as possible. Here are 5 things your divorce attorney can take care of for you.

Child Custody Disputes We find that one of the biggest reasons people seek the help of a divorce attorney is to try and secure custody of their child. Some law firms will be biased towards either father's or mother's, but our firm believes good parenting is unisex. The most important part of a divorce involving a child custody dispute is to ensure the safety of the child. A legal professional has this as their sole priority, and

Serving As a Mediator Another thing a divorce attorney can do for you is mediate the conversation with your spouse. Obviously you probably aren't on the best terms, and this can severely affect negotiations. Our attorneys serve as the emotionally objective third party that will ensure these negotiations proceed in a civil manner.

Requesting Visitation Rights The visitation rights process can be quite complex. A divorce attorney knows the law inside and out, which helps you in guaranteeing that you will be able to be a part of your child's life even if you lose the custody battle. This is essential because studies have shown that children deal with divorce much better if both parents are still equally in the child’s life.

Child Support Unfortunately, sometimes the non-custodial parent feels that if they don't have custody then they shouldn't have to pay any child support. By hiring a divorce attorney, you make sure that the child's best interest is the top priority. We will make sure that a child support system is put in place that is not biased towards one parent or the other; just biased towards the child's well being.

Alimony Similar to child support, hiring a divorce attorney also makes spousal support a much smoother process. This often needs a divorce lawyer since most times one spouse will feel like they should not have to give the other spouse money to maintain standard of living. Let's take a moment to recap these 5 things hiring a divorce attorney can do for you. 1.Child custody disputes 2. Serving as a mediator 3. Requesting visitation rights 4. Child support 5.Alimony These are just 5 of several things a divorce attorney can do for you to make your divorce as smooth as possible. If you found this helpful don't hesitate to give our office a call today.

What Does A Divorce Attorney Actually Do!