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Annual Impact Report

The Newman Center at St. Agatha – St. James has had a profound impact on my young life. I would not be the person I am today without the people I have met through this community and the retreats I have gone on. It offers a welcoming and comfortable space on campus to come and learn about Catholicism and grow deeper in faith. I now know much more about my religion, more than I ever knew before, and now have an understanding of what living the faith looks like for a twenty-something young woman. Newman is like my second family – my home away from home. I am blessed to be a part of this community, and I hope it continues to grow and thrive in the future. Alyssa Mikulski Student


Andrea Pascual

Aaron Diederich

Anthony Carradorini

Stephanie Spinosa

Alberto Amaral

Madison Pedrotty

Tom Seykora

Liz Sieber

President, (W ’17)

We are happy to present you with our 20152016 Annual Impact Report. It will give you a glimpse into the rich life of the Newman Center, located at St. Agatha – St. James Church, serving Penn and Drexel.

Treasure, (E ’17)

The report includes an update on the nuts and bolts of our apostolate which relate to our organizational and financial health. We are pleased to report that we once again finished the year in the black, despite new hires and increased programming.  We are taking the necessary steps to make this ministry financially sustainable by 2018, the 125th Anniversary of the Newman ministry. In the pages that follow, we showcase, in word and image, the programs that are representative of the ministry.

Outreach Chair, (C ’17)

Spiritual Chair, (C ’17)

Michael Freeman

Newman Night Chair, (C’17)

Most importantly, the report shows people. Relationships are at the heart of our apostolate, and you will see them illustrated in the many wonderful photos.

Secretary, (Nu ’18)

Service Chair, (C’17)

Small Groups Chair, (Nu ’17)

Melissa Schweizer

Communications Chair, (E’18)

Jenna Kapsar

Social Chair, (Nu’17)

I must emphasize this focus on relationships and our personal approach for it guides and influences all we do. It stems from the motto of our patron, Blessed John Henry Cardinal Newman: “Cor ad cor loquitur” or “Heart speaks to heart.” These words inspire our approach and firm conviction: God calls each one of us personally into relationship with Him through his Church and then sends us out to bring this message to others.  That personal encounter with Christ is the spark that will guide us for the rest of their lives in whatever vocation or career they discover.

Christina Gallo

Matthew Prokop

Alyssa Mikulski

Anna Gibbons

President, (CoE ’17)

Treasurer, (CoAS ’17)

Thank you for your support to make this wonderful mission possible.

Erin Truesdell Outreach Chair, (Westphal ’20)

Warm blessings, In Christ through Mary,

Angeline Aguinaldo

Events Coordinator, (CoE ’17)

Adam Ureneck, SCV

Director of the Newman Center

Vice President, (C ’17)


Vice President, (CoE ’17)

Service Co-Chair, (SPH ’17)

John Vargo

Service Co-Chair, (CoE ’19)

Financial Report

Revenue Other Revenue - $14,475

7/1/2015 to 6/30/2016

Offertory Collections $139,988 15.1%

Archdiocesan Subsidy $175,000



Rentals $435,513


Development & Donations $162,344

TOTAL $927,320

Expenses Staff Salary & Benefits $417,902 Buldings / Utilities / Repairs $195,174




Operations / Programs / Liturgy $302,785 TOTAL $915,861 4

Key Highlights in A Year of Impact Sacramental Formation

- 700+ attending four Masses each Sunday - Spanish and Korean Masses on alternating Saturdays - Active RCIA, Baptism, and Marriage preparation - Regular Sacramental confession and spiritual direction - Weekly Eucharistic Adoration - Abundant prayer opportunities – open chapel, Rosary, evening prayer - Renovated Chapel on Drexel Campus with Blessed Sacrament

Ministry Programming

- Papal Visit Kick-Off Party with 300+ participating - Weekly Thursday night Newman Dinners with 75+ students - Growing small group for men and women - Biweekly Friday night “Christ in the City” ministry to the homeless - Young adult trip to the Guadalupe Shrine in Mexico - Mission trips to Peru and Costa Rica - Sunday Parish Retreats - Retreats for Penn and Drexel students - Hospitality after Sunday Masses - Regularly on Saturdays: Brunch with the Brothers (for Drexel students) and Burgers with the Brothers (for Penn students) – times of fellowship with the Sodalit Brothers - Reorganization of the Catholic Women’s Household on Walnut Street

Financial Stewardship - A second fiscal year ended with a surplus - Fundraising donations increased by 13% - Sunday offertory increased by 8%


Service Opportunities for Students

Through Christ in the City ( groups of students personally encounter the poor and marginalized on the streets. They have their eyes opened to the situation of homelessness and addiction in Philadelphia. The program allaws the students to became a ray of joy and hope in the live of the homeless. “Christ in the City is, above all, an encounter with the living God. In each of my struggles growing as a Christian, God has manifested himself in someone in the street: A couple new to the streets who is happy with what they do have, a blind man who sees his path illuminated by God, a friend who struggles day after day with rejection because he is trying to do the right thing. Christ in the City offers me an answer to my prayers.” John Vargo Student

Mission Trips Abroad

Each year, the Newman Center offers international service trips to destinations like Peru and Costa Rica to serve the poor. Students work with missionaries in supporting the economic and spiritual needs of locals. They assist in spreading God's word through catechesis, as well as constructing needed goods like cook stoves and improved infrastructure.

“I came home with a heart full of the beauty of creation, the joy that comes from the gift of self, and the love of God given freely in so many forms.” Ana Maria Losada Student 6

Impact Through Partnership

The Newman Center and St. Agatha – St. James Church believe in the power of synergy. We make a greater impact through partnerships with: • The Collegium Institute for Catholic Thought & Culture – to enrich academic culture • Creatio – to provide mission opportunities

• Christ in the City – to help us hit the streets and know, love, and serve the poor • Ivy League Chaplain’s Conference – to come together with other campus ministers • Raza Development Fund - to help form Catholic Latino university students • University City Hospitality Coalition – to help us feed the hungry • Penn’s Office of the Chaplain and Drexel University’s Office of Campus Activities – to connect us formally with the universities • Archdiocese of Philadelphia – to link us with the universal Church

Special Support for Events A special thanks is due to The Colgan Foundation for their generous grant support that enables us to continue the longstanding tradition of Newman Dinners. College students are always game for good, warm food, and fellowship. Each Thursday students come for dinner in the lower lounge of the Newman Center. Dinner is followed by a lecture or activity meant to deepen and inform faith and build community.


New & Revitalized Ministries Women’s Household In 1947, St. Agatha - St. James Church was gifted a large row home on Walnut Street to be used to support Catholic women attending university. Today, the legacy continues. During the past year, 10 women were not only provided with a good place to live, but were encouraged in their faith through weekly “family� dinners, prayer/ praise nights, and regular discussion about integreating faith and their daily lives.

Hospitality Hospitality is central to Christian identity and practice. The intertwined relationship of a parish Church, serving all of University City, and a Newman Center provides continual opportunities for fellowship between student and non-student parishioners as well as making room for the stranger and visitor. With visitors from around the globe attending conferences, conducting business, and receiving care from 4 hospitals, Christian hospitality will truly have a ripple effect all over the world.

Newman Latino Leadership Program Many American Latinos are losing their Catholic roots at an alarming rate, especially during their formative college years. In response, the Newman Center has designed Newman Latino Leaders (NLL) to offer Catholic formation to Latino students at the University of Pennsylvania. It helps students become Catholic leaders during their time at Penn and then in their chosen careers. Formation comes through reflection groups, community action, work-study employment, attending the Spanish Mass, and one-on-one mentoring.


Fr. Carlos Keen, SCV Pastor of St. Agatha – St. James Church & Chaplain to the Newman Ministry

What is one truth you try to convey in your priestly ministry? We are ALL precious in God’s eyes! This is something I insist on. Our value does not depend on what we produce. It is so sad to see wonderful people having a very negative idea of themselves. Sometimes we are our worst judges. It is something that happens because people experience a great pressure to be perfect. But that is not what Jesus teaches us. What is a key issue or challenge the ministry is grappling with? Poverty! In both the financial and spiritual sense. We have people in our parish boundaries who are poor, and we are trying ways to help with this. But what I see all over the place is spiritual poverty, both in the rich and poor. This poverty is a difficult one to see, but St. Teresa of Calcutta pointed it out in her visit to the U.S. and said it was the worst kind of poverty. The poverty of Love! Not feeling loved by God or others and therefore making it more difficult to love both God and others. How do the Parish and the Newman Center work together? One of the most wonderful things about ministry here is the growing integration of the Parish Church and the Newman Center. Historically the ministries were separate, but today we need to be one. The majority of our parishioners are students attending the University of Pennsylvania, Drexel University, University of the Sciences, and the Restaurant School at Walnut Hill College. But we also serve, and benefit from, those who are not affiliated with these schools. What have been some of your best experiences? Witnessing the conversion of people as they get to know and love God! This has happened in many situations: the retreats; the Pilgrimages to Santiago de Compostela in Spain; the mission trips to Peru or Costa Rica; in spiritual direction; and in the Liturgy itself. 9

With Gratitude Thank you to all who have contributed to the Newman Center. Your generous support during the 20152016 fiscal year is greatly appreciated. Stewarded wisely, your gift makes a real impact.

Jeremiah O’Grady WG ‘65

The Newman Center offers a place of serenity and spirituality for students. The stress and demands of school, and the secular tone of universities today, demand the kind of sanctuary and support the Center provides. It also enables Catholic students to connect with each other and reaffirm their values. We must engage these young people and help maintain their identification with the Catholic faith during these first years away from home. They will indeed be the leaders of the Church and society in future years.

Dana Robinson WG ‘74

How fortunate are Penn, Drexel, and all of University City to have this oasis of Catholic learning. Catholic education should be an invitation to a fuller understanding of life, an understanding that goes beyond the ‘what’ and ‘how’ of creation – it should also be an exploration of the ‘why.’ The Newman Center, a center of vibrancy and a wellspring of hope, facilitates this exploration. How pleased Blessed John Cardinal Newman must be with this eponymous legacy.

Meet the Staff

Caitlyn Usher

Fr. Carlos Keen, SCV

Michael Chovanes


Adam Ureneck, SCV

Director of the Newman Center Carole Tokarczyk

Parish Administrator

Office Manager Director of Maintenance and Facilities Alan Teran, SCV

Associate Director, Penn Newman Carolyn Shields

Assistant Director, Penn Newman 10

Michael Gokie, SCV

Associate Director, Drexel Newman Nataleigh Waters

Assistant Director, Drexel Newman Javier de la Flor, SCV

Art Director Director of Newman Latino Leaders Program

SCV: Sodalitium Christianae Vitae

Looking Ahead In 2018, the Newman ministry will celebrate its 125th anniversary. To commemorate this historic occasion, the staff and student leadership will pursue a robust sustainability plan. The purpose - to achieve financial sustainability by the end of the 2018-2019 academic year to strengthen the mission for greater fruitfulness.

As we look to the future and continue what has made this ministry so impactful for over a century, and as we envision making a greater impact, the following initiatives are being pursued: • Enhance Sunday attendance and hospitality following all Masses on Sundays – the day of the greatest impact in terms of people touched by Christ in the Eucharist • Create a Chapel for Eucharistic Adoration • Expand student outreach, making the Newman ministry and Parish Church better known, e.g. move-in week barbecues, advertising in student papers, social media, small groups, and leadership development • Re-establish a Newman Center Library with areas more conducive to study • Grow the liturgical and music ministry • Establish a Catholic men’s household for university students • Develop a formal Catholic Studies Program • Refresh the Newman Center and Parish Church– e.g. refurbish Church floor, improve signage, and other elements to create a welcoming environment for all For more information on the above initiatives, please contact Scott Bucko at 215-384-7204. 11

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Newman Center Annual Impact Report FY 2016  

This Annual Impact Report for the Newman Center at St. Agatha - St. James covers the ministry of the Penn Newman and Drexel Newman apostolat...

Newman Center Annual Impact Report FY 2016  

This Annual Impact Report for the Newman Center at St. Agatha - St. James covers the ministry of the Penn Newman and Drexel Newman apostolat...