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Google Plus Considerations For The Medical Industry

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Google Plus Considerations For The Medical Industry BY GUEST AUTHOR ON SEPTEMBER 16, 2013 [EDIT]

Anybody who has any sense for online marketing knows that Google is the most important search engine out there, but even among the most technologically savvy medical professionals, there is sometimes a level of doubt over whether or not managing a Google+ page can create any real value for their medical practices.

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The truth is that a Google+ page can significantly increase your relevance in potential clients’ search results. The fact that many medical professionals have yet to realize the necessity of Google+, being there can be half the battle for your business. Here are some best practices you should keep in mind for taking advantage of Google+.

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Promote your page to current and prospective patients. A Google+ page gives you the opportunity to easily gain a huge online following, but it also gives you the chance to easily draw referrals from your existing client base. You can drive viral follower growth by having


every medical practitioner in your firm share your page with their own Google+ circles and by reminding patients to feel free to refer any friends and family members to your page if they may be interested in your medical services. Make generous use of +1 badges and share buttons and link your Google+ page prominently on your website and other social media channels.

Offer Google+ exclusive content on your page. Post inspiring pictures and informative articles and graphics. Every time you post, consider what your patients will find most useful. If you are a cosmetic dermatologist, for example, offer your insights on treatments for aging skin rather than repetitive posts that simply ask people to consider coming into your clinic. While your content should be relevant to your area of expertise, it should also be beneficial to readers – this will boost your follower count and help increase your brand’s visibility. Think long and hard about topics you post on and make sure to create a content calendar or some other organizational tool to make sure you are taking content development seriously.

Engage your existing client base. Many medical practices do not realize that their marketing strategies are nothing more than one-sided conversations. While some online marketing strategy is better than none, engaging two-sided conversations are always best. End your posts with provocative questions to stir up conversations and be responsive to comments and questions. Consider promoting your patients’ pages or highlighting testimonials, before-and-after pictures, and other exhibits that help clients identify with your brand. Additionally, you can use your Google+ page for useful analytics – you can use the +1 or commenting features of Google+ to poll patients and find out anything from which appointment hours work best for them to what coffee they like to see in your waiting room. Google Hangouts offer a unique online opportunity for you to connect with patients and people they love in a video chat environment. Hangouts can serve more practical purposes like customer service calls as well as more relaxed purposes like helping prospective clients get to know you and your staff members. Leverage Google’s wealth of analytics tools to find out what content and which ideas worked better than others. In the end, your medical practice should be committed to continually improving patients’ experiences with your medical specialty, and Google+ is here to help you do just. Dr. Steven Zimmet is a dermatologist in Austin, Texas. He recently claimed his business’s Google + page.[9/16/2013 1:17:33 PM]

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Google Plus Considerations for the Medical Industry  
Google Plus Considerations for the Medical Industry  

A guest blog posted to detailing how a Google Plus profile can assist a medical professional in gaining internet an...