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Using Common Sense for Good Web Design Presentation The design of your website will make the difference between getting the customer to buy from you or not. This of course is your goal so your web design must entice the potential client so you need to create a website which has wonderful graphic designs and the navigation for surfing the site has to be clear and precise. The layout of the site must make good sense to the prospective buyer. You will want the person who is surfing the web to like what they see so they need some information which is a knowledgeable source about your business. That is why the people are on the internet in the first place to get information. So give them what they want so they will not go to some other site and leave your business behind. When you have a business online you must remember that you will no doubt be up against the stiff competition so you must have the best web design to work in all the browsers. Remember there could be all different kinds of computers being used and they will all have different browsers too. Take a look at your website in different browsers to see if it has value in the various softwares available. If your site takes a long time to load it can be detrimental to your business and that may be as little as ten seconds to a surfer, so keep your graphics and photos as small as you can but make sure that the quality does not become compromised. When you use any other color for the background of your web design besides white then the browser might have some problems and make the color different and unreadable. The text will show up the best on white anyway. Multimedia might be something you want to use such as background music, video clips short movies or audio clips but you must remember that the rule of ten seconds will apply, so use streaming multimedia so that the download time will be shorter. You must have it set so that they can start and stop it when they want, or have the ability to ignore it completely. Another thing to consider is the three click rule, and studies have shown this to be true. People will leave the site if the information they want is not available with three clicks, so keep all your site info within this parameter. Test the navigation of your site on some other browsers to see if it works properly. Checking your links every once in a while will keep you up to date and will not cause a customer to be frustrated when one is broken. Some online services which are free will check the links for you so you might want to sign in for this. Common sense comes into play along with good planning when setting up your web design. Make it easy and attractive to the eye and of course providing the potential customer with the information they are wanting and the service they are going to get from you. For an explanation of our Search Engine Optimization packages, please feel free to visit us @ EchoDigital.

Using Common Sense for Good Web Design Presentation