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Creative Ideas for Weddings Newsletter You run a small event planning firm that specializes in weddings and anniversaries. Your expertise lies in themed or location specific weddings that provide an unforgettable experience for all guests and the bridal couple. However, most people still opt for the usual church weddings and your challenge lies in showing them the experiential advantage of your services. This strategy will reveal ways in which you can showcase your unique themed service and increase your annual business turnover & Nbsp. Who is your customer? Those who seek to hire wedding planners not merely because they want to outsource something that can be quite cumbersome. Your clients are people who enjoy experiencing new things in their everyday lives and seek to make their special day an exotic extravaganza that is hard to forget & Nbsp. What is the best thing you can do for that customer? Who wouldn’t want an exotic wedding that will have the guests talking about it for generations to come? Yet most people do not have one either because they lack the creativity or believe that is financially out of budget. As a specialist, you should publish newsletters with examples of creative wedding scenarios as well as an indicative budget range so that any misconceptions may be dispelled. Also, weddings can be special even while being affordable and this is something you should convey clearly in your marketing literature so as to win over clients with a broad range of wedding budgets. How are you going to do it? Publish regular newsletters that showcase creative new ideas for weddings and include budget range estimates for the wedding under different scenarios. Also establish yourself as an expert in this niche by offering the latest trends and tips on the wedding circuit. Create a database of all your past customers and request them to refer a soon-to-be married friend to your service in exchange for a small “thank you” gift. Also buy email lists of people who have been recently engaged and invite them to join your database & Nbsp. Don’t forget to say thank you. Every registrant to the database gets a thank you email that also has a few basic survey questions: Briefly describe your dream wedding.

What budget have they earmarked for their wedding celebrations? Tentative date/month of their wedding (for those who are currently engaged). Approximate size of guest list and any specific requirements that need to be considered. Where did they hear about you? When to communicate with your members. Your newsletter is your device for establishing yourself as an expert in emerging trends in the wedding industry. Unleash your creative ideas to get your prospects excited and possibly have them hire you to plan their own exotic wedding! Contact them at least six months prior to their stated tentative wedding date with a special package offer. Send in a reminder email one and two months after the initial email. How do you measure success & Nbsp? Conduct a wide scale survey of all past customers to judge their level of satisfaction with your service. Also request email addresses of any ten guests to a wedding and send them a survey on how unique and memorable they found the arrangements. Incentivize survey completion with a discount voucher on your service fees for their own wedding with you, transferable to friends and family. Build Build Build. Keep track of how many new customers your direct mailing efforts earn. In the end, the more weddings you host each year, the more money you make!

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Creative Ideas for Weddings Newsletter  

You run a small event planning firm that specializes in weddings and anniversaries. Your expertise lies in themed or location specific weddi...

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