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PUBLISHERS NOTES These are truly Divine Times! For those who are truly seeking after higher truths, purposes, visions, goals, and dreams, it is imperative to realize how significant understanding the awesomeness of what Divine Times mean. As the Publisher and Chief Editor held their weekly meeting to corroborate, communicate, and synergize in the completion of this issue, they each decided it is imperative to tell their valued subscribers and listeners their epiphanies on this truth! As Chief Editor, I was led to convey the following perspectives on the topic of Divine Time. First and foremost, having an awareness that nothing, no matter how miniscule, or how gigantic, happens by chance! There are certain life instances that crystallize this reality! Whether it is a near death experience, miraculously impossible occurrence, extremely joyful personal achievement, tragic loss of a treasured loved one, or perfect insight on something we are seeking to understand; any, and ALL such life instances, clearly force us to stop and accept that nothing is by chance, but: Divinely Ordered! Part of the insight to these life events also force us to realize that as we move through this existence, something far greater than that which we physically see, touch, and feel, molds and shapes our destiny. In simple, it is that inner spirit that connects to a far Greater Spirit that manifests our reality. So, as you grow and mature spiritually, seek to align your inner spirit with the Greater Spirit in your world. As you do, you can function and align your truths, purposes, visions, goals, and dreams with that Spirit far PUBLISHER CHIEF EDITOR MARKETING DIRECTOR ART DIRECTOR/ PAGE EDITOR

greater than you! While this alignment is a process that takes patience, poise, and persistence, it is the key catalyst that never fails to manifest in fullness that which you seek! As Publisher, equally significant perspectives are important to impart. Divine Times equal the perfect opportunity to achieve success! At the core of this success is the importance of knowing that your success is inexplicably woven in with your own individual piece of “spirit” that is linked to that far Greater Spirit. Thus, you must stick to your ideas, ideals, dreams, and visions because there is no success without the persistence to stick to your purpose. While that greater Spirit is the catalyst and power behind the success that emanates, you must embrace one very important thing: You are the key, as the active component, through your thoughts, energy, words, actions, and deeds to your success coming to fruition! That far Greater Spirit has no power without your willingness to simply be and act! To achieve your own success, seek to understand what you are passionate about and love doing, because success runs off love. In closing, the Publisher and Chief Editor want to encourage their valued audience to embrace that we are truly in our season of Divine Times. Paradigm’s ongoing focus in the New Year is to provide positive insights, encouragements, and examples, through its topics, to insure you are nourished, enriched, and making the most of your life’s experiences!



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The publisher assumes no responsibility for unsolicited materials. The Paradigm Beauty & Barber Magazine © Private ETO Copyright 2013 All rights reserved Reproduction in whole or in part without written permission of the publisher is strictly prohibited.

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Relationships Facts V. Truth

By: Gurmay Darlington


od is serious about relationships. It is vital for us to qualify people to be in relationship with us. As far back as I can remember when ever things went really bad in my life it was always when I allowed myself to be in relationships without discerning that person’s purpose in my life. On one particular occasion by the time I quieted myself to assess why things were crazy, money funny and things just falling apart in my life it was traced right back to a relationship that I allowed without asking or discerning their purpose. Listen your enemies can only disappoint you therefore you keep them close to monitor them but your friend you must keep closer because they can bring ship wreck into your peaceful life and home. Relationships have power and people that you are in relationship with must be able to play a vital role in your life. You must know who’s in your life and whose speaking in your ear planting seeds of confusion, fear, lack, gossip, unbelief, distraction and destruction.

Any relationship that distracts, subtract, divide and take your focus off course then you must take time out and assess where your life was prior to the relationship and compare your life to

where it is since this relationship showed up. You should be bold to ask about their purpose in your life. If they can’t answer you about their purpose in the relationship then you have a choice to make because you do have the power to choose. Did this relationship come to take you into the deep to drown you? Uncover your nakedness or your flaws like Noah’s son or to take you to another level to move you into your destiny. When wrong people show up in your life wrong things happen to you; wrong people bring negative climates that initiates storms and drought in your life and what ever can go wrong usually does. Did you even stopped to asses your life since this person came to discern who

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sent them; if not it is only a matter of time before your focus is hindered. Wrong people cause God to depart from your life. We see God’s withdrawal when King David coveted another man’s wife and the anointing of the Lord left him and God’s judgment entered his life. Another example was seen in Samson’s life due to his disobedient by marrying a Philistine woman and God’s response was to withdraw His Presence. Who has withdrew their presence since this relationship has shown up. Wrong people cause spiritual blindness and deafness to creep into your life and you may begin to feel that God’s Presence can’t be found. Just assess your relationship. When God wants to bless you He always uses someone and sends someone to bless you and this person/s brings sunshine and peace in your life. When the enemy wants to curse or destroys you he sends a person into your life and they diminish your life; waste your time; energy; focus; reduce or exhaust your resources and diminish your peace and joy. The time for being still is over. You have to be bold and ask your relationship where did they come from and what is their assignment in your life. I don’t know about you but my purpose and destiny are far too important to allow anyone into my life without qualifying them and you shouldn’t either. You and I have been there before and can’t allow negative people with distractions, dramas, negative issues, jealousy and deceit to abort our purpose and destiny. Who’s speaking into your life? Many times the people that are suppose to love and protect us are the ones who can be very deceiving. Is it your mother who tells you that you will be like your no-good jailbird father or is it your father who tells you that you are like your mother who is a cheat. Don’t listen to either of those voices because even though you are biologically related your spiritual DNA is flawless. Stay true to your goals and plan to complete your assignments and you will attract the relationship that suppose to be in your life so that you both can be blessings to each other. God wants us to have right relationships and these relationships will fulfill our purpose. You need to write your goals and visions down and make them plain. When people show up in your life from God they would have similar visions and goals and you will know that they were sent to assist you in your goals and plans which


would ultimately bless both of you. However without a vision a person will perish and when a wrong relationship shows up because you were not discipline to write your goals you can’t access this relationship. By the time the dramas and issues are noted in your life you would already be experiencing the distractions, dramas and the negativity of the relationship would have you far removed from your goals. Should you choose to keep the wrong relationship in your life, use wisdom by diminishing their access and influence on your life. Always remember that your destiny should not be left up to chances you take but the choices you make in your relationship. Relationships are important to God and should also be important to you.




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Defining Success By: Job McCoy

The PARADIGM Magazine writer Job McCoy interviewed Damian Johnson, Co-Owner and Co-Founder of No Grease Barber Shop and Co-owner of Park West Barber School, on the topic of defining and understanding success. PARADIGM: Have you found success? JOHNSON: I have. I’ve found success in my passion, something I really enjoy doing. I feel that my passion betters me, my family, and my community, so I have found success. PARADIGM: How would you define success from a personal, business, social, and spiritual perspective? JOHNSON: On a personal level, it is all about challenging yourself, building yourself, and evolving to a place of growth. That’s what success has meant to me from a personal standpoint. Definitely family is a big part of who I am as a person. So I define success through any growth I make for me and my family. From a business standpoint, of course success is about profit. You want to get back your dollar, and multiply your dollar when it comes to business. We have been able to expand our businesses over the last 15 years, we’ve seen some profit. I would consider that a success when it comes to business. Socially, I would define my successes as meeting people in all walks of life through


my profession, and having a positive affect on them. Those positive impacts make my social involvements successful. Spiritually, success is walking out the things that you read in the Bible and experiencing those moments as you walk them out. Sometimes people read these things and pray these things but to actually experience and live it; experiencing God, in my business as well as my personal life, would be what I would characterize success as spiritually. PARADIGM: Of these perspectives and success – personal, business, social, and spiritual – which one of these would you say means the most to you? JOHNSON: It would most definitely have to be the spiritual, because that’s taking nothing and making it into something. That’s that faith walk of walking by faith and not by sight, and you know it’s something bigger than you that enables and determines the outcome. PARADIGM: What is your formula for success? JOHNSON: If there is a formula for me, I would

say it would prayer, then carrying out the things you prayed about; the actual manifestation of the things you prayed about. Sometimes that equation may change based on how things develop as you act them out. So the first two things, praying and acting, are key things you must do. You must act on the things you pray and meditate on because faith without works, as the Word says, is dead. PARADIGM: What challenges, obstacles, and barriers have you overcome in achieving success? JOHNSON: Specifically dealing with my own self. Because I have found that you can really get in the way of your success. In my case, dealing with me was in some instances not gathering the knowledge and information I needed for success, battling my own personal fears, and allowing other people to get in my ear and plant seeds of doubts. These things got in the way of my success. So again, it is really what YOU allow to get in the way. At the end of the day, we can talk about money, and what you don’t know, and what you don’t have. But at the end of the day, it’s up to you. If you allow those things to become obstacles, that’s what they become. PARADIGM: Now that you have achieved success, are you still facing challenges? Sometimes people think those who arrive at success are no longer faced with any challenges. JOHNSON: I am facing the exact same obstacles and barriers I did 15 years ago. But I have learned how to be proactive and not reactive to those challenges. I am prepared for these challenges because I have seen them before. So with preparation, I am able to move through them effectively. But many of the challenges and obstacles are the exact same ones. PARADIGM: What are key skills one needs to be successful? JOHNSON: There are a lot of intangibles. Having a never quitting attitude is important. Finding a way when there appears to be no way. Having tenacity and persistence are also two very key skills needed. I remember learning in college, if you can find a way, there is a way. You just got to find it. For every complicated situation, there is a simple answer. So it really is about not quitting. I find not quitting is one of the key essential pieces to success that’s not in conventional business books. But I see it in people. The ones who just have no quitting in them are the ones that achieve success. Everything that comes at you during your challenges and struggles give you

more than enough reason to quit, but you can’t if you want to be successful. PARADIGM: One of Albert Einstein’s famous quotes states, “Genius is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration.” Would you agree that success requires a lot of hard work? JOHNSON: Yes, it requires a lot of hard work. It also comes with a lot of sacrifices; sleepless nights, sacrificing of friends, family, relationships, money. That comes with any level of success. The bigger the success, the larger the scope of these sacrifices become because it multiplies. PARADIGM: What lessons have you learned on your path to success have you learned that you want to share with others seeking success? JOHNSON: I’ve learned that what I do know is nothing. I know there is always more that I must learn and there is always more to the journey. Once you get to one stage, there is always more. We, as humans always want more. It is, in my opinion, the God in us, because He always wants more from us. Through the journey, continue to strive. Don’t look for a retirement plan. We are the only creatures that try to retire. Keep striving for more. PARADIGM: Are there any special, specific life experiences you wish to impart that are pivotal moments in your journey to success? JOHNSON: There are so many. There was a point in business where we reached what seemed to be our ultimate failure. We were at the end of the road for what our resources and credit could do for us. At that point, we kicked into another gear of creativity and of reaching out to people we had dealt with over the years in our business. In looking back, I realize we had faced our biggest fear. And, we ended up coming out of it so much better. So, don’t be afraid to face your biggest fears. PARADIGM: Do you have a model or mentor who is your paradigm for success? JOHNSON: I thought about that question. I would be cheating my entire community if I said one person. Because, there have been so many people have helped us with so many important nuggets of insight that have been important to my success. I would be insulting hundreds, maybe even thousands of people who helped me to mention one.

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PARADIGM: You mentioned prior to our interview that your Mother was a stylist. Would you say that your Mother gave you certain insights, as a stylist, which provided an entrepreneurial seed for your successes? JOHNSON: My Mom hates to take credit for starting me and my brother into business because she said she did not really know what she was doing. She was just doing what she was doing and her sons kinda took to it. She never put pressure on us and she saw that we enjoyed what we were doing. She molded and guided us and before she knew it, what we were doing took on a life of its own. She definitely was in those beginning stages our model. She had laid enough foundation for us, as a single parent starting her business. She did not start her business until she was in her mid-forties. So we saw how she sacrificed and committed herself to her business for twenty years. And she got what most people would consider a late start, but it really wasn’t a late start because it was her time. She really gave us that spirit of there’s no excuses, or you are too late, or you are too old. So whenever I think of anyone that was a role model or pivotal figure, it is definitely Mom. PARADIGM: Looking at the question of a paradigm from a spiritual perspective, would you say there is someone that has served as a model for you? JOHNSON: There are so many books I have read, such as the autobiographies of Dr. King’s, Malcolm X’s, Marcus Garvey’s. I also read a book entitled “Powernomics” by Claude Anderson. Claude Anderson’s book changed my life and perspective about economics in the Black community. I think about the struggles and challenges they faced and overcame and I accept that I have no excuse not conquering my own challenges. Of course some of my clients, I listened to their road to success. Fortunately for me, I also met one of my business heroes when I met Bob Johnson. Mr. Johnson is someone I had watched as a child as he progressed through the corporate ranks and became extremely successful. I met him when he had reached the pinnacle of his successes. He became one of my clients. While I got a lot of mentoring from my childhood hero Bob Johnson, I also received just as much mentoring and insights from the “No Johnson’s” I met that came off the streets into my barber shop. I feel that the stars were aligning for all of these people to serve as mentors. The things that Bob Johnson said to me were similar as the “No Johnson’s” said. The wisdom


and knowledge I got from the so called poor man was just as valuable to me as the billionaire. So again, I have to give credit to a lot of people in my community. PARADIGM: It is awesome that you are humble enough to give credit to so many in your life. What have you learned that has been crucial to your own accomplishments? JOHNSON: I learned to live life in such a way that you exhaust yourself of everything that’s in you. Every idea, ideal, creative thought, every ounce of your physical energy must be exhausted to see your dreams come to fruition; because so many people have died never having realized their dreams. I have heard that through many of my clients. Some of my clients live vicariously through me. So they push me because these are some of the things they did not achieve that I am accomplishing. It may not have been barbering; it could have been something else specific to their dreams. They see that we are taking the chances and rolling the dices that they did not for whatever reasons. Those encouraging pushes continue to motivate me to move forward. PARADIGM: What impact does personal, business, social, and spiritual morality play in defining your successes? JOHNSON: All are important but I know that spiritual morality is the one thing I would single out because I deal with so many faiths. The spiritual principles are universal. Striving for spiritual perfection brings everyone and everything – personal, business, and social – together when you are acting for success. Success is a spiritual principle. I think God desires for us to be successful. That’s one of the traits of who He is. Any of us who strive to be successful are striving to be like Him. PARADIGM: What motivates you personally to be successful? JOHNSON: The responsibility of being successful as a Black man in America. We have a history of being labeled as not achieving success as men in America. So one of my motivations has been to achieve what my forefathers were not able to achieve. In many cases our forefathers were successful and not recognized for achieving. I am always motivated as a Black man who affects young Black men, young Black daughters, and Black mothers to be successful. I don’t know where that came from, even though

I went to a historically Black college, because it was there even at a young age. So I have never forgotten that I am a Black man in America, and I carry that mantle to be a successful Black man.

rain. That’s how failure and success co-exist. Go forward through the failures because if you turn back, you may have just walked away from the success which is just ahead.

PARADIGM: What is the most valuable thing you have learned personally about yourself through arriving at success?


JOHNSON: I am either my own best friend or my own worst enemy. Everything at the end of the day in terms of the decisions in my business, come back to the decisions I chose to make. Where I may be emotionally, physically, mentally, financially, and spiritually determines the choices I make with that decision. It all comes back to me. I can look back over the years of my business and realize I have been both my own best friend and my own worst enemy in business. PARADIGM: What is the most valuable thing you cherish about your success? JOHNSON: The people that I affect. At the end of the day, outside of family, extended family and friends, it’s the strangers that come up and say that because of me, they have decided to try their own business, or they are going to school, or they want to be a barber. I have clients that have cut hair for 20 years and now they are in our barber school. So it is definitely the people that I have been able to positively affect that make my success worthwhile. PARADIGM: In closing is there anything more you want to add about success? JOHNSON: Yes. Wherever there is great failure, there is great success. Because when you face your biggest failure, success comes out of it because you evolve to a whole new place through coming through and surviving that biggest failure. Usually people don’t even want to see failure. But the only way you can appreciate the sunshine is because you had

One of the most impactful pearls the writer gained from this interview was the significance spiritual perspective plays in success. It was the obvious foundational theme for Mr. Johnson’s moral approach to formulating key principles for his success. He has remarkable maturity, insights, wisdom, perspective, and humility to realize he was given invaluable lessons, nurturing, and motivations through hundreds, even thousands of people he interacted with personally, socially, and professionally on his journey to success. Through his spiritual maturation, he realized the importance of seeking the perfection of his spiritual principles, talents, acts, and actions. More importantly, he also recognized the vital importance of having faith to conquer his fears, challenges, and barriers in seeking to perfect his dreams spiritually, personally, and professionally. As he so aptly stated; “The greatest success comes from the greatest failures.” In a spiritual context, it is clear we must have the faith that our failures provide important practical lessons, as well as important tests, to how much faith we have to take the next step beyond that failure. That next small step could be the key to tremendous success just waiting from that small act of faith. One other key pearl the writer gained was the importance of a no-quit attitude. Having the persistence to pursue his dreams has taken him to present success but also offers the greater successes Mr. Johnson is sure to have in the future. It is the hope of this writer that any reader who reads this interview is inspired by these pearls and any other specific pearls that were offered towards their forthcoming successes that are sure to come!

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eing healthy means many wonderful positive things. Personal health, a fit body, ease of movement and range of motion has everything to do with your ability to perform on the job, in your business and with your family for the longterm. Being active in sustaining your own well-being is your “health insurance and job security”. The CDC, Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports 80% of chronic diseases are preventable. Other studies indicate as high as 93% of all illness and premature aging to be preventable. Daily we witness people aging and dying from preventable diseases. Although nobody enjoys being sick, diseased, depressed or feeling tired all the time, only 20% of workers, professionals, leaders and thinkers are really giving attention to their personal responsibility for keeping themselves healthy. In the competitive workforce world 80% of workers experiences a sickness that leads to job loss, diminished productivity, business failure or being victimized and treated like a “second class citizen”. Even worse, being forced to live an existence submissive to prescription drugs and surgery, being dependent, living in fear and feeling unable to help themselves. The good news is you don’t have to be in that 80%! The most practical health and self-healing success building wisdom can be found in the bible quote that says, “faith can move mountains”. Any health challenge is a mountain when you are experiencing it or hearing the report about it from your doctor. Let me encourage you. Believe,

really believe you can say to that mountain “be moved”, and you can. Most people don’t believe they can move mountains. So as a result most people, the 80% don’t.

Successful healthy living and self-healing is an activity of personal growth and self-development. Think of good health as a business skill set, as the winning edge, leading and successfully working to be on top of your game. In this changing economy your health is your wealth and job security. The importance you place on being healthy frees you from the worries, fears, and the frustration of being overcome by disease, losing your job or ability to maintain your quality of life. It is possible! The people who take on the self-development, this personal growth have decided they don’t have to get sick, be on drugs the rest of their life or face the surgeon’s knife. These people study and observe those who have successfully self-healed and those who helped them do it. They learn how the successful people approach their disease prevention and make a choice. I’m going to do it, that’s it period. Today’s successful professional or entre-

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preneur knows productivity is related to maintaining good health. They make self-corrections and learn a new skill set for personal health. Self-correction is the key to happiness. The how to do it always comes to the person who believes they can do it. Sickness prevention and good health are far better than missing those special times and precious moments shared with your family and loved ones. In addition, your professional life benefits too! Successfully taking control of your health by focusing on prevention demonstrates to management and everyone around you a high level of self-respect that continually opens doors to finding true happiness and satisfaction from living.

In my book Awaken the Healer Within: Transformational Self-Healing I give you the keys to successful healthy living and self-healing. Go deeper with my Inners Essence Power Tools to develop a natural healing skill set with activities for personal growth and self-development. Visit Listen and watch Shifa hosts The Oneness Wellness Lifestyles Web TV & Radio Show heard on the OWL Media Network http://

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