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Having trouble convincing people that “NEW” Media isn't that NEW?

you are not alone

the numbers SHOULD be enough

the numbers SHOULD be enough

one thing is for certain

businesses hate being left behind

‌.. so here is something that might help

in 1994

Nelson Mandela was sworn in as the President of South Africa

‌.20 years ago, when

Jeff Bezos started

the very next year‌.. 19 Years Ago (1995) & started

When Steffi Graf won the 1996 Wimbledon Championship

Google & Expedia were hard at it


The next year the world lost Princess Diana

3 years later‌errr‌. nothing happened

other than Google Adwords and PayPal launching

in 2000 (14 Years Ago)

in 2001 we got “smarter� faster

or did we?

It was 12 years ago when Lleyton won Wimbledon

and the next year, “networking” went digital

when George W Bush won a Second term



and the “war on terror� continued

Mark was busy explaining

and we got

its been 9 years since London was terrorised

and since the worlds second largest search engine started

followed by a bit of company

0 1 0

6 0 0




7 0 2

0 1 0

so the next time someone says “NEW” MEDIA

you may like to show them this

or play this

“NEW” MEDIA #youredoingitwrong

love your work

Scott McLaughlin

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