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How to embed a video in PowerPoint 97-2003

How to embed a video in PowerPoint 97-2003 Before we begin, you must make sure that you have a video that is compatible with Windows Media Player. They usually have files names such as .avi , .wmv which are the easiest to work with. On to the embedding. Why embed? – Simple, if you hyperlink to a site such as YouTube, there is a chance that either the video is moved or that your internet connection might fail, or it takes a long time to play. Embedding removes all these possibilities, because it is playing from your drive and in the correct player.

Let’s get started.. Go to View, Toolbars and then select Control Toolbox

You will then see this control panel. Go to the hammer and spanner on the panel and click.

Select Windows Media Player, it is down the bottom of the list.

Click on Media Player and a cross appears.

Hold left mouse and draw a box just like when you do a text box When you have drawn your box, you will see the media player and controls. Right click on this box and go to properties.

On the left hand side a new pane has opened. Click on Custom.

Browse and select the Movie you want to put in

Close the Properties pane and test by going to slideshow. To make full screen, double click on the Movie. The default setting is for the video to play automatically when you open the slide. Note If you move the PowerPoint from one machine to another, you will also have to copy the video file and re-link it in the same way.

How to embed video in PowerPoint 03  

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