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FIND X e-learning

+ Find X has been established to provide innovative and sustainable e-learning solutions to businesses, education and communities.

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Find X e-learning Our Mission We believe in a high quality service and listening to our customers. Everyone should have access to learning and we can show you how to provide this, with the most technological and cost effective methods We will release your e-learning potential and help you to realise your goals Our solutions are designed so no matter what your IT skills are, you will be able to create meaningful and interactive learning experiences Use the power of technology to improve performance and learning


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FIND X e-learning

+ About Us At Find X we believe in quality training, development and consultancy. We have been involved in e-learning since 1999 and developed alongside technology. With our award winning staff, we can provide the very best in e-learning development, to support your school, college or business. If you have an e-learning problem, then Find X. Our focus is to provide sustainable development for staff and ensure that our solutions are cost effective. We have 3 rules 1. Affordable 2. Sustainable 3. Accessible

What is E-Learning? E-learning includes all forms of electronically supported learning. This can be web based, DVD, TV, Interactive gaming, social networking, internal computer networks, global external networks, through mobile devices, but all include media in the form of text, images, animations, audio and video. E-learning can have significant benefits, as it is capable of reaching different learning styles and attitudes. Most e-learning is self paced and requires the learner to allocate their own learning time. This flexible approach can have significant benefits to a learner, or trainee as the time bound limits of traditional teaching are somewhat removed. E-learning has been adopted by companies to

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We come from a background of instructional design, Course Development, IT Management, Teaching and Learning, Vocational Assessment,

training, but does when conducted correctly have a significant impact in the quality and expediency of learning and skills acquisition.

Training Consultancy and Business Support.

We at Find-X are here to help you develop your e-

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learning to realise your goals and to ultimately save

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you money.

consultancy package. Our focus is to create a blended learning approach for your organisation.



Our Solutions: We offer a wide range of services E-Learning skills development

Research and testing

•E-Learning consultancy

•Social Media Awareness

•VLE Development

•Bespoke App Creation

•Introduction to instructional design


•Using Microsoft packages to enhance e-learning

•Interactive E-Books

•MS Office 2010 Training •Apple training •Developing classroom technology •Improving Presentation skills •Confidence building with technology

•Video editing •Podcast creation •Interactive Classroom technology training •Technology consultancy - Do you have the correct equipment? Do you get the best value for money? •Bring your own device initiatives •E-learning Strategy


+ Testimonials

“I would recommend Scott as someone who very knowledgeable about using new technologies in Further Education. Scott is a forward thinker and a problem solver and has he has helped me deliver events regarding the use of new technologies for education. He recently presented at our Annual Event on Touch Screen Televisions as an alternative to Interactive Whiteboards.” August 1, 2012 “Scott is professional in all he does and in his relationships with people. He is also helpful, knows his area of expertise well and is very approachable. He will go out of his way to be helpful.” August 6, 2012

“Scott is rare in that he has excellent technical knowledge that he can communicates in a way that is easy to understand. He sells new concepts really well and is innovative and creative in his approach to his work and projects.” September 7, 2012



Our Services A detailed look at our products and services


E-Learning skills development

E-Learning consultancy

One of the most effective ways to create e-learning content is to utilize software that is currently installed on your computers. The secret is to know how to exploit this software to create elearning packages. That is where we come in. Our bespoke training solutions can show your staff how to push their current resources to the limit and create outstanding e-learning opportunities.

Technology is often complex and confusing. Choosing the right technology to suit your circumstances, or abilities of your staff can be tricky and if the wrong decision is made, expensive. We can help you to choose the correct technology to suit your needs. We have vast experience of a wide range of technology to suit all abilities, budgets and systems.

VLE Development Many Virtual Learning Environments morph into document repositories. This unfortunately is not very engaging for those wishing to learn from it. We can help you to develop your VLE to become an attractive and useful learning environment, with the emphasis on learning and assessment.


Our bespoke services

Introduction to instructional design E-learning is more than just replicating training on electronic formats. There needs to be an instructional design foundation to what you are producing. We can help by teaching key staff on the art of instructional design to enhance the e-learning provision that you offer

Using Microsoft packages to enhance e-learning Office packages can do much more than the everyday uses. This course will teach you to explore the packages further, utilize the multi-media elements and involve the social collaboration functions. Make word documents interactive, PowerPoints entertaining or link all your projects together with One Note. There’s more to discover than what meets the eye.

Apple training - making the most of iPads and iMac The current line of Apple products off a range of diversity and unique software packages. This course will show you how to create content that can be deployed on iPods, iPhones and iPads. We will also show you how to make the most of your Mac machines, utilize the app stores and source learning content. We can also create content, apps and ebooks for these devices.

Developing classroom technology It is vital that the correct classroom technology is chosen to support the learning that will take place. We can create tailored solutions for your classrooms, optimizing budgets, space and above all the required functions. Training is also provided with this solution and we offer an initial assessment on the current technological competencies of staff. The analysis is used to help select the most appropriate technology to benefit your organization. Don’t have equipment just sitting there. Make it attractive for people to use


Improving Presentation skills Quite often the PowerPoint or technology is doing the presenting. This one day course will teach you how to make presentations interesting and engaging. We will show you how to make the technology work alongside you and how to make it interactive, without disturbing the flow. Confidence building with technology It is not uncommon for staff and colleagues to be uncomfortable with technology. In most cases, people are comfortable with the software or device they use daily, but using other systems is a worry. Our simple courses challenge staff in a safe environment to experiment and develop their skills with different software and technologies to improve their own performance.

Research and testing Unsure of what software to buy, or what the next must have gadget is? We can help here. Our experienced staff, have tested a range of products and continue to evaluate and test new products daily. If you have software or equipment that you would like to know more about, or would like us to test for you, then contact us. Social Media Awareness Expand you business reach by using social networking. It is important to spread your web presence and as with most things, word of mouth is the best marketing. We can show you or create for you a strong social marketing presence that reaches a host of potential clients that you may not have previously been able to tap into. Take advantage of Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Google+, Wordpress and the New MySpace Video editing We can offer a video editing suit to convert your videos for multimedia platforms. Our video conversion will allow for us to produce video files of all devices and formats. Podcast creation Have you though about podcasts? An effective audio tool to present messages, news stories, lessons or events. Store the podcasts for later download and encourage users to listen to them on the go. A cheap and effective solution to be tapped into.


Bespoke App Creation A mobile application (or mobile app) is a software application designed to run on smartphones, tablet computers and other mobile devices. Mobile apps were originally offered for general productivity and information retrieval, including email, calendar, contacts, and stock market and weather information. However, public demand and the availability of developer tools drove rapid expansion into other categories, such as mobile games, factory automation, GPS and location-based services, banking, ordertracking, and ticket purchases. The explosion in number and variety of apps made discovery a challenge, which in turn led to the creation of a wide range of review, recommendation, and curation sources, including blogs, magazines, and dedicated online app-discovery services. We have a track record of creating bespoke apps for smart phones and tablets. We can create them to suit all budgets and functionality. Each app is custom made and involves you the client throughout the design process. Get exactly what you want

from an app at the best possible price.

Websites Need a website, or a website revamp? Our tailored service will create the perfect website for your needs. We will sort out your hosting, web addresses and link your sites to your social media and communication sources. Our websites are also optimized for mobile devices to make them more accessible and are full diversity compliant.

Interactive E-Books Tablets including iPads, Android and Kindles have all taken mobile computing by storm. We can turn you existing paperwork, training materials and digitized documents and turn them into interactive e-books. Save space, printing and make the content more enlightening. Our e-books allow for video, sound and push-pull features to be added alongside your text. Save time on lesson preparation, save money on brochures and save on editing. Want to make a change, no problem.


Interactive Classroom technology training Want more interactivity in classrooms or training rooms? Every have the scenario where someone is hiding from the question? Well this is one very effective way of involving everybody. Effective use of interactive classroom technology can springboard learning into a whole different dimension. Engage learners, draw them in and let them be part of it. All you have to do is learn how to do it. Our tailored programmes will do just that and help you achieve. E-learning Strategy Need an e-learning strategy? Are you new to e-learning or just can’t get it off the ground? You are not alone. Many workplaces and education organisations struggle with effective and appropriate e-learning strategies. We offer a tailored service that involves and full start to finish solution to create the perfect strategy for you. We immerse ourselves within your organization, conduct analysis of your needs and requirements, understand the skills and needs of your staff and utilize the equipment that you have at your disposal, to create a strategy the fits your needs. We also offer Technology consultancy - Do you have the correct equipment? Do you get the best value for money? Bring your own device initiatives Microsoft Office 2010 Training



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