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Screenshots of College Magazine Contents Page

Firstly I copy and pasted the “City College Mag” title onto the contents page and free transformed it by pressing “CTRL” and “T” to make it a little bit smaller. I then used the text tool to get the title of the contents page which is “INSIDE THIS WEEK”

I then used the shape tool and added a load of black boxes with 70% Opacity which made them a dull grey colour.

Next I added another box using the shape tool and I made it red and changed the opacity to 70% just like the grey boxes. I also used the text tool and wrote about subscribing to the magazine. I made the “YES� bigger than the rest of the text by altering font size and I added a drop shadow to make it stand out and look 3D. I done this by right clicking the text layer > blending options > ticked the drop shadow box, which gave that effect.

I added a title and page number to each box by using the text tool, for each article to be shown in the college magazine. I also added a page number to the contents page so readers know where the page numbers start.

Next I added a description to each box by using the text tool in order to show a slight insight to each article shown on the contents page.

Lastly I pasted some photos in to go with the articles, I had to crop (using the crop tool) and free transform (CTRL and T) each image so it would fit in the designated article box.

College Magazine Contents Screen Shots