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Scott Nguyen Experience

973 CR 3367 Pickton, TX 75471 M | (903) 335-1860 Email |

Education Bachelor of Science in Architecture University of Cincinnati, Ohio Class of 2016

Feb. 2008 - Feb. 2011 B.F. Hicks’ Law Firm Legal Assistant Assisted clients with choosing appropriate methods of actions in accordance to their needs and case. Recorded and documented surveys of Lands, Wills, Warranty Deeds and Probate.

Mount Vernon ISD, Texas Top fifteen (15) Percentile Class of 2011 GPA| 3.6

Preparation of information and files for upcoming cases. Communicated between differing parties.


Manual Model Construction (Wood, Clay, Plaster, and Metal) Diagramming Drafting Digital Proficient with Microsoft Office an Adobe Creative Suite Experience with AutoCAD,Rhino, and Revit Communication Highly developed verbal and written communication skills, demonstrated through consistent distinction results for written assignment and class presentation. Ability to communicate confidently and effectively with people at all levels from divers backgrounds, developed during the employment at B.F. Hicks Law Firm. Critical visual analysis of both literature and construction, formed from constant in-class critiques. Teamwork and Time Management Ability to work effectively in a team, both as a leader and a teammember,proven through the successful group assignment at the University. Consistently completed all documentation before deadlines, while preforming at peak level during work hours.

Interests Outdoor activities

Camping,Hiking, and Fishing Woodwork Reading: Design and architectural magazine such as Artichoke and FRAME,Poetry, and Epic Novels Martial Arts


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