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Ask the Expert Q: Why is electronic health record integration important to practice growth and clinical case management?


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A: Integration enables your documentation to be shared with internal software programs, external diagnostic devices like digital x-ray, thermal scans, or inclinometers, and other software. Such integration increases efficiencies, like providing faster access to documents and facilitating portability of records between third-party payers and providers.

Steven J. Kraus, DC, DIBCN, CCSP, FASA, is a featured speaker and noted expert on documentation and electronic health records. He is the founder and president of Future Health, Inc. a fully integrated clinic management software company.

Electronic health record systems can be judged by the level of integration they offer. First, the program should allow patient care documents to be stored together and attachable to your note; billing records, schedules, doctor notes, care plans, radiology reports, and exam findings should interface to improve case management. Second, records should be accessible from multiple points within the clinic simultaneously, and instantly portable via electronic transfer to reduce unnecessary work. Third, advanced programs will allow data from external diagnostic devices and even patient education materials to be integrated into the patient’s digital chart so nothing is lost or misplaced. It’s important to know the difference between a true electronic health record and a digital note taking system. Integration with a true EHR will help expedite clinic efficiency, whereas a simple note taking system does not adhere to required EHR standards on security, efficiency, and portability.

For more information on the importance of integration with a true electronic health record, please email with your request for an article on the topic or visit our website at

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THE ACTIVATOR METHOD ONLINE REVOLUTION CONTINUES Known for its savvy in bringing new innovations to the chiropractic profession, Activator Methods International is introducing the industry’s only web-based seminar program dedicated exclusively to the Activator Method Chiropractic Technique®. Activator Online© is the exclusive online learning system specifically authorized by Activator Methods to teach doctors, students and healthcare professionals the Basic Scan Protocol©, considered the foundation of the world’s most widely used instrument-based chiropractic technique. The courseware offered by Activator Online has been developed to engage the user, using interactive practice sessions, narration and graphics. Expert clinicians and academic representatives, including Activator Co-founder and CEO Arlan W. Fuhr, DC, and recognized educator and clinician Lois E. Ward, DC, drove the creation of the curriculum, customizing it to meet the needs of chiropractors and students. In addition to teaching the Activator Method, the 12-lesson program also evaluates the user’s understanding of the Basic Scan Protocol through advanced, confidencebased assessments.

Upon completion of the Activator Online web seminar, doctors and students will be on the path to proficiency in the Activator Method Chiropractic Technique. Those finishing the courseware are encouraged to attend one of Activator’s seminars held throughout the U.S. and around the world, where eligible doctors can secure additional Continuing Education credits, receive hands-on training, and apply for a Proficiency or Advanced Proficiency Rating from Activator Methods. The Activator Online seminar program is accredited through Palmer College of Chiropractic. The flexible learning resource, which provides its users with 30 days to complete the curriculum from the comfort of office or home, offers up to 12 Continuing Education credits to U.S doctors of chiropractic. Doctors should refer to their state requirements to ensure they are eligible to receive the credits.

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● Enjoy flexibility and convenience – learn the Basic Scan Protocol, the cornerstone of the Activator Method, on your time and your schedule ● Curriculum developed by expert clinicians and educators, including Dr. Arlan W. Fuhr and Dr. Lois E. Ward

Dr. Arlan Fuhr Co-Founder & CEO Activator Methods International, Ltd.

● A complete, interactive experience that tests your knowledge and confidence – consistency and standardization at its best ● Earn up to 12 Continuing Education credits through Palmer College of Chiropractic* *Applies to DCs in the US only. Continuing education credits are co-sponsored by Palmer College of Chiropractic and have been applied for in select states. For information regarding individual state approvals, please contact the Palmer Continuing Education Department at 1-800-452-5032.

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Research-Based Adult Learning Model Differentiates Activator Online One of the many elements that makes Activator Online such a unique and productive way of learning the Basic Scan Protocol© is the education model it employs. This philosophy, termed the Adult Learning Model, has been researched by David Kolb and others to better understand how to accommodate an adult learner’s intellectual, control and resource needs to provide effective education.

The Adult Learning Model assesses what compels an adult to continue seeking new information, to aid in the development of a learning environment that is conducive to the student’s needs. As a result of this learning model, Activator Online is a product that completely engages the adult student and promises to yield solid results in terms of training and education.

Activator Online is a product that completely engages the adult student

Co-Founder and CEO of Activator Methods Going on Tour in 2009


With more than 40 years of experience achieving outstanding results for patients with the Activator Method Chiropractic Technique®, the person credited for developing the technique is slated to appear at numerous chiropractic gatherings in 2009. Dr. Arlan W. Fuhr is scheduled to teach at Activator Advantage® seminars in Honolulu, San Diego, Orlando, Kansas City and Orange County, where seminar attendees will have the chance to meet and talk with Dr. Fuhr personally. He will also be a featured presenter at the Parker seminar in Las Vegas in January, and has been invited to teach the Activator Method for the first time to the European Chiropractors Union at the group’s annual convention in Sardinia, Italy in May.

Learn directly from Activator’s foremost expert by making your reservations now for one of these events. Visit or call 1.800.598.0224 for more information.

Honolulu, HI Jan. 22-24 | San Diego, CA Jan. 31-Feb. 1 | Orlando, FL Feb. 21-22 | Kansas City, KS Mar. 21-22 | Orange County, CA Mar. 28-29 RELIABILITY

Spring Seminars Include New Enhancements Activator Advantage® seminars are stronger than ever before, as evidenced by the record attendance at last fall’s sessions. With a recently-revised Track III curriculum that includes training on advanced assessment and treatment of complicated cases involving the spine and extremities, integrative approaches to the treatment of osteoarthritis, and methodologies of patient-centered care, Activator seminars promise to prepare attendees to reliably administer the Activator Method Chiropractic Technique® and implement patient management strategies that produce positive outcomes. With seminars in cities across the nation from Honolulu to Boston, getting the Activator Advantage® is as easy as catching a quick flight or driving a few hours. Visit and click on Seminar Schedule to register for an Activator seminar in a city near you today!

Network and train with the industry’s foremost experts – get the Activator Advantage® in the process!

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■ Track One – Basic scan protocol; assessment and adjustment of pelvis and lower extremities through lumbar, thoracic and cervical spine, and the upper extremities.


■ Track Three – Advanced assessment and treatment of complicated cases involving the spine and extremities; integrative approaches to the treatment of osteoarthritis; methodologies of patient-centered care, including balanced clinical decision-making and development of treatment plans through patient interviewing and proper documentation.

■ Track Two – Specific attention will be given to evaluation and adjustment of additional subluxations of the spine and pelvis. Also, a special focus on evaluation and adjustment of the TMJ will be offered.


Dr. Bob Holwell

Hot Springs, Sout h


Dr. Bob Holwell has been a prac tic years, and has utilized the Activ ing chiropractor for 57 ator Method Ch Technique ® for iropr near National College ly three decades. A graduate actic of the of Chiropractic in and works in Ho t Springs, South Chicago, Dr. Holwell lives Dakota. He still four days a wee k, se recently celebrat commuting between two clinic es patients s, and ed his 84th birth day. Dr. Holwell disc overed the Activ ator Method at Seminar in Texa a Parker s in the early 19 80 philosophy was based largely on s. At the time, his care planning to atte kinesiology, and nd he he arrived, he le a course on the topic at Parker was ar . being offered, an ned that no course on the subj But when ec d taught by Dr. Fu instead attended an Activator t was hr. At the conc session lusion of the se Holwell received minar, Dr. a which helped re treatment using an Activator in lieve a chronic pain problem al strument most instantly. Ever the skeptic , Dr and attended m . Holwell bought two Activator ore Activator se instruments min proving that his kinesiology-focu ars, with the intention of sed approach w effective than th as e found that the Ac Activator Method. After two m more onths, he tivator Method w for him and for patients. “I beca as the far better approach, me a true belie ver,” he says.

“When I started pr in 1951, I wasn’ acticing t happy that there were no answers on why things got out of line,” says Dr. Holwell. “With Ac tivator, we understand what happens and ca n correct the prob lem more easily and faster than with an other technique.” y An Advanced Pr oficiency Rated do attended his 35 th seminar in fa ctor, Dr. Holwell ll 2008, to which plane. Married he piloted his ow for 47 years, he an n between them. Over the years, d his wife have six children in addition to be and an aviation ing a chiroprac en tor community volu thusiast, Dr. Holwell has been an avid hunter, nteer and loyal member of the the Activator M Masonic Lodge. ethod has helped And helping people. him fulfill his lif e’s mission of “Activator is grea t three other guys – I use it 100%,” shares Dr. Ho lw in can do things w town that will crack your neck ell. “There are ith the Activator that I only drea but not me. We med of years ag o.”

Activator Advantage January 2009  

Activator Methods Activator Advantage 2009 issue. Distance Learning comes of age.