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The Best Quality Clay Poker Chip Sets MRC poker ltd is a Canadian owned company located in Vancouver, Bc, Canada. The company was basically cooperated around 2005 in the beautiful city, Vancouver, British Columbia in Canada. FreeShipping within Canada and USA for all the orders. The business includes but not limited to: chips, includes sticker poker chips, printing poker chips set, etc design and custom the poker chip based on customers' needs to ensure that to provide our valued customer with all the unique poker chips in this world factory direct sale variety of poker chips, from single sleeve poker chips roll to 200 pieces poker chips sets, 300 pieces poker chips set, 500 pieces poker chip set, 600 pieces poker chip sets, up to 1000 pieces poker chip sets custom poker chips sets, to satisfy the needs of different degree of poker players make and sale different shape of poker chips, such as rectangular poker chips plaques, etc also make and sale different material of poker chips, for instance: clay poker chips, pro clay poker chips, ceramic poker chips, composition poker chips etc. 2.Poker table top, poker tables different size and shape of poker table tops, including: octagon poker table top, 72" oval foldable poker table top, 84" oval foldable poker table tops, etc entry level poker table, for instance: foldable legs poker table, fold by 50 percent and foldable legs poker tables, with or without racetrack poker tables, etc high-end quality solid wood poker table, including: 54" round poker table with lion claw leg, from 92" to 96" professional wood poker tables with or without dealer trays, black or mahogany stain wood poker table the matching dinning cover all of our solid wood high-end poker table matching chairs it really is our poker tables 3.other game tables, we also make and sale other games table at affordable price: Blackjack poker table, we have both foldable legs blackjack table at 36" height, also oval shape legs blackjack game tables Roulette game table, the 96" long wood roulette tables Craps game table, very professional craps tables handmade cards We sale from 100% plastic poker handmade cards to plastic coated handmade cards we sale different brand poker playing cards including Copag playing cards, Kem playing cards, Gemaco playing card, Bee playing card, etc the sizes are differ from poker size handmade cards to bridge size handmade cards accessories different sizes and material of poker chips holding cases, aluminium poker chips holding case from 300 pieces capacity up to 1000 piece capacity, and acrylic poker chips birdcage carrier provided by

300 pieces up to 1000 pieces capacity, also the mahogany wood poker chips holding cases acrylic chips holding racks, we have both chip holding rack with and without lid poker metal card guard, protector in various designs poker table building supplies: cup holders, slide under cup holders, wood poker table leg, metal and plastic poker dealer trays, suited speed poker table felt in various colors, poker table metal money drop boxes, etc other poker accessories: dealer buttons, dealer timer, blackjack dealer shoe, plastic roulette wheel, wood roulette wheels and balls, playing card cuts, poker ash tray set, etc With the best quality products, free shipping within Canada and United states of america, and the excellent customer services, you can expect our customer with convenience and highest satisfaction. Reference: poker table

The Best Quality Clay Poker Chip Sets  

sets, 300 pieces poker chips set, 500 pieces poker chip set, 600 pieces poker chip sets, up to 1000

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