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TELL YOUR STORY Present who you are, your values and engage with your audience more effectively.


BOMBER A term used amongst adventure-people to describe a piece of gear or hold that is so strong and safe that you can bet your life on it.


DO YOU WANT IT TO BE THE BEST THAT IT CAN POSSIBLY BE? Many of us out there running businesses put our best efforts in to providing a quality service to as many people as we can. We want it to be meaningful to others and ourselves. More than ever, people are looking to pay for good experiences that enhance their lives over ‘things’, otherwise it feels pointless and a waste of our time and money. We strongly believe in those who places themselves within a community to provide for those within it while inviting the curious ones to enter it. The presentation of what you do should resonate with the ambition that has gone in to making it happen. It is those unique pieces of your story that can essentially drive you further.


IN A NUTSHELL WHO ARE WE? The journey began when Scott Heleniak & Lee Redfern met as climbing instructors at a local wall in Yorkshire back in 2015. We connected over our obsession for adventures in the mountains. Combined, our experience lay in; Design, Outdoor Gear Retail, Mountain Guiding, Army, Travel, Photo & Video. Our trips out to the hills & crags are spent discussing new pathways and how we would like to see things for ourselves and others while enjoying where we love to be most - on an adventure.

SCOTT HELENIAK Sports that involve all-encompassing perseverance have always been my crutch, starting at Skateboarding and Snowboarding. Now, heavily in to climbing and mountaineering. Climbing is my mode of travel, it is what takes me to the places I go to. Besides that, my path became a more stable when I discovered Graphic Design in 2012, where I found I was able to pursue my passion for art in a way that made sense. It helps people! Frequently I have been seeing the positive impact design is having on people’s lives and their businesses - it is truly enriching on both parts. With 6 years of working with a vast amount of clients as a professional Graphic Designer, I have committed to combine my work and art with my values by applying myself to an industry that fuels me the outdoor and adventure lifestyle.



LEE REDFERN Elicia delest, corum cum repeliq uisciis molupta ectates sequam, veles ut volorunturis dit aut re voluptur? At alia cum untur? Icatio. Ut ut ati volent possequidiBusam etum aceperr upient, volupta tiusaec tiaspicid maxime nihilliquo optas aut estibus, nim et quaest, te et ut dolo ma ium volores eos aut et ium rest, etur sequatem fugias et unt volestrum nit volorem aut volupta volorum im expliciam sam qui vellam esti aut et, vitatamus, vitam id quiscia cum fuga. Et quidiciatem voluptio. Dolori nihillit, asperchita corehen ihiliquis es nis quis dem ratio tes sum nos iderernata ped ma pedis quatibus maiostio oditi te pellaudae ipis soluptibus ant quam reium quunt, offic torerum nate volor asita sin pa excearchit, non ne imusaerciae ea peribeaqui omni cuptatem id que sin nonsenimus abo. Itatibus, qui am is que voloren diciaes


IT’S MORE THAN A LOGO WE GET TO KNOW YOU Behind every brand is a human with a story - a very specific amount of drive and determination that got them where they are today. We can all relate to this, because we all experience that same thing, and we hold it so close to us. When we share this with others, it resonates with us directly, because that which is shared from the heart will be received by the heart of another. We work closely with brands to unpack their story and find their values to understand how their business can be more unique to them. We see many brands who are using the same visual language to drive their business - and we can understand why. Because you can see it works for them. But, think about this: If you had a choice to have a business which is a personal reflection of everything you have worked towards, a brand that represents you, over a brand that sort of looks the same as all the others, then would you? We find that making a brand transparent and active in sharing their story with their audience - the engagement increases. We are more than a business producing numbers, we have a story worth sharing - your brand should reinforce what your business is all about.


That which makes you different


That which is meaningful to you

GO AT IT STRATEGICALLY We often see incredible businesses with amazing services and due to their human network - it works. Although, there are also those brands out there that if you asked a room to “Name some businesses who are smashing their work in the outdoor & adventure lifestyle.� We could have a good guess who you would name. But, the reason you know about them is through strategic branding implementation, which are true to their values and have done it proactively. We have come to learn that every outdoor and adventure lifestyle business has this potential, because what you do and how you got there is fascinating to anyone.


WHAT DO WE OFFER? We specialise in hand-crafted design that is directly focused on Action Sports, Outdoor and Lifestyle organisations. Our mission is to apply well-thought out strategy and will build an understanding of the obstacles you are facing and allow you to reach your goals which will enhance your business in the direction you wish to go.



WHAT DO WE OFFER? We are a team of adventure enthusiasts, photographers, videographers. We’re in it for the love of it and sharing these moments with the community. We always have cameras with us capturing Bomber moments in the mountains. Images and videos drive businesses and individuals in the current market. We can capture your Bomber Lifestyle, so you have it forever.



WE SPEAK THE SAME LANGUAGE Bomber is designed for enthusiastic and passionate businesses within the Outdoor & Adventure Lifestyle Industry, no matter how big or small. The purpose is to support you in taking the visual identity of your business in the exact direction you wish to take it. You will receive an unloading of design knowledge and have it implemented in to your business strategy, to help people understand your business more clearly, where you need them to see it. Our structured process and wealth of knowledge of the field allows us to understand your language more than anybody else.


WORKING WITH BOMBER Before we begin to work together, we will spend time trying to gather whether we can be of value to you - free of charge. This is to ensure we are able to generate a positive result for your specific needs, before the process begins. We never wish to be an expense to any of our clients, we would rather your time and money to be an investment towards the development of your business’s visual identity and marketing strategies. We choose enthusiastic organisations in the outdoor & adventure lifestyle sector, because this is where we are most confident on creating a positive impact. We will help you to understand challenges you are aware you are facing, then offer solutions to these. Additionally, we will use our business mentor’s insights to dig out challenges you may not be able to see from your perspective in the mix of running your services.



Sarah Brennan - Founder of SK8 SAFE “SK8 Safe have had the pleasure of working with Scott for many years now. We have always found him to be hard working, professional and understanding of the companies needs. He has worked to deadlines throughout our time and has always met them. Scott has a great eye for graphic design. Having worked with designers for over 20 years we found Scott’s ability to visualise our ideas exceptional. He truly believes in the projects he undertakes and we were blessed to be one of his clients. I wouldn’t hesitate in recommending Scott based on our experience with him.”

Ben Meeks - Founder Of City Bloc “Scott has done such a great job for my website. Would highly recommend him.”

Joseph Selby - Musician “A designer that will go above and beyond! From the first brief to the final edit, Scott brings a patient, motivated attitude to his work. He is creative, skilful and always manages to capture and shape the vision in every project. He has been my go to designer for years, and still stuns me with his unique eye and understanding of his craft.”


Tree - Musician “Scott has been consistent with the results that I’ve been able to advertise through being a Self-Employed Creative, that has needed to display myself through other methods of Portfolio/ Social Media. He allows you to professionalise your outlet of work and understands your needs from any level, whether for business use or for personal use. He makes your life a lot easier professionally and completes work with time efficiency and ease, getting you results quick! I wouldn’t work with anybody else now. 100% recommend!”

Ylana Lovel - Costumier “I’ve worked with Scott for a few years now and I will not use any other graphic designer now! Really helpful, super patient and very talented. He has designed my CV and my portfolio on multiple occasions and has always managed to create exactly what I want, from not much more than a phone chat and a photograph of a few scribbles on a page. He’s complete value for money and would highly recommend.”

Rhian - Event Organiser Scott will always be my go to graphic designer and has created every event poster and logo for my work over the past 5 years. His work is consistently professional, thoughtful and to the brief. A versatile and talented designer.


APPLY TO WORK WITH US We offer a free discovery session which we use to determine if we would be a good fit for your needs and goals. A discovery session is 15-20 minute phone call, where we will explore your business a little deeper. Email to organise a free discovery session


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Bomber brochure