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Question 6: What have you learnt about technologies from the process of constructing this product? I have learnt a lot about technologies from the process of constructing my product because I have had the opportunity to use new websites such as Blogger and Flickr. Over this process, I have learnt to develop my skills on both these websites along with Photoshop CS5. The techniques I used on Photoshop CS5 were a few of the blending options, brightness and contrast, levels, text curving and many more. I have learnt how to use new techniques and applied my knowledge of photography to gather suitable and professional images for my music magazine.

This is a screen grab shot of me adjusting the brightness and contrast on one of my images.

This is screen grab shot of my developing my alternative front cover of my magazine.

These three programmes/websites have been very useful to me over the process of making my music magazine. Blogger was very new to me when we first started using it, but it is very useful for showing and presenting all your work and developments over a duration of time. When evaluating and analysing on Blogger, it is very easy and simple to do as it is broken up into sections which makes it easier to focus and certain aspects of what you are trying to do.

Flickr is brilliant for analysing anything you want to and then publishing it online. Analysing is very simple and can be very helpful when referring back to making your product. Photoshop CS5 is one of the best designing programmes around and it excellent for producing professional looking work and adjusting/editing everything you want or need to do. Equipment Used: Nikon Coolpix, Soundproof Room, Microphone, Computer

The camera was very helpful in taking my images as it allowed me to experiment with different camera angles and shots. I wanted to try and be different with my shoot, so I didn’t just photograph them face on, I took shots from high and low angles and at different distances. The soundproof room was my idea and was brilliant in having to take my pictures as it sets the scene for the ‘band’. Obviously the microphone gave the effect of a real band and the computer allowed me to do everything I needed to do to complete this process. Overall I think I will continue to use these three products in my future studies to help my development and understanding of media.

Evaluation Question 6  
Evaluation Question 6  

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