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Key Stats Male: Female: Median Age: Student: ABC1: Circulation Readership:

60% 40% 19 65% 40% 22,965 180,000

Having an important and close relationship with your audience is important and we feel we should share with you, what they think of us! “I love Intensify magazine, I always buy it!” “Intensify is where all the music goss it at!”

Influential & In The Know Intensify audience are very influential in their social groups and are the type of people who would know about a new hype before it even came out!

Music Without a doubt, Intensify readers/fans are completed mesmerized by the music scene. By reading the new issue of Intensify every month, they are kept up-todate with all the new music hits and technology!

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“Intensify keeps everyone notified on everything we need to know!” – Intensify Reader

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Media Kit for my music magazine.