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hree generations gathered in the exhibit hall of the Department of Art at Lehman College on May 12 to pay tribute to Daniel K. Brentuo, an undergraduate art student, for his narrative wood Linda Lubrano, Daniel K. Brentuo, Honey Kassoy cuts depicting ―The Tale of Ananse (the spider) and the Wisdom Pot.‖ The occasion was the presentation of the Joseph V. Lubrano ASCA Award in Memory of Bernard Kassoy. The Lehman campus, which is part of the City University of New York, is located in the northwest section of the Bronx. The award commemorates two Bronx artists who shared a commitment to the promotion of talent among young artists, Bernard Kassoy (1914-2008) and Joseph V. Lubrano (1914-2007). Bernie Kassoy was a familiar figure in Lehman’s art studios, where he and his wife, Honey Kassoy continued to inspire younger generations for many years. Honey juried the Award by selecting Daniel’s wood cuts from the student work shown in Lehman’s spring exhibit. The informal gathering included Daniel’s professors, Flavia Bacarella (Department Chairperson), John Belardo, and Danielle Tegeder. See Award page 2



rentano Haleen, a longstanding member of ASCA, attended the Art Institute of Chicago in the “Primordial Soup” sixties and began drawing with Prismacolor pencils in 1972. In 1981 he turned his artistic talents to the computer. In 1992, he exhibited the first computer lithographs at ASCA's 75th annual exhibit. He is one of the creative visionaries in the world of computer and motion picture graphics. Brentano is a resident of Sun Valley, Idaho and has participated in a number of ASCA exhibits. In the early eighties he began working with art on supercomputers and with the advent of color computing (256 colors), in 1987, he switched to the Apple Macintosh. He has worked with Apple, Sony, RasterOps, SuperMac, Adobe and others. He beta-tested and assisted in the development of 24-bit color, which is still the computer standard today. During the years that followed Brentano was the Close to the Edge Editor of VERBUM; The Magazine of Computer Aesthetics and a founding member of the High Technology Council at the American Film Institute in Los Angeles, In 1989/1990 his computer-assisted lithographs were the first of their kind to be admitted in the permanent collect of the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art. Computer art exhibitions and commercial work filled the nineties, and in 1992 he served as an expert witness on computer art, in a landmark case in San Diego in 1992. He has returned to Prismacolor pencils and produces editions his computer pieces in additions of ten. Brentano writes: See Haleen, page 4

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All of them spoke highly of their student and praised his talent in a variety of media. Since the Award was initiated and funded by Joe Lubrano’s daughter and sonin-law, Linda L. Lubrano and Randall J. Slate, Linda went to Lehman for the occasion and joined Honey in presenting the Award while other art students looked on. A more formal presentation was made at graduation ceremonies on May 28. The arrangements for both presentations were the result of a team effort thanks to John Belardo of Lehman and to Barbara Schiller, Rose Sigal Ibsen, and Allan Simpson of ASCA.


aniel Brentuo was born in Kumasi, Ghana in 1977 and has loved art since he was a child. He studied art during his high school years at Prempeh College and later at Technology Secondary School in Ghana before immigrating to the United States in 2004. Generations earlier Bernie Kassoy’s parents had crossed the Atlantic too when they immigrated from Ukraine and Joe Lubrano’s parents did the same from Italy. Daniel was especially encouraged to nurture his art talent by his grandfather, who told him ―never to drop it for any other course.‖ These memories and the support of his family have helped to keep his art commitment strong.

But Ananse gets greedy and begins to gather up the knowledge and hoard it for himself.

Daniel’s wood cuts tell the tale of a young man who is blessed by God with the gift of infinite knowledge. As God bestows this gift He tells Ananse to share the knowledge with the world.

Ananse puts the knowledge into a pot and climbs the highest tree to hide it from everyone.


IMELDA CAJIPE ENDAYA Sunday, June 28, 2009 New Rochelle, NY In commemoration of the opening of its new nursing home, United Hebrew hosted an artist reception to salute the Beautiful Aging process as part of the journey of life. Artists competed to create inspirational, compassionate, compelling and emotional works that depict the aging process with grace and dignity. Bringing joy and healing the spirit, the many works in this exhibition reflect positive images of aging and older adults. Artists who live or work in New York submitted twodimensional works for the contest. A panel of judges, comprised of leaders in the arts in Westchester County, selected thirty works that they felt best depicted Beautiful Aging. Judges were Tracy Fitzpatrick, The Neuberger Museum of Art; Jean-Paul Maitinsky The Hudson River Museum of Art; and Lisa Robbof The Pelham Art Center. The exhibit was curated by New Rochelle resident Jodi Moise.

But the pot is too heavy and the tree bends under its weight; Ananse falls to the ground and the pot breaks, spreading knowledge all over the world.


melda Cajipe Endaya of Newburgh was awarded first place for her painting, “Woman Beyond Place.” "Aging is a natural part of life," said Rita C. Mabli, president and CEO of United Hebrew. "We felt that this was a wonderful way to pay tribute to our elders. Our new Lazarus Gallery will be a wonderful space for our greater community to enjoy the creative arts." The art will be on display through August 31, 2009, the exhibit includes 30 pieces chosen from over two hundred entries in United Hebrew's Lazarus Gallery, which was named for its benefactors, Patricia and Malcolm Lazarus. United Hebrew is located at 391 Pelham Road, New Rochelle, New York 10801. For further information, please contact Linda Forman at 914.632.2804 x224, e-mail lforman@uhgc.

Finally, Ananse is punished and must remain trapped in a spider’s web, imprisoned by his own foolishness and greed.


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"The work, pencils and computer, centers on natural, organic "arrangements". You see, we have only straight and curved lines to work with, and millions of colors. The combinations of these are endless, and the representations of these in the natural and man-made worlds provide inspiration and beauty in ways that awaken me at most any moment. An artist is a synthesizer of beauty. As I get older, my work feels increasingly connected with the spiritual aspect of life; that it is the artist's job to contribute to the harmony of the world."



he ASCA ART GALLERY presents examples of art by ASCA members selected from the Gallery Album. Please send photos of your recent work, and if space permits, they may be included in upcoming editions of the Newsletter. Remember to include your name, the title of your work, the medium, and an arrow showing which side is UP. Mail your photos to Hank Rondina, 209 Lincoln Place, Eastchester, New York 10709, or e-mail your jpegs to

“Celestial Sky”

ROSE SIGAL IBSEN “Bamboo” Watercolor Sumi-e on Rice paper

LEE,SUN-DON “Quiescence Beyond Speech Immanent Awakening with Delight” OLGA KITT ―A Midsummer Night’s Dream” Pastel


FRED TERNA ―Quiet Modulation” Acrylic on canvas

ISABEL SHAW “First Witness” bronze & steel

HARRIET FEBLAND ―Eternity ” Low relief paintingconstruction on wood MIRIAM WILLS “Misc. Medley #1 Space/Time” mixed media

TAMARA TARASIEWICZ “Spirituality” mixed media

ESTELLE LEVY ―Broken Covenant” mixed media


tion is Saturday, November 14, 2009 at 2-5 pm. Removal date is November 22, 2009 from 3-5 pm.


b. Jurors. The following names have been submitted as possible jurors: Museum Curators: 1.Director of Zimmerli Museum 2. Director of UBS Gallery Practicing artists: Ray Shanfeld, Ray Weinstein, and Imelda Endaya, Mariano Del Rosario, painter, Faculty at Art Students League, and Writer at ASL’s Linea Magazine Bobby said that an ethical issue may arise when ASCA officers take the judges around the exhibit and host them for lunch for the jurying. She suggested that non-participants and spouses of members do this task to assure objectivity. Frank Mann however pointed out that ASCA needs to develop a continuing relationship with the judges, and it is the officers who know the organization well and who could talk about it; they should be able to do this task with objectivity. It was suggested that ASCA members hosting the judges introduce themselves only with their first names.

Bobby Schiller, President Date: Wednesday, May 27, 2009, 7:00 to 9:00 PM LOCATION: Meeting Room (courtesy of Estelle Levy) on 150 West 96th Street MEMBERS PRESENT: 1) Bobby Schiller ( with spouse Charles) 2) Raymond Weinstein (with spouse Helene) 3) Ray Shanfeld (with spouse Lois) 4) Allan Simpson 5) Imelda Cajipe Endaya (with spouse Sim) 6) Jessica Iwamoto 7) Sueyoshi Iwamoto 8) Gerda Roze 9) Estelle Levy 10) Anita Adelman 11) Frank Mann 12) Bonnie Rothchild 13) Miriam Wills 14) Nikolai Buglaj 15) Leslie Zadoian

b. Set up. Bruce Kozma has been hired to install the show. 2. Other Exhibitions in the Works

1. 92nd ASCA ANNUAL EXHIBITION at Broome Street Gallery

Synagogue for the Arts in December 2009. Bobby has arranged for an ASCA exhibition for the whole month of December 2009 at the Synagogue for the Arts on White Street downtown Manhattan. The gallery is a fairly large space for two-dimensional works. We can display about 30 pieces. There will be no sculptures. Target dates are: December 1 to accept pieces and hang them. December 2 or 3 for the reception, the week of January 4 -7, 2010 for removal. A member recalled a problem when ASCA exhibited there 4-5 years ago. No one was there to open the door and turn on the lights when viewers came!

a. Theme and title. The theme is ―Password- Art’s Secret Symbols‖. Participation confirmation deadline is for a July 20, 2009 postmark. Forms are to be mailed to: Mr. Ray Shanfeld, 525 West End Avenue #5C, New York, NY 10024.

Philippine Center on March 15- 26, 2009. Bobby and Imelda will work out the details of exhibition of small works, a joint show with the Society of Philippine American Artists. The limited space allows for wall works and sculpture pieces with pedestals provided by the artists.

b. Volunteers. Those who have signed up are Ray Shanfeld and Marie Mutz for the receiving committee, Imelda Cajipe Endaya to write press releases, Olga Kitt to oversee distribution of press releases, etc. The volunteer sheet is in circulation for members to sign up as gallery-sitters two at a time every three hours, for refreshments, postcards, etc.

Nikolai Buglaj recommended pushing for an ASCA exhibition at the Zimmerli Museum. This can be brought up if ASCA invites the director as juror, and as lecturer. Suggestions are open as to what topics may be of interest to ASCA.

b. Dates. The reserved dates for exhibition at Broome Street Gallery are November 9- 22, 2009. Exhibition hours are Tuesday through Sunday 12 noon to 6 pm. Delivery date is November 9 at 11am –1pm. Recep-

A copy of the ASCA book has been sent to the InterChurch Center, which has a beautiful exhibition space, located near Columbia.

Prior to the meeting, Bobby assigned 2 office tasks to selected attendees: collating the annual exhibition prospectus, and preparing to mail them for distribution; and placing inserts and CDs into the plastic cases of the CD book. MEETING CAME TO ORDER: Bobby Schiller called the meeting to order at 7: 10 pm.

3. ASCA Book, CD book and Web site


Members are requested to update their bios, as these are to be distributed together with the book and CD.


The CD book will be available for distribution at $5 a copy at ASCA’s 92nd Annual Art Exhibition. The modest amount helps recover the cost of making the CDS.


he American Society of Contemporary Artists (ASCA) presents Individual Annual Awards, Memorial Awards, College Student Awards and Grants, as a means of recognizing superior achievement in art. These awards are presented in honor of your name, a fellow artist, friend, family name or family member. The awards to different artists each year are honors mentioned in their resumes during their entire careers, which means the name continues to be honored during the lifetime of the artist, and is an outstanding, ongoing tribute. Please note, your heartfelt gift is 100% tax free and will be presented in a fitting ceremony and reception on November 14th, 2009 at 3:00 pm during this years exhibition celebrating ASCA’s 91st Birthday at the Broome Street Gallery, 498 Broome Street, NY. o far this year, donations to the Individual Annual Awards Fund have fallen behind the amounts donated last year. Please donate NOW, time is of essence!

Stephen Beveridge has uploaded the contents of the CD directly to the ASCA web site. 4. ASCA’s tax –exempt status Bobby confirmed that while ASCA is officially listed in IRS as tax-exempt, the required papers are not in order for it to actually avail of the exemption. Estelle Levy volunteered to ask an accountant for steps to be taken. The person’s name in the original 501-C has to be verified. Ray Shanfeld mentioned that it is probably Joe Lubrano. ASCA must use the old tax exemption number. This has to be located. Jessica Iwamoto volunteered to search for files at the Artists’ Equity. Bobby said that she has a volunteer accountant to do the process once files are in order.


Allan Simpson asked how much money can be saved from tax exemption. Bobby said that for now, only about $100, but every penny counts.

This Fund consists of the following categories: BENEFACTORS: $500 to $999; SPONSORS: $100 TO $499; DONORS: $10 to $99 (Smaller gifts are combined).

5. Following up old members to update dues


e wish to thank all members and friends who have made donations in 2007. The following is a list of donations to ASCA in 2008:

Bobby said that she has made follow-up calls for old members to renew their membership. There were two who said they could no longer afford to pay dues. She said there are approximately ten more on the list to be followed up with a phone call. Miriam Wills volunteered to make these calls. 12. MOTION TO CLOSE THE MEETING It was moved that the meeting be adjourned at 8:10 p.m. Members enjoyed camaraderie and more discussions on projects over the potluck dinner. Bobby introduced and welcomed new members before dinner began. Respectfully submitted, Imelda Cajipe Endaya Recording Secretary, ASCA


The Family of Bernard Kassoy


Linda Lubrano & Randy Slate; Gerda Roze; Harriet FeBland; Neva Setlow; Samuel Rosen Rose Sigal Ibsen; Ilse Kahane; Annette Lieblein; Alan Roland; Marie Mutz; Roberta & Mort Miller; Joan & Bruce Ditzion; Howard & Bunny Joseph; Gerard & Patricia Parent; Pearl Bernstein.


Approved: Bobby Schiller President, ASCA

Please make out your check to ASCA and mail it to:

Gerda Roze, Chair: Fund Raising 3 Park Lane, 1-B Mount Vernon, NY 10552



“ I have found, that among its other benefits giving liberates the soul of the giver.” Maya Angelou





n her April 17, 2009 Art Review of the Picasso works at the Gagosian Gallery, Roberta Smith of the NEW YORK TIMES writes: ―Anything this charged and unforgettable is bound to nourish anyone who sees it, but especially artists, regardless of affiliations of style or medium. It reveals one of their greatest going all out, providing a breathtaking reminder that art can be anything an artist wants it to be, as long as it is driven by inner necessity, ruthless self-scrutiny and a determination to make every attempt not to repeat the past.‖

ASCA 92nd ANNUAL EXHIBITION “Password - Art’s Secret Symbols” November 9th – November 22nd. Broome Street Gallery, New York, NY, STEPHEN BEVERIDGE—Conceived and exhibited in ―Aquitas.‖ an exhibit of art based on childhood experiences. The exhibit included international artists and was held at Artspace OSA, June 1st -June 30th. ELINORE BUCHOLTZ— Exhibiting at the Hudson Guild Art Jam - 441 W. 26th. St. through August 7th -ALSOWSAC 30th. Anniversary Salon - Broadway and 96th. St. (in the center of the street) JEREMY COMINS— Exhibiting in “Formative Lines: Working in Drawing and Sculpture” at Governor’s Island May 30th -October 10th. Gallery talk to be held on July 25th 2:00pm. HARRIET FeBLAND—Exhibited ―Eternity‖ (See Gallery page 4) in ―A Parallel Presence, Women Artists 18892009,‖ at the Jane Voorhees Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers, New Brunswick, Jan.17th - April12 th- --ALSO— Exhibit traveled to the UBS Gallery 1285 Avenue of Americas May 14th – July 11th –ALSO—Exhibited at the Invitational Salon Exhibition of Small Works, New Art Program, Kutztown, PA., May 22nd –July 11th—ALSO— 120th Annual Exhibition National Association of Woman Artists, Salmagundi Club, 5th Ave. NYC, May 11th-29th. ROSE SIGAL IBSEN— Exhibited “Bamboo” (See Gallery page 4) at the 41st Anniversary exhibition of the Contemporary Artists Guild, April 18th thru May 10th— ALSO—Invited by the Asian American Arts Centre to demonstrate her award winning calligraphy at the 30th Annual CAPA Asian Pacific American Heritage Festival on May 3rd at the Dag Hammarsjhold Park ESTELLE LEVY— Awarded the Jean M. Leeman Memorial Award for Sculpture in the 120th Annual Exhibition National Association of Woman Artists, Salmagundi Club, 5th Ave. NYC,

MEMBERS WHO SUPPLIED DIGITAL IMAGES ON CDs WILL BE ABLE TO PICK THEM UP AT THE NOVEMBER SHOW ASCA OFFICERS President Barbara Schiller Vice-President Raymond Weinstein Vice-President Raymond Shanfeld Vice-President Frank Mann Treasurer Allan Simpson Corresponding Secretary Imelda Cajipe Endaya Recording Secretary Lisa Robbins Social Secretary Olga Kitt Historian Frank Mann Board of Directors: Harriet Regina Marion, Elinore Bucholtz, Hank Rondina, Fred Terna ASCA NEWSLETTER Publication Director Hank Rondina, CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Brentano Haleen, Linda Lubrano, Hank Rondina, Roberta Smith, CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Hank Rondina



e need volunteers to help continue the survival of our ASCA Newsletter. We welcome art-related articles, reviews of exhibitions and your upcoming shows.

Send your material to: Hank Rondina, 209 Lincoln Place, Eastchester, New York 10709; telephone (914) 793-1376; or email it to

Send your material to: Hank Rondina 209 Lincoln Place, Eastchester, New York 10709; Telephone (914) 793-1376; or email it to

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