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A prison break with a difference by Sean Murphy Photos by Stewart Cunningham

a prison break with a difference it can be a lot of fun.

pending time in an eerie Victorian jail cell was never intended to be a luxury experience, but for those looking for

Walking the uneven flagstones of dimly lit corridors, surrounded by the sound of jangling keys and echoes of the past, it’s easy to feel transported

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back to the days when children as young as seven could be imprisoned for stealing a slice of bread. Turning back time to create a living history of crime and punishment at Scotland’s premier prison museum is all in a day’s work for the staff at Inveraray Jail. Getting into costume and character every day takes the skills of a method actor, the mind of a historian and the sewing skills of a seamstress to bring the 19th century prison back to life - but the work has its perks. Fortunately Hanna Emily Nixon, with her background in drama and work experience in a costume shop in Manchester, more than fits the bill. Now as she and her colleagues entertain and educate more than 65,000 visitors who pass through the jail doors each year her knowledge of the Victorian era has exceeded beyond her wildest dreams.

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