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“This was an innovative, collaborative, project which involved over 100 members of the local community along the coast of West Scotland. We were very fortunate in being able to partner with a great many local and national organisations including community

dive clubs and scientific partners such as the Scottish Association of Marine Science.” “This project has been a real labour of love for our team of maritime archaeologists, allowing us to work closely with the people who live on

Wreck sites recorded by the project include: • The Lady Middleton (a schooner lost in 1868) • The Yemassee (an American cargo ship lost in 1859) • The SS Viscount (lost in 1924) • The Hersilla (an armed iron naval yacht lost in 1916) • The Sheila (an early MacBrayne ferry built in 1904 and sunk in 1927) • The Mafeking (a salvage vessel lost in attempts to recover the Sheila) • The schooner Medora (lost in 1860) • The Iris (a brig lost in 1874) • The SS George A. West (a wooden steam trawler lost in 1927) • The Thalia (a steam yacht lost in 1942) • The Cathcartpark (a steamship lost in 1912 near the island of Iona) • The Lord Bangor (a wooden ship lost in 1894) • The Carrigart (a steam drifter lost in 1933) • The Falcon, a previously unlocated paddle steamer built in 1860 and lost in 1867 with great loss of life.


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