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Antique hunting with Roo Irvine

Imitation may be the sincerest form of flattery but…


f you were to ask me which area of antiques is a world unto itself I would have to say “Art”. This ittybitty word was worth $63Billion in 2017 alone. We are entering a world in which millions of pounds are spent on a single item, in much the same way most of us would buy a lamp at auction for £40. Astoundingly, wealthy buyers snap up works of art from thousands of miles away for many reasons aside from a fundamental love of art.

It could be a newly discovered piece, deemed lost to the world forever, or a work that needs to be returned ‘home’ to its mother country. Often, it can be purely for nothing more than bragging rights - which can backfire in spectacular fashion. The world groaned at the razor-sharp wit and arrogance of Banksy when


VanMeegeren’s The Disciples at Emmaus

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