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Assessing the Impact of Disturbance on Fossorial Water Vole Populations Water voles are one of Scotland’s most threatened native mammals and a nationally significant population (adapted to grassland habitat) has established a strong population on the verges of the M8 motorway in Glasgow. Scotland TranServ recognises our responsibility to protect these voles from harm when maintaining the M8. Scotland TranServ, with funding from the Transport Scotland Innovation Fund, has undertaken an investigation into the potential disturbance of water voles to common maintenance activities such as grass cutting and light construction activities. The behaviour of water voles in response to these activities was monitored and demonstrated their ties to certain locations within their habitat as well as a strong ability to recolonize following disturbance. The knowledge gained from the water vole impact study will assist in the planning of future works and contribute to local strategies being prepared to protect water voles. We plan to deepen our involvement with the work of Glasgow’s Water Vole Ambassador to develop habitat management practices in the area.


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Environment & Sustainability Report 2017/18  

Environment & Sustainability Report 2017/18