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making the world a better place


Create a culture of appreciation in your organization Copyright Š 2013 Stephanie Pollack




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making the world a better place

Foreword In a world where work is often a hurried medley of unending progress, idea generation, and tight deadlines, the very thought of “appreciation� usually garners raised eyebrows, forced laughs, and an awkward shrug of the shoulders. Appreciation is often regarded as an obligatory, or even arbitrary endeavor in organizations; an afterthought as opposed to a main event. We see appreciation as a fundamental part of every organization. It is through acknowledging the thoughts and efforts of people that we show they matter; that their work is purposeful and their presence meaningful. We are firm believers in the power of creating a playspace - where appreciation cultivates acceptance. Acceptance then leads to awareness and action, which generates innovation, creativity and productivity. This booklet has been put together to form an easy guide for any organization to adopt an appreciation culture, be it a strict government agency or a fun arts school for kids. In this booklet, you will find a plethora of activities categorized to suit different personalities and social settings. We hope that you’ll have a great time trying them out. Enjoy unraveling the power of appreciation and the wonders it can bring to your organization!




Photo credits: Stephanie Pollack


by Steph anie Pollac k I think everyone is amazing. I constantly tell people how awesome they are and thank them for the little things. While this world view may cause me the occasional disappointment, 99.9% of the time, people rise to the occasion. Why? Because people are not accustomed to being appreciated and even the smallest words can boost confidence in life-changing ways. My experience consulting with organizations around the world for over 20 years proves what I have known in my heart ever since I was a teenager, and received a simple smiley face note from an acquaintance - personal appreciations can make an enormous positive difference. I have seen it in people of all ages, from all backgrounds, and in all sorts of situations. In this ever-isolating world where communication occurs more frequently through technology than through human-to-human contact, people crave connection. People crave community. People crave to be seen. Appreciations can work miracles; the research proves it: “Recent U.S. Department of Labor data shows that the number one reason people leave their job is that they do not feel appreciated. According to a Gallup poll, 65 percent of workers say they didn't receive a single word of praise or recognition in the past year.” - Noelle C. Nelson, author of The Power of Appreciation in Business “A decade of research shows happiness is seriously good for business. Happiness raises nearly every key business indicator : 33% higher profitability (Gallup), 43% more productivity (Hay Group), 37% higher sales (Shawn Achor), 300% more innovation (Harvard Business Review)” - Tony Hsieh, CEO of Zappos

“The single highest driver of engagement, according to a worldwide study conducted by Towers Watson, is whether or not workers feel their managers are genuinely interested in their the most basic level, it makes us feel safe, which is what frees us to do our best work. We're all more vulnerable and needy than we like to imagine. Authentically appreciating others will make you feel better about yourself, and it will also increase the likelihood they'll invest more in their work, and in you.” - Tony Schwartz, Harvard Business Review "What data shows us, in a very dramatic way, is that recognition is one of the key characteristics of a great organization. It is a simple truth: we work harder at places where we feel recognized and valued for our unique contributions. And valued and engaged employees bring great value and profit to their organizations." - Chester Elton, Wall Street Journal Please read on and be inspired to spread appreciations. The brilliant students involved in this booklet created these appreciation activities and found quotations in their modest attempt to help make the world a better place. And how do I know that you will read these and try them out? Because you are amazing. Stephanie Pollack, M.A. Founder, Creative Facilitations Instructor in Communication: University at Buffalo (UB) State University of New York (SUNY) at the Singapore Institute of Management (SIM) AKA: Chieferooni




C o nte nt A D A S H O F A P P R E C I AT I O N

















/a das h o f a ppr ec iat ion

These activities introduce simple acts of appreciation you can do to show your colleagues that you care.

Photo credits: Stephanie Pollack


Fly the paper plane Aim Spice up monotonous office hours by motivating colleagues in the workplace – a quick activity like this will take only three to five minutes. How Have everyone grab a piece of rough paper, write a motivational quotation/ takeaway point from a meeting or discussion. Fold it into a paper plane and fly it around the area. Pick one and it is now yours, the message in it will be something to brighten up your day and to keep you going!



Hello! I want to tell you..



A da sh of Appreciation To get you started.

Take care of the new Kid!


Aim Being the new kid on the block can be stressful, so a show of appreciation can make a new colleague feel warmly welcomed and encouraged.

Aim Recognize and appreciate a colleague who comes to the aid of another - especially when an urgent situation arises!

How Present a certificate (or any other gi) to thank your new colleague for her hard work in completing the organization training program. You can even get other colleagues in the department involved by having them sign the certificate, along with an official welcome card.

Leave an edible tip Aim Show appreciation for unsung heroes who keep daily routines neatly run. It is a reminder not to take things for granted! For instance, appreciate the person who cleans the floor. How Label the office coffee or teapot with a note to give thanks to the person who made the fresh pot of coffee that day. She just saved a little chunk of their time. time!

Special Snack Drop Aim Surprise a colleague, client or vendor by providing them their favorite snack to enjoy! If you aren’t sure what their favorite snack is, ask around to find out! How You can buy your boss a cup of her regular caffeine fix, drop a chocolate bar over at a colleague's desk, or present a gi of bak kwa (sweet barbecued jerky) to your vendors and associates during Chinese New Year.

How Present a Life Saver Award to the colleague who deserves recognition! row some candies and colorful adhesive bandages into a make-shi First Aid Kit. Award this to your colleague with a certificate that states “Certified Life Saver” with their name on it!

sHOUT OUTS Aim uick and efficient closure for meetings, especially when time is of the essence and you only have a few minutes le. How Ask for a few colleagues to shout things out. ey do not need to raise their hands or go in any particular order. You can ask for a specific number of responses (people will then know when time is up) or leave it open (this may take a tad longer). Ideas for shout out topics include: • An A-HA! moment • Something they appreciate from the gathering • Favorite line/statement/moment

instant smile Aim Brighten up your colleague’s, client’s or vendor’s day by having a photo with them with words of encouragement. How Bring an instant camera to work and take pictures with your colleague! Aer the photo develops, write a quick note at the back or on any empty spaces and give it to your colleague!


Handwritten Notes Aim Create handwritten notes as a form of appreciation and encouragement for outstanding colleagues. How Use sticky notes to leave a small note of appreciation or encouragement for colleagues you feel are deserving of praise. î‚Šis can be done anytime, anywhere, and can even be anonymous.


Photo credits: Jacob Chew

A da sh of Appreciation To get you started.

high-5 power

Round of applause

Aim Energize with a high-five! High-fives have been proven to be great morale boosters. What better way is there to kick start one’s day?

Aim Bring back one of the oldest forms of appreciation; it’s still as effective in rewarding any colleague’s achievement!

How Did you and your colleague complete a project ahead of a pressing deadline? Highfive each other with vigor! Someone arrived early to set up the meeting room? Another high-five worthy moment!

How Make your colleague feel like a Rock Star with thunderous applause and loud whoops while she is walking down the aisle (i.e. office corridor). Achievements are not bound to work accomplishments and can include personal achievements such as completing a marathon!

Warm welcome back

Angel & MOrtal

Aim Show your colleague that you care by giving her a warm welcome back aer her being away for a period of time due to illness, a sabbatical, or even spousal leave.

Aim Make little surprises and thoughtful gestures a constant and pleasant thing in your workplace.

How On her desk, place a note or a gi related to why she was away. When she returns, she’ll be delighted to receive a thoughtful gesture on her first day back!

How Each person is anonymously assigned a mortal, acting from then on as that mortal’s angel. From time to time, angels pass little gis or notes to their mortals at random or as a form of encouragement.

Office DeeJay

Special lunch addition

Aim Make someone in the office feel loved through the wonders of music. How Short and simple, colleagues send a song dedication to someone else in the office that will be played over the system during lunch hour. is works best if the lyrics can convey a message that will make the person feel appreciated.

Aim is lovely addition will make your colleagues happy, allowing them to appreciate their work environment and what it provides. How Surprise your colleagues by bringing in an independent vendor who sells unique food items not sold in the cafeteria. Introduce variety in their food choices by bringing in a candy floss machine, ice cream maker or even an organic food/snack vendor. ink about what would bring delight to everyone.


truly appreciate those around you, and you’ll soon find many others around you. truly appreciate life, and you’ll find that you have more of it. - RALPH MARSTON -


//s e as o n with sincerity For those who are earnest but a tad shy. Shower your colleagues with these simple acts of appreciation to show you care.

Photo credits: Priscilla Tan


Monday blues to Monday Brews Aim Chase those Monday blues away! How Start the day with a freshly brewed coffee or tea for each colleague. (A tip for bosses: A round of caffeine fixes can do wonders!) One colleague can be assigned to get a coffee or tea for a different colleague each week. Attach a motivational note or quotation on the serviette to kick-start your colleague’s week with positive energy and a huge smile. Pretty soon, everyone will know how each person likes her coffee or tea and mass orders from cafés will get a lot easier!


Photo credits: Jacob Chew

se as on with sinc erity Taking it up a notch.

Celebration Calendar

Office Awards

Aim Make colleagues feel like they matter.

Aim Recognize outstanding colleagues and foster better relationships through play.

How Mark the office calendar with important occasions of the department, such as birthdays, anniversaries or even their children’s birthdays. Commemorate these events by awarding “leave-earlies” or holding celebrations. For added fun, throw in quirky requirements such as having the birthday girl wear a tiara.

How Have colleagues submit monthly nominations for fellow colleagues they feel should receive special recognition. Awards do not need to be restricted to work-related achievements, and may also include humorous awards such as “Happiest Employee” or “Longest Commute to Work”.

The Tribute Wall

the throne

Aim Recognize colleagues not only for work-related achievements but also herculean effort, accomplishments outside the work sphere, or even achieving a personal goal.

Aim Reward a colleague with the most number of nominations for office awards.

How Hang a large bulletin board at a conspicuous location. Colleagues are free to add notes that highlight what another colleague contributes and how she has been especially helpful to the writer of the said note. A section of the board can even be dedicated to special nominees (e.g. colleague of the month).

Toast to success Aim Offer the chance to express gratitude and commendation to other colleagues. is allows for sustaining better bonds between colleagues, creating a more cohesive team. How Have informal lunch sessions, where a colleague offers a toast to another for something she has done or achieved, and give everyone a chance to speak.

H o w L avi s h l y d e c o r at e th e m o s t comfortable chair in the office with scarves, cushions or anything pretty you and your colleagues find! e “winner” gets the chance to enjoy the luxuries offered by e rone for an entire month.

Surprise care packages Aim Make people feel good and put smiles on their faces. How Dole out small gis like yogurt or flowers to tide your colleagues through crunch time, or simply to brighten up their day. It is the act of receiving gis, and not the magnitude of the item, that makes a difference.




Photo credits: Jacob Chew

se as on with sinc erity Taking it up a notch.

All-you-can-praise buffet

DAISY & fried-chicken DAY

Aim Affirm fellow colleagues through words of encouragement, and be inspired to work even harder.

Aim Appreciate the ladies and men for simply bringing a merriment of feminine and masculine energies to the workplace.

How is can be done aer a meeting or during a staff retreat cum bonding session. Sit in a circle and get everyone to write their names in the middle of a paper plate. Pass the plate around. e next colleague to get it is to write positive adjectives about the person whose name is on the plate. Continue until everyone has written on all the plates. Now enjoy your own plateful of praises!

How Have the men in the office shower the ladies with little bunches of daisies, and the ladies present the men with a good ol’ bucket of country fried chicken! e daisies will be a cheery addition to work desks, while the men can launch into a hearty chow-down aer a long day at work.

Random acts of wow-ness Fishbowl Lunches Aim Encourage colleagues to step out of their comfort zone and meet new people. Create interdepartmental opportunities. How Ask a colleague from a different department for lunch just to get to know them better. is can be a group initiative where people draw names from a fishbowl!

The Ripple Effect Aim Trigger a series of spoken appreciations by having the boss acknowledge the contributions of her subordinates first. How At the end of a meeting, the boss or most senior personnel will kick-start the appreciation session by highlighting and acknowledg ing the contributions of employees. e purpose of the initiation is to create a relaxed, sharing atmosphere amongst employees, increasing spontaneity and snowballing the appreciation.

Aim Random acts of kindness bring smiles to faces. is will help create a dynamic atmosphere in the workplace. How Put your colleagues’ needs above yours by offering them your spot in the line for the photocopying machine. Bosses can surprise employees with an impromptu public thank you session. Be spontaneous and use your imagination!

THANK YOU VERY MUCH Aim Engage employees in a culture of openness and to be accepting of people with various personalities and working styles. How Create a specific time for colleagues to thank each other aer every meeting and encourage them to specify the reasons why. A simple “thank you for sharing” can make someone’s day. Appreciate others, and you will be appreciated too - this is simple reciprocity at its best.


PLant ME too Aim Show how much you care about your colleague’s welfare - in a totally different way. How Have everyone purchase a small office plant and name it aer themselves! Colleagues are to tend to each other’s plants. is also reflects how colleagues take care of each other too. Have a laugh when a colleague takes a minute longer to leave for lunch because she’s “watering” someone.


Photo credits: Jacob Chew

se as on with sinc erity Taking it up a notch.


Visual CUES

Aim Show your appreciation to the person who has contributed the most to the success of the meeting!

Aim Show appreciation for something positive about the meeting through illustrations.

How At the end of the meeting, have everyone stand in a circle, getting ready to point their fingers at the person who they feel was the Superstar of the meeting – all on the count of three! is is a great way to highlight a particular colleague who is most deserving of praise, and a superb motivation for other colleagues to contribute more actively at the next meeting!

How Give everyone an index card and colored pens. Aer the meeting, everyone draws something they find positive on the card. Share with each other and marvel at the masterpieces you created!

Tribunal Vote Aim Be thankful for the range of personalities and energies that your dynamic colleagues bring to your workplace. How Think of a positive personality trait or key role (e.g. “Most Lively Person”, “Motivational Person of the Day”). Get everyone to write the name of the colleague they feel fits the highlighted description on a piece of paper. Throw these votes into a box and have someone read out all the submitted entries! Give a round of applause to the person who was most voted for and thank them for being the awesome person that they are!

Fill in the blanks Aim Show appreciation in a light-hearted manner by using it with a pre-assigned template. How Use the template, fill in the blanks, play around, and create your own story! I want to thank _______ for _______. Without her, ________would not be possible. I also appreciate _______ , and I hope to see more of _______ in the future. _______ every one!

Graphic chain reaction Aim Add continu it y to a g roup’s appreciation by consolidating positive aspects of the meeting in the form of a group drawing. How At the end of every meeting, colleagues can draw something they found positive on a common flip chart. is flip chart will be set up at every meeting, and colleagues can add on to the drawing aer each meeting. At the end of a month, frame the final drawing and hang it on a wall. is helps the group remember what was positive and to keep at it!

personalised Recognition Aim Let your colleague know that you acknowledge and appreciate her hard work and effort. is recognition will motivate her to continue giving her best for the organization. How Personalize a gi suiting your colleague’s interest. For instance, if she loves baking, give her a baking recipe book. If she loves traveling, how about a travel book or even an "appreciation" note designed to resemble a boarding pass? ere are many ways to go about it - the possibilities are endless.


There is no greatness without a passion to be great, whether it’s the aspiration of an athlete or an artist, a scientist, a parent, or a businessperson. - ANTHONY ROBBINS -


///S erv e w it h k ind ness For the daring and expressive, these activities require you to step out of your comfort zone. Uncomfortable yet? Good. Because that’s when the fun begins.

Photo credits: Priscilla Tan


Heart & Soul of the month Aim Appoint the most inspirational individual who thinks out of the box as “Heart & Soul”. She will spread appreciation in dynamic organizations. How Once a month, everyone nominates someone whom they believe encompasses the spirit of the organization. e individual shall be the “Heart & Soul” of the Office for that month. On the last workday of the month, she is to rally her colleagues to lead them in appreciation activities of her choosing. Be creative, Heart & Soul! Gather the men in the office to whip up a dinner for the ladies! Do the Harlem Shake! Make something happen in the office that shows and strengthens your team spirit! Everyone should get a chance to be “Heart & Soul”! e Heart & Soul of the month can be featured in a special section of the company’s newsletter or intranet to inspire fellow colleagues in passing on this newly found tradition. e Heart & Soul can be featured in a special section of the company’s newsletter or intranet to inspire fellow colleagues in passing on this newly found tradition.


Photo credits: Jacob Chew

Se rve with kindness Full steam ahead!

“Know this? We’ve noticed.” Aim Appreciate the quirky sides of everyone. How Snap a random or silly picture of your colleague at work - pencil behind her ear, painting her nails at work, or making a goofy face! Join the photographed colleague in sharing it with others for a hearty laugh! Let your hair down, be caught in the moment, and be appreciated for simply being yourself.

Ninjas of Harmony Aim Spread happiness and joy around the workplace to better build a playspace. How Choose a small group of individuals to embark on a quest to spread joy and happiness in the workplace every week. is can be done by pasting notes of appreciation on colleague’s computer screen before they enter the office, or by installing a motivational poster in a prominent location for everyone to see. e group of “ninjas” will then pick out another group for the following week to explore different methods of spreading joy.

Name a room after A COLLEAGUE Aim Allow appreciation through open recognition and name a portion of your building aer a high-achieving colleague for a period of time, such as a conference room or lunch room. How Have a plaque or nameplate made showcasing your colleague’s name and a brief summary of her accomplishment. When the period of time has passed, do the same for another deser ving colleag ue. Allow colleagues to keep their memento so that they can place it in their work space and bask in their glory!

prank versus prank Aim Turn a common prank into an appreciation activity.

Meet the client

How Write a short and creative message on a sticky note and paste it on your colleague’s back (e.g. e audits are finally over, I need a hug!). e chosen colleague will be receiving a ton of praises, hugs and random rewards by everyone else who will be notified by the note on her back. Try to make it as unsuspicious as possible, so she gets an entire day’s worth of appreciations!

Aim Appreciate your colleagues by inviting a client or consumer to praise them for a job well done.


How Get in touch with someone who uses your company’s product or service. Have her come up with a short appreciation message, and invite her to give a thank you speech at the end of a meeting. Let your colleagues see the fruits of their labor and how they can make a difference in someone else's life!

Aim Recognize colleagues for every “win”. How Purchase a toy championship title belt or fashion one out of old belts and recyclable materials. Award a chosen colleague for a “win” she achieved! is can range from clinching a sales deal or even playing a new sport for the first time! Have them wear the belt and strike a pose for all to see! 25

Staff Appreciation Day Aim Bond through the enjoyment of food and each other’s company. How Organize mini potluck sessions on a monthly basis (both intra-department/ i nt er - d e p a r tm ent ) t o b o n d w i th colleagues. Bosses will do good to appreciate their employees by acting as the host of these potluck sessions and being physically present at such gatherings. Such “pantry parties” can be a great way to incorporate other suggested activities in this booklet, or even an award ceremony for colleagues who deserve merit!


Photo credits: Stephanie Pollack

se rve with kindNess Full steam ahead!



Aim Transform your office into everyone’s happy place with balloons floating from every desk!

Aim Show appreciation to your colleagues in the happiest, flashiest and most unexpected way ever!

How Get a helium balloon for each colleague and tie it down to the corner of their desk. Get everyone to write a cheerful note of encouragement on each other’s balloons and revel in the carnival-like atmosphere your office will have for the day!

How Gather a group of colleagues and choose someone that you would all like to give a rousing welcome to. Make placards and signs that shout “WELCOME BACK!”, “ WE MISSED YOU !” or YOU ’RE FINALLY HERE!”.

Appreciation Badges Aim Recognize the efforts made by colleagues in any situation and give her a badge as a token of appreciation. How Design badges with related words and pictures. Some examples are “In e Nick Of Time” (for colleagues who are superb at meeting tight deadlines), “All At Once” (for those who can multitask), or even “All About e Details” (for those who are meticulous). At the end of the month, the person with the most badges wins an “Overachiever” badge and a free dinner from her colleagues!

speaker’s corner Aim Appreciations can be done in the form of a bold announcement. Openly praising and appreciating a valued colleague encourages everyone to step out of their comfort zone.

Receive your colleague at the front of the office building as if you all hadn’t seen her in a long time. Jump up and down in happiness, whoop in absolute delight - she’ll start her day being incredibly surprised and slightly bashful, but feeling loved and appreciated as well!

Back on track Aim Appreciate the timekeeper of the meeting by helping her out with the task itself. How When the timekeeper ushers the meeting along, have everyone perform a synchronized movement. For instance, when she says, “Okay, let’s move on,” have everyone take a sip out of their cup at the same time or raise their coffee cups to the timekeeper in a raucous cheer! is helps to bring a halt to the ongoing discussion, create the opportunity to regroup and continue with the rest of the agenda.

How Assign a corner of the room to be designated as the “Speaker’s Corner”. Have someone give a little appreciative speech about a fellow colleague who has helped, delivered outstanding work, or has just simply been awesome! is can be a weekly thing , or a spontaneous moment of thankfulness! 27

Everyone wants to be appreciated. So if you appreciate someone, don’t keep it a secret. - M A R Y K AY A S H -


////s ugar c oat it w it h you While trying to appreciate others, don’t forget to appreciate yourself. Remember, without you, none of this could happen.

Photo credits: Trevor Kemp


Sugarc oat it with you Don’t forget yourself

Once in a while, remember to take some time off to appreciate yourself. All you need to do is remember this acronym:

M.A.G.I.C With this acronym, you can appreciate yourself whenever and wherever!

MAke up your mind to be happy • •

Today I am thankful for… ink of/write down at least three things you are grateful for to nourish your mind with positivity! e more you do this, the happier you’ll get! Do it everyday!

Inspiration & Perspiration • •

Mood board. Keep a collage of things that matter to you and put it in your own office space. Pictures of loved ones, motivational quotations and mementos will motivate you during tough times!

Attitude is everything • •

Superstar me! Keep notes on when your motivation dips and when you feel like a superstar. Once you become aware of the pattern that emerges, work with it! Develop personal ways to combat the expected lows and upkeep the highs!

Be a Go-Getter • •


It’s a goal! Get down to the specifics of your goals, set attainable deadlines and try new things!

CelebratE yourself and your success • •

A personal tracker. Keep a progress bar of the assignments you are working on and feel awesome as you watch it grow!

Tha nk you Ending on a sweet note, We will now show appreciation to the people who have dedicated much care and effort into bringing you this booklet. Lots of thought has been given to each of these appreciation activities to provide more quirky, fun and unique ways for anyone to show acts of gratitude to those surrounding them everyday. We would like to give a big thank you to the initiator of this booklet, Stephanie Pollack. With her direction and natural exuberance, she led what started out as a mere idea to take off and conceptualize itself into the booklet you see now. To all the teams from Pollack and Co. and Pollacktically Correct Movement (the organizations that birthed this project), thank you for making Connect possible. Your dedication, enthusiasm, and hard work warms our hearts. And most importantly, to you. You downloaded this booklet, you read this booklet, and if you plan on using it, thank you. ank you for wanting to start a positive culture in your organization and thank you for identifying with the purpose and impact these appreciation activities can bring to the lives of many. If you are already practicing some of these ideas, so much more power to you! We hope you feel happy that there is finally a booklet you can pass along to inspire more people to start carrying these appreciation acts with heart. Together, we might even revolutionize the way all organizations work.

With utmost sincerity, Creative Facilitations with Pollack and Co. & Pollacktically Correct Movement

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Entertain. Enrich. Enlighten.

Nadirah Binte Adam Ang Yao Zu Matthew Sailesh Aswath Baey Jia Min Samantha Chai Kah Mun Licia Chee Chong Mei Chun Chua Pei Xuan Chariza Eunice Guinto Cortez Melanie Francessca D Oliveiro Foong Meng Soon Wilson Priya Tharisini Ganesan Hizwani Binte Hasni Ho Ying Zhen Kane Felice Jeremiah Aakriti Jhunjhunwala Khoo Ek Fang, Denise Kong Eu Wei Lee Ivan Tek Zhung Vannessa Lee Lee Shi Xian Cherie Lee Xinkai Liew Wan Yi Eugenia Lim Selina Pei Xuan Lim Rachel Jie Xin Lim Ying Rong Cheryl Lim Wan Xin Cassandra Lim Michelle Mei Yin Lim Wei Leong Mervin 32

Lim Leonard Wei Qiang Lim Yong Kwang Brandon Lo Jaime Zi Yun Low Jay Lynn Dilys Lum Jinwen Christabel Sahirah Miller Sharon Alexandra Nathan Ng Naomi Huixian Victoria Anne Pereira Phoon Zi Xiang Shaleni Rajendran Rajoo Shalini Sarah Sathyamoorthi Nashitah Binte Shapudin Sim Shalyn Su Hwee Sim Wan Ru Sng Pei Xuan Tan Kah Wai Joel Tan Poh Ling Dianne Tan Pei Ning Marion Tan Nikki Xiu Li Tan Shi Rui Priscilla Teng Zhi Yan Germaine Teo Zoe Anne Hui Yi Teo Wen Jing Gigi Danica Pamintuan Then Wee Ning Ena Wong Lis Hsiao Ling Wong Mun Yee Teresa Wong Zhu En

**Bolded names refer to the people who went above and beyond the call of duty.


Nur Hazimah Binte Abdul Halim Nur Syahirah Binte Abdul Rahman Cai Yiwei Derek Chan Wai Arielle Chen Weida Perry Chew Jacob Gerard Fu Qiang Chua Siang Yee Chua Shumei Alicia Foo Yu Ting Goh Valerie Cui Ying Ho Xuanni Shanise Nurul Syazana Binte Ismail Johan Luqman Bin Jaffar Koh Kai Ling Koo Hui Ying Kwek Charissa Jia Hui Lee Su Ling Emily Lee Guan Liang Kenneth Lian Jianming Jason Lim Yong Teck Lim Calvin Wei Loong Lim Koon Wei Josephine Lim Li Wei Loh Zi Liang Lum Suk Wai Lye Xin Ying Farah Zunah Binte Mohamed Hussain Raziyah Begam Binte Mohammed Osman Nur Muhammad Bin Mohd Thahirrudin

Mak Magnus Mulyadi Sarah Naeem Ng Yan Ling Michelle Ng Esther Shuen Wai Ng Jonathan Hon Wei Ng Misa Emi Chu En Ng Chu Ying Ng Japheth Tze Jia Chi Ha Truc Nguyen Ong Natalie Qian Lei Prabhu Paniar Silvam Donna Louisse Rajendran Madhumitha Ravichandran R Renugaa Bavani S Jayakumar Sing Xuan Soo Quan Hao Samuel Tan Yanchang Tan Tai Yi Russell Tan Wei Xuan Jolyon Tan Yuan Xing Tan Zhaohui Tan Lisa Qian Ling Tan Chong Ming Darren Nadine Cecily Thumboo Thung Jia Yi Graig Umagliya Kankanangai Alexandra Nur Aisyah Wesseling Xie Shermin Qionghui Zhuang Darlene Jialing

**Bolded names refer to the people who went above and beyond the call of duty.


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Personalized Recognition: Adapted from http:// Random acts of wow-ness: Adapted from http:// Surprise Care Packages: Adapted from http:// The Ripple Effect: The Connect Team The Throne: Adapted from http:// and The Tribute Wall: Adapted from http:// Tribunal Vote: The Connect Team Toast to Success: Adapted from http:// 50-ways-to-show-appreciation Thank You Very Much: Taken from http:// appreciation.htm Visual Cues: The Connect Team

Serve with Kindness A Balloon of a Time: Vannessa Lee Appreciation Badges: Adapted from http://

Bring Out The Champ: Vannessa Lee

Heart & Soul of the month: Connect Team Placard Welcome: Vannessa Lee Prank VS Prank: Matthew Ang Name a Room After a Colleague: Taken from Ninjas of Harmony: Adapted from http:// Meet the Client: The Connect Team Speaker’s Corner: Vannessa Lee Staff Appreciation Day: Adapted from http:// appreciation.htm

Sugarcoat it with you M activity: Taken from http:// A activity: Adapted from geoffrey-james/how-to-create-a-positive-attitude.html G activity: Taken from page6.html I activity: Taken from http:// inspirationforwomen/a/vision-board.html and Using-Mood-Boards.html C activity: Taken from articles/productivity/how-to-stay-motivated.html


The difference between being mediocre and achieving excellence is you. - STEPHEN RICHARDS -


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