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27/8/2018 - 2/9/2018

CONTENTS 1. Word of Welcome 2. IFMSA CZ - Who Are We? 3. OC Introduction 4. SCORP&SCORP Camp Introduction 5. Workshops and Registration 6. Accommodation & Venue 7. Social Program 8. Czech Republic Survival Kit 9. Travel info & Visa 10. Post-SCORP Camp 11. Czech Out the Czechs! 12. Important Contacts and Links

The Warmest Welcome Dear IFMSA friends, We, the Organising Committee, are very thrilled and honoured that we can invite you to this year's SCORP Camp held by IFMSA CZ and SCORP IT. The event is going to take place from the 27th of August to 2nd of September 2018, in the beautiful nature of the Highlands Region in the Czech Republic. The SCORP does not have a very long tradition in the Czech Republic, but regardlessly, it has developed rather quickly and is now lurking for opportunities to move even further. There are many projects held every now and then in various fields of interest. To mention some of the most elaborate ones, we consider mental health, domestic violence or street and disaster medicine as our hot topics. Although the projects are growing strong and the SC is blooming, there is still something missing. Something only a few of us could have felt. Something that only your presence can give us. Can you guess? Yes, that something is the feeling of solidarity, feeling of belonging somewhere, feeling of being part of something much, much bigger than ourselves. And that is what we deem to be the purpose of the SCORP Camp. So let us all fulfill that purpose and gather here, in the heart of Europe, and make together another step in changing the world! Do not wait any longer and apply, we cannot wait to see you here! Best wishes and the greenest hugs

Your OC

Who are we IFMSA CZ The IFMSA Czech Republic is a student association with 8 Local Committees in 4 universities and more than 1000 active members.  We have a Local Committee in every Medical Faculty in the country, with dedicated local coordinators that are taking a brilliant care of multiple projects and programs that are running under IFMSA CZ, and simultaneously coming up with new ones. Lots of our projects are focused on public and public health, but we also take great focus on improving the well-being of medical students in the Czech Republic by organizing seminars and workshops to improve ourselves in medical knowledge, on a personal level, but also ones that are dedicated to student's mental health and mental well-being.  

Word From The President Dear IFMSA members, As IFMSA CZ’s president, it is my honour to invite you all to join SCORP Camp 2018 that will take place this August in the Czech Republic. IFMSA Czech Republic has been a full member of IFMSA since 1966. Since then the organization has gone through many changes and developments to become what it is today – a student organization that is active in 8 local committees, representing more than 2000 medical students actively working on projects, exchanges, capacity building and representing us both nationally and internationally. I’m proud to say that we are no newbies to hosting IFMSA international events. EuRegMe in Prague in 2012 still remains in our memories as an inspiration of how hard work pays off in the faces of happy participants. In 2017 we successfully hosted PRET and TNT in Prague. And in 2018 we are going even bigger. SCORP Camp 2018 is, after the SRT in Brno and NEO/NORE weekend in Prague, our third event this year where we are eager to share our hospitality, meet our old international friends and make new ones during days of trainings, workshops, sharing ideas and building capacity of our members. SCORP has been one of the fastest developing standing committees in our NMO in the past few years hence it feels as a natural next step to gather you, the advocates of human rights and peace, here in the heart of Europe. An enthusiastic organizing committee is working hard to create a remarkable event where you can find your way to be the change you want to see in the world. Hope to see you all here in August! Sincerely, Alžběta Tylová President of IFMSA CZ 2017/2018

Meet The Team

The Entire OC & Volunteers

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Cecil Moral support


Introducing the Special Team Member We are proud to present to you a very special member of our OC that will accompany you through the whole SCORP Camp! And should you ever need to boost your mood and would you like to seek some moral support, he will be there for you! But to do him the honours, we should introduce him with all his proper names and titles!Â

Moral support Cecil Wilfried Rainbowborn of the Houses of SCORP and SCOPU, First of Its Name, Ruler of the IFMSA and the Rightful Heir to the Six SCs, Breaker of Sadness, Bringer of Sunshine, Bundle of Fluff and the Mother of Awesomeness


SCORP is a Standing Committee on Human Rights and Peace and is a crucial part of the IFMSA. Its mission is to empower and motivate students to promote and protect human rights and peace through advocacy, capacity building, raising awareness and organizing projects that help with the goal of creating a peaceful world for everyone. An important part of this mission is holding a discussion about human rights issues and topics, such as refugees, ethics, and disasters.

SCORP Camp SCORP Camp is a summer training camp that deals with important SCORP issues, making it possible to train new human rights trainers from all over the world. It is an amazing opportunity to gather young people that are passionate about human rights in one place and have a discussion about it, tighten the bonds between these people from different corners of our Earth. Each of these people has a unique view on matters discussed and SCORP Camp is a place to share these views and opinions, moving a discussion about human rights to another level and also making it a pleasurable experience to the participants and trainers as well.

From The SCORP Director Dearest Human Rights Change Makers and Peace builders! I am honoured to invite you all the 6thAnnual SCORP Camp, SCORP Camp Czech Republic. SCORP Camp holds a very special place in my heart. It was my very first IFMSA event and exposed me to SCORP, new friends from all over the world and a new way of thinking. It started my journey in SCORP and set the foundation for me to grow from a member to part of the SCORP International Team and finally, SCORP Director. So, what’s so special about SCORP Camp? Where do I start? SCORP Camp is the biggest IFMSA Summer School on Human Rights and Peace issues. Every year we welcome up to 100 healthcare students across 5 different workshops all linked to Human Rights and Peace. It is the only IFMSA event where you will live and breathe Human Rights and Peace, from the workshops to the theme event to the free time and social program where you can connect with other participants, exchange ideas and forge global partnerships. What I love about SCORP Camp is that it’s open to everyone! You do not need to hold a position in your NMO to attend, in fact we highly encourage new members to apply for SCORP Camp. SCORP Camp is your chance to meet the SCORP family, build up skills and experience and go back to your local community and make a difference. Additionally, unlike other events, SCORP Camp is 5 day days long which means you have ample time to get to know both the subject matter of your workshop as well as the other participants. So, what are you waiting for? Apply! And I hope to meet you all in the beautiful country of Czech Republic. Green hugs, Your SCORP Director Ugonna Nwankpa “Where, after all, do universal human rights begin? In small places, close to home – so close and so small that they cannot be seen on any maps of the world. … Unless these rights have meaning there, they have little meaning anywhere. Without concerned citizen action to uphold them close to home, we shall look in vain for progress in the larger world.”

Workshops & Registration The participants are able to choose from five amazing workshops that will be facilitated by many amazing trainers! Whether you choose to become a trainer and join the TNT or participate in one of the advanced and themed workshops, we believe all of them will be worth your while and that the experience and knowledge gained in the trainings will be unforgettable! In order to apply as a participant, go to the following link: The participants may choose from the following workshops: - Training New Trainers (TNT) - Training New Human Rights Trainers (TNHRT) - Advanced Training in Human Rights and Ethical Principles in Clinical Settings - Gender-Based Violence - International Training in Disaster Medicine (ITDM) - Once Upon a Health: Children's Health and Rights


Early registration starts on 9/4/2018 and ends on 22/4/2018. The cost for an early fee is 200€. Late registration starts on 23/4/2018 and ends on 13/5/2018. The cost for a late fee is 220€.

Training New Trainers (TNT) Trainers are the backbone of the IFMSA and so is the TNT. Do you remember the day you were born? No? Don't worry! When you finish this workshop, you will know what it is like to be reborn! Such a crucial and lifechanging point in every trainer's career the TNT is and so it will be in yours! And what does it contain? A revelation of your inner strengths, guides to work, communicate and lead, necessary skills to create and conduct your own sessions, and last but not least, possibility to meet true friends and soulmates. And even if you are not training at the moment, you will always be a trainer as all you will gain in this workshop can be put in practice in both the big things and the tiniest details of your everyday life.Â

Training New Human Rights Trainers (TNHRT) Are you touched by every injustice you see in the world? Can you feel every disturbance of the force? Or are you just interested in deepening your knowledge about human rights? In any case, this workshop is for you. It has some features similar to TNT since you are going to be a trainer, but mostly, it is very special and after it, you will never be the same. Apart from learning about human rights themselves, you will discuss how they are violated and where these violations come from. You will also have time for consultation of difficult ethical dilemmas you can face in your professional life. Being a human rights trainer is also the gate to conduction whole human rights related workshops such as this one and some other at the SCORP Camp.Â

Advanced Training in Human Rights and Ethical Principles in Clinical Settings - Gender Based Violence

A complicated title for a complicated topic. The topic that is not very frequently talked about nowadays although still frequently seen. And why is that? Have we accepted it as a part of our society? Or are we ashamed that it is still happening in the 21st century? We will probably not be able to answer these questions, however, we will take a closer look at the topic. Our discussion will concern human rights related directly to gender and sexuality, the so disgustingly called "reasons" to violate them, its effect on the health of an individual, and also how to detect it, prevent it and/or intervene and communicate with such a patient.Â

International Training in Disaster Medicine (ITDM)

Disasters... Nobody wants them, but they never ask for an invitation. We can bloody well try to prevent them, but what if we do not succeed? What then? Are we lost? Definitely not! We can do a lot and some of that will be the aim of this workshop!    As its name says, the main topics will be disasters (natural, biological, chemical or even man-made) and medicine with its specifications during such unfortunate events. This combination, disaster medicine, will bring you a revision of your first-aid skills, will advise you how to lead as a medical professional in the moment of need and will start the discussion about sometimes otherwise diminished human rights and the necessity to advocate for them. 

Once Upon A Health: Children's Health & Rights

Ever wondered about the laws governing not just children’s rights, but their access to healthcare as well? What should happen when a child is exposed to torture or when children's rights are violated, are there protocols governing this? Is there a special psychological first aid process for children? If you’re looking for some answers, and want to discuss the situation of children in the world or you’re just passionate about the topic of mini’s health and rights, this workshop is for you!

Accommodation & Venue The whole of SCORP Camp will be happening near a lovely village of Křižanov, in Vysočina, Czech Republic. It will be happening in an actual camp, which will also serve as a great way for the participants to experience proper Czech nature and summer vibes with some fresh country air! But worry not! The accommodation will be in cabins with beds, linens and everything you should need for your comfortable stay! There are bigger cabins with rooms for 5-7 people or smaller ones for 4 people. All bed sheets and linens will be provided on the spot.

There are showers and lavatories in the bigger cabins and shared lavatories and showers in the main building for the smaller cabins.

Accommodation & Venue There will be five big rooms for the workshops to take place. The workshop rooms are also attached to a kitchenette, so you can be comfortable and make tea and coffee during your workshop breaks! The meals will be served in the main building. The social program will also be happening there, usually. There is plenty of room for everyone, to gather, to talk and of course, to party! There is also comfortable seating outside the main building, should you like to take your meal outside or just sit and talk there. You can also enjoy the outside at the plenty of sports fields in the camp if you'd like to let off some steam by playing sports! Or if you'd just like to lie in the sun on the green summer grass.

The campsite is situated 2 kilometers from the nearest village and approximately 10 kilometers from the nearest town. We recommend for all participants to bring all the necessary things with them, as there won't be many opportunities to go shopping (but of course, if needed, the OC will hold trips to the city)

Social Program Welcome Party Of course, we will all want to get to know each other a little better the first evening! So what's the best way to do that? A party, of course! Let us all get together, have some fun and a casual chat with each other, dance maybe? And let us get to know each other a little better! We will spend a lot of time together, after all!

National Food and Drinks Party We all know that there will be a lot of people from different cultures from all over the world! How to get to know other cultures best, you may ask? Through food! In the Czech Republic, we say that "love comes through the belly". And don't you agree? So bring typical food and drinks from your country and present them to your fellow participants! And of course, don't forget to also bring some national costumes and/or a flag!

Pub quiz & board games The third day is always the hardest one! Everyone is tired and just wants to chill. And thus, we invite you to sit with us and let your brains work for a while, instead of your party feet! Let us join in a pub quiz and then play some marvelous board games and chat! Are you a competitive player? Or do you just want to enjoy? There is plenty of room for everyone! Get your game on!

Social Program Bonfire Night & Scary Treasure Hunt We are in a camp, after all! And the thing that is so connected to a camp in the Czech Republic, is, of course, a bonfire! We will sit around the fire, talk, sing some typical songs (so don't forget a guitar, ukulele, or anything you might play and want to take with you) and also barbecue! But we want you to experience the true Czech summer camp. And that means participating in a Scary Treasure Hunt in the dark! But don't worry. The unicorns will protect you from the bogeyman!

Karaoke Night After you sing some songs around the campfire, we will not let you put your golden pipes to rest just yet! It was just a rehearsal for what's about to come. Yes, indeed - a karaoke night! Do you have what it takes to awe us with your awesome voice? Would you like to take our breath away with your rendition of some famous songs? Then this night will be yours! Who's going to sing the best song?

Goodbye Party We don't want to think about it, we don't want to talk about it, but we all know that it's coming... the time when we all need to say goodbye to each other and this awesome SCORP camp... but let's go out with a bang! Let's enjoy the party and each other for one last night and make the night unforgettable!

Czech Republic Survival Kit Currency The Czech Republic is a part of European Union, however, we still have our own currency. It's called "Czech Crown". For an estimate, 1 Euro is approximately 26 Czech crowns (the value may vary in upcoming months). We recommend for all participants to change their money before travel, if possible. If not possible, you can change your money in Prague before departure to the campsite.Â



As the SCORP Camp will be happening in August/September, the weather here will be quite warm. Usually, the weather in this period is around 30 degrees. So pack clothes appropriately! And be sure to also pack some sunscreen and hat as well. However, sometimes rain and some beautiful summer storm can occur. We also recommend to pack some warm clothes, should it get a bit colder due to the rain or if you'd like to sit outside at night.

Due to the warm weather, we also want you to stay hydrated! When you pack, don't forget to bring a reusable water bottle. The water in the whole camp is drinkable, so you can refill it there. Please, don't bring any plastic bottles for one use. We want to make the camp as sustainable as we can!

Czech Republic Survival Kit Alcoholic Beverages and Cigarettes

If you would like to bring any alcoholic beverages to SCORP Camp, whether for the NFDP or to enjoy in the evening at the social program, you may bring them with you to the camp. We only ask you to respect all the participant's habits and attitudes towards alcohol, and of course, respect the quiet time of anyone who would like to sleep and rest instead of participating in social activities. Same goes for cigarettes and smokes. However, we would like to point out, that smoking is prohibited in the area of the camp, except for specially allocated places you will be shown at the spot. Thank you!Â

Emergency Contacts Emergency Telephone Number - 112 Ambulance - 155 Police - 158 Fire Dpt - 150 All participants will be given numbers for members of the OC before SCORP Camp.Â

Journey to the Czech Republic Getting to Prague & to the Camp If you're not sure what city you should purchase your ticket to, we recommend to all of you to get it to Prague - the capital city of the Czech Republic! The SCORP camp officially starts on Monday, 27/8/2018. There will be a bus transfer organized for all the participants to get from Prague to the campsite. The journey to the campsite from Prague lasts around 2 hours. The departure by bus from Prague will be in the early afternoon. The information about when exactly and from where will be announced later (after the participants are chosen). However, when purchasing your ticket, please bear in mind that all the participants should arrive in Prague with time ahead, so everyone can comfortably get to the campsite by our bus transfer. Â

Visa Before you travel, we recommend for you to check if your country has a visa duty to the Czech Republic. For all the visa information, you can check the page of the Ministry of The Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic ( where you can find all things necessary, including information about embassies in your country. If you need a visa or/and an invitation letter, please check the option in your application for SCORP Camp in the application form for participants. After the participants are chosen, all of you that checked the visa option, will be further contacted by email and receive all the things necessary for the visa application. You may check the list of the countries that require a visa for short-term stay in the Czech Republic at the following address: _whose_citizens_are/index.html The list of countries that do not require a visa can be found at the following address: _whose_citizens_are/index.html We urge every participant to carefully check their visa duty, as well as to start to arrange all the things necessary for getting a visa to the Czech Republic in sufficient time before the SCORP Camp, so everything can be dealt with smoothly and in time. If you have any questions regarding visas, please write to the official SCORP Camp email:, with the subject "SCORP Camp - visa inquiry"

Post Camp maybe? Especially for those of you who won't have enough and will want more! One and only - Post-SCORP Camp! Do you want to get to know the Czech Republic a little more? Would you like to explore some of its most famous places and discover the wonders that this little but amazing country can offer? Then this is just for you!

When? 2/9/2018 - 6/9/2018 How much? 180€ And what is the plan, you may ask?

Brno Brno is the second largest city in the Czech Republic, the heart of the Moravian region. It has many historical sites and great places to offer, the ones you wouldn't want to miss! 

Zelená Hora & Kutná Hora After that, you may look forward to the trip across the Czech Republic, with visits to some of the most famous cities and sites, amongst them one of the UNESCO Sites in Zelená Hora.

Post Camp maybe? Prague And the trip will, of course, end in the gem of the cities, the beautiful capital, Prague. Sometimes called the City of Hundred Spires, Prague is one of the most wonderful cities in the world. Not only for its great historical sites, amazing views, and parks, but also for its many coffee shops, restaurants, and clubs! There is plenty fun for everyone! Just come and see! There will be a social program in the evening as well. You can look forward to a barbecue or a scavenger hunt, or experience a nightlife in the city! So think carefully and don't let yourself miss out on the amazing opportunity to experience the Czech Republic some more before you embark on your journey home! For all the information and latest updates about Post-SCORP Camp, please visit our website -

The Land of Unicorns As you might have noticed already, we have something really special in the Czech Republic! We pride ourselves to be the country where unicorns live! And if you come to SCORP Camp, you might become one of the precious unicorns as well! The unicorns are waiting just for you.

But as you might also know, sometimes they can be a little bit shy. In order not to scare them away, we ask you to follow all the camp rules and also, to be kind and considerate to everyone that will participate in the SCORP Camp. Because that's how you can truly become one of the unicorns yourself!

Czech out the Czechs! The unicorns of the Czech Republic and everyone here is looking forward to meet you al!  So what more could you need to enjoy this adventure? Oh, we know! Here are some basic Czech phrases that will help you to get by in the Czech Republic!

Basic Czech Phrases

Ahoj!                  /ah-hoy/                Hi or bye Čau                     /tchaw/                  Hi or bye Dobrý den           /dobree den/          Hello Nashledanou      /nus-hle-dah-no/     Goodbye Prosím                /proseem/              Please Díky                    /deekey/                 Thanks Ano                     /a-noh/                   Yes Ne                      /neh/                       No Pardon               /pardon/                  Excuse me Pivo                   /peevo/                    Beer Jednorožec        /yedno-roh-zhets/    Unicorn

So now you don't have to be afraid to Czech out the Czechs!

Important contacts & Links Official SCORP Camp Email For any and all inquiries about SCORP Camp

SCORP Camp Website For the latest info and links to registrations

Facebook Page SCORP Camp 2018 Czech Republic For the latest updates and messages from the OC

Instagram scorp_camp18 For funny stories and updates from the OC!

Can't wait to see you at SCORP Camp 2018!

SCORP Camp 2018 Invitation Package  

Invitation Package for SCORP Camp 2018 in the Czech Republic

SCORP Camp 2018 Invitation Package  

Invitation Package for SCORP Camp 2018 in the Czech Republic