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ananya ashok

Where did the interest in Electronica start? Who were you inspired by growing up? 5 years ago, when flying lotus album 1983 I heard that and I was like “Holy Crap, this is amazing”. I had no formal experience in music per se. I used to listen to Prince, Michael Jackson, and a lot of jazz when I was younger.

You’ve described your music as “Cinematic Funeral Music”. Why that description and what probed you to conceive that label? It’s just how I would describe it. Upon coming up with a description for my music, that name stood out for me. My music in general has a sort of melancholic feel to it, in terms of the kind of sound I create. Even if I tried to do something upbeat and happy, it just always got a melancholic tone. Automatically happened!

What is your favorite music software and why do you like it? I like the combination of Ableton and Logic. I don’t really prefer one or the other. I use both!

How did the opportunity to work with Tom Day and Odesza come about? I’ll start with Odesza. I heard Odesza’s album a few years ago. They had like maybe a 100 likes at the time when I reached out to them and said, hey I’d love to work with you guys and they liked my voice. I always wanted to work with them and jumped at the opportunity to work with them.

Tell us about your new EP. It comes out in December this year. I’ll be collaborating with five different producers. I’m really excited about it and I’ve been working hard on this EP. It’s not done yet but it’s very different, probably due to the fact that every producer has his or her own sound. It’s Unique and yeah, basically I am really excited.

Tell us about your creative process. What inspires you when making music? I don’t actually have one. I like to go with the flow. When I start working on a track, I try to go based on what comes out naturally. A lot of things inspire me. Depression is something that I quite naturally get inspired by. Not depressing stuff (chuckles), but just melancholy, as an emotion is something I find to be mysterious and beautiful.

Who’s on your playlist now? These days, I’m listening to just a ton of Spooky Black and FKA Twigs. Almost everyday now.

Track to Check out! Low Roar x Monsoonsiren (Adeika) (Spheriá Remix)

Monsoonsiren 'Paper Tiger' (Project: Mooncircle, 2014)


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