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WITH LOVE FROM THE ORGANISING COMMITTEE I am Ahmed the Head of the organising committee for NORA Weekend Brighton. On behalf of the organising committee, I would like to welcome you to the United Kingdom and specifically to the incredible city of Brighton. We are excited to host NORA Weekend as it has been long since we have hosted an international IFMSA event. Our organising committee have worked tirelessly to ensure that participants would have a great time at NORA Weekend Brighton. We are in the process of finalising our preparation to have you around for a an exciting training experience to enhance your SCORA knowledge and gain new skills to help you in the management of your local SCORA. Brighton is considered as the UK LGBTIQ+ capital and we think that it is the perfect place to host a SCORA event. In this document, you can get more details on the event and our preparations so far. Save the dates 31.October – 04.November.  

With all our SCORA Love , The Organising Committee of NORA Weekend Brighton

WITH LOVE FROM INTERNATIONAL OC Dear SCORAngels, Europe is a particular region. We’re a small region, but the differences amongst us are enormous. Those differences can be seen not only in mentalities and the work we develop, but also in concrete numbers that compare SCORA-related topics in Europe and also in the laws the citizens of each country are imposed. Even in the European Union, the differences are quite big. All these differences showcase the disparity amongst us, but also make us work in different areas and have different priorities. SCORA is more than a committee, it’s so much broader than that: one single committee with so many different topics to be talked about, with so many beautiful work being developed all over Europe and the world. By participating in this NORA Weekend, you’ll see what your fellow NORAs are developing, you’ll get inspired by their work, by their passion, by their opinions and points of view. More than an amazing scientific opportunity, it’s also an amazing networking opportunity and you’ll reconnect with the reasons why you chose this committee. We know sometimes the workload is enormous, but a break to rediscover SCORA is always welcome.

Warm hugs, Your International OC


Dear amazing European NORAs, It is with great joy that I am writing you this last welcome note of m term. It feels like I am ending right where I started, and I cannot be happier that all of this is with you. Unfortunately, I will not be able to attend this very important event due to work (growing up sucks, uh?!), but I really hope to see a huge number of NORAs and NORAs Elect attending. NORA Weekend is a small event and it might feel as if it was less important than other ones, but it's really not like this: during these 3 days you will get to learn a lot of things, you will build new capacities, you will decide all together what is the path for our beautiful Standing Committee's new term. In these 3 days we plant seeds that will grow into amazing flowers in just a bunch of months. Or, if you prefer, we put the basement to build our SCORA home. I really invite you to be part of this work, because networking and building together is key for the change we long to see in our Region. Let's make this happen, all of us. Huge hugs, I will miss you all. Dario

WHY SHOULD YOU ATTEND? NORA Weekend will help you .. - Get that SCORA knowledge and experience to lead SCORA within your NMO and ensure a productive term planned ahead. - Connect with other NORAs from the region with fabulous ideas and projects to share. - Discuss collaborations and potential connections between your NMO and others from Europe. - Get to know the SCORA regional team and get their support in any potential concerns or worries. - Discover new places and enjoy Brighton’s  beach around autumn time and the SCORA family atmosphere.

AGENDA -------------------------

Our Agenda team is tirelessly working to build the perfect sessions for you all. We still have some details to define, but this doesn't mean we can't give you some spoilers of what's to come: Handover sessions to learn how to end your term and pass all of the useful information and skills to your successor. Soft skills sessions, because no one of us knows it all! Sessions about international work: how can you take the most out of it for your local and national projects, while contributing on the regional level? European Priorities sessions. As you know, every year some huge topics are chosen as main regional priorities, so it is vital for us to decide how to work with them! Theme based sessions to decide which are the most important SCORA topics for Europe for next term!

EVENT DETAILS Place : Brighton, United Kingdom Dates: 31st. October – 4th November Venue: University of Brighton ( training rooms) Accommodation: Home Brighton Backpackers Hostel

FEES Early bird tickets: 60 Euros Standard tickets: 70 Euros

WHAT IS INCLUDED? Accommodation for 4 nights, breakfast, coffee breaks/snacks and lunch.   Dinner and social are not included in the price. The organising committee will advise participants on how to order dinner/ go out for dinner.  Transportation







committee will advise you on transportation options from the airport/ the train station that you are arriving to.

SOCIAL PROGRAM Subject to change depending on the circumstances. 1st night: Night out in Brighton’s Gay Quarter (Kemp Town) 2nd night : National Food and Drinks Party 3rd night: Night City Tour 4th night: Farewell Dinner

TRANSPORTATION - Recommended airport is Gatwick Airport - 30 mins train from Gatwick to Brighton station (approximately £10 ) - The hostel is 10 mins walk from Brighton station - 1hr30 mins train from London Kings Cross station (approximately £23) - 2hrs20mins train from Heathrow Airport (approximately £23) - Check flights arriving to other London airports (London City Airport, London Stansted Airport and London Luton Airport)

VISA INFORMATION Here you can check the information about the travel advice after Brexit from the UK government website:Â


Profile for SCORA Regional Assistant For Europe

NORA Weekend 2019 Invitation Package  

NORA Weekend 2019 Invitation Package