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On the Way to a Greater Future Cervix and Breast Cancer Awareness Conference World AIDS Day Projects in Isfahan “What do People Ask about AIDS?” TNT Workshop Kermai Dormitory AIDS Awareness Campaign Jey Dormitory AIDS Awareness Campaign Enghelab Square AIDS Awareness Campaign HIV/AIDS Awareness Posters Members Perspectives about The Projects

On the Way to a Greater Future While reproductive health is a taboo in our country , we are honored to say that Isfahan SCORA , in its one and a half years activities , becomes a famous and recognized group in voluntary works among IUMS’s students . We believe that because lots of people don›t like discussing such issues with others, and unfortunately they are not informed enough, SCORA has a long way to go. So this year we were trying to work more publicly by increasing our co-operations with several other organizations in order to help us declare our message more widely . We would work together, trying to make our world , a better place for everyone to live in. Certainly reaching these goals needs a great teamwork that is owed to our enthusiastic SCORAngles and their brilliant ideas and support.

Breast and cervix cancer awareness Project Manager: Minoo Jelvan Author: Elham Azimi Elham Azimi

Minoo Jelvan

Breast and cervix cancer awareness conference was held on Thursday ,December 5th(Azar 14th ) at Isfahan welfare meeting’s amphitheater. The purpose of conference was to inform women , especially those who were under support of welfare organization, about breast and cervix cancers. The Participants were consisted of about 150 women and administrative team which included 11 SCORangles. In order to understand the efficiency of conference ,some questionnaires were distributed before and after the lectures. [Participants filled the questionnaires and some of them were illiterate ,so the administrators help them to answer. First of all, Hurie Aghasharifian ,one of the administrative members ,gave a lecture about the importance of being aware of breast and cervix cancers, their symptoms and ways of preventing them. The purpose of this lecture was encouraging audiences to pay more attention to the rest of lectures. After that Dr.Roayayi, one of Isfahan’s famous oncologists, spoke about cervix cancer .The main topics of her speech included: prevalence of cervix cancer in Iran and all over the world, its prevalence among different ages, effects of using fruits and vegetables on preventing this cancer ,risk factors of this cancer ,influence of genetic history on developing of the cancer, methods of diagnosis in early stages and necessity of pap smear and also ways of treating cervix cancer and its the end doctor Roayayi answered to questions which were asked by the participants. Then Dr.Hemmati, another well-known oncologist, spoke about breast cancer constitutes 76% of women’s cancers in Iran .Main topics of her speech were consisted of :the prevalence of breast cancer in Iran and all over the world, its prevalence among different ages, risk factors such as inappropriate diet ,being endanger of rays ,lack of sport and enough mobility ,influence of genetic history on developing this cancer ,methods of diagnosis in early stages and necessity of self exam . She implied that in our country women usually find out about their cancer in advanced stages because They don’t have enough information about self exam and mammography but it doesn’t happen in developed countries.She also spoke about the ways of treating breast cancer and its prognosis.At the end of the speech doctor Hemmati answered to participants’ questions. Also reporter and photographer of Nasle Farda newspaper were there and they published the report of our congress. At the end all participants were glad about joining this program , and they implied that their knowledge about the discussed disease has been increased a lot. Thanks to all our SCORAngle friends who helped us to hold this conference!

World AIDS Day Projects in Isfahan Project Manager: Maryam Hosseini-Isfahan LORA Maryam Hosseini

Introduction The latest statistics of WHO shows that more than 36 million people are living with HIV infection, so this disease continues to be a major global public health issue. Since 1988 December 1st has been called as “the international world AIDS day”. From 2011 to 2015, the theme of this day is: «Getting to zero: zero new HIV infections. Zero discrimination. Zero AIDS-related deaths «. This day provides a good opportunity for people specially medical students to establish projects in order to increase public’s awareness about AIDS. Summary Isfahan SCORA held a three day AIDS awareness campaign on December 18-16th with the cooperation of Iran-SCORA ,e and as a part of the national AIDS campaign . The purpose of this campaign was informing university students and Isfahanian citizens about AIDS, so the campaign was held at two of the dormitories of Isfahan university of medical sciences and Enghelab square ,a crowded place near Isfahan si-o-se-pol bridge. A workshop was provided for the executive team of the campaign ,and also some posters were installed in different universities to inform students. Cooperating organizations

Project objectives

- UNAIDS-Iran -To increase public awareness about AIDS - Isfahan Health Center -To answer questions related to AIDS - The consulting center of Isfahan university -To increase people’s understanding of their of medical sciences vulnerability for developing AIDS -To encourage healthy and infected people to Target groups avoid risky behaviors -University students living at dormitories of Isfahan -To introduce necessary actions in case of suspicion of university of medical sciences infection with HIV -Dormitory clerks -To encourage patients to seek for proper treatments -Isfahan citizens-*Students of Isfahan educational -To improve public culture in dealing with HIV positive centers patients -To reduce stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV Project Results Informing more than 700 citizens and about 500 students

Methodology: Phase 1: “what do people ask about AIDS?” Workshop

The executive team of this project were supposed to participate in the” What do people ask about AIDS?” workshop which was held on December 15th. This workshop provided some information about the most commonly asked questions about AIDS.

Phase2: Kermany Dormitory Campaign

*This campaign was held on December 16th. *6 SCORAangles participated at this campaign as the executive team. *300 students were informed.

Phase3: Jey Dormitory Campaign

*This campaign was held on December 17th. *3 SCORAangles participated at this campaign as the executive team. *200 students were informed.

Phase4 : Enghelab Square Campaign

*This campaign was held on December 18th. *25 SCORAangles participated at this campaign as the executive team. *More than 700 citizens were informed.

Phase5: AIDS Awareness through Posters

*AIDS warning posters were installed at university and educational centers of Isfahan.

Positives -Involving of 40 SCORAngles during the project

-Cooperation with new organizations -High quality materials ,which were provided by SCORA national team

Challenges and Obstacles -The campaign was held two weeks after world AIDS day -The cooperation of Isfahan municipal was inadequate

TNT Workshop Project Coordinators: Fatemeh Etemadifar , Hurieh Aghasharifian

This year we planned to have a campaign for the anniversary of HIV day which was on December 1st . First of all we needed some expert trainers who had enough knowledge and social communication to describe different aspects of this disease and educate people on the campaign day. So we decided to hold up a kind of TNT -Training new trainers- workshop.

Fatemeh Etemadifar

It was held on December 15th ,and about 30 of SCORAngles participated in it. Hurieh Aghasharifian

The workshop had five lectures which is explained in more detail as the following:

c nterlli e C h t S l Hea AID about t of isfahan e l p o pe stan ationg madi - Assi c u d e R. Ah e of ortanc Lecturer : D p cluded: n i m I e r Isfahan u e t n c h i e l T d s n i a h t AIDS. ran of t

topics ess abou ide, in I n n i w e a r d l a r m w o l e a h ,w T ive socia raising AIDS t i f d s o n o a p y g e r l i o l e p io th eo ops and • Epidem ucating p h s d e k r f o o w e c ion portan er educat e p o • The im t n ctio t introdu r o h s A • effects

HIV testing Lecturer :Farshad Afshar - Medical Student

The summary of this presentation: • The main target of HIV testing The presentation was giving answers to these 4 simple wh questions: who? When? How? Where? These four are the most common questions that usually pass through the mind when we hear about HIV test. Who must be tested for HIV? When is the best time to get a HIV test? How are HIV tests performed? And Where are HIV test centers in our city? For the first question, some risk factors were introduced and explained. The times in which tests can be performed were clarified for the next question. Different types of testing with their strengths and weaknesses were elucidated for the “how” question.

A short review on HIV and AIDS Lecturer :Fateme Etemadifar - Medical Student The main topics of this lecture included: • morphologic and pathologic aspects of HIV • onset and history of AIDS • ways of transmission • Groups at risk

pathogenesis of HIV virus, stages of HIV infection, prevention and treatments of AIDS

Lecturer: Shamim Kiani -Medical Student The summary of this presentation: HIV infection has 3 stages :

1) Acute infection

2) Clinical latency

3) Acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)

HIV causes AIDS by depleting CD4+ T cells. This weakens the immune system and allows opportunistic infections such as Kaposi’s sarcoma, burkitt’s lymphoma, Tuberculosis and Candidiasis of bronchi, trachea, esophagus, or lungs. At the moment there is no cure for AIDS.Treatment consists of high antiretroviral therapy which slows progression of the disease. Treatment also includes preventive and active treatment for opportunistic infections.

AIDS stigma

Lecturer : Soroosh Semsarzadeh-Medical Student The main topics included:

• Social and mental aspects of HIV

• AIDS phobia and stigma

• Patient’s rights and their social and self-protection

• Educating people about living with HIV positive people

• Depression, concealment and violation among HIV positive people

we In the end ious had a delic ake with birthday c els on it „000 cand

Kermani Dormitory AIDS Awareness Campaign Project Coordinator:

Hurie Aghasharifian Hurie Aghasharifian

Every 10 seconds, a person dies from AIDS . Statistics say that homosexuals and prostitutes are the most exposed and are considered the major risk group. yet, they are the ones who take more precautions. On the other hand, an increase in the number of housewives who are infected by their husbands and medical staff who are not taking proper precautions is observed . Among them are mostly untrained amateur medical students and nurses who do not completely realize the magnitude of the problem which the world is dealing with . So this year , a specific part of our project was dedicated to our own colleges . We wanted to make them conscious about the importance of prevention, let them know how to advocate for their HIV+ patients rights in living and treatment and trying to reach the universal goal of zero Stigma, Discrimination and infection for HIV . Our project was drafted in a brainstorming session about two months before the campaign . University students , medical staff and lecturers living in Kermani Dormitory and also dormitory insiders were determined to be our target group.

Methodology : :The campaign was held in the dormitory for 6 hours with 6 informed members answering questions. An informing station was prepared and decorated by attractive materials and banners . Two different kinds of brochures and booklets were distributed to the students . Our information team were hanging posters everywhere in the dormitory in order to conduct our message to whom couldn›t come to our desk .

Comments and suggestions According to the number of people living in Kermani Dormitory and other dormitories of Isfahan university of medical science, I would suggest a 4- 3 day campaign next year in order to cover more target groups . Also presenting the good results of the project to the university management team can induce interest in them for similar projects.

Outcomes : 300 people reached us directly during the campaign by our desk . It is estimated that about 800 reached indirectly through posters and online publications.

Positive aspects,challenges and obstacles The help of our NGO sponsors and cooperating organizations « Isfahan Health Center « and « the consulting center of Isfahan university of medical sciences « was astonishing . Of course , the most important factor of our success was trained and highly interested SCORAngles and rich training materials . Fortunately, good timing of the project helped us get the maximum contact with our target group . It was also scheduled to have no interference with our midterm exams so we could fully concentrate on the project . The hardest parts were getting official permission for the campaign and also coordination of different parts and organs .

Jey Dormitory AIDS awareness campaign Project coordinator: Hamidreza Jahanbani Author: Ali Azizi

Hamidreza Jahanbani

Ali Azizi

Each semester, Isfahans SCORA has a campaign due to HIV issues. This semesters AIDS campaign was held on 17 Dec.1013 at the “Jey” dormitory and occurred 4 hours from 13 until 18 pm. The aim of campaign was to answer questions below: • • • •

What are the ways for HIV virus to enter the body? How does it happen? What is the procedure of HIV for transferring from an infected person to a healthy one? How to treat or contact a HIV + patient without getting infected?

Approximately 200 educational catalogs have been given to the dorms students so that the point of views of at least 200 educated person has been changed about HIV, for example: how to treat infected people or how to avoid getting injured or infected ,and about not to distinguish infected people from healthy folks in society. We hope that holding this campaigns would help people acknowledge aids better and that they can control their behaviors due to avoiding HIV so that we have a healthy community in result. Also we desire people, how to cope with HIV patients, and how to treat them respectfully and also for the patients we hope they overcome their disease and to deal with it with informed mind and healthy behaviors. Hope there would be a day that every body enjoys the health, and we thank God for this gracious endowment.

Enghelab Square AIDS Awareness Campaign Project Coordinator: Azadeh Rahnama

Azadeh Rahnama

On the occasion of the global AIDS day we decided to hold a public campaign in Enghelab Square (near Isfahan Si-o-she pol bridge) to offer information about control and preventive of the AIDS disease. AIDS is one of the biggest health issues in current human communities. It is also known as a social, cultural, economic, even political problem too. To hold the campaign we arranged an executive team consisting of 25 people with 5 different times from 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM for public notice. We made a station with 2 desks and some posters about AIDS. We also had prepared some questionnaires with some simple yes-no questions about how AIDS is transmitted, how it develops, how it can be prevented as well as some brochures about its transmission and preventions. We asked the passerby to fill up the forms; we also distributed the brochures to them, assessed their general information and replied their questions. In Enghelab Square different people attend ,so we experienced various questions such as are there any health centers for free of charge cure of the diseases all over the city that the people are unaware of? When people learned there are some centers, many of them were interested in approaching for checkup. Some young boys and girls who had unprotected connections asked whether the diseases can be transmitted via saliva? How and how long after contact they may understand that they have involved. Another frequently ask question was: is there a vaccine for the disease yet? A lady said that her husband is a dustman; she was worried for his job that he is at risk. We advised her to encourage him to follow hygienic rules,and in case of any scratch or injury he can approach Navabsafavi Health Center for AIDS tests. One of the authorities of welfare organizations asked us to hold campaigns in welfare centers too. In general the people welcomed our campaigned for this occasion. They expressed their gratitude for our efforts and ask us to hold same campaigns in next years. We felt that ordinary people have poor information about the disease and how much our work can be helpful to clarify public opinion for prevention of the diseases. Eventually we appreciate the executive team of the campaign and we hope to have given public awareness about the diseases.

Enghelab Square AIDS Awareness Campaign Author : Sara Zamani

Sara Zamani

SCORA is a committee with the purpose of raising awareness among people to speared knowledge regarding HIV/AIDS.Also SCORA believes that one of the important methods of fighting AIDS is prevention and the only way of prevention is through education. at Enghelab square campaign we tried to reach this believe so ,First of all we attracted people , introduce ourselves and asked them to fill out our questionnaire by their own knowledge to know that how people aware of AIDS to use the result of that for our future plans and project ,then if they had any question would ask us ,we answered and guided them and show the way , at the end for more information gave out some leaflets and pamphlets and introduced organizations which support HIV positive people . People›s tendency to coordinate with us was wonderful and incredible ,they behaved in friendly manner and gave good feedbacks and motivated us to do extra activities like this .But World AIDS day remind us there are many things still to be done and we have to make an effort more and more.

HIV/AIDS Awareness Posters Project coordinator: Ali Kamal

Ali Kamal

In order to increase public awareness about AIDS and especially ways of transmitting of this dangerous disease among high risk ages, SCORA produced three types of posters in cooperation with Iran SCORA national team and Isfahan health centers. posters Contained information about AIDS, warnings with shocking figures and Iran`s and in development world`s statistics of AIDS. These posters were distributed in some other universities and Institutes of Isfahan and nearby destinations like:

-Isfahan university of arts -Isfahan university of applied science and technology -Mohajer faculty of engineering -Sobh e Sadegh Institute of Education -Danesh Pajohan Institute of Education -Safahan Institute of Education

Hopefully these kinds of projects will be continued, therfore we can take a big step in order to promote public awareness about AIDS.

Members Perspectives about the Projects

Sahar Salarnia -Medical Student Being a member of breast and cervix cancer awareness project’s team was a good experience for me. It was a great chance to not only use my knowledge towards giving advice to women and adult girls for having better health , but also increase my information about this subject! Finally, thanks to the SCORA team for giving this opportunity to me!

Arezoo Attari-Medical Student At December 15th , I attended a workshop about AIDS that was organized by the Isfahan SCORA team. Although, it wasn’t the first time I attended a workshop, but this one was really different. The best thing about it was that because most of the lecturers were my classmates, the atmosphere was friendly, and it wasn’t like a boring class, so learning occurred better and faster. The second attractive thing about it was that most of the participants were medical students, so the lectures were emphasized on the medical aspects of AIDS such as the danger of needle stick and how to behave with HIV positive patients. And so, this workshop made us ready to educate ordinary people


Shadi Yousefvand-Medical Student Joining Kermani Dormitory Campaign was a really fantastic experience for me because until then, I never had the chance to talk to students about HIV and AIDS disease and see their reactions and questions about it ,so it was a beautiful lesson for me and I learnt many things. I believe participating in such groups and having the feel of being a small part of it and giving service to the community ,has a really delightful sensation for us.I also think that day was Wonderful and everything was perfect and I will never forget it.

Parto Nasri - Medical Student When I first joined SCORA, I always asked myself “what can I do for the society?” , “Is there any room for us to do something?”, But in the AIDS campaign -an event meant to boost awareness about HIV/AIDS- I understood that although I’m a third year medical student and I don’t have much clinical knowledge, I can be a useful member for the society . As we introduced ourselves and explained our purposes, people’s coorporation and the way they trusted… us to ask their un-answered questions about AIDS was awesome! I am happy to say that day was great because I was able to use my knowledge at the service of people .

Elahe Sanei - Medical Student Being in the situation that you can help other people was very enjoying. Most of the people had some basic information about this disease ,which they had gotten from mass media, but some still had questions, so they asked them and got their answers. Some people who were concerned about having HIV and not knowing about it, had lots of questions such as “how they could know for sure?” ,”which test they should do?” and “where they could go for consulting?”.

Atieh Rashidi - Medical Student I am a new member of this committee .I am very happy for participating in AIDS awareness projects and learning many things about HIV/AIDS. This disease continues to be a major global health issue, having claimed more than 36 million lives so far. Therefore it is important to do as many activities as we can in order to warn people and to inform them that early diagnosis will lead to better outcomes.

Imprint Editor in Chief: Maryam Hosseini


Mohsen Kheradmand , Ali Kamal

Content Editors:

Negar hajiannejad , Ali Shavsavari


Farshad Afshar ,Hurie Aghasharifian ,Arezoo Attari ,Elham Azimi , Ali Azizi ,Fatemeh Etemadifar,Maryam Hosseini , Ali Kamal ,Shamim Kiani ,Parto Nasri ,Azadeh Rahnama ,Atieh Rashidi ,Sahar Salarnia ,Elahe Sanei ,Soroosh Semsarzadeh ,Shadi Yousefvand , Sara Zamani

SCORAngles in Isfahan-December 2013  

Isfahan SCORA (IFMSA-Iran) - World AIDS Day - Breast and Cervix Cancer Awareness

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