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Issue 27 2013

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GRINSPOON - The Spoon lads return to the coast on their Black Rabbits Tour.


SAN CISCO - We disect these lovable indy darlings..


BOB EVANS - We familiarise ourselve with Bob’s latest experimental album.


YEAH YEAH YEAHS - Attach their proboscis to our limbs while we stream their new album ‘Mosquito’.


REDX - Former JoeKings members assemble to pursue Drum n Bass and Blues influences.

10 RECORD STORE DAY - Throw your plastic contraptions in the garbage and get amongst the dollar bins. 12

IN THE SCENE - Latest music news and compeitions.


CROSS FADER - From the bedroom banger to the aspiring producer, or even if you just love your dance music - this section is for you.


RICKY MARTIN - Would you buy his greatest hits?


MARK MARONEY - Tells us of his latest dream gig with rock’n’roll legend Billy Joel.


FROM THE FOXES MOUTH - Rhys from The Point refines our live music ettiqute.


THE SILVER SCREEN - Olympus Has Fallen & The Company You Keep.

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Issue 27 | April 2013




ad habits. We’ve all got ‘em. Some are more public and less healthy than others. As far as Australian rock bands go, Grinspoon are more readily associated with that phrase than most. It’s fitting, then, that they’ve chosen to name their seventh album after Cockney slang for bad habits: Black Rabbits. Grinspoon is one of Australia’s most loved rock bands and they are back with their seventh studio album, twelve tracks to blow your mind and released 28 September. Following the heavy rock barrage heard on the East Coast quartet’s last album, 2009′s Six To Midnight, singer Phil Jamieson and guitarist Pat Davern were both motivated to write “lighter, more melodic” material. “We were going for big choruses and major melodies,” says Jamieson. “Lyrically, I was writing on themes that weren’t too downtrodden, or too angsty. Musically, we wanted tighter arrangements all ’round.” Los Angeles-based rock producer Dave Schiffman – whose past credits include Weezer, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club and The Bronx – was chosen to handle the recording sessions, after all four members of Grinspoon fell in love with The Bronx II. The Lismore-born quartet – Jamieson, Davern, drummer Kristian Hopes and bassist Joe Hansen – burst onto the national music scene in 1995 via a string of hits which later appeared on their 1997 debut album, Guide To Better Living. The band’s six albums have sold a combined total of over 450,000 copies in Australia, including multiple platinum certifications and an ARIA Award in 2005 for

Thrills, Kills & Sunday Pills (‘Best Rock Album’). Emphatic lead single Passerby, at radio and available August 13th, acts as both album opener and a lens onto the band’s newfound emphasis on melody and groove. It’s the foundation song of Black Rabbits; the artistic breakthrough that the songwriters had to have before they could build the proverbial walls and ceiling.

laughs. Grinspoon are back and we like what we hear.

“Passerby was a point of difference, and it didn’t sound like we were treading water, or being lazy,” says the singer. “It didn’t sound like we were hangin’ out, smokin’ cones in Lismore – not that that’s a bad thing” he


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Issue 27 | April 2013


Megadeck Australia is the industry standard in concert and performance staging. Our modular staging pieces can be assembled for any event small or large. Anything from a DJ table for a house party through to massive instrument risers on national tours such as Big Day Out. All manner of event needs can be catered for by using our versatile stages including stage extentions to existing venues, camera platforms for recording, rolling drum risers, catwalks, podiums, dance floors and so much more. Available for hire or purchase.To find out more visit our website and check out our image gallery. or


Thurston Moore-Sonic Youth SCOPE MAGAZINE




hat can we say about San Cisco, the song that you would probably recognize them by drove us a little insane with its raw call and response, but when you dig a little deeper into their albums there are some trippy soundscapes that show maturity and experimental courage. On the back of blitzing SXSW and crowds across the US and the UK, San Cisco are very excited to announce they are returning to Australia to hit the road on The Beach Tour throughout May and June. The Beach Tour kicks off at the Sunshine Coast, before heading to Brisbane, the Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Ballarat, Adelaide, Melbourne, Newcastle, Wollongong, Sydney and Perth. Helping to get the beach party started will be Brisbane four piece, Millions and Chaos Chaos from the US. It’s no secret these guys roll with the hipster crowd supporting the likes of Darwin Deez but they do it in such a down to earth and interesting way. They are articulate about their creative process and sound like they are not only great players but very in tune with technical production methods. San Cisco’s producer has an interesting philosophy when it comes to getting the magic happening in the studio. When interviewed on our favorite non-commercial radio station the Cisco crew retold stories of how their producer was excited about the accidental changes they would make and keep them in the final product. Some of the song variations lead to serendipitous sound effect triggers. Their break out single showed their understanding of nuanced repetition and the need for a story in pop lyrics. The stalkeresque dialogue between a pair of young delinquents was what made the song somewhat more palatable. It doesn’t hurt that the band ticks all the right boxes in the fashion and looking good department. We haven’t seen them live but the reaction from critics makes us believe they are worth checking out on stage. “San Cisco arrive like a ray of summer sun with their throaty cat calling vocals and jangly guitars.” - The Line Of Best Fit. After releasing their self-titled debut album to critical acclaim at the end of last year at home Australia, a sold-out national tour and more than three months on the road overseas, San Cisco will be pleased to travel some familiar terrain and see some familiar faces on The Beach Tour. Named after their third single to be lifted from their self-titled debut album, ‘Beach’ has been a stand out in the international scene. Featuring the vocals of Scarlett Stevens and Jordi Davieson it has already had the UK audience up in arms – you can 6

Issue 27 | April 2013

.” check it out here. Tickets to the San Cisco Beach Tour won’t be available for much longer, so make sure you check out their debut and head along to the Sunshine Coast Show.


notion but I still think of records the same way as I did when I first started listening to music and that is as whole pieces that you put on and listen to from start to finish. I attach so many of my musical memories of discovery and wonder and awe and fear and excitement to this idea that it remains important to me. So why not, given the unbelievable opportunity to make records of my own, indulge in that stuff? Even though the lyrics on this album might be of a serious nature I hope that the music carries with it a sense of fun and playfulness because that was the idea.” The latest (and very amusing) video for single “Go” was directed by Darcy Prendergast for Oh Yeah Wow and produced by Nicky Pastore features Australia’s Tim Rogers (You Am I).


t’s here! Bob Evans fourth and fabulous new album ‘Familiar Stranger’, featuring the current quirky new single “Go”, is out now and already causing a kerfuffle as it hit the Top 10 iTunes album chart on its official day of birth. ‘Familiar Stranger’ is Bob’s first album since 2010’s “Goodnight, Bull Creek”. The album’s proud father Mr Bob Evans (aka Kevin Mitchell) shares this about the “Familiar Stranger”, “I must admit I was toying with the idea of making a “concept album” this time around, which I haven’t done but some of the ideas

carried through. The songs were all very visual for me and I started to think about the album like the soundtrack to a movie. Even though the lyrics don’t necessarily link the songs together I still thought that if I worked out the order the songs would go in before I started recording them then we could record to that order and make the songs link together musically. So the first two songs and the last three songs all blend together, which was a challenge at times because they weren’t originally all in the

Bob Evans upcoming national ‘Familiar Stranger’ tour kicks off on April 11 playing the Sunshine Coast Queensland before making its way around the country visiting all states before ending on May 18 in Meeniyan Victoria. The full run of national tour dates are listed below and can be found at Joining Bob Evans and his full band as main support is triple j’s Unearthed band Tigertown (excluding Cairns and Darwin shows) and Melbourne’s Davey Lane for all shows.

same key. Bob continues, “I know it’s probably fast becoming an out dated

FAMILIAR STRANGER | OUT NOW ON CD, VINYL & DIGITAL DOWNLOAD Pre-order Bob Evans forthcoming new album ‘Familiar Stranger’ now @

“It’s all about the experience”

21 Beach Rd Maroochydore p: 07 5443 5605 SCOPE MAGAZINE




eah Yeah Yeahs are back with a new album titled ‘ Mosquito’. The first single ‘Sacrilege’ takes us back to earlier guitar driven Yeahs, gone are a the thick layers of synth, replaced with rolling bass and a haunting gospel choir chant. The band has been generous enough to let the whole world strem the new album online. They describe the album as being a lo-fi journey mixed liberaly with delays and roots vibes. “So much feeling went into this record, it was the rope ladder thrown down into the ditch for us to climb up and dust ourselves off. I hope others can climb up it too; we’re excited to share the good vibes.” Its obvious by the new tunes they have gone back to their roots working with long-time producers David Sitek and Nick Launay, recorded at Sonic Ranch in Tornillo, Texas. ‘We would love for this music to make our fans feeeeel something, for it to stir some shit up inside of them, whatever that may be,” says singer Karen O. Mosquito was released Friday 12th April on Modular Recordings, but you can hear it right now via triple j - get in quick as the link will be down shortly. LISTEN HERE: yeahyeahyeahs_mosquito/


Phill draws inspiration from the blues greats of past and present and both of them share a love of the classic rock era of the 60’s and 70’s, and such bands as The Police and Steely Dan. Their impressive live set involves virtuoso musicianship framed around catchy, well- written songs.


riginally from Perth, RedX packed their bags and ventured across the Nullabour in 2012, landing on their feet in Melbourne by picking up a four month residency at the prestigious Melbourne home of Rock ‘n’ Roll – The Cherry Bar. They have quickly become a favourite on the local scene. RedX is Phill Leggett (guitar, vocals) and Eddie Narain (drums). Initially the title for Eddie’s 8

Issue 27 | April 2013

reggae/ drum ‘n’ bass project, RedX was in reference to a documentary about Peter Tosh (the iconic Reggae musician) called ‘RedX – Stepping Razor’. Tosh claimed the government had dossiers on him with red x’s written everywhere his name appeared. However, having teamed up with Phill, with his blues and rock guitar sensibilities, the name remained but the sound changed dramatically. RedX is a rock band with an eclectic mix of other styles thrown in.

Phill and Eddie met as members of the once established WAMI award winning Western Australian band – The Joe Kings. When that band imploded in dramatic fashion in mid 2012, soon after recording their debut album with the country’s most in demand producer, it was time for their side project – RedX – to take centre stage. They have since been gigging furiously on the Melbourne scene and have recorded their debut EP (recorded entirely at home with nothing more than a handful of mics and a computer). The future looks bright for the duo as they embark on their first national tour.




echnology continues to progress at an alarming rate. Silicon Valley keeps expanding by inventing new tech gimmicks for us to stare at for hours on end. I can’t help but feel some days they just reshape a product, just to make it new again. I reminisce back to when clamshell mobile-phones were the expensive space gadgets. I don’t know if I buy these claims that manufacturers create timed warranty bombs, if they have they are damn good engineers tinkering with a potentially fatal outcome, although I have seen fight club and Edward Norton and Tyler Darden couldn’t both be wrong. So with this ever reducing product lifecycle it is hard letting go of the old ones. I’m a tech hoarder (no you can’t have my address) It is hard not to notice all of the obsolete gadgets pilling up in our office. Even our once dusty tractors shed is getting cluttered with techno relics, In this land of miscellaneous junk, one underappreciated medium stands as the greatest survivor of all. The king of storage, the bringer of good times, and the backdrop to wavy listening parties; I’m talking about the record. I dig a lot through old record stores and the piles of vinyl in my shed are a testament to the hardiness of the format. I’d love to see the gawdy CD hold up as well as my record collection has. Some discs are only 2 years old and look like they’ve been exposed to Chernobyl. The most obvious reason why you should own a turntable in the 21st century is the sound. No laser beam or spinning hard drive will ever compare to the vibrations of a needle amongst a groove. The unmatched tactile response you get from unsheathing a Frisbee and sitting it on the dinner plates. Anyone can download their bands favourite song off the net like a ravenous peg-legged baron of the sea; however it takes a true fan to seek out the short run vinyl pressings that are reinvigorating the music market. Fun Fact: Vinyl is also good for your health. If you have a huge collection of crates and are willing to spin at a party or venue, you won’t ever need to go to the gym again. If the Stereo heads question your lifting regime you can respond simply by swingin crates over your shoulder.

Time Machine 101 Currie Street Nambour (07) 5447 2647

Backbeat Records 80 Howard Street Nambour (07)5441 5304 10

Issue 27 | April 2013




WIN 10 TIX TO THE BIG PINAPPLE MUSIC FESTIVAL FOR YOU AND 9 FRIENDS WITH 11PM STUDIOS HOW TO BE IN IT TO WIN IT Submit a photo of yourself, or you and some friends, doing something at 11 pm. Get everyone you know to vote for your photo/s. MAIN PRIZE 10 Tickets to Big Pineapple Music Festival (that’s yourself & 9 friends!! ) 10 ElevenPM Promo Packs PEOPLES CHOICE PRIZE 11 ElevenPM Promo Packs to the photos with the most likes.

GROOVIN’ THE MOO PHOTOGRAPHER COMPETITION We’re on the hunt for regional Australia’s most promising photographers to be a part of the inaugural SHOOT THE MOO!

SETH SENTRY MAKES HISTORY WITH PERFORMANCE ON US TALK SHOW JIMMY KIMMEL LIVE Melbourne rapper SETH SENTRY made history today when he because the first Australian rapper to perform on a US talk show. Seth will return to Australia in time join The Rubens, Flume and Ball Park music in Dubbo for triple j’s One Night Stand in April and for his biggest national tour to date, the Dear Science Tour, that starts in May.

You’ll be given a once in a lifetime opportunity to shoot Frightened Rabbit direct from the official photographer’s pit at your local Groovin’ the Moo, as well as hang out with the band backstage for a few casual behindthe-scenes snaps. We’re also going to give you one on one time with a professional photographer To enter and for more information, log onto Entries close Friday 19 April 2013

11 RUNNERS UP PRIZES TO BE WON TOO Submissions close at 11pm, April 14th, 2013.

NEW SUNSHINE COAST ART PRIZE COULD RIVAL ARCHIBALD The Sunshine Coast is set to host a major international art festival that will offer the Southern Hemisphere’s biggest international art prize.

AUSTRALIAN BODY ART FESTICAL CALLING FOR PERFORMERS Event Manager of the Australian Body Art Carnivale Danielle Taylor is calling on local singers, dancers, jugglers, stilt walkers, and street performers to get involved in this year’s event, taking place in Eumundi on Saturday 11 and Sunday 12 May. Performers are invited to contact Danielle on 0403 023 802 12

Issue 27 | April 2013

BRING ME THE HORIZON’S NEW ALBUM SEMPITERNAL, HAS DEBUTED AT #1 ON THE AIRA ALBUM CHARTS This is the second time that the UK heavy rock band has claimed the #1 ARIA Album position on debut. Bring Me The Horizon recently visited Australia in March as part of the Soundwave Festival. The band will be touring the UK and Europe throughout May, and hope to return to Australia for a headline tour later this year.

LifeArt Worldwide will light up the Queensland tourist mecca this spring as more than 100 global and Australian artists compete for the $25,000 prize pool. The festival will be held at Sunshine Coast TAFE Mooloolaba campus from 25 October to 3 November.






rom music production to DJ performance, you will hear people talk about MIDI.... If you we’re in a southern state, it might refer to the equivalent of what we call a pot of beer, but in music and performance, it actually stands for Musical Instrument Digital Interface, and it’s a universal standard that allows different elements of music, performance and production to talk to each other in a langue that is understood.

options. MIDI is not audio data. When you record audio in from a synth, it can have effects added, and be cut up, etc, but the sounds you record will be the sound that is used. With MIDI data, you are free to make changes right up until you bounce down/render the audio, or physically record the output of the synth or device that the MIDI data is triggering. Nowadays, there is a massive focus on using ‘Softsynths’. These are synthesisers that are

Your device or controller sends MIDI data in the form of Note data, or controller data, and is sent in values between 0 & 127. MIDI is a standard 5 din plug with a MIDI in, out or thru port on devices that are MIDI capable. But with new technology, MIDI Data can be sent over USB and FireWire now too. In relation to music production, think about MIDI note data in the way the old pianola used to work. It has holes punched in a piano roll that would be read by the pianola and the song would play automatically. MIDI is like this. You can record MIDI data with any keyboard or controller that has a MIDI out, and this data is recorded without any memory or the sounds used, as its not audio data, even if you selected a particular sound, you have simple recorded MIDI note data. The joy of this means that, once recoded, you can change sounds, change the octave (transpose), and edit elements like the velocity (how loud it sounds), note lengths and pitch bend, plus a lot more. In nearly all modern day DAWS and MIDI recording (sequencing) programs, they have a piano roll editor. This is a close representation of the old style piano rolls I mentioned earlier, and once you have the notes the way you want, you can then try others sounds, copy the track and edit to get some very creative


Issue 27 | April 2013

From hitting the play button, through to moving the cross fader, it’s sending MIDI data to your DJ software that then changes the parameter that you were changing, and all in a nano second. It means that you can really customise the software from your controller, because it works on much the same principal as the piano roll. Just Data that can be sent to any device, and tweaked to suit.

MIDI note data is broken up over 16 channels, with channel 10 being used for drums/percussion as a standard. In fact there was a standard brought about a long time ago called General MIDI, and this means that if you buy a MIDI file as a backing for a live Performance, you can open it in any device or program, and the instruments will correspond the same channel in that device. If you are looking to get started with MIDI sequencing, then looking for something that supports general MIDI would be a good idea.

MIDI is also used to synchronise devices, meaning that one device can be the master, and the other device will be used to sync and slave off that device. It’s how a lot of the big love acts sync their equipment and keep their timing. used throughout your computer, basically a virtual instrument. Native Instruments offer some of the best Softsynths in the world, and used by some of the biggest producers in the world. These sounds are all triggered using MIDI data. The other place you will hear MIDI mentioned is when it come to Controllers. These can be controllers that control faders on your favourite recording software, effects units, and more and more recently, MIDI is used to control DJ software from your DJ controller.

MIDI is even used for lighting, syncing devices and lighting rigs so that the effects match the tempo of the performers’ song. Playing around with MIDI is a great way to explore what it can do for your music, your live Performance and your production. Plug and play!! Ryan Khay of Wild Fm Brisbane, and is one half of ‘The Wildboyz’, heard doing mixes on the Southern Cross Austereo Network’s national show ‘The Revolution’. An award winning Commercial Radio Content Director and Project Studio owner.


SAE Institute Audio Production Student I really like the environment. There are plenty of talented people at SAE Institute doing some really cool things. Staff and students included.


DIrECt ApplICAtIonS opEn now for 2013

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ENROL NOW for 2013 Web Design & Development Games Programming Graphic Design Games Design Animation

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‘Over 70 million albums sold, 95 platinum records, 6 #1 Billboard albums, 11 #1 hit songs, 2 American Music Awards, 6 Grammy Awards, 8 World Music Awards, 10 Billboard Awards, 8 MTV Music Video Awards, with sold out concerts in more than 60 countries across the globe, and more than 3 decades in the music industry.’ So we’ll abruptly change course and go a little easy on old Ricky the Spanish Stallion. We kind of wanted to keep Scope all edgy and groundbreaking however you soon realize people don’t always enjoy reading about bands they have never heard of. So this is us balancing out and chucking a Latin pepper in our dish.


ould you buy a Ricky Martin Album in 2013? I mean it’s hard enough for talented artists to sell music in this day and age; can Ricky still hit the lofty heights of his Living La Vida Loca days? Surely his face time on the vacuous Voice and Glee appearances should help him climb a few charts in the pacific region. But I am genuinely intrigued to know if Ricky still has a big following in Australia. I know the South American continent support him with their iconic Latin passion but is this superstar still relevant in today’s fast paced churn and burn industry. He was lucky to make his impact before the internet completely ruined the status quo business model and his cash cow status must provide some security for his label. His appearances on television would also aid in his somewhat delayed comeback. My mum was a huge fan, not that she’d publicly admit it, and I guess he has an appeal to a certain


Issue 27 | April 2013

demographic. But the question in my mind with Ricky is, what has he been doing for the last 8-10 years. Upon further reading of his press release we are given an answer: In 2012, Ricky Martin fused his love of musical performance with an expansion of his capability as an actor. His year began with a critically heralded guest appearance as Spanish teacher David Martinez on the hit television series GLEE - which E! praised as the show’s “hottest number ever” and “[deserving of] an Emmy nomination.” You have to admit Ricky has an undeniable track record. Most musicians wouldn’t take him too seriously outside of South America but the man really is a juggernaut. We could shovel dung on his latest greatest hits collection and it would still go platinum, I mean who could resist the genius mind that gave us ‘She Bangs’ and ‘Shake Your Bon Bon’ his depth is unfathomable.

It also seems that Broadway apparently can’t get enough of him either, they’re screaming ‘Put Ricky In Everything!’. Everything? Really? What would Spiderman the musical be like with Ricky as Peter Parker? His web slinging would be so graceful. I guess we should just be grateful that a supernova has shown up in Australia and instead of burning our faces off it hosts a televised singing competition. Its pure genius, I love supernovas. But please don’t take us too seriously.


Live sport every weekend on 4 huge plasmas.

T-Bone Tuesdays $12. Thursday night Parmas $15. Mouth Watering Steaks.




styles, including roots, folk, jazz and blues. Along the way he has supported artists such as Renee Geyer, Katie Noonan, Jeff Lang, James Reyne, David Ross Macdonald (The Waifs), Pseudo Echo, The Black Sorrows and Chris Smither. If you can’t get to Sydney, Mark is also. performing at the Big Pineapple Music Festival on April 20, along with Birds of Tokyo, Regurgitator, Grinspoon and many more at the iconic Sunshine Coast attraction. Warm, unassuming, emotive and sometimes cheeky, Mark represents the next era of Australian roots music. Arts critic Mike Netman from The Bay Chronicle wrote, “Tender, passionate, emotive and full of glorious phrasing – out of this world”.



ocal musician Mark Moroney is set to rub shoulders with some of the world’s most renowned artists,including Billy Joel, Aerosmith and Van Halen at ANZ Stadium in Sydney for the inaugural Stone Music Festival on the 21st April 2013. Mark said he was honoured and excited to be featuring at such a star-studded event. “I had to pinch myself to make sure it was really happening! If you’d told me last year that I would be sharing the stage with Billy Joel in April, I wouldn’t have believed you.” Promoter for the event, Mark Spillane is “seriously excited about including Mark and his band on the bill. As soon as I heard the tracks, I knew here is one of the most deep and honest songwriters I have heard and just had to get involved - I really wanted to help connect Mark and his storytelling to a worldwide audience – he deserves to be there and this is a great first step for such a sensational young artist.” The timing of such a high profile show couldn’t be better for Mark, also announcing the release of his stunning new album, “Walking Through Walls.” Recorded on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland and mixed in LA, the album is bursting with gorgeous melodies and lyrics, combined with Mark’s unique blend of finger-style guitar and smokin’ soul vocals. “I’m stoked with this album, and I can’t wait to get out and play it live. We spent most of last year recording and mixing it, taking our time to get everything perfect. It was definitely the way to go though, as I couldn’t be happier with the results.“


Issue 27 | April 2013

Mark was born in Warwick, Australia and grew up in the small town of Palmwoods where he first began playing music. Mark honed his skills as a musician and songwriter performing in a variety of bands and musical



read an article recently on music-based website, Faster Louder (www.fasterlouder. on US band, Yeah Yeah Yeah’s decision recently to request that audiences not watch the show through the screen on your smart device/camera (followed by ‘Put that sh*t away as a courtesy...). This is a fair call from any artist. Now, I’m not going to point fingers (because that’s just damn rude), and I’ll be the first to admit that I take photos of video snippets at shows, but in my defense, this is usually when reviewing or taking snapshots for The Point Facebook page. However, I do understand the type of punter the Yeah Yeah Yeah’s and other like-minded bands are referring to; therefore I feel the need to bring up the topic of audience etiquette. It seems in a world that has grown considerably larger while being considerably closer (thanks to ze internetz, googlez, and faceybookz), we live in a world of me first, others second. Selfishness and general disregard for others when it comes to luxuries such as entertainment are commonplace these days.



I’m sorry, but I still believe in manners. Call me old-fashioned, but a little bit of respect for others that are there to enjoy what you are enjoying isn’t too much to ask for.

So by all means, take a few happy snaps on your phone for Instagram or Facebook and share it with others, showing your friends what you’ve been up to. All good. However, how about taking some consideration for others that are there to soak up the moment... AT THAT MOMENT. Maybe excuse yourself when you shove your arm in front of everyone’s view so you can take a sub-par photo. Also, on the subject of audience etiquette, how about having some regard for those that are rather vertically challenged. I like to speak for my fellow short-stuffs, though I would be classed in the taller of that category, that we really don’t appreciate it when tall bastards decide to take advantage of the strategically obtained space that we have for ourselves so we can get a decent enough view of the performers, only to just shove in front of us. I can honestly say, this happens at about 80% of the gigs I go to. Am I a magnet for a Neanderthal Tweedledum and Tweedledee to position themselves in my viewing bubble, just because I’m a part of an easier target? It would seem that way.

For some reason I also tend to find myself positioned in a thoroughfare for the drunken mosh-pit goers and am consistently shoulder-barged (always a favourite experience at festivals, I do have to say). Also, ladies over 5’9”, is it REALLY necessary to wear high heels to gigs? You’re a danger to the other audience members with your evil stilettos homing in on innocent little piggies barely covered by our Converses. I get that the heels ‘accentuate’ you legs, but I’ll let you in on a tip from the male gender... trust me, there’s only a very small percentage of us that actually look at your legs. Keep the heels to the night club scene, and save our feet. I’m not saying be a prude that just stands there in fear of having fun; far from it. But how about just a little common sense and a little respect for your fellow music-lovers next time? Live it live, love it loud. Until next time... Rhys Editor The Point Sunshine Coast

forced to rely on Banning’s inside knowledge to help retake the White House, save the President, and avert a nationwide disaster.

journey to track down the one person that can clear his name and allow him to go home to his daughter.

Starring: Gerard Butler, Morgan Freeman, Aaron Eckhart, Ashley Judd,

Starring: Shia LaBeouf, Susan Sarandon, Julie Christie, Brendan Gleeson, Richard Jenkins and Stanley Tucci


OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN National security actioner from the director of Training Day, starring Gerard Butler as Mike Banning - a disgraced Presidential guard who finds himself trapped in the White House when terrorists capture the building. Also stars Aaron Eckhart as the President, Ashley Judd as Mrs President and Morgan Freeman as secondin-command. When the White House (Secret Service Code: ‘Olympus’) is seized and the President kidnapped by the shadowy group, Banning gets trapped within the building. As the authorities scramble to respond, they are

From Academy Award® winning director Robert Redford (ORDINARY PEOPLE) and Academy Award® winning producer Nicholas Cartier (THE HURT LOCKER) comes a suspense thriller based on the novel by Neil Gordon. With an incredible, award-winning ensemble cast including Shia LaBeouf, Susan Sarandon, Julie Christie, Brendan Gleeson, Richard Jenkins and Stanley Tucci, THE COMPANY YOU KEEP explores how far you would go for what you believe in and to protect the ones you love. When a former member of the radical protest/terrorist organisation the Weather Underground (Sarandon) turns herself in to the FBI, Ben Shepard (LaBeouf), an aggressive young journalist, starts searching around for leads on the other members. Before long Ben uncovers Jim Grant (Redford) a former Weatherman and a fugitive wanted for murder. After living for more than thirty years under an assumed identity as a civil rights lawyer and single father in New York, he must now go on the run. With the FBI in hot pursuit and Shepard getting closer to discovering his secret, Grant sets off on a cross-country SCOPE MAGAZINE



SCOPE MAGAZINE is the Sunshine Coasts’ one-stop entertainment website and publication.

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