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from the


Caroline Stanley

from the

Advocacy Director


Hi Bondies!

Welcome to Week 9! Just realised that I have only five editions of Scope left. Super sad times. We will try and make these final five editions the most jam-packed as they could be so that Scope and 2012/2013 BUSA goes out with a bang!

Coming toward the end of semester the products of ‘life just happening’ become a much harsher reality than they were in week 3 and the potential implications land so many students with academic exclusion and the daunting task of pleading for their enrollment within the University. Academic warning will have been handed out by the end of next week and with them the onus on each of the affected students to begin taking mitigating steps to prevent ultimate failure in the subject. Fortunately there are a number of available options for students, with free and paid services available over the entire campus. Listed below are just a couple of the available options, however, if you have any additional questions or would like some confidential advice but with regard to your rights, or the how to access these services, please email me at advocacy. Student Learning Support: The Student Learning Support team offers personalised help in one-on-one sessions and small group workshops or seminars to improve your skills. Make an appointment by visiting

We’ve been hearing lots of good reports and sporting success stories from those Bondies representing us at Northern University Games in Brisbane this week. With the games finishing tomorrow, we are all thinking of you and wishing you the best of luck for your results! Hopefully your muscles (*livers*) will recover quickly and you come home no worse for the wear, to take on the last few weeks of semester.

I have learnt some valuable lessons University Councilor: The Student Counsellors at Bond University offer a totally confidential in the BUSA office this week. Most counselling service to help you with anything from study pressures to personal problems. Make importantly, how to catch a highly an appointment by calling 61 7 5595 4002 poisonous, jumping, ninja, killer spider. Use a smaller instrument Speaking to Lecturers: Being a part of a university with some of the smallest teacher-student ratio’s in the country you have the unique opportunity to email your lecturers and see them with to trap said spider (ie. a cup not a tutorial material or questions regarding content. Don’t underestimate how many students do this, bowl), then slide reasonably thick or how valuable it can be. To do this email your lecturer or tutor by searching their details either paper (magazine recommended) under the contacts tab on ilearn or by searching their names in your student email search bar. under the trapping device in Collecting a Daily timetable and structuring your day: Often students are more than capable of order to protect your skin from effectively completing course content, but struggle with balancing social, work and personal committhe poison. Gently lift the cup/ ments. Effectively allocating just a couple of hours study each day and attending class with often put bowl/paper/magazine constudents back in a position to successfully complete the semester. Email traption from the surface and and request a planner. release the spider into the Student tutor database: Each of the faculty student associations has a tutor database where students wild (office environments who have proven they received a High Distinction in their subject offer their time at an agreed fee. The not recommended). Ensure benefit of this service is that the students who have taken the same subjects you are able to offer a service that will equip you to tackle the assessment and exams more strategically. To make a booking search that if the spider is a flying/ students names for each subject on the faculty database by emailing: jumping spider to propel your trapping device from Business: your person as you release Humanities: the spider, as a provoked/ trapped spider is not a Law: (visit website) friendly one. Living on campus: Generally:

Love, Caro x

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THE NSA PRISM scandal By Halligan Quinn


surveillance programs. Men fleeing to Moscow. Evil-sounding anagrams. Ever since the press revealed that America’s government has been running a secretly surveillance program called PRISM, the news has sounded suspiciously like a novel you’d buy at the airport bookshop. The facts are changing every day and it’s confusing enough to begin with. So here is a primer on everything you need to know about the NSA, PRISM and the man who alerted the world to it.


PRISM stands for “Planning Tool for Resource Integration, Synchronization, and Management”. It is the name of a government surveillance system that would allow the government to “look at, collate, monitor, and cross-check different data types provided to the NSA from Internet companies located inside the United States”, according to American national security reporter Marc Ambinder.


NSA stands for “National Security Agency”. It is an agency of the US Department of Defence that collects foreign communications in order to protect America. The NSA started PRISM in 2007. According to the opening slide of the leaked powerpoint presentation, PRISM is the information source “used most in NSA Reporting”.


According to slides from a powerpoint presentation leaked to the Washington Post, PRISM allows government agents to look at “e-mail; chat-video/voice; videos; photos; stored data…file transfers; video conferencing” and pretty much any other type of regular online data. Nine companies were listed as being providers of this information: Microsoft, Yahoo, AOL, Facebook, Google, Apple, PalTalk, YouTube and Skype. The extent to which these companies worked with the NSA isn’t confirmed. A New York Times article cited lawyers who worked with government requests for information claimed that order for information could be broad or specific, and could include sending real-time transmissions of digital communications. Google has since denied some of the article’s statements, specifically that it created a “locked mailbox” that the government could access. PRISM is only meant to be used against people outside of America, but the NSA need only be “51% certain” that someone is foreign to do so.


Under Section 702 of the Foreign Intelligence Surveillance Act of 2008, American national security heads can target foreign individuals to gain intelligence for up to one year. Meanwhile, the Protect America Act of 2007 removed the need for a warrant when the US government surveillances foreign individuals. So, yeah, this is totally legal. Still, critics are saying that it violates rights set out by the US Constitution.


Edward Snowden is responsible for leaking the information that alerted the press and the world to the existence of PRISM. He was an employee of Booz Allen Hamilton, a defence contractor that worked with the NSA. In May 2013 he took temporary leave from his job. He then flew to Hong Kong, and met with a documentary filmmaker and a journalist for UK newspaper The Guardian. They interviewed him for a week. Since the Guardian revealed him as the sourced of the leaked information with his permission, Snowden has been on the run. On the 23rd of June he flew from Hong Kong to Moscow. Since then there’s been plenty of rumour as to where he might go. As of the 6th of July, Nicaragua and Venezuela have said they would offer him political asylum (the right to live somewhere when a person is unable to live in their home country for political reasons).

$("$1'&23'$&!("$&(*&.#.&$(-3+(4&!(-& #'&(*,& Snowden’s background is one of a guy who wasn’t a fantastic student, but was able to get a high-paying job through his expertise with computers. He lived in Japan for a bit, and the internet thinks the girlfriend he left behind is really hot. Plenty of spokespeople and commentators are more preoccupied with judging the character of his actions. The president of Bolivia thinks he is a hero. A senior US administration official has said he was motivated “to injure the national security of the US, not to advance Internet freedom and free speech”. Thomas Drake, another famous whistle-blower, thinks he did “a magnificent act of civil disobedience”, whilst prominent New York Times columnist David Brooks cast him as a traitor to the Constitution, his colleagues and the US government. Snowden said in one interview with the Guardian that his actions where a matter of principle and in the public interest. “There are all sorts of documents that would have made a big impact that I didn’t turn over” he said, “because harming people isn’t my goal. Transparency is.”


Apart from the fact that PRISM could have been hypothetically used to look at your emails, whether or not something like PRISM should be allowed goes to the heart of a lot of issues about privacy and how much power the government should have. These problems won’t go away anytime soon. Also, you’ll be better informed when they inevitably make a movie about this.

y e h t e v a h & % # $ $ ! # ? " S ! e E h R t O t Wha NE TO OUR C DO BY LUKE



This article aims to educate you on the proposed changes to the core curriculum and give an entirely opinionated evaluation of them. Each sub-question has been broken into two categories: fact and opinion. The facts are 100% unbiased truth, conveyed here as they were presented by the panel. The opinion is 100% my own.

Facts: The panel consisted of a staff representative

from each faculty, the VP Education from BUSA, two Alumni (who are local employers) and a few more university staff members. The only student on the panel was Rupert Holden. The panel were instructed that the reform had to occur under the parameters that the Core Curriculum would be worth 20-60 credit points, meaning that removing the Cores entirely was not an option. Data was collected from Focus Groups attended by students. The total number of students across all of the Focus Groups, and therefore the total number of students canvassed, was 52. Data from Tevals, which every student who undertakes the subject has to fill out, was deemed by the review committee to be less important. The panel admitted that they had some difficulty engaging employers in the process; nevertheless, we were told there are three top generic skills employers look for in graduates: '(!)*+,-./0( 1(!234*/5*/6.3+7!608776( 9(!"/848:+7!4;83083<( Opinion: 1. MASSIVE problem: because the study was confined to 20-60 credit points (by the Chancellery), the possibility of removing the core curriculum entirely was forbidden from even being considered. The panel could not even discuss the merits of removing cores entirely, which hugely limits the scope of the evaluation. I feel a discussion on this possibility is a discussion that should be had. 2. The data used was from 52 students. The panel openly admitted to us that Tevals were secondary to panel data. The Tevals are the

only comprehensive source of data as to all Bond studentsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; opinions on Cores. Essentially, the advice of a sample of 52 students created the proposal, often over the opinions of every student to ever do a Core subject. Further, I was a member of one of the Focus Groups, and I know that at least half of the people in it had been lured/coerced to go in order to reach the numbers necessary. Two of these members were first semester students who were only halfway through one of the core subjects. More input is needed from mppore students on this. 3. After the panel, there were only 6 days to return feedback. I understand time constraints, but there should be more time available to allow all f the stakeholders to have input. 4. The employer and alumni advice is lacking substance. There was no evidence of the types of employers that were actually spoken to, and the

panel told us that the employers were very reluctant to give recommendations or even be spoken to at all. More time should be taken to engage these employers and alumni. =;+4!+/*!4;*!:;+3<*6> Facts: The Core Curriculum will have four subjects. In total, it will be worth 30 credit points (three subjects worth). This gives 10 credit points back to the faculties to do what they want to. They will be compulsory for all students, except MBBS students. This is the breakdown; the descriptions are exact quotes from the handout:

Rupert Holden, BUSA Vice-President for Education, had this to say on the changes: â&#x20AC;&#x153;The proposed cores will be challenging and innovative and I believe will offer students a brand of education that they wonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t experience again throughout more content

!"#$#%$&' Effectively, every core we currently have is gone. The only one to remain is CEVs, under the third core. 1. Information, Ideas and Communication The first new core is effectively the combination of Reasoning Skills, Public Speaking and Communication Skills. A few problems: t "NBKPSJTTVFXJUIBMMPGUIFTFDPSFT in the past was a lack of depth. If the classes had been more advanced and complex then they may have been received better. This subject will likely be shallower than ever. t 3FBTPOJOH4LJMMTXJMMCFHPOF*LOPX that everyone had mixed views on this subject, but generally it is regarded as the most popu()$)*+,,-'./%01/2 I am actually for this subject. It will demonstrate to employers that Bond students have the experience to match the degree and will add to the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Bond Differenceâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;. 4. Class Sizes Because there is no choice of core and they are being made compulsory in certain semesters, the classes will likely be 300+ students.

driven courses. The committee was very conscious of including the students in all stages of the planning and will continue to work with students, if the proposals ever take off.â&#x20AC;?

lar of the cores. Reasoning Skills has its own problems, but what all cores need is an internal review rather than a completely new syllabus. t Ä&#x2021;JT DPNCJOBUJPO PG UISFF DPSFT JT likely to exacerbate the individual problems of them, rather than solve them. Effectively, there will be four weeks available to cover the content of each of the three. It could quite easily result in an even worse subject than the cores we have at the moment while killing what we do like. Particularly considering only 52 students were consulted.

t Ä&#x2021;F UFBN TLJMMT UIBU FNQMPZFST BSF looking for are already taught within our own degrees. Group assignments are extremely common and, more importantly, they are relevant to the industry we are aiming at moving into. 3. Career Capital

t #VJMEJOH VQ QPJOUT GSPN FYUSBDVSricular activities actually provides nothing that we cannot already get. Any law student that actually wants a job will do a clerkship. People 2. Leadership and Teamwork volunteer because they would like to perform a social utility. t Ä&#x2021;JTTVCKFDUJTWFSZBSCJUSBSZÄ&#x2021;FSFJT t Ä&#x2021;JTTVCKFDUDSFBUFTZFUBOPUIFSIPPQ no indication of what it will likely entail, and I to jump through, making it more difficult to am concerned that it may result in a very in- graduate. substantial course. should be considered. If the students can opt in to the subjects, then they will, but if they would prefer not to then they can choose to study something else. This would also allow for the popular cores that exist to remain.

Finally, there should be internal review done of the current cores by experts in that area, rather than removing them completely. Everything should be on the table with complete transparency: we can salvage what works, scrap what doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t, fix what we can and Thirdly, MORE STUDENTS SHOULD BE IN- at least not guess about a program that appears likely VOLVED. The date for feedback on this proposal to fail. is Monday the 8th of July, which has already passed. This change is moving way too quickly, and we need I have requested an extension of feedback time, so more time to discuss and evaluate it. I have sent a if you agree with what I am saying, or you disagree request to Chris Hogan for a time extension on feed- with the changes that they are looking to implement, back, with these concerns attached. contact the following people to be heard:

5. Study Abroad Many exchange students use cores as electives for their travel, as it is very difficult to find correlating subjects at other universities. This change will hugely Fourth, if the content of the cores is going to be limit their ability to do so. covered in the substantive of a degree (think ethics, group work), then that degree should be considered Where to from here? The following are a few proposals from myself, feel to become exempt from the cores, so as to avoid free to send your own to the relevant people below: double-dipping. Fifth, more employers and alumni need to be Firstly, the possibility of removing all cores should be brought on board to discuss this. An open forum should be created to allow all of the relevant stakeconsidered. holders to have a say on the changes, and perhaps be Secondly, the possibility of core being made electives able to shape the way they will go.

If you have any questions of me, or would like a copy of the proposal handout, contact me at: luke. Also, I invite any university staff with clarifications or commentary to send them through to me, and I will have them published in the next issue. READ THE FULL ARTICLE IN BENCHPRESS OR INSIGHT.

Life#)0#Tina Riz 0--0#2(D

By Tina Riz


ow I know what the vast majority of you are thinking. “Tina Riz? Isn’t she that chick that I saw peeing in the street that one pubcrawl? Pfft, yeah, like I’m gunna take advice from her.” Well you’re not wrong, but you have to take my advice, because I’m a doctor now, so shut up and listen, you might just learn something. And if you don’t learn anything from this article in particular at least it might teach you how embarrassing yourself in front of 500 other students really isn’t that bad. So without further ado here you have it…. Tina’s Tops Tips for Surviving University (and life in general for that matter).

!"##$%&'(#()*+#(,-#()*+" I’m assuming you’re waiting for the second part of that cliche, but don’t, it’s not coming. Whether you can walk the walk or not is irrelevant. Don’t talk the talk, ever. Let your actions speak for you and you will never find yourself having to explain why you have egg dripping down your face.


I know this sounds a bit backwards, but hear me out. By no means am I saying you should be an outright abusive bitch with no concern for anyone else. I’m simply saying that if you want to be of any help to anyone else, you have to put yourself first, first. Think about it this way; human beings are inherently selfish, you wake up every morning, cook your own breakfast, brush your own teeth, go to uni and develop your own skill set and further your own career, eat your own lunch, wipe your own ass and so on and so forth. So if you’re one of those people that spend your time trying to please everyone else, stop what you’re doing right now. It is near impossible to keep everyone in your life happy at all times and it is not your job. If you yourself aren’t selfish, you will be exhausted, underappreciated, unaccomplished and miserable. Put yourself and your needs first, and then when you are needed you will be in the perfect position to shoot to the rescue.

block of Dark Forest Cadbury chocolate, which makes me happy but doesn’t actually get me any closer to where I want to be. So the antidote is just to look at all the things you are so lucky to have and think about all the people that envy you for them. I’m not talking ‘dying kids in Africa,’ I’m talking something your mate or siblings or classmates would envy you for. Pump up your ego a bit, pull yourself out of your hole of self-pity and keep going, you HPUUIJT

:"#;)<-#&%#-=6-4()(2%&0 Now, I’m not suggesting you should have low expectations, and constantly assume the worst of people. I’m saying have NO expectations whatsoever, zero, zip, none at all. At the end of the day, the only person you can rely on with any degree of certainty is yourself, and the only way you can get to where you want to be in life is to take the necessary steps. No one else can take them for you, and they probably wouldn’t even if they could. If you take responsibility for your own success and don’t depend on help or handouts you’ll feel more accomplished in your achievements, and trust me, you’ll be less disappointed if someone lets you down. On the flip side, when someone does come through with the goods you’ll be so much more appreciative of their help.


Haters gone hate, if you’re not pissing someone off you’re probably not doing anything. Frankly, what random people think of you doesn’t matter in the slightest. The point at which you need to be concerned is when it’s not just random people; if criticism is coming from sources close to you, people who know you well and are speaking from a place of love, then you should never be too proud to listen to their critique. Having listened, perhaps you’ll dismiss it or perhaps you’ll have your eyes opened to some ways to improve yourself, either way you’ll be better off and more self-aware. This is a particularly important point for those readers who haven’t managed to hold on to more than two friends for more than two semesters. If this is 3"#$%&'(#4%56)7-#8%970-*1#(%#)&8%&-#-*0- you, that is a pretty massive indication Don’t do this, unless you want to be miserable and have life that you have a personality defect, you pass you by. Your life will hopefully span 80-100 years. By com- should work on that. paring yourself to anyone else at any given time you are taking a massive life knife and cross-sectioning time. By comparing any ?%#(,)('0#5-#1%7#&%A"# aspect of your life to someone else’s in this single snapshot in time you are completely discounting your future potential to do the same, if not better. I know it is all too natural to do so. I do it a million times a day, I get sad, and feel like crap, I go eat a whole

B-)4-#%9(# C2(4,-0"




With the coming of age so does the preconception of wisdom. We look to our elders for knowledge and insight to the past that no one else can give. Since time began we have looked to those older than us to give us tips of survival and share their vast knowledge. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s how we as a society have grown. Over the millennia our group knowledge base has grown astronomically all because of the sharing of wisdom from our elders.


(and how theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve became irrelevant) By Jess Pourtsmouth

number our very own lecture rooms.


he declining birth rate coupled with longer life expectancy is a catastrophic disaster. We used to look to our elders for wisdom as they generally had to have some. If you survived past 45 you had to be doing something right. Maybe you could have taught us how to escape that tiger or how to survive the winter, maybe even how to make bread or get our crops to grow better.


ow why did I see a toddler being run down the other day by an old man flying past on his scooter in a shopRisk takers were more than likely to be dead before their ping centre? He literally ran over the kid and left tire hair even greyed. Growing old meant something. It signiNBSLT PO UIF QPPS LJET GBDF "O BSSBZ PG TIPDLFE TIPQQFST fied the struggles you had overcome in your youth. You were and a screaming mother were left in his wake as he sped off entitled to be treated with respect because you had earnt your down the mall completely unfazed by the incident. Poor ey- place in society. Not like now where every person with grey esight was the cause? Perhaps. hair and a walking frame thinks itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Or perhaps it was his blatant their god given right to be held up disregard for the youth of our on a Pedi stool. society. hat may have been acceptable )PPMJHBOTw ZPV IFBS before when each tribe had them cry. â&#x20AC;&#x153;A disgrace only a few elders. Now everyUP TPDJFUZw UIFZ DSPX one over the age of 50 decides they i4IPX TPNF SFTQFDUw UIFZ want to be treated like a king. It dodemand. esnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t work in our society when there BSFNPSFPMEQFPQMFUIBOZPVUI ell we have our ups and downs, our ow are you going to look freaks and outcasts when your wetting the but as a generation we have bed along side 1000 other achieved more than you ever of your generation because there DPVME .BTUFSJOH UIF VTF PG arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t enough carers to take care of smart phones for example. you? When we are forced to put you Not to mention listening to all in mass nursing homes because a lecture whilst simultaneopeople stop work at 65 and expect to usly chatting to more than 10 be retired for 30 or 40 years? people at once, sipping on a coffee. All outstanding achieâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m not necessarily saying itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s vements on our behalf. time to cull the older generation, yet maybe thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the anhen we think of a wise old man we usually are swer. All I really want is for old people to realise its no great flooded with images of Ghandi or Gandolf the wi- feat to age beyond 50 these days. You can get money from the zard even professor Dumbledore. However what are government and sit on your couch for 70 years and you think we confronted with on the streets of todayâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s society? Nothing you deserve respect? but a sea of mobility scooters flying past swerving along the side walk and a stream of toothless grey haired doll bludgers ging these days is not an achievement itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s an inevitable lining up at the centre link office waiting for their pensions. fact of life. If you arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t providing us with any knowOur hospitals are full to the brim with the older generation, an ledge or wisdom then what is your place in society? array of illnesses such as heart failure due to obesity caused by Why do we tolerate your bad smell, your slow moving feet and their complete and utter laziness. your inability to care for yourselves when all you do is treat us with complete and utter disrespect? one are the days of heroic war heroes and masters of their trade. our inability to use technology does not give you an excuse to be a dick to youth. Secretly we know youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re only jealous of what we now have and what you used eedless to say the aging population is a serious issue, to know. all you have to is look around Bond on your way home and see that the amount of aged care facilities out


â&#x20AC;&#x153; W W G N



CD;#ED#5BE#!F#the#ADDG# HDI#?EJ EB#of#DI!5!F (if you arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t a Rugby League fan) By Halligan Quinn

up for this. Do you know what some other countries would give to be able to resolve their arbitrary conflicts through events that the vast majority of people donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t even have to participate in? Sport is the reason Australia will never have a civil war: it will conflict with whatever sporting match is on that particular night. Sport may lead Australia to war with New Zealand, though, so be prepared for that.

one state over the otherâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s. Or, alternatively, you could pick the side more likely to winâ&#x20AC;Ś JO XIJDI DBTF  DPOHSBUVMBUJPOT :PV HP GPS Queensland. ;'-8<#=+%>),-#?@%(-3#A%1+)3# Rugby is a game in which people smack into

â&#x20AC;&#x153;I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t like Rugby Leagueâ&#x20AC;? What is wrong with you? Did you not read the brochure that they give everyone when they arrive in Queensland? But even if you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t bring yourself to love League, you can definitely bring yourself to become part of a tribe and hate everyone else who isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t in that tribe. !"# $%&# '()# *%+,*# -%# .%,/# 0,+1)(2 3+-$4# chances are you live in either Queensland or north-east New South Wales. (If you are living anywhere else, this doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t apply to youâ&#x20AC;Śalso, how are you getting to uni?) This means that, whether you like it or not, every aspect of your life is shaped by the State of Origin, the rugby league battle-royale between NSW and Queensland that decides how happy or sad everyone from either state gets to be for the rest of the year. But whatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s that? Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re a foreigner with a different definition of â&#x20AC;&#x153;footballâ&#x20AC;?? (This applies to you, Victorians). You hate sports and just want to get on with your life? You donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t know what rugby league even is? Never fear. I was once like you, a baffled former Melbournian who was baffled and confused by the power and the passion of State of Origin. But now I am able to initiate small-talk with anyone on UIF(PME$PBTU)FSFBSFTPNFTUFQTGPSHFUting in the mood for State of Origin, for those who for whatever reason arenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t already.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t see what all the fuss is aboutâ&#x20AC;? This isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t just about sport. You and everyone you know and love will be affected by the State of Origin in ways you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t even begin to understand. I was once like you, unsure of how everyone could take the outcome of 3 rugby league games so seriously. But then I realised that I wasnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t really running from the game. I was running from myself. 9+8:#'#3+/)# Picking a side will depend largely on where you were born. Observe the handy guide below.

Goon -an ice hockey movie focused on a player whose job it is to beat up other players. It has more fights than an entire decade of Origin matches, and a scene where a personâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s face is mashed up by hockey sticks. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s also a hilarious comedy. Death Race 2000 -made back when the year 2000 was the distant future, this movie imagines a world in which all of America enthusiastically tunes in to watch people kill each other in tricked-out cars. Use this to remind yourself that it could always be worse. Rocky IV-in which Sylvester Stallone ends the Cold War with nothing but his fists and an ability to get hit in the face. If you donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t love sport, life and training montages after watching this movie, you areâ&#x20AC;Ś.actually, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re fine. This movie is terrible.

5)-#%1)(#$%&(#%67)8-+%,3# All of the potential objections to not caring about the State of Origin are addressed below. â&#x20AC;&#x153;I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t care about sportsâ&#x20AC;? Shut up, sit down, and look at yourself in the mirror. You live in Australia. You signed

each other in the name of territory. The State of Origin has the added bonus of inciting people to want to fight each other. Watch these violent sports movies to prepare yourself for that.

You were born in Queensland: congratulaUJPOTZPVTVQQPSU2VFFOTMBOEÄ&#x2021;FJSSVOPG B,7%$#-<)#3@)8-'8>)# 7 straight wins means you can love life and Even if all of the above doesnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t work, youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll yourself. probably find yourself being swept up in Origin anyway. The passion and the excitement You were born in New South Wales: seeing as is infectious, and rivalries like the one that you clearly donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t care about being from New comes out of Origin are hard to find. So, sit 4PVUI8BMFTUIBUNVDI DPOHSBUVMBUJPOT:PV CBDLBOEFOKPZ6OMFTTZPVIBWFBIFBSUDPOsupport Queensland. Just donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t let anyone see dition. I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want to be held liable for that. your birth certificate. You werenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t born in New South Wales or Queensland: Pick a side for totally arbitrary reasons. Like whether you like the colours red or blue better. You prefer the beef from

HQRRS$TI By Anis Lufti

It is said that tribal elders are taught to be great from the greats who came before them. Knowledge and experience is imparted to only the most promising warriors from generation to generation. Whether it is buffalo hunting, spear throwing or fashioning a totally balling feather headdress, we learn most from the ones that came before us. Whilst I struggle to pull off the feather thing, I am no longer a rookie. Do not doubt me when I say that an ALS Client File can be written the night before. Now that my fresher 5 isn’t budging, I’m a fully-fledged Bondy. Whilst I am still adding to my feather headdress, I can probably afford to give away a few to help you freshers survive your first semester unscathed. Learn from the battlers, young blood – we have much to teach.

Whether it be a heart in your latte or banter over the Bolognese, there are some lines that just should not be crossed, no matter how much you want a free muffin.

!"# $%&&# '()# *# +'(&,# (# -(.# ()# )/'#01( $1800 later and week 13 is looking bleak when you have to negotiate all-nighters and hunger pains. Save yourself now.

G"# $%&&#,=)#=B#)/'#;4))4+#,'6A )=4B#48#)/'#&=;1(1.#)4#H,)7-.I Heading to the library to get some real work done? Good luck, little ones. 4 hours later and your title page still entitle some 300 words of copied lecture notes.



*"# $%&&#;7.#)/'#<7;&=6#>?'(@A =BC#)'D);44@ I know you had good intentions, but never has there been such a gross injustice as the overpricing of a useless tool of torture. Save your $100 for a nice toga or something. E"# $%&&#8=B-#.471#)17'#&4F' Hollywood will really screw you over on this one. Instead of Bra dates and sneaky sleepovers transcending into a love story fit for a Gossip Girl finale, expect to share your Chicken Karage with ten cats and your unwashed pyjama pants.

J"# $%&&#C')#(#K4;:# Nah, you really won’t. L"# $%&&# -4# (# &(5# -'C1''# H;'A 6(7,'#=)%,#C44-#)4#/(F'I “I’m a law student” has a nice ring to it, but learning legal citations has no wider purpose in your life like, at all. Save yourself now and get a degree you’re really going to use.

M"# $%&&#,(F'#+4B'.#4B#8(@'#)(B To the marketing team, your false advertising is not appreciated. Studying in paradise? I call the highest level of BS humanly possible. I’d be more inclined to send an umbrella as a letter of offer. N"# $%&&#-4#5/()#$#5(B)O#5/'B# $#5(B)#(B-#B4#4B'#5=&&#@B45"# It is commonly said that university is a time in your life that you find yourself. Thus far, University is the time in my life where I find things about myself I didn’t know happened. Remember, there are eyes everywhere. Sneaky hook-ups don’t exist here. !P"# $%&&#-1=B@#5=)/=B#+.#&=+A =), The overpowering force of Smirnoff has got the better of me more times than I’d like to admit and It took a few too many cheeky voms for me to figure out just how much of a lightweight I really am. Loss of dignity aside, the bigger mistake was thinking that I’d get any work done the next day. It was said that the greatest tribal warriors collected the heads of their victims as a trophy of their triumph, indicating to the young ones how courageous they really were. Whilst this doesn’t exactly seem practical 1500 years on, be proud of each little win that brings you a little closer to earning your stripes. Your fresher sem, however, brings on the best blunders and exciting undiscovered genius (Sangria at the Hub, I’m talking to you.) However, I’d advise that you continue to use the excuse of not knowing where the HSS office is for just a little longer.

week nine Photographer: Ben Thangkam Event: Mid-足semester bash


%&'()*'+,-./ 0$-11)-2/ "-3&-4/ 56/%73&8/ $&99*:'


It’s almost ridiculous how quickly English electro duo Disclosure have grown in the past few years. Since 2011 the two brothers, Guy and Howard Lawrence, have gone from remixing indie pop classics to international recognition. The brothers are already headlining music festivals around the world at the ripe ages of 18 and 21. Settle is their debut album, and is filled with the finesse you’d expect of producers twice their age. In a period where many young producers are moving to the trap scene, the boys have stuck to their guns and created an album of polished electro tracks to rival the likes of fellow electro producers Daft Punk. ‘When A Fire Starts To Burn’ is the opening track on the album and prepares the listener for a whole lot of good to come. The second track ‘Latch’ is a brilliant piece of radio-friendly electro that echoes everything that was great about 2007 Calvin Harris. Settle takes you back to a time when good production and good hooks mattered instead of the “drop”. This is self evident on tracks like ‘F For You’ and ‘Stimulation’, both completely different tracks but somehow both embody the vibe that you can tell Disclosure are trying to grab. RnB vocals are also very present on Settle, bringing a typical London house vibe to the album. Aluna George and Sasha Keable add this extra layer to the tracks.

#*E/#-:/F-1/F-71G-,/ $*:;'


?@H/"&8-,'/*:/1G-/$1*,9/I%**,'J A moody slow-burn sustained by Jim Morrison’s darkly sensual vocals. Hearing it will increase the ambient sex factor by 10%, whatever the weather. KH/ L-,-/ M*9-'/ #G-/ "7&:/ !;7&:/ IN+O ,G61G9&('J And again. And again. For the last few years, in fact, the weather’s been as dark and moody as Annie Lennox’s vocals. =H/#7A-/1G-/F-71G-,/IM,*48-8/L*+'-J A harmless pop track with the refrain “Wherever you go / Always take the weather with you”. Maybe someone could try that here, take the weather away. To Britain. To rain out the Ashes. PH/Q1/D76/!'/F-))/"7&:/R:1&)/$-E1-9S-,/ IM7,*)/T&:;J A legendary breakup ballad that’s also relevant to Queensland weather. It may as well - in fact, it probably will - rain until September. 2016. UH/ FG*2))/ $1*E/ 1G-/ "7&:V/ IM,--8-:(-/ M)-7,471-,/"-3&37)J Nobody, apparently. This acoustic-blues number is great music but a useless question on the Cold Coast.

WH/#G+:8-,'1,+(A/I!M>%MJ Air-guitar the rainy days away with this rocker. It bombastic drums, drunken vocal refrains, A(SBC)FSJTPOFUSBDLUIBUSFBMMZTUBOETPVU features a suitably electric riff, and screaming lyrics to brilliant album. Chromatic synth presets com- drown out the howling wind.

 on the bined with a computerised voice create a very artificial dance track that progresses nicely. But it’s impossibly hard to resist the chorus on ‘You & Me’. A chorus that really pushes this track forward as the true stand out on Settle.

XH/$&:;&:;/&:/1G-/"7&:/IY-:-/T-))6J This ‘50s classic may seem dated, but it’s still fun to hold your umbrella sidewards and twirl it around. If you can do that and simultaneously negotiate the Thinking Steps, kudos to you. ZH/ !/ L7,8/ "7&:2'/ Y*::7/ [7))/ I5*S/ %6O )7:J Typical Dylan. If the wailing blues harmonica doesn’t get your tears flowing like a Queensland monsoon, the blocked-drain vocals will.

There’s so much more I could say about Settle, but alas 300 words is not \H/R9S,-))7/I"&G7::7J enough. Go listen to it. Getting caught in the rain is a great excuse for chivalry and/or getting closer to your crush. Always Now. keep your umbrella ready, gentlemen.

"71&:;</=>?@ 5-'1/ #,7(A</ 0B*+/ C/ D-2

?H/Q/M7:21/$17:8/1G-/"7&:/I!::/]--S)-'J John Lennon described this timeless, often-covered soul track as “the best song ever”. Its groovy motown vibes are still awesome, and its description still encapsulates our attitude to the bloody weather. Now can we have some sunshine, please?


%&'()*+,-./'0,-(/,1, 23,%&'(),4()05&6 Forget the roller coaster. Burn that skydiving brochure. Cancel the trip to Cambodia you and your friends booked just to shoot a rocket-propelled grenade at a live cow. Cinema has delivered. Thrill seekers needn’t seek any further than World War Z.

When I skipped over vomit entering the theater I thought audiences were being made physically ill by the sheer magnitude of zombie movies Hollywood has crammed down their throats since ,ZDVMDGHGOLNHDÀOPVQREZDQNHUZKRSUHWHQGVWRHQMR\&LWL]HQ.DQH%XWZKRFRXOGEODPHPH"7KHEHVWWZLVWRQ the genre in recent times was probably Mel Gibson’s The Passion of the Christ where the zombie was an amiable protagonist who could turn water into wine.

Being proven wrong has never brought me closer to pissing my pants. It’s clear the writers sat down and said, “Forget Will Smith talking to his dog and driving like a maniac through post-apocalyptic New York in a Shelby GT500… what if z-day actually happened?” For the most part World War Z doesn’t feel like a zombie movie at all. It feels much more like if you were to stop reading these words, look up and be mauled to death by an undead Usain Bolt. This flick moves as fast as its infected and just to clarify: that’s fucking quickly. In the words of my old man, “they were stuck in a traffic jam and then it was the apocalypse.” There are many flaws. Brad Pitt is not aging well but on the plus side, men will feel handsome by comparison and this makes World War Z a fantastic date movie for insecure boyfriends. Also, his character is called ‘Gerry’, spelled with a ‘G’, which I found a little jarring because I couldn’t fathom why ‘Gerry’ can’t just be spelled with a ‘J’. There are moments where the brilliant, nail-biting horror subsides. Audiences are bound to have an inappropriate giggle or two at some of the zombies’ behavioral quirks e.g. a female who bashes her head against a wall like an undead metronome. Certain char-

acters’ deaths were also the right amount of funny for deviants like me with a morbid sense of a humour. The dialogue ran the risk of being a little on the nose at times and there is one particularly unbelievable albeit spectacular in-flight catastrophe which I will let you judge for yourselves. However, all of this is easily forgivable. World War Z delivers. The greatness of the film is perhaps how utterly impossible and doomed Gerry’s situation always seems to be. It’s well known by screenwriters that handing a hero the bounty on a silver platter makes for a boring, soulless film just like kids who are spoilt by their parents make for boring, soulless people. But World War Z is brutal at every turn and easily the best film I’ve seen in a long time just for this reason. Go and see this movie in a cinema. Do not wait to pirate it and watch it on your iPhone. In the words of David Lynch “if you’re playing the movie on a telephone you will never in a trillion years experience the film, you’ll think you’ve experienced it but you will be cheated. It’s such a sadness that you think you’ve seen a film on your fucking telephone. Get real.”


&#'() *#+#,$)$,'-)!.%,$(./) 0112)3455 By Jessica Drummer

On July 20, BARC (Bond Athletics and Running Club) will be running the â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;Bond Colour Run.â&#x20AC;&#x2122; As the winner of the 4QPSUJOH4QJSJU"XBSEPG BOEOPNJOBUFEGPSA#FTU&WFOUPG UIFA$PMPVS3VOJTOPUUPCFNJTTFE Have fun, whilst running, jogging, walking or rolling a 1.5KM course, with coloured tempura powder and water paint thrown BUZPV8BTIPÄ&#x152;BÄ&#x2122;FSXJUIBDSB[ZXBUFSÄ&#x2022;HIU

ing session BARC members will be divided into squads â&#x20AC;&#x201C; track, field, cross-country or fitness â&#x20AC;&#x201C; in order to cater to differing needs and abilities of athletes.

Bond Athletics and Running Club is run by a group of passionate and hardworking Bondies, willing to put in the hours to make BARC successful. Each BARC committee member (excluding social director) has established them-selves nationally in athletics, cross-country or tri-athlon. In turn, they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience unparalleled by any other new sporting club. BARC committee members will also be taking on a coaching or leadership role within training sessions â&#x20AC;&#x201C; alongside our level three coach and mentors.

BARCâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s primary source of communication is through the BARC Facebook page. Please be sure to â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;likeâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; the page in order to receive updates, and notifications of training times, changes, or holiday programs. Here is the link: 699<CDD:::EF7G1H;;2EG;?D&;IJ.96B19>G8.IJ$KII>IA*BKH

&.$*)678)9:;)<=>?7=@)A;7B8C 1. To provide a competitive space for cross-country runners or track and field athletes, and 2. To provide a social environment for those wanting to improve their fitness. BARC training days are and Tuesday and Thursday mornings (beginning at 7:00am). On the commencement of each train&KBB)!67=28)&;IJ)!;GG1=) LM;;9H7BB)9;)8;?1N &@)*;7G6)(7O>J).H>G676>I1) Bond is proud to have revived their external, or â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;varsityâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;, soccer program. Since January 2013, the Bull Sharks have been training hard and working towards our goal of making the playoffs in the Metro League. The Metro League is one of the Gold Coastâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s most competitive soccer leagues. Bond is represented by 17 of the most talented players, not only those who are getting their education at Bond, but also throughout the Gold Coast. These men represent Bond University in a way that demands both professional and athletic respect. Under the leadership of Bondâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s captain, Danny Sterling, the team has come together as a concentrated group of men and is preparing Bond for its first ever Metro League playoff appearance. He has also managed to enhance the team chemistry of the players who come from different walks of life and speak different

languages. Moreover, with the challenges of being a University scholar, the players representing Bond University maintain an adept balance between high academic achievements and a rigorous training schedule that demands a high amount of discipline required. This schedule is highlighted with home games every Wednesday (and some Monday evenings) at 7pm. The training sessions the team holds tries to suit every playerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s timetable because it is important for them to attend it. Most of these training sessions usually happen on Monday nights and some of the players even have to go to a tutorial immediately after training. This high commitment shown by these groups of Bondies are second to none. Bond is currently in the top 5 of the Metro League and the Bull Sharks have won four straight games. With the next four games here at Bond, invite and we welcome all Bond students and staff to come and support the Bull Sharks this Wednesday (10th July 2013).

#$%! $&'() *&) +&,*-.,/) 0/12.,314 build team chemistry. This has also helped *5) 6'7.3) 89:;<) =$&'(*&+06) us (the team) know the potential weaknesses we might have as an individual which =>?@@!-',A3 could make us vulnerable. By Sports Editor: Rizal Redzuan (StuOn Fridays usually we would go for a 1km dent-Athlete) to 1.5km swim in the Bond swimming pool This week, 136 sporting Bondies will be to help boost our endurance and fitness levwearing the BullSharks colours and will be els. representing our University at the Northern N?31O)13)3../)*&)I.)')7'P&,)H'O*&,) University Games (NUG) in Brisbane. 1/)'*-@.*.3Q)@12.3J)R&)5&?)@13*./)*&) This week long event will consist of 15 '/5)L',*1O?@',)',*13*)&,)7?31O)*-'*) teams across 12 sports. Teams have been -.@L3) 5&?) H&O?3) '/() S.*) T1/) *-.) training hard in the lead up to this regional U&/.Q)I.H&,.)')7'*O-M I usually like to listen to a bit of Korn or event of Australian University Games. Slipknot. The rock genre of music gets me Rizal Redzuan, a fellow student athlete and pumped up and angry. This gets my blood also sports editor and representing Bond at and adrenaline levels run high to get me NUG for golf recently spoke to one of the even more determined to defeat the opposelderly participants Xavier Demaneuf about ing team. his preparations and expectations for his B*-@.*.3) -'2.) E.1,() '/() &?*,'4 NUG event. S.&?3) 3?L.,3*1*1&/3) '*) *17.3J) R&) To keep up to date with the latest results 5&?)I.@1.2.)1/)3?O-)*-1/S3M)) please like “Bond University Campus Life” Well I have always liked having my swimming cap to be number 9 or 11. These two on Facebook. numbers are my favourite numbers. Unlike other sports like rugby or soccer, the B*-@.*.)>1&C number you have does not determine your position and I always stick with these two Full Name: Xavier Demaneuf numbers. Age: 24 Relationship Status: Single V-&)13)5&?,)3L&,*1/S)1(&@M Semester Started: 132 HAHA (laughs) that’s a good question to Degree: Sports Management ask. Arnold Schwarzenegger I would say. Representing Sport: Water Polo His motivation to succeed and never say Position: NA die attitude to things is something I adExperience: 3 years mire from him. His entrepreneurship skills Goal for NUG: Nothing else but win gold. are also something I look up to. When you D'21.,<) 3&) E.) F*-.) >?@@3-',A3) want something, you give everything to *.'7G) @.'2.) H&,) >,13I'/.) '/() reach the goal and nothing shall stop you from obtaining success. This attributes is +06)&/)!?/('5J) K&E) -'3) 5&?,) L,.L','*1&/) L,1&,) done well by Arnold. *&)1*)I../)'@@)!.7.3*.,M Well individually, I join up with the Univer- V-'*) ',.) 5&?) 7&3*) @&&A1/S) H&,4 sity swimming team at 5.00am for a swim. E',()*&)'*)+06M) This helps me build my strength and condi- Getting more experience with this team betioning muscles. The day is not right if you cause it will be the first time some of us will do not see me at the pool because I spend be playing together. Having fun with the team both out of and in the pool will always all my mornings there. be good fun. I also like being in competiAs a team, we have 2-3 practice sessions. tion so going out there into the pool and The sessions vary in that on Mondays and doing what I love is also getting me psyched Wednesdays, we will be doing ball drills to for NUG.

V-'*) E1@@) I.) O?**1/S) .(S.) 3A1@@3) *-.)*.'7)L&33.33.3)&2.,)*-.)&*-.,) '*-@.*.3)'*)+06M The French guys laughs HAHA. Rob Sheppard, the freshman and myself have the chemistry and overall as a team, we generally like each other. We have a great team spirit and it always helps. Even though some of us just met, we feel like we have known each other for a long time. We are also a united group and would back anyone of us whether we are in the pool or out of it. If someone from another team provokes one of my teammates or any other Bondies, I would be the first one to help them out. K&E) -'2.) 5&?) I../) I'@'/O1/S) I&*-)3*?(1.3<)E&,A1/S)'*)*-.)S57<) H?@@) *17.) 3*?(51/S) O&771*7./*3) @'*.@5M Waking up 5am every morning for training sessions has helped me become a more disciplined person. I would usually go for a swim, hit the gym then go to class. Balancing both studies and health is important. I also work at the gym at night and this has helped increase my time management discipline. I now spend time wisely and have fewer distractions in life with this. !&)5&?)3'1()I.H&,.)*-'*)5&?)-'2.) I../) 1/2&@2.() E1*-) +06) 1/) 89::) E1*-) *-.) !&OO.,) %.'7J) V-'*) (&) 5&?)*-1/A)E1@@)I.)O,?O1'@)H&,)*-.) >&/()*.'7)*&)(&)E.@@M Even though all of us play different sports, we are still one team. Team spirit and encouraging other athletes and boosting their confidence levels will be key. It may be a bit too late for me to say this but having good fitness levels prior to a major competition like this is crucial. Not going overly crazy and partying hard every night and getting a good rest will be important to conserve energy for the entire duration of the tournament especially for those individual sports and mentally draining sports like golf. Thank you for your time Xavier and see you BU/6(


1-234$5467894$:;<=4=>5$=5$39$8?8@>=58$ =9$A39=4BC *+& The University is small and everyone knows one another. Political apathy is everywhere and itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not what you know but who you know. Vanity is politics, because if anyone bothers to actually read your policies, theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ll probably vote for you for their effort. Face and name recognition are everything. If you meet someone twice, and add them on Facebook, when youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re drunk and at Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re now your best mate. And this applies to student politics. Calling it student politics is disingenuous because the phrase implies you have a cause. Your cause is yourself, and that cause better look good. On a campus with more Ralph than ironing boards this is the truth. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not a bad thing, just a fact: at least the Socialist Alliance isnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t picketing the campus. But student politics is vanity and QPMJDZDPVOUTGPSOBVHIU$PNFBUNF-PWFHSPWF - James Jeffree %'%"DEIn every argument there is an effect on both the minority and the majority. In this debate, the minority are the students involved in student politics and the majority are the ones judging the minority. I have yet to dabble in the intricate Game of Thrones that is student politics, but I have experienced a fair amount of it from the sidelines. I have watched friends almost have an aneurism attempting to form a ticket, and I have witnessed friends run themselves into the ground trying to balance academic, social and political obligations. At no point have I observed them doing it for their personal vanity or gain. I have the utmost respect and admiration for the people in these positions. Take BUSA as an example, they have a massive budget that they are obliged to manage, not to mention the various public obligations they have, yet they receive very little thanks. BUSA does receive a fair amount of negative feedback from the majority, but very little recognition for all they actually do achieve. These men and women work tirelessly to do their portfolio justice, they receive no remuneration, they work ridiculous hours every week, they lengthen their degree and they have to balance it with work and play. Sadly, they carry the burden of being the minority. I hold any person who puts their name forward to take up this mantle in the IJHIFTUFTUFFN BOEBOZJOEJDBUJPOJUJTGPSUIFJSQFSTPOBMWBOJUZJTRVJUFTJNQMZBOJOTVMU$PNFBUNF+FÄ&#x152;SFF - Luke Lovegrove

D8?4$F88GH5$4;:=>I$$ -234$%654@3<=39$69=A8@5=4=85$3@8$J8>;K=9L$ 4;;$E,+&-E$;@=8943487M

!"#$%&" '()% *&+,-.*./*012123104*5/674 8./9:;8*<.-*/=*>?@A*.-1217*B+74 812*5C8-* (69017+3@A*=+.*5/67+18*9/2D1.17* +6*.-1*E/@7*F/C8.*2C0C.-/6*/G10* .-1*H11:1674*F/6,0C.?@C.+/68I &1G10*C*3C7*7CA*H+.-*.-+8*D104 =19.*8?66A*H1C.-10 %210,169A*JJJ4*,1.*01C7A*=/0* .-1*D-A8+9C@*/6*)0+7CAI*


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