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Hi Bondies! Welcome to week 2! I hope that everybody’s livers and reputations have survived through the first few weeks of uni. Not that things are slowing down anytime soon though with the HSA’s Whitehouse this Friday, and the BSA’s Palaver next Thursday, there’s still plenty to come. I can’t wait to see what the HSA have come up with for their first Whitehouse, I know everybody is eager to see what the huge white tent on the Ornamental lawns will bring come Friday night! A big thanks to Zoe for providing the list of contacts for sporting and cultural clubs, its a list lots of people have been asking for in the past week and we encourage anybody interested to contact the club president and get involved! So, stock up on powerade and berocca, stream all those TV shows you know are going to hold you up later in the sem (though they probably still will anyway) and I’ll see you all on Friday! Love, Caro x SPORTING CLUBS AFL : Athletics (BARC) : Badminton : Ball Hockey : Baseball : Basketball : BUEC - Equestrian : Cheerleading : Cricket : Fishing (BUSFA): Grappling : Health Awareness : Hockey : Mixed Martial Arts : Netball : Rowing : Rugby : Scuba : Soccer : Squash : Tennis : Touch : Ultimate Frisbee: Volleyball : Water Polo :

Procrastination Station: habit or disorder?

Do not put your work off till to-morrow and the day after; for a sluggish worker does not fill his barn, nor one who puts off his work: industry makes work go well, but a man who puts off work is always at hand-grips with ruin. (Hesiod, 800 BC from Works and Days)

Being one of the dedicated souls who hauled themselves to an 8am lecture the day after Illegally Bond last week, I was braced for the familiar spiel about important assessment dates, what feels like the thousandth how-to-use-iLearn demonstration, and a reminder about Bond’s late assignment policy. What my lecturer added to this speech was something I, along with the rest of the class, inherently knew: we were about to embark upon a journey of voluntary learning (key word voluntary). This, followed by a reminder that it was in our best interests to manage our time properly struck a chord in my second-year psych student’s brain (or perhaps what I felt was a twinge of guilt)… This affliction we call procrastination might have been admissible during the era of insipid and forced school learning, but why is it still plaguing us now, after considerable maturation? Like any budding clinician, I ran an EBSCO search - but not before consulting Google. The search results of “theories behind procrastination” were an assortment of informally jumbled, layman’s explanations for why we suffer from procrastination. They included:

• Laziness: I’m not sure this excuse provides an adequate explanation because (and correct me if I’m wrong) it’s quite possible to feel waves of tiredness upon sitting down to write an impending paper, yet experience a dramatic uplift of energy upon deciding to do something else. • Lack of motivation: another invalid argument because, technically, we are perusing paths of our own choice. Where interest and passion lie, surely motivation should flourish. • Thrill seeking: perhaps by leaving our turn-it-in submission until the last five seconds, we engage in the emotional equivalent of sky-diving purely in the hope of experiencing a rush of adrenaline. • Avoidance: I cannot deny that avoiding an unpleasant case reading evaluates my mood. Perhaps procrastination serves as a method of allowing us to avoid unpleasant moods, or the uncomforted of having to take responsibility for our own decision making (shout-out to my fellow fence-sitters). • Self handicapping for self preservation: perhaps pro-

crastination stems from the school-yard excuse that “I only failed because I didn’t study”. Deferring study effectively gives us a buffer to sooth our fears of failure. Consequently, this would mean that those who experience more anxiety about failure procrastinate more.

Kelsie Realf

Taking into the account the sheer mass of people effected by the procrastination plague, however, some articles were leaning towards the notion that the condition may be more of a ‘condition’ than previously believed. Let’s face it: the cycle of procrastination is a vicious one, which can give rise to other debilitating states of being. Usually procrastination is just a precursor to anxiety or acute stress. Occasionally the relationship is reversed, and anxiety actually results in procrastination. Either way, the state is intertwined with many other clinically-recognized syndromes that receive attention from an array of health professionals. Needless to say, this was where EBSCO’s boundless offerings become useful.

S o m e psychologists suggest that the difference between passive and active procrastination is superfluous because the behavior should in fact be considered a personality trait, instead of merely an activity that some people engage in. The premise for this argument is simply as follows: procrastination reflects personality (e.g. Contentiousness is often measure on a scale that includes procrastination at the opposite end of the spectrum), and such an integral part of our psychological construct should be regarded as a trait.

The first study I unearthed confirmed my fears - up to 95% of participants from a meta-analytic study reported to engage in academic procrastination, with over half considering the condition to negatively effect their results. What made my jaw drop, however, was that the same study reported

Trait or not, the most widely accepted explanation for procrastination is the Temporal Motivation Theory. It suggests that we defer academic labor for two reasons: first, people are more likely to do things which we expect we will succeed at; second, people have different preferences for engaging in activities that provide immediate rewards due to our varied levels of patience. These ideas are simple and intuitive, but they give rise to a way of expressing goal-setting in maththat the same figure of participants (95%) actually desired to change their behavioral patterns… Why, if so many tertiary ematical notation: students recognize the perils of ‘putting off’ work, is procrasMotivation = [Expectancy * Value] / [Delay * Impulsiveness] tination still on the rise? Apparently academic procrastinators can be divided into either ‘passive’ or ‘active’ culprits. Passive procrastinators are motivated by the traditional inability to take responsibility for their decision making, while activists maintain internal control over their schedules; they actually choose to leave their work until the eleventh hour because they know this is when they are most motivated to both perform and achieve. The consequences of being either of these procrastinators, however, can fluctuate according to what mode of study you choose to partake in.

Do with the above formula what you will. Remember, however, that procrastination truly boils down to one’s ability to pull ourselves up by the scruffs of our necks, and forcing ourselves to (for lack of better terminology) get shit done. For those people who don’t have the ability to do this, be patient. There is no doubt already research forming links between the theories explaining procrastination and potential solutions. And now I am going to make my first venture to the library, which is ironically where I should have been instead of writing this article...

With their collars popped and a pony so permanently etched on their hearts, the Illuminati better be afraid; a clan so tightly knit that even the KKK can’t compete. A new era of obsession rises beyond the heights of hipsters and indie kids. We are talking, of course, about the Polo Rats. Nothing gets a Bondie fired up like a stereotype, yet it seems this “ralphitude” is sweeping campus like the plague, infesting towers, blocks and every red P’d Mercedes in between. Symptoms include a swollen ego and the contraction of a “frat boy” persona that should usually be reserved only for Frat Party. Just as in the 6th century, it’s time to clean up our act and set the record straight to stop further outbreak of such a pandemic. So, here we are, boys; 7 things we hate about you in Ralph Lauren. 1. You look like our Dad. Whilst Daddy Dearest is number 1 in our hearts, just remember that we’re comparing you to a middle-aged, balding man. This is the equivalent to a level 400 friendzone. 2. We already know you’re elitist. There’s no need to exude the “rich kid” vibe from every pore of your being. You work, rest and play in the stomping ground of the “highly privileged,” so the assumption of your wealth has already been made, whether or not you fit the bill. 3. The instant douchebag effect is not endearing We don’t mean to generalise, but if you

I’m not sure if the aura of class inspires a belief in extraordinary womanising powers, but it seems you are disillusioned with what we’re looking for. Whilst we thoroughly appreciate your efforts to be a classy gentleman, it’s becoming hard to tell you apart. We like individuality in our men and in an environment so incestuous, your dress sense is virtually the only thing separating you By Aasha Purling from the queue of former suitors think you can treat us with disrespect just that precede you. It because you’re a “classy mo-fo,” please rescreams classy, so member that your ego is not your amigo. unless you do too, I’d steer clear. 4.If you’re going to spend $100 on a shirt, you could probably iron it. The only If you insist on being well-dressed, please thing ensure your grooming habits are equally women up to speed. In order to be a tidy package, like more one must be tidy. than earning potential 5. Spend the money on her, not on your is mystery, clothes. and emblaIf the object of your affections is seeming- zoning yourly uninterested, a grand gesture certainly self with a wouldn’t go astray. No boys, by ‘grand,’ I symbol of don’t mean a bigger logo. Buy her flowers, snobbery take her to coffee (Not Blackboard, it’s full reveals of gorgeous men), and I guarantee it will as much make a bigger statement than your brand about loyalty ever could. your person6. A shirt can’t change your shitty perality as sonality a beer If you’re lacking confidence in yourself, gut please remember that a label cannot fix and that. “Preppy” needn’t be your back-up pseudo Maori persona when you find yourself at a loss tattoo. Please for exactly what you are, but we recomdon’t misinterpret mend you cultivate your own interests our point; we love that and traits that are unique to you. you moved on from the Quiksilver phase. Whilst 7.The catalogue ensemble only works if we congratulate you on tickyou have the face to match. ing the “well-dressed” box, it Brand loyalty is important if you’re apusually takes about 4 Vodka Sunplying for a job at Ralph Lauren, and we rises until we can’t see what you’re could attest to each of your proficiency wearing at all. Just a little tip: work the in that area. However, think outside the personality, not the pony. square, boys. You can only pull off having Ralph Lauren shorts, shirt and hat when you have a Ralph Lauren face.


Home Remedies to Cure Any Ailment

(with varying degrees of success)

By Dr. Georgia Hick* Every semester, as all the bright, happy, shiny little students flood back onto campus, sporting their holiday haircuts and overloud laughter, my body goes into shut down. Perhaps it’s that I can’t cope with the sudden influx of exotic interstate germs, or that my liver has forgotten that while it’s had a holiday, semester offers it a gruelling workload. I personally favour my long-standing belief that I am actually allergic to going to class (can I get a medical certificate for that?). Whatever the reason, it is an alarming trend that I kick off almost every semester with some kind of horrible disease. We’re talking the big guns here, like mild nasal congestion and a slight headache. Crippling symptoms, guaranteed to

leave me housebound for days. With my incredibly low tolerance for any form of affliction, rarely am I able to simply cop it, suck it up and get on with my life. Neither however, am I willing to simply admit bodily defeat and go crawling to my doctor begging for life-saving drugs. It’s times like these that I go back to my hippy roots and whip out my finest home remedies, whose effects range from noticeable and undeniable to a dazzlingly effective placebo. For anyone else who prefers to dance with disease rather than simply smacking it down

• Garlic. This stuff might kill bacteria, but even if it doesn’t, the smell will keep people away so you don’t infect them too. Considerate.

with antibiotics, or is simply too lazy to go to the doctor, here are some of Dr. Hick’s* finest home remedies, that can be easily incorporated into the average Bondie’s lifestyle. • Ginger, ginger, ginger, ginger, ginger. Terrible human beings, great root though. • Drink lots of water. Uh duh. Dat shit’s good for you. • Tired of drinking your water? Try breathing it! Not in a ‘drown yourself ’ kind of way, but stick your face over some steam and breathe deeply into those germ infested lungs. Apparently it’s good for your sinuses, seems legit. Added bonus, it should open your pores too which is good for your skin maybe? So even if you still feel like crap, at least you’ll look pretty. Which is obviously the most important thing. • Put citrus in everything, it’s got Vitamin C, which can’t hurt, and is delicious. Have a slice of lemon with your tequila shot(s), mix your vodka with OJ or add lime to your gin and tonic. All are tried and tested miracle cures.

• Drink tea. I feel like this one is a neat trick to combine drinking water and breathing steam, while delivering the added benefit of antioxidants. Perfect for the Bondie on the go. • I’m told alcohol is a great disinfectant, I see no reason it’s shouldn’t be equally effective inside the body. Maybe consult a physician on that one. • If all else fails, I usually find making a small sacrifice to the moon goddesses works, praying for good health. They tend to give results within 7-10 business days. Winter’s peak season though so be prepared for delays. So there you have it! The finest tips

and tricks for recovering lost health, from one of the finest minds in the industry. Makes you wonder what those med kids are even doing for five years, amirite? *Disclaimer: Dr. Hick is not a doctor, although I can see why you might have made that mistake.

Backpackers, Business Boys, and Baggy Men: A Tragic Guide To Fashion tannica (wannabe bovver-boys who think “What the fook” answers everything). Neither, unfortunately, can run more than three feet withI confess. I’m a fashion disaster. The labels on out an intimate encounter with Mrs Floor. my shirts say AC/DC, not Armani. My winter coat was $5 from Red Cross, not $500 Baggy Girl from Ralph Lauren. I’ve got a complexion Some chicks look sexy in a bin liner. Similarly reusable and eco-friendly, like a sunburnt Brit, teeth like tombstones however, are the baggy girls, whose clothes come from op-shops beafter a tornado, and a mullet like a dead cause Target is too capitalistic and mainstream. Their loose-fitting mongoose. I do, however, enjoy learning. denim overalls hang off their bodies like a recyclable shopping bag on That’s why, over the last month, I’ve stud- a wire coathanger; their jodhpurs flap like elephant ears in the breeze. ied fads and fashions, and identified the Invariably, their hair is tied directly above the crown, so it rises up and following definitions of cool. then unfurls like a half-peeled organic banana.

By Antony Scholefield

Which are you?

Double Rainbow

Business Boy

Many students have meetings, moots, and mock-ups that require former dress. Others don a three-piece when popping into the Brasserie for chips and a chunky Kit Kat. Many blokes aren’t actually mooting, but using their suit to distract from three-week stubble, or unforeseen deodorant shortages. With chicks, it’s even more obvious they’re not mooting; there’s only so many buttons you can leave undone before you get arrested for contempt of court.

The Gold Coast’s favourite style involves a base of bright and clean, a dash of loud, and a garnish of garish. There’s nothing extraneous - plain t-shirt, plain shorts - but the two-colour combination always blinds everyone within fifty feet. Fans scour fruitbowls for inspiration, choosing mix- Substitute matched mishmashes of apple-red, lime-green What I wear as smart casual, others wear while watching TV and neckand banana-yellow. ing Doritos by the kilogram. Fortunately, I’m not alone. Even members of the more delicate sex occasionally snub high-end fashion, instead Fashionistas compare double rainbows by count- wearing pyjamas and oversized football jumpers, just in case Michael ing how many bystanders puke as they jog past. Most Voss appears at midnight and orders them onto the Gabba. cheat, however, by choosing shorts that barely cover Two substitute subspecies exist. Both sport morning-after hair more their crotch, and feature a single drawstring that dangles tangled than iPod headphones, but the ‘crinkle-cutters’ wear plain tconspicuously between their legs. Between the killer col- shirts that haven’t been ironed since the Neolithic era, while the ‘teamours and unwelcome emphasis on the wearer’s genitals, the players’ wear men’s shirts that belong to them, they swear. double rainbow palette is invariably complemented by the piquant yellow hue of vomit. Backpacker A phenomenon unique to seventeen-year-old first-years, the backOld Doll packer keeps his laptop in his schoolbag, alongside his lunchbox and Petticoats have joined Minis, Mötorhead and MySpace on the water bottle. He - never she - wears knee-length shorts, and nice shirts junkyard of dead trends. Many girls, however, still honour this buttoned to the top. Everything’s black, grey or brown. If you want 18th century sex symbol by wearing dresses with a four-yard colour, check out his face; thanks to the acne fairy, it resembles an unfloor radius. Sometimes they employ an hourglass-forming belt; cooked pepperoni pizza. sometimes they resemble a circus tent; at all times, they look like they belong atop an antique musical box, waiting for someone to Basic Bloke press their button so they can pirouette to Strauss’ Blue Danube. The basic bloke is monochromatic. His grey jeans sit around his hips, not his thighs. He eschews both suits and backpacks. His plain t-shirts Baggy Man breathe like zephyr, lest he sweat. His jeans are blue denim, well-cut to The much-maligned baggy men do much more than hang their prevent crushed nuts. trousers off their knees. When they stand, they’re as boneless as well- Somehow, this simplest style costs nearly $1000. filleted salmon. When they walk, they shove their oversized shoes forward and hold their neck back, like the world’s laziest limbo danc- The basic bloke forked out $200 on those jeans. His t-shirt isn’t plain; er. Their baseball caps are always reversed; their hair is always greasier there’s the tag that says ‘Do Not Dry Clean’, and a two-word designer than my homemade chips. name worth $300. The words ‘Calvin Klein’ are plastered across his arse. Personality-wise, two subspecies of baggy men exist. There’s Baggy Now that’s a true fashion disaster. Americana (wannabe ghetto trash who love Eminem) or Baggy Bri-

Guinness Challenge I

t is said that it took God six days to make the world and on the seventh he rested. Scholars maintain that there exists an alternate possibility, and whilst it is maintained the translation was lost many years ago, it is believed that on this seventh day God did not rest, rather he wrapped his parched lips around the succulent ruby red glory known as a Guinness. From this day onwards, he laid down a simple task: “Go forth my children of Adam and Eve, prove yourself worthy to be called my children and complete the Guinness challenge. Once you have consumed the dark beauty one hundred times over, you will be welcomed in my home.” What is the Guinness challenge? It is the Die Hard of earned thirst and the

Harry Potter of the Cruciatus Curse. It is the Rambo of killing sprees and the Good Will Hunting of mathematical degrees. It is the Rocky of going to the fifteenth round and the Lion King of being crowned. It is the sex panther of smelling seductive and the King Kong of being destructive. Above all, it is the Breaking Bad of cooking and the Zoolander of being really, really, really ridiculously good looking. Who are we? We are the silent guardians of Dons, the quiet protectors, the dark knights of the troubled tavern. Billionaire playboy philanthropists are we? We wish! We are poor as shit uni students paying a small fortune to earn a twoinch shield on a Guinness board at Dons. Blinded by glory you say? You bet your sweet ass we are. If you don’t know the names Edward Sinclair, Andrew McNaught, Ryan Fletcher, Ben Carter or Sam Kingsley, hopefully by the end of semester you will see our names on a small golden shield at Dons.

Edward Sinclair

TO THOSE who contribute

Interested in getting involved

with Scope? We are constantly on the look out for fun, lighthearted articles to get us all through hump-day; as well as deep, controversial articles that may cause a bit of a stir through the Bond Community. It’s a completely free way to get your feature articles out there, and is a publication reaching an entire uni community. So you’ve got quite a lot of readers and the opportunity is at your doorstep. We love fresh ideas and opinions that you may think the world just really needs to hear. We love lifestyle tips and hearing what you are passionate about. We also love to recycle, so if you’ve written an article for an assignment and you’re pretty proud of it – send it all in!

NUMBER TWO: SKILLS… Lectures have greatly assisted in informing me with skills to apply when freelancing.

Talk with people. Listen to opinions; listen to stories, what message should be told to the wider community? Write as you wish. Make your own style. There are no rules, although good grammar will help. Be flexible with ways you can write an article. Think about the best way it can be told, and write it, even if that way is a little challenging. This shows diversity, and will give you greater publishing opportunities.

NUMBER THREE: WORK ON…Write fast and plan. Write,

Write, Write. Be easy-going and open to opportunities. Where can you publish these stories?

top three tips to aspir-

Here are some tips from a freelance writing student.

My ing freelancers


1. Follow up! Don’t wait for them to follow you up. 2. When you pitch a story, always give a second option they could take up. 3. Opportunities are everywhere, keep an open mind, observe, take it in, and then think about how you could ‘better’ what you observe through your skill to write.

Get your stuff published. It shows you have determination, can work to deadlines and that you can express clear ideas. Scope is an easy foot in the door. Being published equals instant credibility! Also, it was so beneficial to learn basic skills as to how to sell my work, by creating opportunities for myself. I’m always thinking of ideas and writing pitches to publications and constantly following up is a sure fire way to let publishers know you are passionate. Lectures informed me how to approach publishers, and therefore, my confidence in doing so saw positive results. It was a bit of a domino effect, by acquiring skills, one opportunity then led to another. I feel a lot more assured in my abilities. It’s also exciting to realise a way to work for myself, along side other jobs.

With Scope, you don’t have to be Shakespeare to get involved. You just need to have a voice. It’s an easy avenue to publish your work. It’s similar to the net, although our readers are already established. They are here every Wednesday to read up on latest trends, opinions and your stories. Best wishes, The Scope Team

Email submissions to:

WEEK TWO Photographer: Ben Thangkam Events: Club Sign on Day | Don’s Opening | Fresher Fest | Angry Bonds



FOR Sometimes, the media gets things wrong. When we’re talking about the people we elected to lead us and make big decisions for us, we want to make sure that they have that ability. Politically scandalous issues are embarrassing for every politician and their union paid hooker, and are often based on mere speculation alone. So what does allowing the media to report on these issues achieve? A lot of hype, for a start which can greatly influence voters even when the controversy is later resolved. That stain on the person’s character is there forever. Therefore, we currently have a situation where the media is allowed to campaign by proxy outside of election season, influencing voters and dictating the eventual balance of parlia-

ment. We know how dangerous this is – that’s why we only let candidates campaign for a certain amount of time, and then lock them out before the polls. Why should the media be treated any differently? But even if this doesn’t get you more worked up than misogyny, think about how much time our leaders could save if they didn’t have to deal with these issues all the time. Let’s face the facts; if it wasn’t on Sunrise, the politicians ignore it. Then they can get back to more important topical issues from The Morning Show; I hear the Ab-Circler Pro needs regulating. - Joshua May

AGAINST Politicians are the foremost leaders of the land. They hold offices and powers that literally mold and shape the lives of every single individual under their jurisdiction. They should be the purest, greatest role models for our children. True scandal is unacceptable in these halls of power, and it is essential the media are able to do the job they chose and expose those people that do not deserve to be on the public payroll. Then, they will be removed and better people will be able to carry the

torch. Further, any censorship of the media is a precursor to autocracy. A free media is essential to the continued survival of democracy, and censoring the content they can publish about the people that make our laws is the first step to dictatorial rule and martial law. - - - Concerned Libertarian

Next week’s topic: “That small government is better than big government”



Thursday night was the opening night of the new refurbished Don’s Week 1 always ends with Pub Crawl with this semester’s theme being Angry Birds


Ornamental lawns were packed with students signing up for all sorts of clubs and teams and Club Sign On Day



SPORTS Jess Drummer

Bond University student Viko Muliaga has started his own ‘30 Day Challenge Core Health Program’ for students and members of the Varsity community who are hoping to lose weight or to maintain their fitness levels. His designed workouts take place outside of university grounds on the Varsity Basketball oval and are not part of Bond University. His program is designed for ‘anyone to do, anytime and at any place’. When making the choice to lead a more active lifestyle, many people do not know where to begin. The Core Health Program has been designed to cater to the fitness of everyone. It has been designed to be the “Everybody” workout.

Written with modern time constraints in mind, twenty minutes is all you need when performing the correct movements; a few quick sets in the morning and you’re set for the day. Many people feel as if they don’t have the time to be healthy, but if your life calls on you being productive, maintaining your health is critical. When you are unwell your productivity drops; therefore a balanced exercise program is as important as your nutrition. Instead of having a focus on “bulking” or “shredding”, the Core Health Program promotes an emphasis on maintenance. Think of the body like a car; if food is your fuel, then the Core Health Program is a daily servicing, changing the oil, pumping up the tires and generally just making sure that everything is not only in working order.

Want to play? 1. Trials for NUG sports have already been conducted, please contact the Team Manager 2. Once you have made the team complete the registration form on the Australian Univerextended until Friday May 24th. Make sure you sity Sport Website get your registra- tions in before the unigames/Pages/NUGTrialsandTeamInformacut off date! tion.aspx

Northern Univeristy Games will take place Week 9 of this semester from Sunday 7th July to Thursday 11th July 2013 in Brisbane. Sports include AFL 9’s, Baseball, Basketball, Beach Volleyball, Football (soccer), Golf, Hockey, Lawn Bowls, Netball, Rugby Union 7s, Tennis - singles, Tenpin Bowling, Touch Football, Squash, Volleyball, Water Polo. Free transport to and from the venue will be provided.

Anyone interested in trying the Core Health Program 30-Day Challenge, the sessions take place on the Varsity Lakes Basketball Courts, Lake Street. Sessions take place 6.30am, 9am and 4pm Monday to Friday and Sundays at 4pm. Contact Viko for any queries or questions on 0450 507 059 Search #chp30daychallenge and #corehealthprogram on Instagram Join the Facebook group

The Core Health Program is not about having six pack abs, great legs and an evenly toned “I guarantee you if you start now, that come body (all included though!); it is about feeling summer time you will be kicking it with your the best you can and getting the most out of rig out at the beach everyday”. your day, every day.

Forgot to register for NUG on Friday? You’re in luck! The BUSA subsidy has been

Winners of the skydive will be announced at the Team Dinner on Wednesday 10th July.

If you want to try something new and don’t have too much time come and join us. The sessions go for less than 30 minutes and provide a balanced, full body workout (meaning, you’ll be sore all over).

· Entry to your chosen sport · Sports medicine support · Entry into the nightly social program · Medals (should you receive a place in your sport) AUS registration $140.00 For two day sports (rugby union 7’s) the registration fee is $110.00 per person

AND the Bond Bullsharks Website. Opening Ceremony Ticket is optional, however all Bond Students are encouraged to attend unigames/Pages/NUGBondSignUpForm.aspx the opening ceremony, which is $12.00. 3. Make payment in full by the due date. All payments due by 24 May 2013. If you would like to represent Bond at the 2013 Northern Uni Games there are two payments that must be made. 1. Team Bond Package includes: · 4 Nights’ Accommodation at Oaks Festival towers · Team Bond Polo · Team Bond Hoodie · Team Dinner · Team Bond Drink Bottle Total Bond Package Price $265.00 Sport uniforms are not included in package price AUS Registration includes:

The AUS registration fee and Opening Ceremony ticket is payable directly to AUS upon registration. The cost of the NUG package will be placed on your student account, payable by the end of semester. Please note BUSA have subsidised this cost!! Registrations received after May 10, the subsidy will be reduced to $70.00 ($320.00 package price).

REGISTRATIONS ARE DUE BY MAY 24TH 2013 For more information contact Jen Younger 
5595 1163

MUSIC |ARTS | REVIEW clearly see that the entirety of your set is a couple of chairs and painted boxes. Frightening? I don’t think so.

Blue Moon: Writing to Create Onstage Nightmares By Sophie Manion

Bond University Drama Society’s ‘Blue Moon’ is being

performed at the Festival of Australian Student Theatre May 31st at La Boite Theatre, Brisbane. Tickets can be purchased online at ‘Blue Moon’ is written and directed by Hugo Monotti, co-written and produced by Sophie Manion, staring the talents of Isabel Dickson, Hannah Meiklejohn, Elizabeth Silcox, Joshua Case, Blaze Edwards and Alisha Geary. I am a shameless fan of scary stories and horror films but I have always been fascinated by onstage horror. Sweeney Todd slicing open people’s throats made the musical that much more interesting. The final scene of ‘Hamlet’ is just an entire group of people dead on the floor of the castle. Anyone who has watched ‘The Woman in Black’ should appreciate the fact that it is originally a stage show. The Theatre of the Damned is mesmerizing to watch and their new production ‘Ghost Stories’ is something I badly want to experience. But try writing your own play full of tension and fear. You immediately run into an obvious problem. The stage is a lonely, isolated space. Unlike the creators of Hollywood magic there is no possibility of hiding the actor/actress behind layers of makeup or special effects that make the audience feel ill. There is no ‘Paranormal Activity’ styled camera-work available to illicit creeping fear. You only get one shot to impress the audience with an aura of trepidation and it is really difficult to convince them that they should be scared when they can

What’s the solution then? How can you write a play that suspends the audience’s belief in safety just for an hour, just long enough that they forget they walked into a public theatre to watch a show? For the Festival of Australian Student Theatre, Hugo and I wanted to attempt something different. We’ve seen an abundance of student plays but we were not interested in making a political statement or exploring an issue in society as most of them do. Really, all we intended to do was create a good story – something that would still be in the back of the minds of our audience long after they had left the show. It turns out that the answer to this dilemma can be found in every Haunted House attraction that we’d ever been in and it is simply this – get inside their heads. It doesn’t have to be overly gory or over-the-top or complex in nature. After all, if you pay money to walk through a Haunted House, you know nothing in there will really hurt you, but a tiny voice in the back of your mind is terrified from the second you step through the door. You know something will jump out at you… The question is when and what will it be? So ‘Blue Moon’ became a journey of trying to get inside the audience’s head, to create a sense of mounting discomfort. On this note I’m very proud of the acting talents we have accumulated for the show. They continue to amaze me with their professionalism and willingness to try anything we throw at them. So while there are no special effects, no computer-generated concealment, no impressive makeup or elaborate set design, the terror in this play is astonishingly powerful. It does indeed get inside your mind. There is an extraordinary combination of everyday fears side-by-side with the fear of the supernatural and under all of this, it is just plain spooky and disquieting. Onstage horror can be successful. I guarantee ‘Blue Moon’ will not let you go and there is a definite warning attached to seeing this show – caution: may produce nightmares!

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