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Hi Bondies!

On behalf of the Bond University Student Association, I am pleased to welcome you to Semester 1, 2013. To our new students, we trust you enjoyed your O-Week and are settling into your new life here at Bond. To those continuing students joining us for another year, we hope you made the most of time with family and friends and return safely after a well-deserved break. As we begin another semester and commence another year, it is timely to remind you of all that you are entitled to from your Bond University Student Association and your Student Activities Membership. Education: • • • • • • • • • • •

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Recreation: • Wednesday by the Water BBQ • Thursday Night at Don’s Tavern • 45+ cultural clubs, societies and associations • Executive Drinks Awards Night • Bondstock Festival each September • Administration of student events • Facilitation of nightclub sponsorship • Club Mentoring program • Club Sign-On Day • Grad Party • Mid-Semester and End-of-Semester Bash Sport: • • • • • • • • • •

Around 30 sporting clubs and societies Access to the Bond University Sports Centre Support for internal sporting competitions Subsidy for external sporting registrations Northern and Australian University Games subsidies Bond Elite Sporting Program Rival Night against Griffith University USA v Rest of World Basketball Mega-Bowl in conjunction with Faculty Student Associations Sport@Bond Publication

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Welcome to 131! To all of our new Bond students, welcome to student life at Bond. To all returning students, we hope you have recovered from the shock of the quick holiday turn around. I know I speak for many when I say that in the holidays I ate my body weight in Christmas food, enjoyed catching up with friends and family from home, and am very excited to be back with all you lovely people on the GC. To the freshers: there are some great tips for you in all fields of student life throughout this week’s edition. My #1 tip would be to not let the bra food get to you. Before you know it, you’ll be 8 kilos heavier and the walk from building 6 to the blocks will be the only daily exercise you can manage. I hope you enjoyed o-week and continue to spend the next few weeks in a similar fashion. Don’t take this time of the semester for granted - it’s the only time when you won’t feel guilty about drinking on a Tuesday night in favour of doing tute work, can rely on people forgetting whatever embarrasing situations you got yourself into, or can get away with sleeping in until 1pm before waking up for a cheeky beach trip. I also hope that everyone has recovered sufficiently from TnB and that all blocks residents aren’t suffering too badly from the inevitable goon hangover. There’s plenty to keep you busy in the next few days, with both Club Sign on Day and Pub Crawl on Friday. Undoubtedly, there will be some cheeky hungover maccas runs happening on Saturday. Watch out for those cameras on Cottesloe!

Should you have any questions about these services or about the Bond University Student Association, please do not hesitate to contact I know I speak on behalf of all my team in again welcoming you to semester 131 and wishing you all the very best for 2013. We look forward to offering you another year of student service and continuing to work hard to ensure the Bond student experience grows from strength to strength.

Looking forward to seeing the good form and antics continue.

Love, Caro x Scope Magazine | Week 1, Sem 131



New ears Resolutions By: Caitlin Liddelow

New Years Resolutions. They’re an innovation that, regardless if you’ve been previously successful with them or not, everyone seems determined to create. I myself never fail to come up with at least three NYR by the time midnight strikes and brings in the new year. I fail to remember that not once have I actually succeeded in achieving a resolution but it doesn’t stop me from trying, and believing that this year I will achieve that ‘realistic’ goal and so improve my life exponentially. It makes me think, what is the wondrous appeal of a NYR that keeps us coming back? Is it that people are given the chance to set goals without looking like a 10 year old in a primary school? Or are people finding themselves in a rut and just need the boost to motivate their lives? Regardless of the reason, the motive returns at the birth of every new year. A tendency to panic means the same resolutions are made every New Years Eve. Here’s my top five:

1 2 4

Get fit/Lose weight This is a classic. I’m sure almost every person on the planet is guilty of fixating on this resolution. Every January the gyms fill up, new running shoes are purchased and that protein diet begins. But by February the motivation has died out, you can find an empty treadmill at the gym again, and the diet ends. Thank god! Really, as the Simpsons say, “you can’t make friends with salad”, so I see no point in trying. There’s nothing wrong with this resolution, in fact it’s a great way to get in the fitness mindset, but that’s where it ends. When it comes to getting the Kate Beckinsale or Ryan Gosling bod (dayaammnnnn) slow and steady wins the race.

Save Money As uni students this is another popular one. By the time Christmas has rolled around, the New Years drinks have been bought and the upcoming festival tickets purchased, the old bank account is in struggle town. In an effort to make sure the basics, like food and rent, can still be covered, some of us promise ourselves we will cut back. It’s always with the best intentions, but by the time O-Week begins, the only drinks that we can afford to purchase is trusty goon and sneaky passion pop. Here’s to ladies night.

Week 1, Sem 131 |

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3 4 5

Find a Partner This brings us to the romantics; those who watched the annual showing of Love Actually at Christmas and decided they want their own Hugh Grant or Keira Knightley in their lives. Even those who don’t want anything cray serious fit in this category. Love Actually tells us that “love actually is all around”, and sometimes you’ve just got to be open to it. Dayamn this is getting kind of heavy for a piece about New Years resolutions but this is another classic, no doubt about it.

Be Nicer to Others As cliched and “Ah GAYYYYE” as that sounds this is one of the hardest resolutions to really fulfill. NYR’s that involve a personality tweak or adjustment make it almost impossible to see results. But when these resolutions are achieved they’re well worth the effort. A friend of mine has resolved to not shut down their emotions so much. Being more open to others may not be as noticeable as toning up but it’s the kind of resolution that can ensure greater long term results.

Improve Uni Results Given the awesomeeee social life at bond, the straight HD scores we all aimed for can easily come under threat. But after a few (very, very few) weeks at home, the motivation to achieve those scores and so make this private university experience worth it comes rushing back. This is one resolution that I hope all who set it achieve. I’m definitely not the greatest example setter, with one of my favourite mantras being “P’s get degrees”, but maybe this year is the year to succeed in the straight HD streak. If so, say hello to the library, give the battys a chance and remember to not embody the life of a hermit, no one can quit the party life cold turkey.

New years Resolution. Three words that bring to my mind the motivating phrase: “you’ve got to risk it to get the biscuit”. I always think that the only way to make a change is to give the resolution thing a go in the first place. So if you haven’t made a resolution yet, give it a go, give yourself that chance, and if you’ve already got a resolution, or three, in mind then good luck to you. You’ve gotta bet big or go home.

Scope Magazine | Week 1, Sem 131




So you picked Law. Regardless of whether you are here because it’s been a lifelong dream or because it seemed the least bad option from the list, or you like the sounds of saying “I do law” – you have made it here, and the reality of your decision has confronted you at some point already. For me that was in boot camp in O-week. I remember sitting there thinking “oh god, I know nothing.” It didn’t help that my ALS tute was on a Friday morning and I didn’t miss a Thursday night at Platinum until week 11. Add to the mix some rather rigid habits from school that didn’t go well with late nights and spontaneity and you had a relatively anxious individual trying to find the ratio of cases that seemed to be written in a different language. I remember one particularly fruitless group study session where a friend and I sat in silence for 20 minutes reading different cases that were prescribed for our tutes. Once I finished, I neatly shuffled all eleven pages (I thought that was ridiculously long) and slammed them down on the table in triumph. It wasn’t until my friend said “stuff doing that again – what was that case about?” that I felt just how out of my depth I was. I had to first admit, “ I have no idea. I read it all but I couldn’t tell you anything about it.” I’m not telling you this because I’m some gun at deciphering judgments (I decided to leave out a case completely on a presentation that I had to do at my clerking because I couldn’t work out for the life of me why the appeal judge overturned the trial judge) but to assure you that it gets easier. I still think that ALS was the most stressful subject I have done in my entire degree. God, I even read and summarized “getting to yes” for fear of missing some important element of negotiating. I’m also writing this in the hope that by comparing your stress to mine, you might realize how better off you are than others who have gone before you.

By Sophie McNaught In the mean time, here are some tips: • Do work out who Justice Ridley is. He will provide you with good points to make in your tutes for the next four years. • Do ask older students for help but don’t believe them when they say “I did no work and got a good mark.” Note the subjectivity of the terms “no work” and “good mark”. Refine them for yourself. • Do start your assignments earlier than you think you need to. Nothing will knock your confidence more than receiving your mark back 2 days before the exam and seeing that your all-nighter didn’t pay off. • Do prepare properly for you tutes. Placing such a solid weighting on tutorial performance is one of the smartest things our uni has done – you have to learn it all at some point, so you may as well learn it before the tute and get marks for being the one who knew what they were talking about. • Do answer if you think you know the answer. It sucks when the voice inside your head gets it right but didn’t have the guts to say it out loud. • Do become familiar with commentaries – they’ll save you from having to actually read a case. • Do use google – always. There are summaries all over the internet and you don’t have type some conjoined boolean phrase into a computer database to find them. You will need the research skills they teach you later but for now, you can get by without them.

Do find consolation in the fact that starting law is notoriously stressful all over the world. Read up and do what you have to do.


Week 1, Sem 131 |

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“For they are yet ear-kissing arguments.”

WILLIAM SHAKESPEARE The great English poet and playwright used these words to describe debating, and it is a perfect depiction of the almost melodious discussion heard within the hallowed halls of the Bond Debating Union (BDU). The Union is committed to delivering competitions and training for Bond University students with an interest in debating. Established in early 2012, the BDU is a swiftly growing student association with an expanding student base. All competitions are open to students of any Bond University faculty, whether undergraduate or post-graduate, domestic or international, swag or no swag. Last year, your Union delivered a number of competitions, training sessions and joint-association events, eclipsing its performance in the previous year by astronomical proportions. With free pizza, wide-ranging topics, stellar adjudicators, free pizza, renowned guest speakers, fierce yet entertaining competition and, oh yeah: free pizza, the BDU provided excellent opportunities for debaters, both experienced and novice, to gather and lob well-reasoned arguments at each other. From warm up competitions involving simple and amusing topics such as, “That women need men like a fish needs a bicycle” to more serious debating topics such as, “That we should enforce democracy on other countries” the competitors, regardless of their position, lit up the room with blazing arguments hurled at the opposition with the destructive force of a Super Saiyan. The highlight of the year was undoubtedly the Great Animal Welfare Debate, held in Sem 123 in conjunction with the Bond Animal Welfare League. This debate featured the finalists from the BDU’s State of the Union debating competition teamed with a leading activist in the field. Henry Norris and James Graham were teamed with Michael Byrnes QC on the affirmative, facing off against Jack Nagy and Osama Al-Haddad who teamed with former federal Senator Andrew Bartlett on the negative. Debating the controversial topic, “That experimentation on animals for human purposes is justifiable” the verdict was delivered by an all-star panel of judges: • Professor Geraldine Mackenzie, Dean of Law

• Senior Teaching Fellow Jackson Walkden-Brown, Animal Law Lecturer • Miss Louise Hawksford, President of BDU and... (drum roll please) • The Honourable Michael Kirby, Former Justice of the High Court of Australia The debate was brilliant, the applause was raucous, the roof was raised. Supreme and deft skill was shown by all speakers, but in the end, Kirby J announced a win for the affirmative team. This was followed by an enlightening speech from Kirby J himself, entitled, “My Epiphany with the Animals”. The event won the Sem 123 award for Best Cultural Event, a phenomenal achievement for such a young club. Whilst this event was the crown jewel of the BDU 2012, the year to come is to be so jam-packed with spectacular events that the Great Debate will soon fall into the dusty tomes of myth and lore. At the close of 2012, a new executive committee was selected for the following year of BDU, with all but two of the former members graduating. This is the perfect opportunity to thank those founding members for their hard work and unwavering support within the Union: Louise Hawksford, Jacqueline Hagger, Christopher Dolling and Tawanda Biti steadfastly represented the BDU from its conception, and the new executive looks to build on their excellent management and inspiring ideals. Luckily, the BDU exec never believed the Mayan calendar, and planned ahead. The year 2013 will see more and varied internal debating competitions, debater and adjudicator training workshops, a moon landing executed by a gorilla (nearly got you there), more guest speakers, more free pizza and, most excitingly of all, intervarsity competitions involving Bond University competing against other top universities across Queensland and Australia. Of particular focus for the BDU is the Australian Intervarsity Debating Championships, affectionately known as ‘Easters’, which will be held at the Griffith University Gold Coast Campus over, you guessed it, Easter. The BDU aims to send more Bond teams than ever before, so keep an eye out for notices on how to get involved.

The BDU is looking for you!

out of your mouth, now is the time!

If you have never debated before, but always thought it was something you would like to try, now is the time!

The BDU is for all manner of people: no matter your experience, there is a place for you. If you are not sure if you want to get involved, just come along and watch one of our events because, hey, who doesn’t like a bit of ear kissing?

If you have debated before, and wish to continue, now is the time! If you can make vaguely legible sentences tumble

Contact us for more details at bonddebatingunion@

Look us up on Facebook: Bond Debating Union If you have any debating or adjudicating experience, please contact our Secretary, Shuktika Bose, at bonddebatingunion@

Scope Magazine | Week 1, Sem 131



By: Taylor Williams

Greetings Freshers 131! For most of you newbies the Gold Coast is the place you now call home. For some it may be the first time experiencing the Gold Coast and others may be practically locals. This is the time in your life where you can enjoy the beach, sun and sand at your fingertips whilst studying (of course). The best part of the Gold Coast and Bond University is there are so many hidden secrets. From experience, I’ve pulled together a list of the top Fresher Tips that are essential while being at Bond! They will give you a guide on places to go and events to do whilst enjoying your time at Bond University and living on the Gold Coast. Time flies up here, and before you know it, your degree will be complete – so use your time effectively and make the most of it! Here are the top Freshers Tips for 131: 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. 14. 15. 16. 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22.


Get yourself involved in a Club, Society or Committee. Attend at least 3 of the semester’s events (Pub Crawl, Palaver and Frat Party are three personal fave’s). Live on Campus and get yourself involved in as many events as possible. Go to Currumbin Rock Pools. It’s beautiful scenery and a great atmosphere for a BBQ with good friends. Make international friends. This gives you connections throughout the world. Spectate a Surfing Competition, or even better take a surfing lesson. Take a summer road trip to Byron Bay (stay in a backpackers for a cheap weekend getaway). Drive through the Hinterlands and have lunch at Mount Tamborine. Experience an all nighter in the bat labs (it’s a surprisingly lively and social place at 3am during exam week). Attend University Games - any range of sporting abilities is usually accepted. Watch the sunset at the Spit, which is located at Main Beach. Eat ice cream. Why not? The weather is always perfect for it! Keep on top of your tutorial homework and assignments (the most important tip, of course). Go to the Beach! (Burleigh Heads is the closest Beach and the best place to grab lunch or a smoothie/fresh juice). Get a 3 Theme Park Pass (Make sure to go in the middle of the week, the weekends are way too busy). Explore Surfers Paradise and Broadbeach Festivals (as well as the nightlife). Grab a group of friends and go to Max Brenner (nothing beats a chocolate fix). Go to the Natural Arch. A beautiful way to escape for a bit and appreciate nature on the Gold Coast Meet with the CDC team, they help you get on track and establish goals for your time here at Bond. Get an internship/ work experience in your field of study. It’s the best way to gain practical experience, make contacts and have a better idea of a workplace environment. Go to a Basic Night. It’s a fantastic opportunity to enjoy cheap drinks and good company. Most importantly, enjoy Studying in Paradise!

Week 1, Sem 131 |

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O-WEEK Jess Drummer

O-week at Bond University is a time where a majority of students have packed up their belongings and moved a few kilometers, inter-state or internationally, to start a new chapter in their lives. O-week is a week of new faces, new friends and far too many names to remember.

at The Shores on Wednesday night and a large gathering at the Blocks on Saturday night where students new and returning participated in good old Kings Cup and Never Have I Ever… always a great way to really get to know the people you are living with!

O-week 121 was probably one of the best weeks of my life, making new and close friendships and creating many classic memories. From a Jungle Party, to a party where everyone committed to dressing in tight and extremely bright clothing… I knew I was going to like it here. One memory from my O-week is receiving 2am calls from some of the boys in the blocks after their goon aka ‘nectar of the gods’ bender, deciding it would be a good idea to go for a swim in the lake naked followed by cane toad hunting with golf clubs. There was definitely never a dull moment for me in O-week.

There is a whole semester ahead to meet many more people and to settle in but some advice for the next few weeks is to head down to Club Sign on Day next Friday and sign up to as many of the numerous sporting clubs and societies Bond has to offer. Some clubs include the Journalism Society, Amnesty International Society, Shark Fishing Association, Bond Investment Group, Beer Appreciation and Social Intercourse Club, Bond Running and Athletics Club… there will no doubt be a group for you.

Talking to some of the new students, O-week 131 sounds like it has been a very fun and successful week. Many students committed to the dress code of the Toga party on Monday night, followed by Tight and Bright and Bowling on Thursday, and then enjoyed the beach with their new friends on Saturday. Throughout the week students enjoyed meeting new people at the faculty morning teas and information seminars. A highlight for some freshers living on campus was the gatherings and social events that were led and organised by the older and returning students. This included a large party at the blocks on Tuesday night, a gathering

Definitely make the most of the fantastic student run events on campus. This is how you are going to make new friendships and have many good stories… if you can remember them the next day. With Club Sign on Day, Wednesday by the Water, Thursday night Dons, Tuesday nights CBD, University Games, Illegally Bond, Whitehouse, Palaver, Woodlands, The Physical, B.A.S.I.C. events, Mid Sem Bash and End of Sem Bash, there is really no excuse for you to not make new friends and to get involved in Bond University life. Have a great semester! Scope Magazine | Week 1, Sem 131


WEEK ONE Photographers: Shaun Rotman | Matthew Thorne | Ben Thangkam Events: Toga Party | Tight and Bright

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Scope Magazine | Week 1, Sem 131



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Top 10 Albums of 2012

What better way to kick off the New Year than with a countdown? 2012 was a downright amazing year in the land of music. Maybe the end of the world encouraged artists to throw out one last great record, or perhaps they grew ambitions after a random South Korean dude achieved global domination. Whatever the reason, we were graced with a plethora of beautiful releases that were very difficult to narrow down – but we tried our best. In no specific order, Dylan and Maggie present the top 10 albums of 2012.

Kendrick Lamar: good kid, m.A.A.d city A true up-and-comer, Kendrick presents a freshly mature sound that is quickly gaining a well-deserved following. With features from Dr. Dre and Drake, you know this guy means business. In every musical aspect, good kid, m.A.A.d city is pure genius. Kendrick’s intelligent and emotional lyrics are brought to life through his clean, technical flow. Good kid is also an extremely diverse album, pumping 90s style raw beats and dirty bass-grinders without the cheapness of modern ‘Pop Hop’. Kendrick’s best release yet, good kid is leading the new era of rap. Watch this space! Best track: Compton (feat. Dr. Dre) Imagine Dragons: Night Visions The indie rock band hailing from Las Vegas has caused quite a stir in the underground music scene over the past three years and released an album in 2012 that showcased their quirky outlook on life mixed with their ‘stick it to the man’ attitude. A few of their songs have been discovered by the MTV’s and Channel V’s of the world and have since debuted on Jimmy Kimmel and Jay Leno and featured on the trailers of some pretty fab upcoming films. If you’re already a fan of The Subways, The Lumineers, or The Futureheads then you will defs appreciate Imagine Dragons. Best track: Radioactive Alt-J(∆): An Awesome Wave On a lonesome day in mid 2012, these weirdoes popped up in my iTunes - with such a cool name, how could I resist? Long story short, a very good choice on my behalf. The debut of this English experimental group is strangely infectious and extremely difficult to describe. The only thing consistent across the tracks is frontman. Newman’s beautifully careless and daring vocals drive the album both melodically and emotionally. With a mix of dark, cheerful, gentle and floor-shaking tracks, An Awesome Wave is an exciting collection of music. This is one of those albums that you just know couldn’t be replicated, even by Alt J themselves. Get your hands on it now! Best track: Fitzpleasure Macklemore & Ryan Lewis: The Heist Most people will recognise this duo as the mastermind behind Thrift Shop, a song that truly articulates the benefits of op shopping, on the cheapo, but my main man Macklemore is a bit of a lyrical genius with a passion for social justice. It would be unwise of me not to mention his song Same Love, holy shit; I have not actually heard a better pro-equality song since my parents played me John Lennon’s Imagine. Seriously though, Thrift Shop is a pretty killer song when you’ve knocked back a few goons and juice, but there are some other totes amaze songs on this album, and I recommend that if you’re a bit keen on Frank Ocean, or Chiddy Bang then Macklemore and Ry-Ry Lewis are the blokes for you! Best track: Same Love

14 Week 1, Sem 131 |

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Best track: Why Won’t They Talk To Me? Alpine: A Is For Alpine I had the pleasure of seeing these lovely ladies open for Matt Corby in the earlier part of 2012. It was my second time seeing them play their quirky tunes, and I was not disappointed in the slightest! Though their dance moves while performing are questionable, the ladies of Alpine and their tres cute band are one of the best opening acts I have ever feasted my eyes upon. If you fancy Haim, St Lucia, or Funeral Suits then check these bitches out. Best track: Villages


Tame Impala: Lonerism Start off with a simple drum loop, chuck in a few vintage synths and layer with Lennon-esque vocals and you have Lonerism, another dreamy psychedelic masterpiece. Da Vinci famously said that simplicity is the ultimate form of sophistication – Tame Impala have honoured this principle with incredible results. With this kind of music, it’s easy to overdo, but not for the kings of modern psychedelia. When I heard they were switching guitars out for synths, I admittedly grew fearful, but Tame Impala’s sophomore release equals, if it not trumps their debut.

Deftones: Koi No Yokan Almost 20 years from their debut, Adrenalie, these headbanging gents are showing no intention of slowing down. Nor should they. Koi No Yokan, which translates into Premonition of Love, is an incredibly sophisticated and dynamic album. These guys play metal, and they’re damn good at it. No, they’re not emo or homicidal. They’re just five dudes who love to make gnarly riffs and test the boundaries of contemporary metal. While the band’s seventh release is less experimental than some of their earlier works, Koi No Yokan represents a culmination of Deftone’s many great phases. An ever-evolving band, their 2012 release marks another pinnacle in their awesome and influential journey. Great job lads - keep it up! Best track: Romantic Dreams Crystal Castles: iii Crystal Castles, the experimental electro-pop band that has managed to have Wikipedia come up with a whole new genre for them, has the world with good music taste in a bit of a spin. Their music induces that feeling you have when you’re scrolling through instagram and come across a picture of a really delicious looking home cooked meal, if that doesn’t make sense, then think of it this way: their music is, simply put, fucking brilliant. If you’ve not gifted your earholes with this auditory delight, then I strongly recommend you hurry up and do it, because you’re missing out! If you’re music taste is akin to the Naked and Famous, or Friendly Fires then you are in for a treat! Best track: Violent Youth Japandroids: Celebration Rock With no more than a guitar, drum kit and their voices, these two Canadian rockers known simply as ‘Japandroid’ have well and truly made a mark on modern rock. Their second album, Celebration Rock, sports eight chanted ballads of the indie and garage varieties. Heavy overdrive and college lyrics lead an album that is energising, fun and chilled. Although their sound is far from pop, Celebration Rock seems strangely familiar and homely. Japandroids are just one those bands that are impossible to not like. This album is an instant floor-filler, heart warmer and head banger all in one! Best track: Younger Us Flume: Flume Flume, the incredibly gorge young man whose name was derived from a Bon Iver song, brought us in 2012 his self-titled album that did not disappoint! Featuring a bunch of amazeballs new songs, and some fresh collabs with a few of my favourite artists, Flume’s album is sure to satisfy your musical cravings. Best track would easily be Left Alone featuring Chet Faker. I thoroughly recommend you check out Flume’s music if you’re into Hermitude, and/or New Navy! Best track: Holdin On

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During the semester break, Bond Athletics and Running Club (BARC) was given club status. Since then, the BARC executive has established a Facebook page, sought sponsorship, organised training programs and brainstormed events to fund the purchase of new equipment. This semester BARC will hope to purchase male and female competition standard shot-puts and discus’, long jump and triple jump mats, measuring tapes, stop watches,

a starter’s gun and blocks. As with all new clubs, BARC will rely heavily on sponsorship and fundraising to purchase this equipment. In order to raise funds, BARC will be hoping to hold an event this semester mimicking that of the ‘Colour Run.’ However, all new initiatives take a lot of time and planning to implement. Bond Athletics and Running Club is run by a group of passionate and hardworking Bondies, willing to put in the hours to

make BARC successful. Each BARC committee member (excluding social director) has established them-selves nationally in athletics, cross-country or tri-athlon. In turn, they bring a wealth of knowledge and experience unparalleled by any other new sporting club. BARC committee members will also be taking on a coaching or leadership role within training sessions – alongside our level three coach and mentors.

BARC has two primary goals: 1. 2.

To provide a competitive space for cross-country runners or track and field athletes, and To provide a social environment for those wanting to improve their fitness.

BARC training days are Sunday and Thursday evenings (beginning at 5:30pm) and Tuesday mornings (beginning at 7:00am). Training will commence Tuesday the 22nd of January. On the commencement of each training session BARC members will be divided into squads – track, field, cross-country or fitness – in order to cater to differing needs and abilities of athletes. BARC’s primary source of communication is through the BARC Facebook page. Please be sure to ‘like’ the page in order to receive updates, and notifications of training times, changes, or holiday programs. Here is the link:

The Freshman’s Guide:


With animal house no longer carrying that name and so many unfamiliar faces at tight and bright last Thursday, it is evident that there is a huge incursion of freshers. Whilst several may have been informed of what sports are available to you at Bond, the plethora of options literally knows no bounds and I hope this article will be a small taste as to what you can expect from sport at Bond. Res wars has to be the mentioned first for its sheer competitiveness and enjoyment between resident areas. Over the course of 9 weeks in the semester, a variety of sports (and trivia) are tested between the residences varying from European handball to swimming. With our new campus life res fellows of Zoe Kaesehagen and Jake Rischbieth I am certain that res wars will be once again a monumental success, and hey, you get free dinner every Wednesday night for only $20. If you are off campus or res wars is simply not enough for

16 Week 1, Sem 131 |

Scope Magazine

you, join one of the hundreds of sporting clubs here at Bond. Basketball, football, cricket, AFL and several others amass the standard set of affair but then there are more interesting diversions such as indoor volleyball, ultimate frisbee, boxing and so many more. Club sign on day is the perfect way to get involved in as many sporting disciplines as possible and even if you are not entirely sure on a club, you don’t have to participate once you sign up. Simply write your name down and your email address and the president of the club will contact you, informing you of when trainings are and when events are coming up. What Bond does exceptionally well is literally that it lets anyone and everyone have a go in the sporting field. Netball, whilst may initially be considered a woman’s game is no such thing at Bond. The weekly competition, of which is rather competitive but displayed in a jovial manner is mixed and many men get involved, adding a completely new dynamic to the game. The same can be said of touch rugby where initial thoughts are that it is a man’s game, but these thoughts are quelled by the enormous amount of female participants. Not taking up some form of sport at Bond would be like someone giving you free tickets to go to anywhere in the world and you choose to stay at home, you will be missing out on marvellous opportunities to meet new people, get some exercise and friendly competition. Written By: James Cornish

Written By: Rhys Larsen In this land of green and gold; where there are as many ethnicities, cultures and beliefs as there are stars in the sky, there is also a single constant. This constant is of such tremendous significance that it can overcome even the greatest of boundaries. This constant is SPORT. “Sport is the window into a country’s soul.” This is certainly true for Australians. Every year we pour blood, sweat and tears into playing and/or supporting the sports we love… 2013 will be no different. With that in mind, here is an extremely brief list of what to look forward to in the forthcoming months. Tennis: The 2013 Australian Open will commence on the 14th January, providing us with two extraordinary weeks of Tennis. Lleyton Hewitt and Bernard Tomic carry the hopes of the nation… Personally, I just want to see a few more close-ups of Tomic’s girlfriend. Cricket: There is an endless supply of Cricket over the course of the Australian summer. The Big Bash League has contained not only sublime bowling and batting; and some fantastic Shane Warne sledging. “F#ck you Marlon! F#ck you mate.” However, the pinnacle of cricket in 2013 will be the Ashes. Celebrating 131 years of rivalry between Australia and England, the Ashes will commence in July.



Sport in

worth watching. With Bond’s annual intake of American students, it pays to invest some time in acquiring a little knowledge about this remarkable game. Super Bowl XLVII kicks off on February 3rd (4th in Australia). Get on it!!! Rugby Union: The Super 15 Rugby season will recommence on the 15th February. Watch as 15 teams from Australia, New Zealand and South Africa take to the field for another year. Additionally, the final Rugby World Cup Sevens will be held in Moscow Russia on June 28th. Up the Reds!!! Soccer (Football): Although Australia can’t compare to Europe, Africa or South America, our proficiency at the ‘World Game’ is steadily increasing. The A-League is having its most successful season yet with record crowds and increased quality across the board. Keep an eye on your favourite team as we begin to approach finals in early April. FOOTY: Depending on your place of origin, Footy could be one of two sports. In the North, National Rugby League (NRL) reigns supreme. In the South, the Australian Football League (AFL) dominance has never, and will never, be challenged. For both codes, the season will begin in early March. Regardless of your allegiance, both codes have something to offer for everyone. Well, there you have it. An incredibly brief summary of what is going to be a HUGE year in sport. I suggest you start stretching your eyeballs… We have a lot of watching to do.

American Football: Although rarely played in Australia, Gridiron is well


students, Res Wars is a fantastic opportunity to meet new people and for older res students, who have yet to experience the weekly hype- it’s never too late to get involved!!

2013 is here, and what better way to fulfill your new years resolution of “getting fit” or “getting more involved in uni” then to get amongst our very own Res Wars. Every Wednesday night a different event is offered to test the capabilities of our residences. From netball, to water sports, to trivia, there’s something for everyone!

We are starting Week 1 with Dodge ball!


Teams are allocated according to where you reside on campus. We have the B-Block Bandits in blue, A- Block Pride in orange, the Accommodation Centre Red Devils in Red, and the Green Machines comprising of North and South tower in, you guessed it, green. For new

At the end of each semester, res wars is capped off with a themed res dinner, where the scores from each week are tallied to produce the semester winner. Prize money is awarded to the winning res, which can fund common room revamps, pool tables and much more!

So come along each Wednesday for some fun with friends and, of course, free food! See you there! Jake and Zoe (Campus Life Directors)

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Week 1 - Semester 131

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