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from the editor Caroline Stanley

from the Advocacy Director

Hi Bondies!

Harriet Johnston Hi everyone,

Welcome to Week 4. I cannot believe that the semester is moving so quickly and that we are but two weeks away from the start of mid-sem exams. Even more shocking, our exam timetable for the end of the semester comes out at the end of next week. Scary, huh?

It is coming to the end of semester where you need to decide if you’re going to settle for credits or start work towards the illusive HD. It is for that reason that Caro has asked me to pop a quick note into Scope this week telling you a little bit more about the advocacy role I am currently filling, and the student services that can you help you get the marks you are after.

However, some of those amongst our midst couldn’t be thinking along more different lines, and those are our graduating students (who are lucky in the extreme). As graduates fly in from all over the globe this week, they prepare to celebrate their graduation Advocacy is a role that aims to provide information and support for from Bond University this weekend student struggling academically, or who are facing University or legal at our Graduation Ceremony. This grievances. The Advocacy director assists with the development of is an extremely exciting time for academic, administrative or disciplinary concerns resulting from Uniall of those students and we wish versity decisions, as well as providing legal referrals and academic supthem the very best with their final port through the reconnect program. Additionally, Advocacy is happy days at Bond - we wish them the to assist with interpretation of any University policy that may affect you. greatest times with their families and friends, safe trips to wherevIn addition to the services aimed at targeting students that are already er they may be going after this, struggling, start utilising the incredible free support services to get ahead. a wonderful life in whatever Become involved in regularly visiting the learn centre (found in the ‘new path they have chosen to take, library’), seeing your teachers with any problems you are having as they and finally wish that they will arise and getting involved in free res tutoring if you are living on campus or find time and space in their faculty study sessions if you are concerned after a particular topic, assesslives to come back to Bond at ment or exam. any time, and connect with those they have left behind. Another quick note I would like to add in is next weekend 17th February I, for one, know that I will there is a Flood Appeal being run by the SPC and BUSA which will be taking miss many of them a very a bus load of students to the Lockyer Valley where we will be assisting with great deal, and am really the flood clean up. The event runs all day with free buses there and back and a not sure how my time packed lunch provided with Sign up in the BUSA office. at Bond will be shaped without them. To those Please contact me at for fully confidential informapeople, and indeed all tion or advice. Good luck with the year ahead. graduating, know that we all love you and will always be here for you. Love, Caro x


the salad dressing of society By Dayne Roque The word ‘music’ is commonly used by everyone in their day-to-day lives. A couple of days ago I started pondering on the question, “what is music” (considering that even silence is music)? After a lengthy discussion with one of my friends we came to the conclusion that music can only be considered music if someone is there to call it music, primarily through observation. To a person silence could be music, but to a fish, silence is just silence. It’s only music if someone/something can interpret it as music. So, there could be a world without music. Putting it simply, music is the art of interpreting vibrations (sounds). A world without music? I couldn’t seem to drop this topic and kept thinking about it all day which basically led me spiralling on to another question - namely, ‘If music is based on our interpretation, does it influence us and society? If so, how is it capable of doing so?

 Back in high school, people formed many social clusters. The most common similarity between its members was that they listened to almost the same type of music. It seemed that besides the fact that they had other things in common such as same classes, played the same sport, it all came straight back to music. The music that they listened to also influenced the way they spoke, wrote and interacted with others as it does to you, me and everyone else. If we seem to like/ admire a song we tend to alter our behaviours so as to reciprocate to the what we believe the meaning of the song to be, e.g.: while driving, a song with an amazing bass line which sounds funky start to play. Just before the bass drops for the climax, you crank up the volume. Have you ever noticed the change in your driving style? I know that after a while I tend to push down the accelerator a bit more than is needed and, if anyone notices (at the lights) I give them a cool, laid-back nod and drive off. However, if the song playing is A-team, I would drive in a more relaxed and cautious way.

The saying “music washes away from the soul the dust of everyday life” is another good example. Music can be used to heighten emotions and even change the mood of a subject from that of boredom to excitement. A James Bond movie without trumpets blaring when he escapes some “inescapable” situation or the melancholy, smooth rumble of a cello during a sad scene heightens our emotions and hence alters our perception of the situation, helping us to connect on an emotional level with the message being conveyed. 

Not to be stereotypical, but how many rappers can you name that don’t wear “baggy clothes”, or classic jazz musicians that wear leather or jeans and a t-shirt? I am not saying that there aren’t any exceptions to this generalisation, but realistically, their dress code is essentially based on what they feel the message of their songs best delineates them. At the same time musicians compose pieces that they feel best convey their emotions, values, thoughts, views of society and fantasies. With the help of music that they have heard and the effects of this on their emotions and thoughts, musicians synthesise these concepts to help convey their message through song to the listeners. Music is ultimately intertwined with society (its listeners and composers). We can clearly deduce that music affects society and as this is the case, composers fundamentally interpret this phenomenon and, with the help of their own emotions and thoughts, are able to create a piece of music which best expresses this. Hence music evolves over time. Classical evolved into jazz, pop, blues, rock, and metal. All these genres are established and framed around the thoughts and experiences of the composer which are predetermined by that of the society and culture of the era. To shed some light onto this concept, consider the “rock” genre. This form of music has impacted society since the early 70’s and still impacts us even today. ‘Rock and roll’ was created by the African-Americans and white youth population. This form of music portrayed raw emotions infused with ideas that the composer felt that society had to understand and accept so as to bring about a change in the American society. Many composers still argue that early rock and roll was instrumental in the way both white and black teenagers identified themselves and I, for one, agree. With the changing of times and paradigm shifts in societal ideology, composers began to focus on different aspects or rather concepts such as love, peace; and spoke directly about it. This is different from the meandering illusions that are romantically created in classical music which does not portray the composers actual views on the subject but allows the listeners imagination to influence and meld its meaning into different understandings of the concept. Rock later on divided into other sub categories; indie-rock, funk and alternative, etc.

 A life without music..... I don’t think I could get though the day without some form of music. It helps to feed our curiosity or motivate us to become more curious so as to achieve our goals. Music is intertwined with society. It definitely influences us as we listen to it. There is music for every type of situation, emotion and even ambience that gives us that extra push or opens our minds to at least some form of understanding towards the different concepts of life. Society would be like a salad without its dressing, a car without its transmission or a speaker without its casing, if it didn’t have music.

Jazz and Blues at Bond: A Q&A with Courtney Macdade Where did it all begin?

I guess it all began when I was really little. My dad and I would sing in the car to all of the old classics. Actually, I remember fondly singing along to Mustang Sally over by Anita Nielsen and over on the car trip home after school. But it never went much further from there for a while. Coming from a musical family, my parents sent me to piano lessons but to no avail. My teacher continuously pestered me to practice, but I never got any better. It wasn’t until my teacher finally told me to just try something different that I signed myself up for singing lessons.

A lot of people take singing lessons, but what made you take it that one step further?

So you formed a Blues and Jazz band not long after, how did that come about?

I did a lot of singing at events for both my high school and my town. But it wasn’t until I met a blues singer names Lil Fi that I decided to perform to a different level. She was passionate and a great performer and she taught me everything I needed to know to pull off a gig.

Yes I did. I was approached about it when I was in grade 11. It was a group of guys around my age that had decided to come together for a local gig that was showcasing blues bands. We had 2 months to prepare and had articles written about us in the local newspapers the next day. It was a great start.

Your YouTube cover Of Monsters and Men’s ‘Little Talks’ has reached nearly 9000 views, what did you enjoy about putting it together? It was a lot of fun! I worked with Tim Whybrow and Mark Foster and ventured into the depths of Animal House in the Blocks to do the recordings. We spent the next couple of days filming and before we knew it we had it up on YouTube.

What did you achieve as a band? We did a lot of local gigs before we were asked to play at The Basement, at the Gold Coast Entertainment Centre. The gig was a sell out and had a great atmosphere. Afterwards we were asked to play at large company functions, the Brisbane Blues Bar, birthdays and weddings. It was brilliant fun while we were together.

Why did the band break up? I guess it was a case of time. They were still situated back near Byron and I was here at Bond. It was becoming too much to practice and maintain regular gigs.

What artists do you admire? I have always been a fan of the old blues women, Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simon, but I live for the music of Bob Dylan and his amazing lyrics. I encourage you to listen to them all, they’re not only musicians, but historians. I can’t get enough of them! I was inspired a lot by Fleetwood Mac’s, ‘Stevie Nicks’ as I listened to her throughout my childhood. But I am in love with Vampire Weekend. Seeing them at Big Day Out last week is definitely a highlight of my life so far.

What do you have planned now? Well, I see music and performing as the best possible way for me to do what I love and get paid for it, so I will definitely stick with it. I have been asked to do a regular gig at a blues influence bar underneath The Loft on Chevron Island, with a saxophone player and pianist on Thursdays. The food is to die for, it is a great atmosphere and we will be playing blues and a few songs that you would know, so feel free to come along one time. In fact I also spoke to a guy very recently who works with a band, and he asked me to be a part of a folk band that he is putting together. It is something different and I am very excited to get back into a band situation again.

In a relationship with technology... Written by Chanel Heeren I recently caught up with a girlfriend of mine for coffee who I hadn’t seen because she was overseas on holiday for a month (which in reality felt like an eternity). As we sat in the café and quietly giggled over our usual banter and filled each other in on the latest and greatest gossip, it occurred to me that I still have not met her boyfriend of five months. I found it really strange how little she brought him up in our conversations too. I led our current discussion towards the topic of her boyfriend, because I was entirely and truly interested about this mysterious ‘other-half’. I was familiar with the name but couldn’t put a face to it. As I asked: “Tell me about him”, all she replied with was a shrug and a: “There isn’t really much to say.” I was confused; maybe she didn’t want me to know about him after all. So I took the liberty of diving into the deep end with some confronting questions and soon her guard dropped and the conversation started to roll. I found out the main details about him such as his work and his interests and other hobbies, and then I vaguely heard her sort of mutter under her breath - “We met on Instagram.” It soon occurred to me that my friend was somewhat embarrassed at the fact she met her partner on a social

media picture blog. I asked her how they went about meeting in person for the first time and if it was to any extent awkward knowing they both had stalked each other’s photos on Instagram before actually meeting. All she said was it made their

and will receive a reply such as, “Oh, well it was quite romantic. I opened up Facebook and there your father was in the friend request box”. Although, not to be too harsh, it does offer some simplicity to those living busy lives and wanting a bit of company at night by chatting online, and I understand the Internet over time has enhanced friendships and changed the way society communicates. But there is some part of me that is scared to the core about the idea of dating online, the risk factor of meeting a person for the first time (almost like a blind date) and of course if they turn out to be nothing like they do in their photos. Yikes! Would you believe that ten years ago, Internet dating was considered desperate and a form of last refuge. Today, it has become first encounter less confronting so mainstream that almost 1 in having shared some sort of on- 6 marriages start online! Hard to line relationship prior to meeting. believe but it’s true. This seems like a very common occurrence nowadays. I find it Maybe it’s just me but I’m still astounding to see our society into the traditional way of datchange and how traditional ing. Spontaneously meet somerelationships are now formed one, go out for first dates, be through a completely different given flowers and all that jazz. medium. The Internet and so- I think it’s ironic though that my cial media forums have proven closest girlfriends all have parta new gateway for those who ners at this stage, and I of course are ‘single and ready to min- am the only single one. So as I gle,’ allowing people to venture sit writing this, in my mind I think out into the darkness – ‘online it is time for me to stop being so dating’. paranoid and have a crack at the social media world, and to It’s amusing to imagine how try and find my own version of many kids are going to grow up Prince Charming. and ask how their parents met

BAFRICA By Lee Jarman

As the year progresses, you will hear the word “BAfrica” thrown around more and more. What’s it all about you ask? Read on.. Bond In Africa, affectionately known as BAfrica, is a program aimed at providing access for Bond students to African communities in which they can apply skills acquired through their degrees to positions and projects which provide developmental assistance to those communities. Long term, with the growth of the program, we will hopefully see Bond students engaging in these activities throughout Africa. Ultimately, this program not only provides an opportunity for Bond students to further their education and experience in some of the poorest yet most beautiful parts of the world, but it provides short term relief and economic stimulation to the communities we visit, and most importantly opens students’ eyes to possible long term commitments they can make to aid in the development in Africa.

In the September holidays of 2012 my predecessor, Madeline Wardleworth, successfully organised and led the inaugural BAfrica expedition. Twenty four students travelled to Malawi, a landlocked country in southeast Africa. Here they applied their skills and knowledge at the Mulanje Mission which consists of a high school, primary school, hospital, nurses’ college and an HIV AIDS support network. In a country which is known as one the least-developed in the world and has one of the lowest life expectancies and highest infant mortality rates, outside help is warmly welcomed. The 2012 program saw students apply their skills in medicine, information technology, architecture, education and marketing, contributing a great amount to the Mulanje Mission and establishing a strong relationship we hope to perpetuate for many years. From my own communications with the Mission this year I can assure you they are very eager to have Bond students back in 2013. Growth is important to the BAfrica program. The further the reach of the program extends, the more opportunities we can supply to Bond students, opportunities that may blossom into careers. That is why in 2013 we intend to run two limbs, one replicating the 2012 Mulanje Mission program in Malawi, and the second limb venturing into South Africa where students will engage in internship-like positions within legal aid and social justice organisations. This second limb

should see particularly humanities students, law students and business students applying their skills to aid the progress of these organisations. To facilitate the growth of the program I have appointed a 2013 BAfrica Board following a standard application and interview process. The quality of the applicants was extremely high, and I am proud to introduce the following Board members: Co-convenor – Sophia Grundy; Financial Director – Stuart McKelvie; Sponsorship Directors – Carly O’Loughlan and Annabelle Parker; and our IT/Multimedia Director – Mitch Willocks. Currently, among other tasks, the Board is in the process of approaching potential corporate sponsors to lower the cost of BAfrica. Whilst the University generously offers funds to the program, the high cost of flights added to other expenses such as food and accommodation means that despite the University funding the program has a high per person cost. With corporate sponsorship, access to BAfrica will not be limited to only those who can afford the travel. Over the course of this semester, more information will be released (mostly via student email) about BAfrica, including details of the program, the costs involved, and how you can apply. If you would like a sneak peek into the 2012 program I recommend you visit and the linked blog that was contributed to each day by a different participant. Stay tuned to thaTt website for the update to our 2013 program in coming weeks. In the meantime, should you have any specific questions please do not hesitate to contact me at


PALAVERED! Thursday welcomed Bond’s most notorious and popular night of sem – Palaver. Free booze, free eye candy and the free after party at one of Surfer’s most fancy nightclubs. The girls looked like a swarm of disco balls with sequins galore, and for some it was the first opportunity to see the Bond boys suit up. From the delicious never-ending cupcakes to the Lion King themed DJ, this was not a night to be missed. The night started off with people consciously watching the clock, counting up to 9 pm when the beer and wine would finally be replaced with Smirnoffs and Vodka Redbull. As soon as the clock hit 9 the bar was swamped with eager alcoholics demanding their $40 worth of goodness-in-a-can, and shortly followed by the shock discovery of mid-strength alcohol (which we all discovered still work as required). With everyone on a sugar high from excessive consumption of Redbull, it was time to turn Dons into the Winter Wonderland we were showered with fake snow. The poor photographer was harassed with girls wanting to look like they’d just stepped out of a Victoria’s Secret Winter catalogue.

My Redbull was filled with the fake snow/foam, but naturally I downed it anyway. With everyone running around with what looked like really bad dandruff in their hair, we all realized the BSA had really outdone themselves. The decorations were incredible and went along perfectly with the awesome theme.

the Bucking Bull (Juliana I saw you) in their cocktail attire, while others blew their money in the casino next door. At around 2 am the downstairs dance floor started to empty as many made their way to McDonalds. Upstairs was a different story with the BSA running their own private lounge as many tried (and failed) to enter. Upstairs was going off and was jam packed until 3 o’clock came and then came the rush to make the free bus.

The discovery of the ice sculptures led to even more excitement as countless drunks posed licking the ice. The ridiculous queue to the toilets saw many Snapchats being taken (guilty) and Facebook photos uploaded. The dancefloor was going wild as the DJ pumped out Circle “Overall Palaver was an of Life and the crowd raised invis- incredible night” ... ible Simbas up into the air. Jane and Sree’s duet definitely kept the sea of From the decorations, to the food, dancers entertained. to the DJs to the free drinks, the BSA has really set the bar high. Although The pizza was brought out and the I am sure we are all dreading seeing popular Smirnoffs started to run dry. Matt Thorne’s video (at the time we Many resorted to Bourbon (no com- all wanted to be movie stars…) plaints) as we anticipated the bus into Surfers. The queues for the bus “I think we can all agree kept us entertained as the smashing that Palaver was the of the bus windows could be heard party of the semester” above the crowds and the security guards were kept on their toes. Congratulations to the new BSA on a Once at Melbas we were greeted by job well done. It really was a Winter more smashed glass on the d-floor. Wonderland, and a fun-filled night. However this didn’t bother many as Can’t wait till next sem, thank you they danced the night away. Melbas BSA! was a Winter Wonderland in itself as Ice Age was played on the screen behind the DJ. Some dared to ride

By Lily Newton

With all the hype surrounding the recent HSA elections and handover, many of you may be unaware that the Health Science and Medical Students Association (HMSA) were also running elections and handing over responsibilities to the incoming group. The new team has sprung right into action, kick-starting preparations for the highly anticipated Physical on Friday Week 5. The group certainly have very big shoes to fill, following the previous HMSA’s great work and their winning best event for the Physical in semesters 121, 122 and 123! Despite having a lot to live up to, the incoming HMSA are very ready to rise to the challenge, and look forward to bringing you their take on the Physical this semester. Furthermore, the group are very eager to get started and are committed to working with students of the faculty as much as possible, ensuring all members are included and all degrees are fairly represented. If you didn’t get a chance to meet your new HMSA at the welcome breakfast held on Monday then feel free to say hi if you see any of us about campus!

See you at the Physical!

Meet Your New HMSA! President- Jake Bennetto Vice-President- Alexander Hargrave Treasurer- Niamh Ramsay Studying: Medicine Studying: Biomedical Science Studying: Biomedical Science Favourite thing about the Physical: Favourite thing about the Physical: Favourite thing about the Physical: Hargrave’s antics... The cheap ticket price It’s always full of surprises!

Sponsorship Director - Stephanie Rockett Studying: Biomedical Science Favourite thing about the Physical: The low cost and the great time we


Low cost and great atmosphere.

Social Director- Gregory Hall Academic Affairs Director- Daisy Publications Director- Georgia Hick Studying: Exercise Science Swindon Studying: Health Science Favourite thing about the Physical: Studying: Biomedical Science/Law Favourite thing about the Physical: Its Favourite thing about the Physical: The roof, ye ye convenient proximity to the blocks It gets messy and there’s never

will have!

IT Director- Georgie Heddle Studying: Biomedical Science Favourite thing about the Physical:

Secretary- Mariette Morris Studying: Biomedical Science Favourite thing about the Physical:

class the next day!

Medical Representative-Ashwin Promotions Director- Malcolm Agnihotri Hatfield Studying: Medicine Studying: Sport Science Favourite thing about the Physical: Favourite thing about the Physical: Cheap entitlements

Everyone gets into it!

Health Sciences Representative- Jesse Green Studying: Sport Science Favourite thing about the Physical: What’s not to love about a rooftop party?

to drink or not to drink ... One tequila, two tequila … you know how the story goes. It begins with a quiet shot at Don’s and ends with you being ‘escorted ‘ out of Melbas or worse, being kicked out of Don’s before you can even set foot on a bus. This may be a pretty standard night out for most of us but what about ‘the others’? You know, the people who don’t like any vodka in their lemonade and usually end up holding our hair whist we get re-acquainted with the toilet bowl. Drinkers and Non-Drinkers, yep there are certainly two well-established groups at Bond. Which group you are a part of is certainly a matter of personal choice but what reasons (if any) can inform such an important decision? In an attempt to uncover how one decides whether to drink away their precious savings/parent’s money or use it for good, I thought I’d look at some of the pros and cons of drinking. Since this is a university, a place of higher learning, blah, blah, blah I firstly looked into the scientific pros and cons of drinking. According to the crazy people in white coats (aka scientists), moderate alcohol consumption ie. 2 drinks a day, can reduce the risk of heart disease, type 2 diabetes and stroke. Sadly though, doubling the dosage will not double the benefits alcohol has to offer. For those of you who prefer excessive alcohol consumption, you are putting yourself at risk of obtaining unexplainable drunken injuries, high blood pressure and a beer gut. Also, for the lads out there, whilst alcohol may give you the courage to snag that sexy thang, its known to cause poor performance in the bedroom, which will leave that lucky lady unimpressed (awkies!). Lads and ladies do not despair! There is hope yet… While drinking can lead to ahh…awkwardness in

the bedroom, a good dose of ‘liquid courage’ will enhance both your social and dance skills, hurrah! Alcohol is a life line for some of the shyer little darlings amongst us but can unfortunately turn them into loud, obnoxious and jabbering messes. This is where the pro turns to con. Confidence turns to a loss of control and in more extreme cases, total humiliation. I’ve had a few ‘oh god what did I do last night?’ moments, and I can assure you they are not pleasant. So lets have a quick recap, our health is not really something to be messed with and alcohol clearly presents more of a risk than benefit. Socially however, it has some merit, turning scaredy-cats into supermen but occasionally leading to a total loss of control, which brings me to THE HANGOVER. Health, religion, etc. aside, the hangover is for many, the determining factor in the alcohol debate. Headaches, nausea, vomiting and general fragility are the unfortunate side effects of a big night on the booze. Anyone who has experienced the dreaded all or multiple day hangover will contest to the undesirable nature of this condition. I think if you can push through an awful hangover and come out the other side still keen for a cheeky Corona then you are a Drinker and there is no changing that. Non-Drinkers have (cleverly) opted out of this unnecessary undertaking and will never be coaxed into experiencing one. There you have it folks, the pros and cons of drinking. Now “to be, or not to be?” that is the question.

Jane Cornish

GENDER BENDER The natural urge to punch a guy, after an unexpected pinch on the ass and side ways glance (a method of flirtation he clearly thinks will have me falling to my knees in mercy at the wit of such an action), is probably warranted. But the virtue and brilliance of the female species is in our ability to refrain from such brute actions…usually! Unfortunately it is often these traits that get a little lost and undervalued. I would completely agree that there are some female rituals that a lot of us ourselves don’t understand. This is particularly evident in our habit of watching Rom Coms - you can be sitting there commenting on how you are losing brains cells, and yet you continue watching. But then again, I can’t really say a whole lot more for understanding certain male rituals either - taking three protein shakes whilst doing a casual sesh of thirty minutes at the gym (which really just consists of sly glances at oneself in the mirror), just doesn’t seem logical to me. Ultimately guys and gals, we all have the same little sensitivities. It took both a girlfriend and myself about ten minutes to figure out we were reading a men’s and not women’s magazine. I didn’t really expect ‘losing those love handles’ to be a prominent male issue, but I guess we have more in common than most like to speculate. Calling a guy you have just met “babe” or “honey” for instance can be just as degrading as it would be for a girl (or just plain weird, I think some guys think this makes them look confident?…hmm). Drinking seems to be another gender neutral area. There are not too many people I know who haven’t drunk to the point of complete inebriation, cross-eyed and flailing. Yes, this doesn’t really instil a sense of real manhood, or female virtue either… but I’m pretty sure we have all been there… Or at least on the precipice. I think a little bit more light needs to be shed on these similarities. Because; whilst girls are labelled as sluts and guys are labelled as dicks and so on and so forth we are all united by these common stupidities and irrationalities. Which I guess really is not the most positive thought but I still think it is something that needs to be respected (boys you’re not so high and mighty just because you think you have guns). So whilst we women may seem to be from Venus and to us girls, men may seem to be from Mars, there is a medium in between that everyone seems to always forget. Ultimately equality between sexes can never be achieved. I’m sorry guys, but women may never understand the fascination you have with the tissue deposits sitting on our chest, and guys may never understand our need to acquire endless amounts of shoes. But we do actually have a fair bit in common, so boys next time you think about wolf whistling at a girl in all your originality, perhaps take a second and maybe say a few words instead? Girls, next time you think about yelling at a guy for all their uselessness, just remember, their brain size is half of yours!

Emma Chadwick

week four Photographers: Mitchell Willocks | Ben Thangkam Events: BSA Palaver

MUSIC |ARTS | REVIEW In the weeks before class started up again this semester, I found myself doing some serious re-living. I watched a few movie marathons (Star Wars, Lord of the Rings etc.), I listened to my entire Ben Folds collection, I ate a whole box of paddlepops, and I played the original Darksiders. I know that Vigil and THQ have mated again, bringing a widdle-baby Darksiders 2 into the world (which I will definitely be reviewing), however I thought it would be nice for us all to take a step back and appreciate some game history before we revel in the game present. In Darksiders, you play as War: one of the four horsemen of the apocalypse. You are disgraced by the Charred council, the body that governs all of creation, after you are sent to Earth without your three brothers to initiate Armageddon mistakenly. Pretty sweet premise, no?

The second half of the game is a Rubik’s cube. It’s essentially Tomb Raider gone batshit-crazy, because there’s about a million puzzles that make you frustrated almost to the point of rage-quitting. A walkthrough is a damn good idea if you don’t fancy embedding your controller in the wall. All in all though, and despite the end-of-game IQ testing, Darksiders is definitely a fun game. If you don’t watch the cut scenes you’ll have less than a single clue about what’s going on, but you can always take out your confusion on some poor demon with the gnarliest sword upgrades you can get your hands on. I’ll just give you a little spoiler to leave on a high note; what the original Darksiders missed, Darksiders 2 completely nailed it. I’ll tell you all about it next time!

So after a hundred or so Earth-years of being the Council’s prisoner, you return to Earth to find the entire of the human race extinct, and the servants of heaven and hell are waging a war amongst the wreckage. Even though heaven and hell seem to be fighting amongst themselves, everything is out to kill you; which is precisely why the first half of Darksiders is actually amazing. Slaying fallen angels and risen demons left right and centre, throwing cars around to kill the big baddies, ripping your three metre long blade through giant bat queens and six-ton insect monsters. It’s so awesome that you find yourself asking the question, “How on earth can this get any better?” Unfortunately, as soon as that very question leaves your lips, it’s answered with a giant slap in the face and a very nasty and mocking voice whispers in your ear, “it doesn’t.”

Film Review: The Perks of Being a Wallflower By Matthew Jones “We accept the love we think we deserve.” While going through my daily search on streaming, I came across a strange phenomenon. As most of you should know, for a film to rate over four stars on letmewatchthis. com is a fucking big deal. Great flicks such as the Dark Night Rises, The Avengers and

The Hobbit just managed to get over a four star rating. Therefore it came as a shock to me that author Stephen Chbosky’s adaptation of his own novel, The Perks of Being a Wallflower, rated a mythical four and a half stars. Initially I thought the berkshire hunts at had reached a mid life crisis. But after days there was no change to what seemed like a pretty obvious mistake. I mean, how can a novel about teenagers and the pressures of high school, which sounds a little bit camp, be better than a movie involving a man bat, a woman cat, and an experimental nuclear energy project.

MUSIC |ARTS | REVIEW So out of sheer boredom, and with thought of Jay from the Inbetweeners asking whether I was bent for choosing the Perks of Being a Wallflower over Taken 2, I decided to sacrifice my manhood and watch it (ruthless, I know). Simply, that was the best fucking decision I have made this year. I have never watched a film that had me so enthralled through its entirety. And to further emphasise it’s brilliance, it is the first movie I have watched for a second time within the same month, let alone within the week. I think the films success can be drawn to its realness - it is genuine. This can be attributed to Stephen Chbosky who wrote the script and directed the movie. We have all watched that film adaptation of a novel which is just plain after grog bog shit. The Great Gatsby the Chronicles of Narnia are examples of golden literature being transformed into cinematic sewerage. With The Perks of Being a Wallflower, Rick Flair is the author, scriptwriter, director and producer; therefore the style and temperament that he developed in the novel is accurately represented in the film. Personally, I found that I could relate to the dialogue between Charlie and Sam, and the trials and tribulations that the gaggle of friends encountered. This rare ability for the


Maggie Munn

I don’t know about you, but when it’s raining, classes have been cancelled and I have nothing better to do, I tend to avoid doing the work I need to do and branch out into the spheres of procrastination and the realms of the music and arts haunts on da interwebz. I’m giving you music, hilarity, quirks, and some potential diary dates – you no longer have an excuse to complain that you are ill informed of cool shit. I figured we could all use a bit of guidance in the right direction with regard to our procrastination! 1. FasterLouder is your standard hub of knowledge for gig guides, upcoming festivals, and reviews. Not to mention the photos, the videos and the forums. Personally I think that this site needs to get some more publiss because it legit has you covered for everything related to good music! 2. The title really gives it all away; but if you’re a bit obtuse I’ll spell it out for you: lanadelwordplay provides hours of ranga hipster based entertainment and gives you the chance to imagine what our favourite hipster ‘It Girl’s’ face would look like on cans of lager, chicken satay kebabs and Kurt Cobain.

film to create parallels between its characters and the audience adds to this genuine feel. When reviewing this film I can’t go past the performances of Logan Lerman and Emma Watson as the leading duo. Logan Lerman, who starred in the appalling 300 wannabe Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, redeems himself with an Oscar worthy performance as socially awkward, literary wizard Charlie. However the star of the show was Emma Watson who threw her Harry Potter name tag under the bus by stepping into the shoes of high school senior Sam (insert last name). Watson was superb, and the scenes of where she interacts with Charlie are powerful to say the least. Plus I dig the short hair, and given a chance I would wife her...eye contact is implicit consent right? The last piece of the puzzle is love. Love is intertwined throughout the film, whether it is forbidden, awkward or wrong. This exploration of the lighter and darker side of human emotion is one of the reasons that The Perks of Being a Wallflower is one of the greatest films I have experienced. Give the boy a chance. “We accept the love we think we deserve.”

3. Need I say more? This site caters for generation’s growing need to see cool, quirky and underground shit unfold before our eyes. And who better to show us than the people who brought us Hello Kitty, the socks and crocs trend and the high heeled denim running shoes. 4. A Melbourne based hub of musical knowledge, witty banter and the occasional hipster feature piece – the Ripe caters for your every desire. Essentially I would call this site music porn. It’s got mixes, playlists and interviews. Photos, gig guides and upcoming parties endorsed and/or sponsored by Ripe. Get on it if you’re keen for some funky tracks and all the up and comings in Melbs. 5. You know those days when you need a playlist for a rainy day study sesh, or you’re a bit bored of running to Azelia Banks and Kanye, 8tracks has got you covered, it is a portal of every sort of playlist you could ever want or need! How is this different from Spotify I hear you ask? Well peasant, it is web based meaning you don’t have to download the Spotify app, it takes all of five seconds to pick the playlist you want! All you’ve got to do is sign up through Facey B and rock out from there.


ACRONYM Fantastic night at Don’s partying in Winter Wonderland style at Palaver

Old Bondies returning to the Coast in time for Grad!

Unbelievable power outage in the American Super Bowl.

Rain, rain and more rain meant that classes at Bond were actually cancelled.



What was your favourite thing about Palaver’s Winter Wonderland? Steph Rockett- I loved the atmosphere and all the decorations Taylor Williams- I enjoyed the vodka red bull and licking the ice sculpture haha Ali Clark- The music! The dance floor was so much fun




Name: Georgia McQueen Age: 18 Degree: Biomedical Science Hometown: Darwin FB relationship status: Single 1. What is your worst or most annoying habit? • A phobia/ inability to touch/eat fruit 2. If you could chose to have a superpower for the day what would it be and why? • Hearing peoples thoughts so you know their true opinions 3. You’re stuck on a desert island, name one food you would survive off. • Greek food 4. What is your special, secret talent? • Impressing people with my 3rd nipple 5. If a celebrity were to play you in a movie, who would it be? • Katherine Heigel 6. What has been your most awkward sexual encounter? • The slats falling out in the middle of the bed whilst getting it on

SPORT Res Wars – Beach Volleyball Jake Rischbieth Res Wars kicked off for the semester Wednesday night week 2 with beach volleyball on the sand courts by the gym. It was a terrific turn out and great to see so many students, both old and new getting involved and battling it out for their Residences. It was a beautiful night without a breath of wind as Green Machine, A Block Pride, B Block Bandits and the AC Red Devils took it to another level, with all teams showing considerable talent in what can be a difficult sport. The influx of

study abroad students was noticeable and provided a handy boost for the Red Devils who initially looked to struggle in numbers compared to the strong, predominantly American showing of previous semesters. Green Machine had a strong showing and proved their worth early with a mix of old and new faces, with some considerable volley ballers in their midst. It was interesting to see the hidden talents of a number who quite obviously had played volleyball in the past but kept both their noticeable talent and experience on the down low. A Block as always, set the benchmark in terms of numbers with a strong showing that reflected the eventual result. After three preliminary rounds and finals matches for both the men and women, the final results were A Block taking out the men’s beach volleyball and Green Machine the women’s winners. A huge thanks to everyone who came out and supported Zoe and I with our first Res Wars. Remember, dinner is supplied each and every week so you have no excuse for missing out on Res Wars, see you Wednesday!

Sexy Sports Stars in the Spotlight - Anonymous I am not particularly adept at sport, or any physical activity for that matter. I go to pilates once a week and feel accomplished. I often trip over flat surfaces. I thought scoring ‘love’ could be nothing but a good thing in tennis. Nonetheless, I still appreciate watching sport, even if I don’t understand the rules. Why? Because men who play sport are sexy. Women who play sport are sexy. Let us celebrate this undeniably delicious side of sport. Men and women in

Bond Bullsharks Website The new Bond Sport website is up and running and is a one stop shop for all things sport at Bond. Here you will find information regarding Uni Games, Clubs on campus, Elite Athletes, Blues Awards, browse the photo gallery and lots more. We will also be taking Uni Games registrations, Blues awards nominations and Elite Athlete applications through this site. Make sure you check it out today! 2013 Footy Tipping Bond Footy Tipping is on again in 2013!!!! It’s free for all Bond staff and students to join. Want to Join: Head to register your details, click on “join a comp” and use the following codes and passwords: SUPER RUGBY Comp number: 288273 Password: Bullsharks NRL Comp number: 288272 Password: Bullsharks

Roger Federer:

Ben Cousins:

Ian Thorpe:

A man who knows how to pull off the headband, and isn’t afraid to wear bright pink shoelaces. In slow motion he looks like a graceful swan with sex appeal. Those direct, intense brown eyes are the reason he wins. Poor Tomic probably took one look and was lost in them. He didn’t stand a chance.

Anyone who hails from the

There’s nothing more attractive than Mr Thorpe rising from the pool, dripping wet, flicking hair from his eyes, to accept a gold medal. His hair would smell of chlorine, not sweat; wouldn’t that be lovely? Ian Thorpe has ruined going to the pool for me, no man will ever be is equal.

West side of our beautiful country will agree; Ben is a marvel and a wonder. The bad boy of the WA football scene, his smile still manages to be warm and inviting. He’d take you out on the wildest night of your life, and still manage to dominate a game at Subi Oval the next morning. And no one can compete with those arms, no one.

Lauren Mitchell: Australia’s little darling at the 2012 Olympics, a small, dark part of me hates her. She’s beautiful, flexible, confident, determined and accomplished. Girls, this is who you want to look up to. Boys, this is the girl you want to dream about. I can promise you, she’ll be much more interesting than the girls from Zoo Magazine. No offence intended to those lovely silicon injected ladies.

AFL Comp number: 288274 Password: Bullsharks HAPPY TIPPING!!!!

from the CDC


All students are encouraged to check your enrolment via your eStudent access to ensure it is correct. Changes after Friday, February 8 can be costly. Enrolment in standard subjects must be finalized by Friday, February 8, 2013 (Census Date). -If you withdraw from a subject this week you will incur a $500 penalty per subject -if you withdraw from a subject after 5pm Friday, February 8 you will forfeit all tuition costs and receive a ‘W’ grade. -if you withdraw from a subject after 5pm Friday, March 1 you will forfeit all tuition costs and receive a ‘WF’ grade.


All Fee Help applications must be submitted and processed by Friday, February 8, 2013. Please check that your application has been processed by viewing your ‘fee’ page on eStudent. You will see that your tuition fees are listed in the category ‘tuition fees deferred to Fee Help’. Please check your eStudent account to ensure that any upfront payment(s) made before Census Date are applied to your subjects.

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