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Hi Bondies! Welcome to our first edition of Scope! The 12/13 Watch this space. As of 5:01pm Friday October 12, the management of your student association has changed hands. From ticket Authentic to team Progress, the Bond University Student Association has a new leadership.

BUSA is thrilled to bring the new Scope to life and all of the exciting things that come with it. One of these things is the new Scope sub-com-

Over the past twelve months, I had the pleasure and privilege of working with the 2011/2012 committee. They worked hard to deliver for the students of Bond and made the challenging decisions that will benefit the student experience for years to come. To Henry, Kim, Chris, Yas, Hannah, Maddie, Thinesh, Marcus, Jenna, James, Dave, Jorja, Bianca, Michael, Nick, Jose, Sam and Sally, thank you. BUSA owes you a debt of gratitude.

mittee, which will be announced at the end of this week. I would like to sincerely thank

Change however is always good for an organisation. The change inherent to a new team is healthy for the ongoing growth of our association. Real leadership is not about being content with what has been done for years passed but rather taking a good, hard look at what can be done better for years ahead. That’s why over the coming weeks and months you can expect to see some changes to the way BUSA runs and the services it provides. I’ve seen first-hand this past year the quality and quantity of our work for the student body. At the same time however, I recognise that we can in some regards do better and offer more.

every person who put in an application. Your enthusiasm and desire to be involved is wonderful. I want to thank Jorja, Cal and Mat, without whom I would have been completley lost, as well as Mel for her company and

The first thing to change is the machinery of our committee. I have made a decision to redefine the role of BUSA’s six-person executive. This group will no longer have stand-alone meetings and wide-ranging decision-making power. Rather, our full committee will be charged with the responsibility to exercise this authority as whole.

support whilst I was putting the edition together.

Changes are taking place not only in the way BUSA administers itself but also in the way we interact with you. Students should feel more comfortable about interacting with their student association. We want to roll out the red carpet to you and ensure the door is always open to your feedback. There is no easy way to do this but we are going to try a few things including the occasional office hours at Don’s, an overhaul of our website and permanent office hours for the President. I have also committed to attending no fewer than 100 events this semester, all in the spirit of engaging more often with the cultural clubs and sporting societies that make our campus life what it is. We are eager to hit the ground running. This week our committee will vote on a proposal to invest close to $10, 000 in lighting, media and sound equipment for the first-step in our strategy to rejuvenate Thursday Night at Don’s. Early next year I will launch a scoping survey to explore the need for a childcare rebate that will lend a helping hand to many of our students. BUSA is for continuous improvement and ongoing development. I would love to hear your thoughts on the ways in which we can better serve you. Let me know at or come drop by the office. Until then, watch this space.

The Physical was the overriding influence on Bond this week, with camoflauge and carky army pants dominating most photos. Sleep in the blocks was out of the question until after 12am when the rooftop music finally stopped, a definite sign of a successful night. I hope you enjoy the edition, and look forward to next week! Love Caro x


BUSA 12/13 Matt McLean

1. Folder. 2. Guy Fawkes. 3. Break the glass ceiling.

Rupert Holden

1. I always fold my clothes pretty neatly. 2. Charles Dickens 3. Make an epic 15-minute speech in Parliament smashing Abbott on sexism.

Casey Schneeberger

1. Folder. 2. David Attenborough. 3. Catch a man cold, just to see how bad it really is.

Mel Hayden

1. Scruncher. 2. Sheryl Sandberg. 3. Play AFL.

James Mulholland

1. Folder 2. Denzel, although he is alive still an all time hero! 3. Purchase 30 cats and take photos of them and upload them all with stupid captions, then cry to get out of multiple speeding tickets!

Fiona Self

1. Folder. 2. Kim Kardashian. 3. Open as many jars and containers as possible (I struggle)!

Jose Ausejo Rojas


1. If you are referring to toilet paper, I don’t know how to use it. In South America we use our hands. Stop these nonsense first world formalities. 2. There are so many people I would like to meet. Usually a public personality is different from a private one so I would leave it, I don’t want to be disappointed by a hero. 3. I’ll fit in. Make a sandwich, cook, iron, clean...

Zoe Kaesehagen

1. Folder fo sho. 2. Ataturk. 3. I’d pee my name in the sand at the beach. Shirtless.

Thinesh Thillai

The three questions we asked: 1. 2. 3.

Are you a scruncher or a folder? If you could meet anyone that ever lived, who would you meet? If you were a member of the opposite sex for the day, what would you do?

Mitch Willocks

1. Folder. 2. Leonardo Da Vinci. 3. I’d start a mud fight in a busy construction site. Why not, right?

Harriet Johnston

1. Folder. 2. CEO of google (before he came up with the idea). 3. No thanks.

1. Scruncher for sure. 2. Would love to meet the source of my tattoo, Jeff Buckley. His version of Hallelujah is a killer. 3. I would definitely be a lesbian. Not the Rosie O’Donnell kind either.

Carl-Frederik Wibroe

1. Folder. I was unaware of other options still being practiced... 2. Jesus, to ask if the J in his name is silent and get drunk with him – no more running out of booze. 3. I would watch Gilmore Girls all day. Providing there is a TV in the kitchen.

Rhys Larsen

1. Folder. 2. Genghis Khan. 3. Enjoy the novelty of making my own sandwiches.

Em Soust

Dora Huang 1. Folder. 2. Mandela. 3. Suit up.

Jayde de Bondt

1. Folder. 2. Rupert Grint ... funny and a redhead! 3. I would get the ladies.

1. Definitely a folder. 2. Oh, I would love to meet Claude Monet and have him paint a canvas of waterlilys. Otherwise, I’d want to meet the first who first made lasagne and say thank you! 3. Go surfing, watch the footy, play fifa and grow a beard!

Caro Stanley

1. Scruncher. 2. Audrey Hepburn. 3. Eat. All of the things.


So you think you can dance? I obviously do, otherwise I wouldn’t be writing this article. I draw similarities between those who say they don’t judge other people at the gym, and those who reckon they are not critical of other people on the dance floor. To those people, your pants are on fire (NB: you are exempt from this blanket statement if you are far too inebriated by this point in your night). Whilst everyone has their own unique sense of ‘rhythm’, there are a few styles in which majority of us can be categorised.

OMG I luv this song You’ll find majority of these perpetrators are of the female gender. This dance style is not so much identifiable by a particular move but more so by the ear piercing screams when the song changes to their fave song of the moment (akin to those sounded by a group of girls when their friend walks into a party, even though they probably saw them 5 minutes ago before they went to the bathroom). So next time Call Me Maybe is blasted, run for cover, because your eardrums are at serious risk.

Get a room This dancer has a partner, or rather, their true love (just for the night) close by/on top of them. These couples are those who are either gyrating against each other so hard and grabbing so much ass (or even the odd hand up the skirt), that the male counterpart’s southern region would make for a great Embarrassing Nightclub Photo of the Week, or aren’t even dancing because there is so much saliva swapping. Locked in such an embrace, they are basically stationary objects forcing other people to dance around them and their tongue passion. If you want to bang, get a cab, go home and do it. This advice may also circumvent the ol’ whiskey dick. Thank me/curse me later.

Ghost This is not really a type of dance but more of an entertaining game which is played on the dance floor. Ghosting is the act of picking a random stranger and following them so closely that they could probably feel your breath on their neck. You mimick their actions closely, eg. if they stop and take a sip of their drink, so do you, but of course, you cannot get caught and if they do turn around, you better have quick reflexes. You and your friend will think you are freaking hilarious. Do not pick someone to follow who looks like they would bash your mother for obvious reasons.


Creeper To spot one of these, locate a group of dancing girls. The creeper is the male who is shiftily standing freakishly close to them. You might have even missed him without the odd flash of disco lights lighting up his panting, beady-eyed face. They do not know the girls but will wait in anticipation for the drunkest one to accidentally turn around and fall onto their face. I would like to think this does not happen often but there must be some method to their madness because there is always at least one standing nearby hoping you might brush up against them.

So 5 minutes ago My favourite style of dance, one which changes often and often according to YouTube. For example, ATM it would be (Oppa) Gangnam Style (Ayyy, sexy lady). Other top picks would be the (everday I’m) Shufflin’, (Teach me how to) Dougie (All the bitches love me), (Doin’ the) Bernie and (Let me see you) Jerk. These moves are not particularly easy or attractive but there are plenty of tutorials on the Tube (if Biebs can do it, so can you). The only haters of this genre are those who cannot perform it. The drunker you get, the more likely you will attempt it which could either be bulk gagsy or bulk awks but regardless, give it a whirl.

Festy Rat This is the person that if they could get into the club wearing a singlet or crop top, floral snapback, shorts, *cough* underwear, kooky glasses with no lenses and at least one fluoro item of clothing, they would. Also identifiable by their apparent lack of forearm on account of the number of festival wristbands adorning it. These victims are oblivious to the actual music being played because they are having a party for one, the venue being in their mind. There are those who look like/probably have popped one too many and are suffering tourettes of the body, with violent, hyperactive muscle movement with little to no coordination. They should come with a hazard sign because getting too close to them could result in an elbow to the face. Then there are the polar opposites, those who appear to be in some sort of dazed out trance, live for dubstep, and the body rocking floating that it requires. They move slowly, have found inner harmony and need to be sent back to the commune they came from.

The person who annoys me the most though is those who claim they do not dance. I don’t care how much of a tard you are, you can and will dance. Ellen can’t dance for shit but she does it erryday. It makes you feel good, burns all the calories you just skulled and might even help you git sum. See you at the Superclub.

Georgina Chao


al s co s hol

A guide to alcoholism.

/ noun /


A bitter fluid used to help white people dance. Growing up sneaking UDL’s and Cruisers into parties, disguised covertly as birthday presents (wrapped up with a bow to match), my introduction to alcohol had a seemingly feminist upbringing. Indeed, it wasn’t until much later that I forced myself to appreciate beer, due in part to the steady supply of free slabs I received from a local brewer. For those who read into their drinking habits as much as they do pokes on Facebook, it is important to know what sort of trouble will be induced by what you drink:


We have all heard about the myth that peeling labels of drinks is a clear sign of sexual frustration, so unless your plan is to highlight this to everyone at the bar, why not go for a classic? Vodka is your stock standard start to a night of drunken debauchery (whether it be another human or around a toilet at the blocks). Vodka does exactly what alcohol should: gets you loose enough to make the wait for 3:00am busses from Shooters bearable.

Tip #1: You know you have the right amount of vodka when your jello shots don’t set. Bitch Drinks

Still probably everyone’s favorite guilty pleasure, there is nothing that says ‘I’m a man!’ quite as much as the ability to skull a Double Black or Vodka Cruiser on cue. While almost everyone’s introduction to alcohol comes from these sugar-ridden bottles of joy, the hefty 70% tax the Australian Government laid down on these bad boys has left bitch-drinkers searching for a better deal… with the result inevitably falling to Passion Pop.

Tip #2: Unless you are under 16 or trying to impress some underage Schoolies by showing that you’re ‘still down with it’, don’t drink these in public. Just don’t. Goon

A long time ago, in an ancient time, the Gods of Olympus would gather every night, and to make every night special, they had a divine secret. Then one day it slipped from the heavens, and so it was that we found their special secret. As many of the 121 freshers eloquently put it: Goon… ‘the nectar of the gods’. Goon is very sneaky, building up silently on an unsuspecting victim right before being unleashed in vomit-form all over the beautiful res dinner ice sculpture (Room 3_40, A Block – not me).

Tip #3: Goons sacks double as a pillow, in case of a required pit stop.

Tequila (to-kill-ya)

Tequila is essentially two parts confidence, one part Viagra and one part the best decision you have ever made. To be consumed with sombrero, Tequila gives you that ‘special feeling’ and provides you with the belief that anything, and anyone, is ‘doable’.

Tip #4: If love makes the world go round, then tequila makes it spin twice as fast. Beer

There is a reason why there are ‘beer goggles’ and not wine spectacles or vodka binoculars. Russia has Vodka, and the French champagne, but Australia has beer. From cricketer David Boon, drinking 52 cans of beer on a flight from Sydney to London in 1989, to former Prime Minister Bob Hawke, who previously held the record for sculling a ‘yard of beer’ in 11 seconds, beer has been and continues to be an integral part of Australian history and fine culture. Essentially, it is un-Australian to drink anything else. Case on point, on a hot summer’s day there is nothing better than sitting in a kiddie pool bathing in your filth and having a coldie.

Tip #5: B.A.S.I.C (self-explanatory).

So whether you’re heading out on a Thursday night, or slammin’ an unconventional Monday morning libation, there is an alcohol for every occasion. So unless your name is James Cornish, you have impeccable English charm and a body that is a temple, get out and about this week and try out a concoction of alcohol. I conclude with the words of Arnold Schwarzenegger; “Milk is for babies. When you grow up you have to drink beer.”

Jack Blackburn 8


Rhys Larsen From the Author of ‘How to Play Pool in A Block’ comes the next essential… The Gym; some of us love it, some of us love to hate it, and the rest of us are in a love-hate relationship with it, depending on whether we are in or out of a workout. To make it even more confusing, there are a million different reasons as to why we use the gym and its associated facilities. The list includes: • To keep fit; • To get fit; • To lose weight; • To bulk up; • To get strong; • To get fast; • To justify the big weekend ahead; • To alleviate guilt from the big weekend just passed etc, etc. The list of motivation could go on forever, and this is why most of us find ourselves at the gym in one way or another. But this isn’t always a pleasant experience. In fact, it can be downright frustrating when several people use the gym as an excuse to let out their inner wanker. As a relatively frequent ‘gymster’, and with some collaboration from several external and internal sources, here is a list of some of the pet peeves that are often seen at the Bond University Gym. 1. Talking on your Phone: Not the hugest issue, but if you’re going to have a lengthy conversation and you haven’t yet mastered your inside voice, just take it outside. 2. Not wiping down equipment: I perspire, a lot; and anyone that is having a decent workout is likely to do the same. Simply taking a towel will aid in both limiting your perspiration and pissing off other gym goers. Cause let’s face it… That shit’s just nasty. 3. Long Rest breaks: Although not a difficult concept, many people struggle with the concept that having a long rest break is negating all of the hard work you’ve just done. It doesn’t matter if you’re benching twice your body weight if you’re resting for ten minutes at a time. Limit your rest to a maximum of three minutes. Get in. Work hard. Get out. You’ll be amazed at the results. 4. Leaving broken equipment: This hardly applies to anyone at Bond, but there are certain individuals who I have personally noticed breaking a piece of equipment, and walking away as if nothing happened (You know who you are, you tracksuit wearing bastard). If you happen to break something, notify staff immediately. Not only will you not get in trouble, but the rest of us will appreciate your honesty. 5. Wearing Inappropriate Clothing: I am hardly qualified to give fashion

advice, but here are a few pointers regardless: a. Guys: Tights are for girls. Unless it’s a pair of full length Skins that you’re wearing specifically for compression and recovery purposes, you should probably try and avoid them. At the very least wear some shorts over the top. Note the use of ‘full length’. If you’re wearing the half-length Skins and nothing else, it’s pretty safe to say you’re looking like a genuine faggot. b. Girls: If you’re wearing your smallest, tightest crop top and pants then people are going to stare. If you don’t like the attention, reevaluate your workout wardrobe. If you do, then try and ignore us guys as we admire from a distance. c. Asians: By a pair of runners and some shorts. Constantly wearing flat shoes and jeans are going to leave you with nothing but shin splints and some serious chafe. 6. Grunting/Making Unnecessary Noises: Volume does not correlate to dead lift strength. If you want to be the Maria Sharapova of the gym, then you sure as hell better be a leggy Russian blonde. 7. Getting Too Close: The person who is so regimented they MUST work out on the machine you are on because it is written on their program that they must workout in a specific order, even though fifty other machines are open. Variety is the spice of life; if you continually change your workout, then you’ll be constantly challenging your body in new ways. This is a good thing, so mix it up a bit!!! 8. Going to the Gym Sick: DON’T DO IT!!! If you’re feeling a little off colour, go for a walk and eat plenty of carbohydrates. This will boost your immune system and increase recovery speed. Don’t make the rest of us suffer just because you’re too stubborn to take a day off. 9. Slamming/ Dropping Weights: Very similar to grunting/yelling, it’s simply unnecessary. If you have to constantly resort to dropping weights, then they are probably too heavy. If not, invest in a pair of wrist straps to aid in holding the bar. 10. Training in Massive Groups: If you want to train in a group, go to a class. Boxing, Super Circuit, Spin, Yoga etc are great if you want a big session with ‘all the lads’. However, in the gym itself, any more than four people is too many. Not only are you taking up space, but you’re having ridiculously long rests between sets and accomplishing nothing (See point 3)… And you definitely know who you are. Just think how much better you would be at Cell Biology if you didn’t waste so much time in the gym. 11. Checking in on Facebook: If lifting isn’t your life, then we don’t give a shit, so why bother? 12. Girls who won’t use weights: Don’t be afraid to venture away from the cardio equipment and pick up a dumbbell. Weight training burns fat much faster than cardio. And unless you have an abnormally large amount of testosterone (which is a whole other problem), then you’re not going to become super muscular… just super lean and sexy as hell. So there you have it. I only hope that this list will help you in achieving your fitness goals… without looking like an absolute tosser that is.


DEFINITIONS • Mo | Moustache • Mo Bro | Men who grow a moustache for Movember • Mo Sista | Women that love the Mo and actively support Movember • Mo Mentor | Men who have shown long-term committment to Mo style and inspire others in the hairy challenge • Gala Parte | Fancy dress extravaganzas held around the country at the end of November, to celebrate the dedication of the Movember community/ Mo Bros dress to suit their Mo, Mo Sistas dress to suit their Mo Bro

Greetings Bond Mo Bros and Mo Sistas! The hairy season is upon us! Gentlemen will begin to feel their upper lips twitch in anticipation as the finest of sistas wait in anticipation for Movember 1; The Mo is returning! For those of you new to the Bond campus prepare yourself for a month when the boys around campus mature into gentleMEN. Since the dawn of time hairs have been attempting to break free and shout out their messages, and for far too long we have cut them back, but now we say “no more”! Come Movember 1 the moustache will break free and we will allow it to shout its message as loud as possible. We will wear our Mos with pride as we raise awareness for a topic that has gone quiet for far too long: men’s health. As with many good ideas, the Movember idea first sprouted over a few beers, when two mates, Luke Slattery and Travis Garone, challenged each other to grow a moustache for the duration of November. Recruiting the support of 30 loyal friends, together they experienced a month of inquisitive conversation, and the power of the Mo was realised.


Today, Mo growth can be seen around the globe, with 21 countries spread across five continents running Movember campaigns, all raising vital funds and awareness for men’s health issues. Last year, 854,288 international Mo Bros and Mo Sistas raised a staggering $124 million for programs focused on prostate cancer and male mental health; making Movember the largest non-government funder of prostate cancer in the world.

Andy Dennis

THE FACTS • The average life expectancy for men is five years less than women (77 years compared to 82) • 1 in 8 men will experience depression and 1 in 5 men will experience an anxiety disorder during their lifetime • the male suicide rate is 4 times higher than that of women • 1 in 3 men will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime • 1 in 9 Aussie men will develop prostate cancer. 20,000 new cases will be diagnosed in Australia this year alone • close to 3.300 Aussie men die of prostate cancer annually, higher than the number of women who die from breast cancer

In Australia, Movember funds support programs run directly by Movember as well as beyondblue: the national depression and anxiety initiative and Prostate Cancer Foundation of Australia. Bond University has, for the past 7 years, embraced the idea of Movember creating some healthy completion between those game enough to through away their razors and let their inner man grow! This year will be no different, and we have something to protect the inaugural ‘Master of Moustachery’ award. Whilst the growing of Mos is limited to the guys, Mo Sistas play a vital role in the success of Movember by supporting and encouraging the men in their life to get involved, and participating in raising funds and awareness themselves. There are many ways in which you can get involved with Movember such as registering as a Mo Bro or Mo Sista and raising funds and awareness yourself or donating to someone you know who is participating. We will be organizing a number of events/functions/parties, whatever you want to call them. So make sure you get involved. Go to, fill in your details, join the ‘Bond Mo’ team and prepare yourself. May the Mo be with you, Andy Dennis ‘Mo Bro’



American animal rights activist and author Foer, claims that too commonly, consumers are inaccurately categorised into two groups on issues of animal welfare; ‘you either care, or you don’t care at all. You’re a vegetarian or you are a carnivore’. The dichotomy is extremely harmful and counterproductive. The truth is that that most people with even a shred of social conscience care deeply about issues such as industrialised farming and the environmental consequences that follow. It is simply a fact that this compassion does not always translate into strict vegetarianism or veganism, and nor does it have to in order to change our culture in animal compassion. Consumers have the capacity to make an enormous difference by making responsible and moderate choices about what goes onto their plate. This is the point of Meatless Monday. Let me explain why Meatless Monday is important. The most obvious reason that cutting down on meat is beneficial is because it minimizes the demand for meat consumption on an industrial scale. Industrial farming is responsible for unimaginable animal cruelty. A particularly poignant example of this is the 1.4 billion ‘battery pigs’ who are slaughtered annually to meet the demands of mass meat consumption. Battery pigs are kept in steel pens, with concrete floors that are not big enough to allow animals to turn around. This confinement causes ‘stereotypes’ 12

– repetitive and superfluous behaviour that is a sign of suffering. Cutting down on meat, even one day a week also carries significant advantages in terms of sustainability. For example, large-scale meat production requires the use of enormous amounts of water on a completely unmaintainable scale. 500g of beef takes 6,810 litres of water to produce, as opposed to soya beans, which require only 818 litres. Air pollution is another significant factor, as industrial farms are leading producers of noxious substances such as nitrous oxide and ammonia. If nothing else, Meatless Monday is a great way to raise awareness and to foster responsible eating habits. Because of time and word limit considerations, there are still many compelling arguments for Meatless Monday that have remained untouched, such as the positive health implications and financial savings from reducing meat consumption. Whilst it’s improbable to think that 50% of people will consider vegetarianism over the next 10 years, it is completely conceivable that consumers will be able to cut down 50% of their meat intake. It’s time that meat-eaters and vegos started working together, and Meatless Mondays would be a step in the right direction. As Peter Singer said: “How can we encourage people to respect animals … if they continue to eat them for their mere enjoyment? To foster the right attitudes of consideration for animals, it may be best to make it a simple principle to avoid killing them for food.” If this is something you feel passionate about I’d urge to contact BUSA’s wonderful Campus Life Director Rhys Larsen at rhys.larsen@student. We’re serious about making Meatless Monday happen, so watch this space!

Rupert Holden

Of the all meals that are served to students daily at Café Bond, it’s estimated that only 30% of the orders are vegetarian. However, this article is not intended to chastise carnivores. Instead I want to meet meat-eaters halfway by introducing a proposition that I’m aware is likely to be controversial. My idea is simple; create a ‘Meatless Monday’ theme at Café Bond that precludes students buying meat on campus just one day of each week.

Bond Children’s Holiday Camp

This past Sunday marked the 10-week countdown to this years Bond Sony Foundation Children’s Holiday Camp. To celebrate this, the 25 carers, 10 runners and 6 conveners gathered in the Post-Graduate lounge for the first of three training days.

This first training session is a way of preparing the 25 carers for what lies ahead this December with the aim being to foster a strong sense of friendship and teamwork. As always it proved to be an interesting and hilarious afternoon.

The camp, which will run from 17th to 20th December this year, welcomes 25 children with disabilities on campus for an action packed four days filled with a trip to Sea World, a ride on the Aqua Duck, a visit from some furry friends, the local fireies and much more. Children are paired with a responsible, enthusiastic and brave Bond student who is charged with the task of becoming their 24hour carer.

The initial awkwardness was instantly dissolved as humorous childhood stories were shared. From Dora’s “yellow bath-time” story to Mish Pham’s “Baby in the Bakery pin-up” this activity had everyone in stitches. Each and every student was extremely enthusiastic for the teeth brushing activity that saw more toothpaste over the post-grad balcony than planned, and the spaghetti-feeding race saw Stephen Bignell and Stef Farr take home the coveted prize of a tube of toothpaste.

These 25 carers will be assisted by a fantastic support group of runners and nurses, along with the 2012 convening teaming including: Andrew Dennis, Patrick McNamee, Courtney Olden, Zoe Kaesehagen, Kristy Merganovski and myself, creating a camp of 70 participants.

I will leave it at that, because I don’t want to spill all the secrets that we use to train the students that will go on to tackle 4 of the most tiring, rewarding and eye-opening days of their life this coming December.

- Rosie Viner

“So I turned up to the training thinking, alright, I’ve got this...I know how to look after kids. I’ve been babysitting since I was ten and I was a live-in au pair for four kids under the age of 6 for three months. NEK MINNIT I’m being attacked from all angles. Someone I’ve just met is brushing my teeth while Matthew Boyce was tickling me from behind. I’m pretty sure at some point I was choking on bristles. To compliment the minty freshness, Hannah Kidd then shovelled copious amounts of brasserie-standard spag bol down my throat in record time. What have I got myself into?! Is this even legal?!?!?!”

- Michelle Pham



“There is no lack of resources, no deficiency of knowledge and no shortage of plans. Africa’s progress rests on the mobilisation of political will, both on the continent and internationally.” - Kofi Annan, former United Nations Secretary General As an African, I must admit that even I was surprised by what I was reading, yet, indeed, success was emanating from the bold black letters on my computer screen. I was awestruck! Never had I contemplated that six of the world’s ten fastest growing economies were African or that Rwanda had the largest proportion of women in parliament in the world. The success stories were news to my ears in what is otherwise collectively known as the tragedy of the “Dark Continent”, referring to Africa’s frequent association with plight and poverty. African students studying in Australia are often confronted by widespread negative perceptions of Africa. All too often, discussion about high HIV infection rates, corruption of African politicians or mismanaged natural resources plagues discussion about the continent. It’s been said that, “if you don’t like what they’re talking about, change the conversation”, so that’s precisely what we intend to do.

Reports in 2010 by the United Nations Development Program portray an Africa that is making significant progress towards reaching its Millennium Development Goals in key areas such as net primary enrollment, gender parity in primary education, political empowerment of women, access to safe drinking water and reduction in the spread of HIV/AIDS. Despite this, we are aware that there is still a significant amount of work to be done on the continent. Students have an undeniable stake in the success or failure of the African continent. As we choose our respective career paths, our views and our actions will shape Africa’s future, whether it be as policy makers in government, business leaders engaging in international trade and investment or as professionals looking to further our careers overseas. Bond African Students Association has partnered with the Australian Institute of International Affairs to host Queensland’s first African Development Think Tank. The Think Tank will place the country’s key intellectuals, politicians, public figures and non-governmental organisations in a forum geared at promoting discussion on the challenges and opportunities facing Africa in the 21st Century.

Bond African Students Association: A member of the Bond Community The Bond African Students Association (BASA) promotes African culture, diversity and development at Bond and in the wider community. We believe that by engaging with students and professionals we are providing them with the awareness and opportunities necessary for their involvement in key aspects of Africa’s future.

The Inaugural African Development Think Tank The African Development Think Tank will be held on Wednesday Week 7, from 12-3pm at the ADCO Amphitheatre. Our speakers include: • Koleka Mqulwana, South African High Commissioner to Australia • Jacqueline Zwambila, Zimbabwean Ambassador to Australia • Michael Hayworth, National Crisis Coordinator, Amnesty International Australia • Ade Kukoyi, President of the Australia Nigeria Council • Stephen Keim, President of the Australian Lawyers for Human Rights • Peter Run, Secretary of the Centre for African Studies in Australia and the Asia Pacific • Mark Dinnen PhD, Assistant Professor-International

The Think Tank will focus on the three main topics we have identified as being integral to African development. These include: ‘The Role of Women in African Development’, ‘The Role of the International Community in African Development’ and lastly, ‘Transforming Africa: a Zimbabwean Example’, which will examine Zimbabwe, and how over the last four years it has transformed its economy and political system from a state of destruction, to one of hope. If you would like to volunteer on the day, please contact BASA. We would love to hear from you! Send an email to

When: Wednesday Week 7, Time: 12-3pm, Where: Amphitheatre FREE PIZZA PROVIDED 14

DO IT IN A DRESS. I’m wearing a schoolgirls dress in Week 8 so a girl in Africa can wear one too. We are a privileged group of individuals here at Bond University. We are all the recipients of one of the best educations in the world. We have been given the tools to earn a living and have a life of freedom. We are lucky, and we should be grateful. What if you had the opportunity to give the tools an education provides to someone to whom they would otherwise be denied? A charity organization known as “One Girl” has developed a new initiative called “Do It In A Dress.” They are providing education scholarships to women and girls living in Sierra Leone. More than 60 million girls around the world don’t attend school. More than half the world’s girls are illiterate. These uneducated girls are extremely vulnerable to dangers such as early marriage, early pregnancy, sexual abuse and a life of poverty. This is particularly true in Sierra Leone, which has one of the lowest female adult literacy rates and lowest life expectancies in the world. A girl in Sierra Leone is more likely to be sexually

You can make the future brighter.

assaulted than attend high school. So why should this bother you? In the face of overpopulation, the AIDS epidemic and poverty, you might consider a number of girls receiving education in Sierra Leone a small concern. That would be a mistake – when you educate a girl, she will change the world.

So far One Girl has raised $92,477, which means 385 girls are back in school. So where is this money going? $10: a school bag $25: fees for a primary school girl $70: seven school uniforms $240: gives a girl access to education for one year.

An educated girl is three times less likely to contract HIV/AIDS. When a girl in the developing world receives seven or more years of education, she marries four years later and has 2.2 fewer children. For every extra year of schooling she receives, her income will increase by 10 – 25 percent. Let’s not forget, this girl will reinvest 90% of the money she earns back into her family, so her children have a better chance than she did. Women earn less than 10% of the world’s income, and own less than 1% of the world’s property. When a girl turns 12 and lives in poverty, her future is out of her control. What One Girl and their Do It In A Dress initiative is about is giving back this girls control. It’s giving her the tools to earn a living, to escape early marriage and prostitution, to make sure the next generation can learn from her, their mother.

Bond University has a team of both male and female students who are going to wear schoolgirl’s dresses to university during week 8 to raise money and awareness. Look out for us at Wednesday by the Water and Don’s that week. To check out what we’re trying to achieve, go to bonduniversity Use this as an opportunity to be grateful for what you have been given, and consider what others are denied. If you want to get involved, either by donating or joining our team, email me at rachael.young@student. You can make the future brighter. Every person has the power to make the world we live in a little better. Give the gift of education, and you change the world.

Wear a school dress in Week Eight. 15

WEEK SIX Photographers: Shaun Rotman | Jona Villanueva Events: The Physical | Thursday night at Don’s | Bond by the Lake









Jose’s new tat, Having all of Wednesday off after the BASIC event, BAWI and BDU debating comp to be judged by Kirby J, Law students playing world’s smallest violin for design students, Jose’s taste in books, No mid-sems, Dunking in netball.

No water in the blocks on Saturday, 8am exams,


Not being able to get drunk every day of the week anymore, Learning names of drugs for exams.

WORD OF THE WEEK esprit d’escalier (n.) the witty comeback you think of after the time is past 20


Jacqui Bojanowski

WHAT TO EXPECT NEW GIRL WHEN (SEASON 1) YOU’RE EXPECTING The movie is very loosely based upon the book of the same title, which was originally made as a “how-to” guide for new mothers who needed that extra bit of assistance upon the arrival of their little ones. It boasts an all-star cast including Cameron Diaz, Brooklyn Decker, Jennifer Lopez, Chris Rock and Chace Crawford as well as a big story line to match the names. What To Expect When You’re Expecting follows the lives of several different couples experiencing the joys, troubles and turmoils of pregnancy, adoption and parenthood. While at first it may not sound as comical as it really is, I can assure you that this movie will not disappoint! I’m sure most of the males reading this would never take a second look at a movie of this nature, but with comedic actors such as Chris Rock and Dennis Quaid there’s plenty of bellyaching laughter in it for everyone. From Elizabeth Banks having a mental breakdown in the middle of presenting a speech at a baby convention, to Cameron Diaz throwing up in her newly awarded trophy, Brooklyn Decker sneezing her twins out and the men in the movie’s hilarious dad’s group, there is a jam packed story line with plenty to keep you interested.

New Girl is the story of bubbly and quirky schoolteacher Jess, who has recently caught her long-term boyfriend in bed with another woman. She also has a tendency to spontaneously burst into song. Jess is forced to pack up everything, find new roommates and start fresh. Cue Schmidt, Winston and Nick, a group of dysfunctional friends who only take in their new housemate when they realise her best friend CeeCee is a model. The show follows the lives of dorky Jess, womanizing Schmidt, somewhat emotionless Nick, competitive Winston and sassy CeeCee as they struggle to find harmony within their household while Jess jumps back onto the dating scene after torturing her new friends with relentless repeats of the all time chick-flick Dirty Dancing. ‘New Girl’ is a refreshing new take on the All-American sitcom, and with 720 minutes of ‘New Girl’ goodness in the first season alone it’s perfect for all of you who are looking for a great new TV series to watch (instead of studying for those dreaded midsems) that’s super easy to follow. As Season 2 has just premiered in Australia, now is the perfect time for you to catch up on everything that has happened in the lives of the characters prior to the newest season. Fall in love with the characters and go through all of their trials and tribulations with them, and if all of the above isn’t reason enough to delve into the new comedy, you get to see Zooey Deschanel sans clothes within the first 15 minutes of the first episode.

3.5 / 5





Last Wednesday night, Don’s Tavern was overrun with res students looking for their semesterly dose of Res Wars trivia. Nine teams of 10 students settled down for what they thought would be a peaceful night comparatively to our more active Res Wars rounds, little did they know what was in store. In true Semester style, the AC Red Devils had four tables, doubling the numbers of their nearest competitors B Block and Green Machine. A Block, usually a power in all things Res Wars only had one table in an effort to gain the Trivia Crown. They came close. Between rounds of trivia (rounds including flags, geography, sic-com’s, important individuals, and knowing your Gold Coast), that were developed and MC-ed by our talented Resident Tutor Fellows, games kept players entertained. Everything from a heads or tails game, to a vegemite smeared weetbix eating relay (to keep the US exchange students on their toes), to a new addition, a round where each table had to create the most attractive and visually appeasing outfit from toilet paper, and finally a fitness frenzy lead by A Block Senior Res Fellow, and Personal Trainer Scotty Frazer that raised a sweat on a few for-heads. Overall results were as follows: (Results were determined according to the top performing table from each Residence. Participation results remain a surprise!!) 1. B block 2. A Block 3. AC 4. Green Machine

Hannah West


Lace up your sneakers and get out your jerseys, Bullshark Basketball is back and better than ever. For those as depressed as we are that Brian Scalabrine has retired, spend some time working on your game with Bond Basketball. Oldschool scrimmages are happening every Tuesday and Thursday from 4-6, where Bond locals can compete to be the king of the court. The premier event however, lies just around the corner in Week 8, where USA’s best takes on the ‘Rest of the World’s’ all-star team in a grudge match. With an atmosphere combining athleticism and drunk and disorderly trash talk from the crowd, this event is not to be missed (more details coming soon!). We finish the semester in style, with the annual 3v3 competition, where retro socks and headbands are mandatory. See you on the court!


Jack Blackburn



Bu a n u

Coming to Australia, I had prepared myself to be the ultimate tourist and live and breathe everything Australian. In a mere 5 weeks, I have already hugged a Koala, hung out with Kangaroos and played beach volleyball in Surfers Paradise. This week, it was my turn to learn how to surf. Having never stood up on a surfboard and being absolutely terrified of fish, the outcome didn’t look too promising, but I was willing to give anything a go. We had been recommended to go with a small independently run business called Tranzsurf, and from beginning to end, the whole experience did not disappoint. Myself and 3 friends were picked up in a decked out surf car from Bond and driven south to Hastings Point, apparently a well known surf town. Our instructor Scotty represented everything Australian. His enthusiasm for the country and the sport was so evident and it really made me excited for the day. First stop, not on the agenda, was the top of a cliff to take us whale watching. He wanted us to get a feel for the town he calls home before our lesson.



After some great sight ings, we were driven to our “secret location”, given our surf shirt and the adventure began. With only 6 in the group, the lesson was really intimate and Scotty had plenty of time to work with all of us. After teaching us the basic movements on land first, most of our time was spent in the water. We had received a “100% stand up guarantee” from Scotty which gave us all more optimism for the lesson. It was a perfect place for beginners; water was shallow enough to stand up and the waves were just right for us to learn. I was surprised at how fast I was picking it up and after a few failed attempts, I was actually standing up on a surfboard! It wasn’t long until I was trying bigger waves without the kickstart! Scotty had even recruited a designated “camera man” to be there to capture those all important moments for us! I was hooked. I had caught the surfing bug and was already planning my next lesson. Two and a half hours flew by, and even though it was getting colder and every muscle in my body was aching, none of us wanted to leave. Before heading back to Bond, Scotty brought us to his favourite “post-surf’ cafe where a $2 stake got us a feast! And finally, 4 and a half hours after our pick up time, our 4 smug faces arrived back at Bond. One more tick off

GOLD COAST “FEVER PITCH” RUGBY 7S If you had asked me about a week ago what Rugby 7s was all about, all I would have been able to tell you was that there was likely to be only seven players on the field. To be perfectly honest to this day I am still quite unsure of the entirety of the rules. Although I attended the event and sat in the blistering sun wearing the horrible choice of black jeans and shirt (as the Bond shirt provided looked like a tank top on me) all I could tell was that people were here to dress up, party and have a damn good time. I saw every costume under the sun from avatars to Mario and Luigi, from Hercules to Pacman and to top it off a 10 year old boy dressed up as the joker busted out to Gangman Style for 3-4 minutes on the big screen. For the few who were not there to party and dance like maniacs, the Rugby was quite thrilling. Essentially the game is played in a similar fashion to normal rugby but instead, everything revolves around the number seven. This is quite the

contrary to my household, where Joe McLachlan has ensured me that everything must have to do with the number “about 10”. There are seven players on the field for each team, seven minute halves and also every try is worth 7 if converted. Sixteen teams from all corners of the globe embraced Skilled Park over the last weekend for what has been labelled the most exciting version of the sport. The games are quick, exciting and still produce a reasonable score line even if Canada and France are playing. The surprise results of the tournament came from the Spanish, Argentinian teams and my all time favourite the Kenyans. I was enthralled to watch these nations who usually do not thrive in the larger version of the sport, demonstrate their speed, agility and defensive skills to the rest of the world. In a very confusing draw, with fixtures like no other sport, there were actually four smaller tournaments concealed in the overarching Gold Coast Rugby

7s. All teams in the competition play in different pools with each a different perpetual prize. There is the Bowl, The Shield, The Plate and the most prestigious, The Gold Coast 7s Cup. The results from the night saw England become victorious over Spain to win the Bowl, Scotland destroy USA to take home the Shield and Argentina put on a clinic to beat France for the Plate. For the final match of the night we witnessed reigning champions Fiji take on the might of New Zealand’s All Blacks. With 28,780 fans hurling their own unique brands of commentary, we watched on as the might of Fiji triumphed over New Zealand 32 points to 14.

All in all the entire tournament was a great success and proved to be a staple event on the Gold Coast. Hopefully this this continues in years to come and continues to create the atmosphere that has made the game famous.










MADS Bake Sale| Tuesday:

BBQ & Beats| Thursday:

Come and get your hands on some goodies to fuel your day on Tuesday 16th October at 12:00-2:30pm outside the Health and Medicine Building to help raise funds for Birthing Kits Australia!

from 12pm – 2pm in front of the law faculty. Free food, bevs and music!

Wednesday By The Water| Wednesday: 12-2pm at the Amphitheatre. Come along for your chance to win free tickets to the Bledisloe Cup, a gift of the VC!

Bond Model United Nations Conference| Friday:

Films That Matter| Wednesday: Screening 'Fambul Tok', a documentary following the post-civil war truth-telling and forgiveness ceremonies in Sierra Leone. Also launching the new BUUNSA blog - article nineteen! Wednesday, 6pm in Room 06_3_14. Pizza provided!

Chose a country to represent and take part in the Model UN Crisis Council! This Friday, 2:30-7:00pm in Case Study 2 (BLD04_3_41)

submit an article. deadline: 4pm friday. expand your scope. 28

Scope Magazine - Issue 1  

Week 6 - Semester 123

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