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read from the back for your BONDSTOCK GUIDE flip special!

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Caroline Stanley

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Vice President Sport

Hi Bondies!

Welcome to Week 8! I hope that by the time you are all reading this, your mid-sem madness is over and you are looking forwards to mid semester bash on Thursday night! Bondstock Teaser week has been great fun so far - congratulations to the winThe Bullshark Logo has been freshly printed on 139 polo’s and another 139 ners of the Bondstock Bolt! In keeping hoodies to be ready for next week’s Northern University Games. From Monwith the Bondstock Teaser theme, this day to Thursday 139 Bondies will be competing across 12 sports at the anweek’s Scope is a special Bondstock flip nual Northern University games. This year the event is being held in Brisbane edition! Once you’ve read the regular and will be the precursor for the Australian University Games held here on the ‘Scope’ portion of the magazine, flip it Gold Coast the week after Bondstock. over and start reading again from the If you find yourself staring at a maze of Blue and Gold today don’t be frightened back where you’ll find the Bondstock it will just be the Bullshark team receiving their games packs. The four days guide. Start getting excited for Bondwill be a mix of intense rivalry on the court (unless you’re playing lawn bowls), stock and buy your packs today!

James Mulholland

intense rivalry at the bar and of course, some serious banter. It has now become tradition for other universities to mock us Bondies about the apparent amount of money we have and about our parents spending habits. Some comments Include:

There are some great articles in this week’s edition - check out pages six and seven for a comparison Ohhh did your father buy you that goal? of private and public universities Wouldn’t want to get dirt on your Ralph Lauren! and an awkward person’s guide to Did you buy the ref like you bought your degree? life! Turn over to the next page And my personal favourite to meet your new LSA. They’ve provided two truths and one Ya dads taxes pay for my centerlink (laughter follows). lie so that you can get to know them ... see if you can guess With this in mind we will brave the games looking for some serious results. In previous which one is the lie! years the Bond team has done quite well for its self usually bagging medals in multiple sports. For some sports Northern University Games becomes a qualifying tournament for Australian University Games, making the sport just as important as the off field antics.

There’s some exciting stuff being planned at the moment too - Bond Children’s In other sporting news, the AFL feild is finally complete and the lighting is fully functional. Holiday Camp are still takLast week the Bullshark AFL team had its first home game under lights, thrashing Burleigh ing applications for people Bombers and the Bullshark Soccer team played a day later, beating Runaway Bay 1-0. This has been a twelve month development and has caused disruptions across the board but we who want to be involved are now proud to say that Bond University has some of the best sporting facilities on the Gold so be sure to check that Coast. Unfortunately due to this cyclonic weather BUSA in conjunction with HSMA not able out. Best of luck to to hold North vs South on the new field last Thursday but we will be looking to push the event everybody heading to potentially to week eleven. Keep your eyes out for the next two sporting events over the coming Kununurra in the next weeks, 80’s tennis (free to enter and prizes to be won) and Business vs. Law rugby which will be few weeks too! held on the renovated rugby field.

Love, Caro x



Marryum Kahloon President

• Marryum has competed as a competitive show jumper • Marryum can do the Soulja Boy dance better than Soulja Boy • Marryum has been on a Good Behaviour Order because of speeding fines

Jack Leonard Vice President

Law Students’ Association 2013-2014

• Jack once rocked out with ‘The Wiggles’ on stage • Jack irons his female housemates’ business shirts • Jack won a spelling bee in high school

• When Alice was little, she wanted to be an astronaut when she grew up • Alice has a debilitating and irrational fear of chickens • At primary school, Alice used to eat ants, bark and small pebbles for fun Alice McDonald Secretary • mCo Two s LSA play e • Th tee t i m

Morgan does not care about other people’s marks Morgan loves reading dissenting judgements • Morgan does not get stressed Morgan Windsor Treasurer • Eve was once chased by a cassowary • Eve is terrified of people in Santa costumes • Eve is a vegetarian

Eve Lonie Academic Affairs

us ce/ nd fi fi f e AO om S C eL


• Lee has appeared on the show ‘Popstars’


& a Lie

• Lee was arrested for taking a newspaper off a neighbour’s front lawn • Lee lifts more than Eoin Coffey Lee Jarman Competitions Director

Law Students’ Association 2013-2014

• Eoin left Ireland on a boat • Eoin was forcibly removed from Shooters for pole dancing (twice) • Eoin cried watching The Notebook with Jose Ausejo Eoin Coffey Corporate Director • Mathieu once stopped a girl from eating a caterpillar, potentially saving her life • Mathieu has been verbally abused by a human statue • Mathieu cried when he lost his pet stick

Mathieu Blake Promotions Director

• Mark has spent the entirety of his adult life in a

single relationship • During school weeks Mark reads an average of one novel per week • Mark is allergic to mushrooms and cranberries

Mark Schulz Publications Director

• Ben’s family owns a Dutch-themed caravan park and coffee shop called the ‘Clog Barn’ • Karl Stefanovic is Ben’s cousin • Last week Ben may have vomited on his girlfriend. Now he is single Ben Hartsuyker Social Director

Public vs. Private

A tale of two unis By Halligan Quinn

In 2010-11 I did 18 months of a Media and Communications degree at Melbourne Uni, before taking some time off thanks to illness. Then my family moved to Queensland and I never went back. I tell everyone this story to explain why I don’t have a degree at the old-enough-to-be-accomplished age of 22. But it also means that I’ve split my academic life between one of Australia’s biggest public unis and it’s major private one. Here were some of the obvious differences between my two experiences. Before I start, I should point out that my time at Melbourne was kind of a flop. I pulled off a middling GPA, was not proactive and lived on a diet of baklava and milk. I hardly made the best of things. So…take this average loser’s comparison with a pinch of salt.

The Cost ... duh ... Let’s get the obvious out of the way first. A single subject at Bond costs more than half of a full year of commonwealth-supported subjects. Hypothetically, an 18-year-old working part time could have paid their 2010 Melbourne arts tuition fees. If you can pay for Bond at 18, why are you even here? Go invent another app or something!

Student Life

But both are actually mixed blessings. Melbourne Uni was diverse in a lot of ways that Bond isn’t, no doubt partly because more people could afford it. But the stakes felt lower at Melbourne because the cost of failure was lower. Bond’s high cost seems to avoid absurd situations like a literature class where literally no-one has read the book. Regardless of what uni you go to, work rates will vary between courses-Biomed is high-pressure wherever you go-and people. The bill just happens to be an excellent incentive to start working harder. It also explains all the TVs and canapés, so there is that.

The Classes Bond sells itself on intimate class sizes. A uni as big as Melbourne would obviously never be able to. That’s not to say classes were packed like a Mumbai train, but you never knew what you were going to get. You could go from a noisy 23-person tutorial to one with only 4-of whom 2 wouldn’t talk. Most classes fell somewhere in the middle of that scale. But it’s easier to prepare for tutorials when you know what to expect. The Teaching The quality of teaching at Melbourne was overall pretty excellent. Most of my tutors were young, switched-on academics way too smart to be teaching first-years about socialism. But Bond’s marketing proved right for me on this one as well. Tutors here do actually have more time for you, whilst Melbourne tutors could be hard to track down even if they wanted to give you time. The atmosphere genuinely feels more supportive to me. (I will accept my payment by online transfer, Mr Chancellor). The students It’s hard to make generalisations about unis attended by thousands of people studying different courses, but I’m going to do it anyway. Bond is a diverse university, but saying you’re a Bondie is definitely meaningful. There’s a generally ambitious atmosphere and some things we all have in common. But going to Melbourne uni could mean any number of different things depending on who you talked to. It was so big and varied that any common experience you had with anyone was your choice. I may not have made the best of my time at Melbourne, but I am glad that I’m making the best of my time at Bond.

Bond is a community. You get to know your faculty. You recognise people walking around. It’s possible for one person to run 3 separate clubs, and thanks to the Daily Diary emails, you can know almost everything that is going on. Melbourne was less a community than …also, in case you were wondering: a giant soup of interests. Every facyes, there were plenty of rich tossers in ulty seemed to have something goMelbourne as well. ing on all the time. Some random The facilities event was always happening when Melbourne is Australia’s second-oldest you walked to class. Every club uni. This might conjure thoughts of the was run and attended by people sandstone image that Bond’s architecture emulates, but you’d never see anywhere else. It it means that all its buildings were built at different times. So you have was thrilling to feel part of a place old stone buildings next to blocks that look like Soviet apartments next to the fancy where something was happening upgraded science faculty next to blocks made to look like old stone buildings. The avereverywhere all the time. Also, ex- age week could see classes in any of these buildings, so the quality of your teaching environment would vary wildly. Bond’s facilities are consistently great. And it’s the little things hausting. that make a difference, like never having to wait very long to print or always being able to find somewhere to study during SWOTVAC.

THE person's GUIDE to LIFE As an added benefit, people are more likely to

Thankfully, one guarantee we do have is that everyone

“It’s so f**king hard being a human confuse you for a rock star. is looking for the person best suited to them. And the only objective way to determine who that is is through being” - Uncomfortable silences are the bane of science. Studies have suggested that a person’s smell By Daniel Simonsen

any awkward person’s existence. As any internet psychologist will tell you, the best way to deal with uncomfortable silences is by filling themSocial awkwardness is the crippling fear that you are doing something wrong all the time and that everyone with music. Carry a portable speaker with you at all times, and if a conversation pauses for longer is aware of it and internally laughing at you. Studthan 5 seconds you can blast it away with your ies suggest that between 5 and 95% of all people are favourite song. Thanks to Haddaway’s “What Is afflicted by social awkwardness. Estimates are even Love?”, I have gone 3 years without an awkward higher in countries yet to introduce alcohol, headphones or instant messaging. By this measure, North pause. This method’s other advantage is that for Korea is the most awkward country on earth…but we some reason it makes people less likely to talk to you. knew that anyway. - Awkwardness is most likely to ensure when you are out of your comfort zone. ThereAs an awkward person, I have dedicated my life to fore, the best way to avoid it is to only talk to finding solutions to the torture that is everyday life. people who you are already close friends with. After years of dedicated research I present to you The risk of failure with anyone else is too high. my compiled wisdom on how awkward people can survive the following predicaments.

Romantic Relationships

A small percentage of people claim to find shy, awkward people attractive. If you are an awkward person The advent of the internet has been a great blessing in a relationship with someone like this, you should for awkward people. Soon, we will be able to avoid having to ever talk to anyone face-to-face. make sure that they never ever leave you. This is best I personally look forward to the day I will be able done by acting as clingy and desperate as possible, so they know how important you are to them. to date someone without having to touch, hear or see them. But until then, there will be times For everyone else, trying to get into a relationship is the where you will have to talk to people. Here are some tips to avoid the deep discomfort that can most deeply awkward thing anyone can do. There is no way to pursue someone’s romantic company that come with this: doesn’t involve making yourself vulnerable in some way. - Eye contact is difficult. Stare too long and people will think that you want to eat People are so different that it is impossible to develop their face. But not looking at all can lead your an approach to flirting that will work for every single significant other to accuse you of behaving like a “creepy unfeeling robot drunk on its own neu- person. And even if you do get into a relationship, there guarantee that it won’t end at some point, roticism”. You can avoid eye contact with people is no rendering all your time and altogether whilst still giving the impression effort worthless. you are looking at them by wearing sunglasses at all times.

Polite conversation

allows you to assess how compatible their DNA is with yours. Thus, you can find your ideal partner by sniffing as many people as possible and identifying the one that smells best to you. When you find them, explain why you are both biologically ideal for each other. They will have no choice but to enter into a relationship with you and commit to you forever.


Job-hunting is hard for the awkward. Despite the increased machinisation of the workforce, most jobs unfortunately still involve human beings in some capacity. Furthermore, most jobs prefer if employees are competent with people. And any job that demands for “shy, introverted and nervous” applicants is either being advertised on Craigslist or involves grevious bodily harm. I know what you’re thinking, and you’re right: the only obvious solution is to become a self-employed superhero or vigilante. Most superheros disguise their identity in some way, which prevents you from ever being recognised by anyone. You mostly deal with villains and criminals, which means any awkward situation can be resolved by arresting or beating up the people involved. And the need to preserve your secret identity not only avoids using people skills, it actively discourages it! See, I just solved all your problems. You should be very thankful. Good-bye.



icking the university you want to study at and the course you want to do is one of the ‘milestone’ choices in a persons life, making it extremely important. Making coming to Bond very crucial. And, it sure as hell isn’t a decision I regret, and it’s only my second semester here! Coming from the city of Mumbai in India, Gold Coast is a completely different city. Much smaller, fewer people, lifestyle, cost of living and everything else that comes with moving from one place to another, in my case, moving continents. To make moving even harder for me, I received my visa late and hence, arrived 3 weeks later than everybody else. And of course, I was freaking out. A few weeks into uni, and I didn’t even know why I was going crazy in the first place. This isn’t an article about how good Bond is and how it helps me in ‘bringing my ambition to life’, cause let’s get real, the advertisements and YouTube videos make all of that very clear. But to be completely honest, settling into the life here was so much easier than I thought it would be. Every single person was approachable and professors were ever ready to help me cover up what I missed. However, being under 18 was a bummer. None of the ‘Thursday Nights at Don’s ’ or any of the other crazy parties Bond has every semester. But

good things come to those who wait right? Who are we kidding! This is really crappy . But I don’t have much of a choice now, do I? Living on campus is one of the best parts about even being here. Wake up 30 mins before class? No problem! And of course, there are always people around to hang out with. Yeah, the food can get a little boring but there’s always Market Square to go to. Also, Res Wars is the added bonus for us on-campus students. The hardest thing coming here has been getting used to the ‘stores-shut-at-5: 30pm-and-restarants-after-9’ lifestyle. Back home, people leave their houses for shopping at 6pm and dinner at 10pm! If I start to do that here, I’m going to be saving a lot of my parent’s money, and I’ll probably lose a considerable amount of weight with the starvation. (haha, that would be nice now, wouldn’t it?) I’ve met an insane amount of international students here and there’s not one who doesn’t feel accepted. You can be yourself here and that makes it one of the greatest places to be. We’re all from different cultures and backgrounds with different ideologies and patterns of thinking. But the one thing we have in common is this place bringing us together, and when we leave, we’ll leave as better, more accepting, understanding, and of course, well educated individuals. Flying 6500 miles just for uni isn’t easy, but it’s worth it.

Student Life Exciting Friday night at East for the CLSA’s Canada Day Party

It’s been an exciting week with Bondstock Teaser week

Game 2 of State of Origin at Dons on Wednesday Hooray Mid

Thursday 4th of July at Don’s- Bondstock presents Midsem Bash! Canada Day


MONEY MONEY MONEY By Antony Scholefield

Believe it or not, students aren’t the only ones with money woes - even rock gods get tarnished by this mortal vice. The Rolling Stones, for example - already multimillionaires - charge $250 per ticket. Every John Farnham goodbye tour is a hello tour for his bank. All for the art? Or shameless grabs for the green stuff? What’s your opinion? The latest money-mongers are One Direction, who’ve sold their souls to Coles. I guess 1D realise their popularity has a limited life expectancy, and want to cash in while it’s possible. Status Quo singer Francis Rossi, Coles’ other bitch, has admitted to blowing $2.5 million on coke during the ‘80s, so he’s desperate. That doesn’t excuse the ‘Down Down’ ads, though. Speaking of that glove, Nick Cave recently lent his song ‘Red Right Hand’ to an SA Tourism ad campaign. He’s forgiven,

however, because 1) he’s Nick Cave, 2) the ad is awesome and 3) he’s Nick Cave. Meanwhile, Aerosmith frontman Steven Tyler has announced he’s collaborating with Skrillex. In ‘85, ‘Smith collaborated with Run-DMC and brought rap into the mainstream. Will this be similarly revolutionary? Or is Stevie T just broke? Alternatively, bands like Oasis, Eagles and Guns ‘N Roses do value pride over payment - that’s why they won’t reunite. Liam Gallagher sits at home and whines. Eagles reformed once, for Hell Freezes Over, then dropped it. Axl Rose is a fruitloop. Ironically, as distasteful as money-grubbing is, bands who refuse the dosh due to internal schisms can appear equally obnoxious. It is a double bind. What’s better - cash-grabbing extortion or miserly point-scoring? Unfortunately, there’s no escaping the green stuff. Just remember the words of Pink Floyd: “Money / So they say / Is the root of all evil today / But if you ask for a rise / It’s no surprise / That they’re giving none away.”

everything that makes Kanye’s latest great is epitomised in Rumours. The other thing is I got both these albums last weekend so to me the comparison seems obvious. And I haven’t slept much. But I digress. Critical to both these albums, and all good albums in my view, is their emotional intensity. It’s all about the feels. In Rumours Fleetwood bare their soul in an incredibly honest and powerful way. When this album was made Fleetwood were in chaos. Every band member was struggling through impending divorce or breakup. On top of this, the press was littered with false reports on the band and the band was going through a destructive spiral of drug excess (classic 70’s).

Fleetwood Mac – ‘Rumours’ review By Hamish Ludbrook So you probably heard Kanye did a new album. As a disciple of ‘Yeezus’ I was quite excited at the prospect, so now I’m going to write an album review of a definitive classic, Fleetwood Mac’s Rumours. Stupid? Probably, but to me

But what all this led to was the creation of an album that dynamically conveys the overwhelming emotions they were all dealing with, imparted through music that is undeniably beautiful. Fleetwood’s three vocalists create harmonies that entwine with the shimmering guitars, the perfectly mixed bass and the graceful percussion to create blissful aural textures. The album is amazingly listenable, but the genius is in the way it achieves this while it simultaneously rips

into you. Classic’s like Go Your Own Way demand to be sung along to, but at the same time the lyrics are angry and melancholy, a lament about a crumbling relationship. Never Going Back Again features finger-picked guitar that positively glistens, and dat harmonising. But at the same time the strain in Buckingham’s voice underscores the sombre reflection in the lyrics. The pure vocals, piano and guitar on Songbird combine to create one of the most singular examples of tragic music and is probably up there with R.E.M.’s Everybody Hurts on songs most likely to make people (definitely not me) cry. Ultimately, I can’t say there is a bad track, on the album. Every track has it’s own combination of emotive lyrics and music that grabs hold of you. Rumours tears you open while taking you on a beautiful journey across a soft rock landscape. Consequently, this album has now entrenched itself firmly in my top albums of all time. So I implore you, please be a retro indie hipster and give it a listen. And hopefully you’ll feel it as much as I did. Cause I love it as much as Kanye loves himself (almost).

ARTS TEN FILMS Paul Gallen Hasn’t Seen | By Nicholas O’Hara-Boyd 1.

I’d like to open on the disclaimer that I have no idea whether or not Paul Gallen has, in fact, seen any of these films. When he’s not being an a-class wanker on the field he may be all about artistic, creative cinema. It’s foreseeable that he, like myself, sometimes enjoys a lavender bath, pot of camomile tea and a Bill Evans record. But judging by the fact that he oozes testosterone, is built like a gladiator and probably doesn’t evoke the same look of terror when he asks for a woman’s phone number, I’d hazard that we’re nothing alike. Oh well, fuck it. Here’s what he’s missed out on.

The Holy Mountain (1973)

A trip of a film, I was in blissful bewilderment after five minutes. It’s a story loosely based on the life of Christ, but features a limbless midget, actual animal penetration and a cloaked man playing a game of hide and seek with four dozen children dressed up as Mickey Mouse. The dialogue, if nothing else, will change your world. In what is nothing short of the greatest line in modern cinema, an enraged elderly hiker yells up to an exhausted young mountaineer who claims she can’t climb any further, “Rub your clitoris against the mountain!” She does. For a solid minute. 2.

The Science of Sleep (2006)

I enjoy art-house cinema about as much as I enjoy discussing the asylum boat policy with owners of ‘Australia: Love It Or Leave It’ bumper stickers, but this is not pure art-house. Exploring a world of surrealist fantasy, Gondry charms his audience with beautiful French people who fall in love inside a world of dreams. Delicious aesthetics. 3.

Annie Hall (1977)

Before Woody Allen came along, I would have argued that no one enjoyed marrying their daughter-in-law more than myself, but I see I’ve been trumped. Woody is the king of realistic dialogue in extraordinary circumstance, and this tale of two neurotic New Yorkers in the 1970s is no exception. Sharp wit, lots of lobsters. 4.

Wild Strawberries (1957)

Spielberg’s favourite film, Wild Strawberries is often considered Ingmar Bergman’s magnum opus. To watch this movie is like casting off a few Hail Marys after spending a Saturday night in Platinum: it’ll save your soul. The tale is of an ageing professor forced to confront the emptiness of his own existence. You won’t feel more human than after having watched this film. 5.

Boogie Nights (1997)

One of my all-time favourites, if you want an insight into the human condition, P.T. Anderson is the man whose door you should be knocking on even when his films are about young porn stars in the 70s with massive penises. It’s a multi-protagonist tour-de-force of an effort, and simply a masterpiece of sophisticated, sexy cinema with a naked Heather Graham in roller skates! To begin to understand the Hollywood paradigm, start here.

6. Spring, Summer, Winter…And Spring (2003)


What can’t South Koreans do? If you answered that question with anything but ‘nothing’, you’d be wrong and racist. But perhaps more so than most things, they can make extraordinary movies, and this one is no exception. It tells the tale of a young man who lives in a monastery in the middle of a lake and learns, over the years, the ways of the monkhood. Lust, however, tortures his mind. When his master dies it is as moving as it is gruesome. 7.

Rushmore (1998)

A film about a high-school kid who lives for the dozens of extracurricular clubs he chiefs, Rushmore tells his story as he’s put on academic probation and begins to fall in love with an elementary teacher. As far as I’m concerned, Wes Anderson is the best filmmaker of the modern era and this is perhaps my favourite of his oeuvre. 8.

Blue Velvet (1986)

Haunting, sexy, and with all the artistic integrity you could ask for. Lynch shapes a dark and sinister underworld in what, prima facie, looks to be a quiet, homely American town. A boy finds an ear in a field and sets out, along with the police detective’s daughter, to discover the culprit. His hot pursuit leads him to a mysterious and sultry older woman with a knack for giving boisterous blowjobs. 9.

Micmacs (2009)

French filmmakers are all about obscure bijou and Jean-Pierre Jeunet (best known for his Oscar-nominated Amélie) is no exception. Micmacs tells the tale of video-store clerk Bazil who meets a gang of eccentric junkyard dealers who help him develop a scheme to destroy two mammoth weapons empires. Kookier than Amanda Bynes on MDMA, this delightfully funny little number will play on your mind for days. Magic!


Sucker Punch (2011)

Just joking, he’s seen this one.


Bondies Dominate 100km Oxfam Trailwalker 2013! 100km, Teams of 4, 48 hours.

disease, a natural disaster or a time of conflict, Oxfam responds swiftly to emergencies – providing life-saving aid, support and protection.

fort and activity. Fortunately, the training and lead up to the event itself provides you with plenty of time and opportunity to build a high performance team.

Right now, Oxfam is focusing on responding to these emergencies. Once the immediate danger has passed, Oxfam works to help rebuild lives and reduce the risk of future disasters.

Leading up to the day, our four Bond girls were training everyday to prepare themselves for this physically and mentally challenging event.

Oxfam Trailwalker is fast becoming a global phenomenon, with 15 events in 11 countries and counting. Globally, the events have raised more than $135 million for Oxfam’s valuable work in Between 14-16 June, Bond stuAustralia and around the world. dents Mariette Morris, Anh Vu, In 2012 more than 22,000 people Kim Barker and Vanessa Franks collectively walked over 2.2 milwere all too keen to walk the lion kilometres, becoming great trail and support Oxfam, raising ambassadors for Oxfam’s work $1,563! and aiming to raise over $18 million. Oxfpam Australia is part of a Oxfam Trailwalker now raises global movement of dedicated more than $7 million each year people working hard to fight in Australia. Each and every poverty and injustice. Oxfam has donation made to our Trailwalker been working with communities teams makes a significant differfor more than 50 years, and have ence to the lives of others. It is an learnt that simply giving handouts event that provides a dynamic and is not the answer. Instead, Oxfam at times stressful experience, in provides people with the skills, which the importance of a strong knowledge and resources to help functional team may be the difthem create their own solutions to ference between a journey well poverty. travelled and a journey endured. When communities are struck by disaster, they need help fast. Whether it is an outbreak of

In real life, teamwork success rarely happens by itself without some focused team-building ef-

“We tried to walk every weekend at D’Aguilar National Park to prepare for the event; this was great team bonding experience before the trail walk. On the walk, we had a really good team dynamic and we were really supportive of each other”, Mariette said. “Our goal was to finish as a team of four, which not many teams do, so that was a big achievement for us. Two girls suffered from knees injuries, Vanessa developed Achilles tendinitis and I ended up suffering from a subluxed cuboid in my foot. Due to these injuries we were a bit slow, but thanks to the great physiotherapists along the trail walk stops that helped taped the girls up and Vanessa’s Mum, we were able to finish the event as a strong team. Overall, it was hard and I didn’t think I could do it, but now it has been a huge motivator for study and other things in my life. I cannot describe the feeling when we finished with those injuries, it was like no other, and

Res Wars Semester Update By Jake Rischbieth

At the halfway point of the semester, the Res Wars title could go to anyone! With May being a traditionally quiet for study abroad students, the AC has been undermanned as they attempt to defend their 131 title. A Block look solid as always, combining solid attendance with the consistent performances that see them sitting favourites at the half waypoint of the semester. Green Machine has undoubtedly been the surprise packet, with a number of strong performances and consistent turnouts in recent weeks making a push for both the attendance and best performing Residence area. B Block has been a mixed bag, with a number of star recruits that have the ability to turn the competition in their favour, when they turn up, that is. We have battled bad weather

we got to meet great people along the way”, she said. “It was an experience like no other and I would encourage anyone to do it in the near future”, Vanessa said. This should only encourage you Bondies to think about getting you and your three best mates together and take on the Oxfam challenge next year! We have another group of Bondies who will be walking the Oxfam Trailwalker in Sydney between 23-25 August this year. This team consists of Alan White, Edward Sinclair, Ben Hartsuyker and Nick Hooper. Their goal is to raise $3,000 to assist Oxfam in aid and development! To help them get to the $1,000 deadline before July 31st, donate online at Like their Facebook page and follow their journey over the next few months at:-https://www.facebook. com/#!/KeenbeansOxfam?hc_ location=timeline

By Jessica Drummer

and field closures but managed to sneak in dodgeball (a traditional favourite), futsal (a new addition to the program), origin touch and finally the eternally confusing but always entertaining European handball. The rest of the semester is packed with netball, trivia, basketball and volleyball rounding out the semester. At this stage it’s anyone’s game and it looks set to be a thriller! Make sure you get out and support your Residence, don’t forget the free Subway and pizza and remember to sign up for Res Dinner in the coming weeks! Can’t wait to see y’all there!

SPORTS parties are happening next, some student athletes are busy preparing for the Northern University Games (NUG) in Week 9 to be held in Brisbane. Road to Northern University Games 2013, #RoadtoNUG #BullSharks By Sports Editor Rizal Redzuan Student Athlete

In the lead up to the major sporting University event of Semester, Scope’s Sports Editor, Rizal Redzuan has been speaking to athletes of different sports who will wear the Bullsharks colours to represent our University.

In the coming weeks as most students at Bond University are busy preparing for their mid semester exams and also what

This week, we speak to one more experienced student athletes representing the Bullsharks team, Alex Hamlyn.

Athlete Bio: Full Name: Alexandra Hamlyn Age: 20 Relationship Status: Single Semester Started: 122 Degree: Arts & Law Representing Sport: Women’s Netball Position: Goal Defence/ Centre Experience: 10 years Goal for NUG: To win

BOND RUNNERS READY FOR GOLD COAST AIR! PORT MARATHON! Numerous fit and dedicated Bond students will be participating in the 35th annual Gold Coast Airport Marathon this weekend, 6-7 July. This is one of the flattest, fastest and most scenic courses in the world- with $363,987 already raised! Entries close this Friday 5 July 8pm. So take up the challenge in 2013 and run for a cause. The official charity for the eighth consecutive year is Cancer Council Queensland so you may wish to join its supporters to help create a cancer-free

Thank you Alex for taking time to talk to me before your class. What are you most looking forward to at NUG? (Interview being done in the library at 12.40pm) Bonding with my fellow teammates in a competitive Alex, with the Northern University Games being less atmosphere and also off the court. Establishing new than 2 weeks away, how have your preparations been friendships among other Bondies and also seeing how so far in the lead up to it? the different athletes prepare for their respective sports (at press release) will be intriguing. Also I am really enthusiastic and keen about playing. Well we have team practices twice a week and play one match a week. When we practice, we constantly are What will be cutting edge skills you possess over the working together to create new team plays and occa- other athletes at NUG? sionally rotate positions. This has helped us increase our team chemistry and knowledge about each other’s move- We have great team spirit and also very supportive of ments and strengths. each other. Everyone is a team player and doesn’t go for personal glory. The team is also good friends off Music is seen to be a major factor in athletes’ lives. Do the court, which helps us understand each other on the you listen to any particular artist or music that helps court. you focus and get ‘in the zone’ before a match? I’m a bit boring, but I don’t really have any type of music How have you been balancing both studies and netball genre that I listen to. I just go with the flow and just like commitments lately? being relaxed and calm before a match. It has not been a problem because netball has been a Athletes have weird and outrageous superstitions at sporting passion of mine. It is always a good taking time times. Do you believe in such things? off studying and playing netball as I do not see netball practice as a burden. When I was younger, I used to wear certain type of socks before a match. This is kind of weird but lately I have What do you think of the males playing on the mixed been wearing a particular pair of undies. They’re my netball team? lucky undies! I tend to stay away from other superstitions because it is too much of a hassle. The guys on the mixed netball team are really good. They are very committed and are athletic. You should see how Who is your sporting athlete? high they can jump! World number 1 female tennis player Serena Williams. She is a good fighter and her never say die attitude, Thank you for your time Alex and see you at NUG! comeback and commitment is something I look up to.

future. Do not miss out Bondies! Sign up here: default.asp?PageID=23424 Races include the 42km Marathon ($145), 21km Half Marathon ($110), 10km Run ($80) and the 5.7km Challenge ($65). Bond students Emma Chadwick, Brigid Doolan, Blake McDonald and Renee Williams have been training hard over the past semester for the half marathon. They have been going for long runs around the Gold Coast, including from Bond to the end of Burleigh Beach and back. Bond running champion, Caitlin Murdoch has been balancing her marathon training with her law studies this semester. Caitlin

has been getting some of her sessions done with Bond University Running and Athletics Club (BARC). Everyone finishing the Marathon, Half Marathon and 10km Run will receive an exclusive Finisher’s Shirt and Medal. The Suncorp Bank Challenge (5.7km) entrants will receive a Participant’s Shirt and Medal. Junior Dash entrants will receive a Cap upon race kit collection. All Finisher’s Results and Certificates are available online after the event. Results will be published in a special souvenir lift-out in the Gold Coast Bulletin on Monday 8 July. See you at Race Day Bondies!

WEEK EIGHT Photographer: Ben Thangkam Event: State of Origin | Onesie party | Canada Day

Scope Magazine - Issue 27  
Scope Magazine - Issue 27  

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