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Editor’s Report Shuba Krishnan Hola Bondies. I’ve returned from my overseas adventure and am ready to serve you once again as your humble Scope editor. I’d like to thank Vinnie Rugari for taking the reins last week, he did a great job, however I can confidently say there will never be a photo essay like that in Scope again. Week one at Bond is traditionally just a continuation of O-week - one big party. This is evident from the photo pages that feature Club Sign on Day and Pub-crawl. To contradict my last sentence, the photo pages also feature the Rec-crawl, which proves that some Bondies can still have equal amounts of non-alcohol related fun. Now that we’ve cleared that up, this week’s issue of Scope is quite diverse, there is something for everyone. For the intellectual individuals check out our opinion piece by Cara Mottek on green politics and Ellen William’s article on the Student Philanthropy Council. For those who’d prefer a lighter read, I’ll give you the heads up, stick to the humour in bits & pieces, the larrikins featured in the photo pages, the always-popular reviews and our newest segment Scope sport. And lastly for the ‘bubble’ themselves, get your weekly fix of Bond student politics with the HSA election candidate policies, go club cruising with the clubs and societies god himself Raoul D’Cruz and have a read of what the SDSA have planned for this year. Well, that’s it for this week. It’s good to be back. Keep reading Scope and remember if you have something you want published, don’t be shy, just send it in to

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Cover : Paddy McNamee at Club Sign on Day

Letters to the Editor 3


Now that you’re back, I’ve got something to get off my chest. I bought my wife a Pink album for Christmas, and she took the liberty of playing it on Christmas Day. Upon hearing the song ‘Don’t Let Me Get Me’, where Pink begs for ‘a day in the life of someone else’, I was filled with pity. I wrote to her offering to spend a day stuffing around in a music studio high on cocaine, while she could spend eight hours trying to get a home business off the ground, returning home to an alcoholic wife who can’t speak English and a dyslexic, underachieving son. I have yet to receive a response. Many thanks, Peter Higgins, Varsity Lakes

To the editor, Perhaps I’m a little too premature in the

and walk miles down their corridors to their

womb that is Bond to voice an opinion.

rooms, Bungalow folk make their way from the

Having just completed my first year, I’ve

wilderness to campus and well... inhabitants of

only been exposed to Brasserie meal plans

the towers... you’re just special. But with all this

and never had the meal ticket option or

exercise, and the stairs, and the gym, and the

buffet-style selection. But honestly, I believe

obstacle course-like nature of our university

that since the start of 2008 (correct me if I’m

campus, shouldn’t we be a tanned, schmexy

wrong) the quality of the food available at our


swipe-friendly outlets has, well... changed.

The breakdown of our meal plan is $120 per

While the men upstairs are allocating more

week. Healthy isn’t always costly. While I’m

and more funds towards development – the

not so sure why I’m paying $5.80 for a bit of

refurbishment of the ‘Bra’, the transformation

icy-pole mix and water, I do understand that

of the ‘park’ into the amphitheatre,

it’s hard to cater to everybody. Fact of the

renovating student accommodation (no

matter is: we love the convenience of living on

complaints there) or spending mega bucks

campus and we can see that Bond tries to cater

on the beloved Lake Orr fountain – they seem

for us in every-which way. We just ask that we

to be neglecting the truth in the saying “you

start to have a bit of a say. Personally, my only

are what you eat”.

wish is to have seasonal fruit served, and to

I’ve been told by a number of people that since they moved onto campus at Bond, they

have the ‘melon salad’ more appropriately named.

have gained a bit of weight. How? Kids living

I guess what I’m really saying is... if you’re

in the blocks hike up a hill several times a day,

going to cut costs somewhere... can you cut

people in the AC (sometimes) use the stairs

costs on my classes instead? Tassie Williams

Letters to the Editor

Good to see your magazine back in action - there was a Scope-shaped hole throughout my Christmas holidays, and I’m glad it’s been filled once again.

Club Cruzing with Raoul

4 Student Politics

The most important question first: how do you start up a club? Clubs and organisations are the pulse that keeps Bond’s student heart alive, whether it’s the big associations like the Bond University Student Association (BUSA), or it’s the little groups making their first steps in 101 – all of these groups matter and play such a vital part in what has been coined the ‘Bond Bubble’. But how difficult is it to start these organisations that we see every club sign-on day? How are they ran, managed, and most of all how do they become successful? Scope publications director Shuba Krishnan gets to the nitty gritty details of clubs and organisations with group god and societies director Raoul D’Cruz.

We recommend that you come into the BUSA office and come and see myself or Sophie McNaught, the sporting clubs director, and book a time to sit down and have a chat to us about your ideas. The basic steps to starting up a club is to fill out the ‘club start up kit’, which is available on the internet, but we recommend you come into the BUSA office and get a hard copy so that we can take you through the process, such as how to set up a constitution, how to set up a bank account, how many members you need, what kind of mission statement, what kind of activities you are going to provide and so on. And of course what we really want to make sure is that there are no two clubs overlapping as far as their target audience and what they are providing. But that is just the first stage, there is also the the funding process which is available to students who want to start up a club, and that is something that we take very seriously. We have a really good system because we place emphasis on the people who are really driven by a certain topic or passion and they are really gearing their club to run a consistent event that is feasible and have shown that they really want to provide for themselves and also with a bit of extra support from BUSA - that is pretty much the process in a vague nutshell.

What are the most frequently asked questions you get asked about clubs at Bond? Often people ask me about what clubs are available to join on campus, and this is why club sign on day is an important forum because it allows people to really access these clubs and showcase what they do. Secondly, I find there are a lot of people that come into the office that have really good ideas or are passionate about a certain topic and want to further that passion by starting up a club and getting other people interested.

What features of a club make them particularly successful? The most successful clubs have a relatively consistent ‘fan base’ or ‘sign up base’ that are always present and very pro-active at club sign on day. They usually do something different that is enough to catch the attention of their audience, for example, the cycling club were offering a free bike repairs service and even held a bike sale. The Liberal National Party for Bond had a few umbrellas and got a local MP speaker in and it really gains peoples attention. Secondly the clubs that are really successful plan a lot ahead. They work out what events are feasible, they work out how much money they can actually acquire from external funding and most importantly they look to see if people are actually going to be interested in what they are going to provide. It makes the funding process from an internal BUSA point of view and an external point of view and their point of view a lot easier. Third, I would have to say clubs do well when they have a consistent committee. Making sure that your club has a good sound and fair election process which allows people to share the responsibility, because as you know Bond degrees are quite short so to ensure the long jeopardy of the clubs they need a consistent and have a steady turnover rate.

5 How important is club sign-on day (CSOD)? CSOD is one of the most important days at bond, especially for new students, because you arrive at O-Week, you meet a lot of new people and you really do lay down the foundations for some good friendships. CSOD facilitates a bit more of that journey of coming together as friends, meeting new people, networking and getting involved in some really good activities and having some great experiences at Bond. Clubs should really utilise the CSOD forum because new and old students look to that day to see how they can get more involved. As a forum, the day showcases everything that Bond in all of its activities has to offer, it is really quite diverse and caters to many audiences so I really think that every club has a fair platform to really showcase what their new club is looking for. How can BUSA support clubs to help them grow and develop? The priority for BUSA in supporting these clubs is the driving force behind ensuring that they have appropriate channels to actually gain that exposure, because the priority for BUSA is ensuring that they are successful in the future and that the funding that we give now is not going to go to waste but continue to lead to a successful club in the future so that each event is important to BUSA and each initiative that is run by these clubs does deserve as much exposure as each other. As far as exposure, we have Scope magazine, which is the university circular, which includes a ‘what’s on’ section each week, we have the electronic promotion boards around the university, we have our website in which clubs can put up blurbs about themselves and dates of their events. In addition we have can provide advice on how to set up websites, as well as providing links from our website to their websites. And of course clubs who are really pro active who are really pro-active in gaining exposure will set up various forums

whether it be Q&A sessions in theatres or simply stalls under the arch. And there are always posters which we encourage clubs to design themselves and there is a quota we can print out for them. As someone who has been involved with clubs at Bond for a few years now and now as clubs & societies director on BUSA, how important are clubs at Bond to you? The role of clubs and the experience I have gained from them have been paramount in my time at Bond. I have realised over the last three years, that you can either have a relatively academically based life at Bond, you could live on or off campus, or just simply attend lectures, see a few friends and then go home. But you are missing out on so much more. I can only say that because I have been involved in so many clubs, the AFL club, the cricket club, the LSA and BSA, I have been on the student associations and yes, it does take a bit of pro-activity on your behalf to get involved, but the experiences you gain from actually being that pro-active is second to none and I think that Bond University, above any other university in Australia, and I dare say the world, can really provide for you as long as you are actually willing to take that step and get involved. last semester we didn’t sell out I believe next semester’s one will especially sell out with such a large stimulus of new students coming in next semester, both domestic and international. Obviously we try and push people to come out to events all of the time. But again, it is their prerogative. They choose to go out to Don’s, like I do, and it’s all up to the decision of the students and I think a lot of people do enjoy it. Last Thursday we had about 1000 people and with the new renovations coming into Don’s we hope to see it sit at that or increase.

Student Politics

What are the most common mistakes that people make when they want to start up a club? Firstly I would have to say that people get very excited by an idea and it’s definitely a good thing to get excited by ideas. People are always looking for news things for their club, new events, new concepts to really turn to fruition. But one of the really big mistakes people tend to make is that they start with a good idea and then think short term about it and get excited and then pledge all their bets on one single event, and with that in mind when it comes to starting a club people then realise its not just about one or two events, it’s about actually providing the service over at least one or two semesters so that students can benefit from them in the future.


You may or may not (most likely the latter) remember nominations being called for the Student Philanthropy Council in September last year. Regardless of recollection of such events, over the past semester a group of eight Bond students have been working with the University (in particular a department known as the Development Office) on the establishment of a new organ in the University: a Philanthropy Council focused on three main things: 1. Generating Funds 2. Reinvesting those funds for the benefit of Bond Students; and finally 3. Encouraging a culture of affiliation with Bond for students, staff, parents and alumni

Generating Funds The Student Philanthropy Council (SPC) will attempt to secure funds through various philanthropic means, most notably fundraising events and ventures and seeking out donations from various stakeholders in the University. SPC envisions this income streams to be varied and come from differing affiliates of Bond including:

opportunities will continually present themselves in the upcoming semester.

• • • • •

Most importantly, having moved from an Establishment Committee to a fully fledged

Reallocating Funds

Alumni Staff Parents

How you can get involved There are countless ways to get involve in the Student Philanthropy Council, and these

organization, the SPC are currently looking for a Deputy Chair, Secretary, Treasurer and two new Councillors for the Management Committee. If you are interested in contributing to the Bond Community, doing something rewarding and philanthropic or being part of a lasting legacy visit The SPC will also be starting to invite students to become ‘General Members’. If you are interested in being involved but don’t have the time to commit to being a member of the Management Council, general members will be called upon to help with running fundraisers, attend semesterly meetings and generate new ideas for the direction of the Council. If that’s not really your scene, then never fear, there’s plenty more ways you can help: you can buy our brand-spanking new Bond merchandise, including T-Shirts and Hoodies for bargain prices. Get involved in our events, the first one will take place on Friday Week 4, 12 February where SPC will be hosting a barbeque at Don’s Tavern for this semesters Graduates. If you have friends who are graduating catch up with them over a beverage at Don’s! Even easier, tell us

Government or Community opportunities; and Students

Regardless of where funds come from, this money will only be used for one purpose: to benefit the University. These funds are likely to be distributed in two main areas:

1.Capital Works projects

2.Support for Students

Capital Work funds are likely to be spent on improving the physical facilities that Bond has to offer. Examples of projects the SPC may wish to invest in include redevelopment the sporting fields, upgrading or replacing equipment (perhaps for Film and Television or Journalism students) or refurbishing of existing areas.

what you think of the Student Philanthropy Council and any ideas you have at

Decisions on how this money should be

allocated will be directed by:

• • • •

The SPC The Student Association (BUSA), your elected representative The University (Senior Management); and (where applicable) the Donor.

The SPC envisages that money allocated to Student Support may be distributed to Bond students for a variety of reasons, for example:

Prizes for high achievers Entrance into domestic and international competitions Support for international exchanges

Bursaries for living expenses, books and research; or Support for particular projects for example volunteering projects

Applications for these grants will be available periodically and the SPC intends to award this support on a merits based system by a Panel comprising of representatives from SPC, BUSA, the Registrar’s Office and the Development Office. To be successful applicants will need to meet a specified criteria. Those who successfully grants will be publicly announced and celebrated to maintain transparency.

Creating a Culture of Affiliation This final function of the SPC may prove the most difficult conceptually. The best way to describe this aspect of the SPC’s role is via examples. As such, there are a variety of projects which the SPC intends to conduct to achieve this intangible goal.

• •

Running an event called Foundation Day which commemorates Bond’s founding and celebrates Bond’s history Promoting the benefits students receive from the generosity of others. Few Bond students realise that buildings such as the new Amphitheatre and the Multimedia Learning Centre were not reliant on your personal fees but rather from the generosity of individuals and corporations. Running ‘openings’ of capital works for Students (as opposed to for the University) – for example when the Library was opened the SPC could have run an opening for students.

Promoting the success of those individuals that the SPC supports in projects such as entering external competition Facilitating the sale of Bond University merchandise to students, parents and Alumni as a ‘branding’ of the University creates a sense of affiliation and pride to be associated with the University.

Working with BUSA Most of you reading this article (fingers crossed) will be aware of an existing student group with the University: the Bond University Student Association. This group is the cornerstone for student activities in the University. You may remember them from such student run events as Pub Crawl, Bondstock and University Games. This group also represents you on policy making committees within the University, creates this very fine publication you are reading now and plays a very functional role in administering and supporting sporting and cultural clubs. What a massive work load for one volunteer based group! The Student Philanthropy Council will not be overlapping with the role and function of BUSA. BUSA is a vital organ in the University that has quite enough to do without also trying to fundraise money for the University. Having said that, BUSA are your elected representatives and ought to (and will be) involved with decisions about how money should be spent to benefit students. To this end an ex-officio place will be made for the President or delegate of the BUSA on the Student Philanthropy Council. This two groups have already started working together, and will continue to do so in the future.

What does this mean for you? The SPC may not create the same wave of excitement that followed the creation of ACES in 2007, or even the mild interest generated over yet another drinking club Cathedral in recent years, however, this new group will, in time, influence all Bond students. Eventually it will be integral in providing improved facilities, for supporting individuals who wish to partake in activities that benefit the University and by working closely with Alumni to make sure that they remain part of the Bond Community.

Ellen Williams


Student Politics

Attending conferences

The Student Philanthrophy Council

• • • • • •



Vice President



Publication Director

Anna Eraclides

Bianca McCormack

Emma Lago

Rhys Ryan

Ashleigh Gleeson






The large profit made from

Practical experience is

Being the first point of call

I will exercise a high degree of

I will increase the quality

the HSA book sale should

essential for HSS students. I

within the association for all

fiscal responsibility in all areas

of Insight through having

be invested back into the

will increase work experience

HSS students, I will respond

of the Treasurer’s portfolio.

more pages, introducing a

HSS faculty. I will look into

opportunities for HSS

to any queries or concerns

This will be achieved by

creative layout and securing

spending these profits on

students to pursue during

on behalf the organisation

ensuring events and services

advertisements to raise funds

facilities needed by HSS

their studies by working

diligently and efficiently.

are adequately funded, that

for the publication.

students and setting up

alongside my HSA colleagues.

grants for HSS students.

I will take responsibility for

cost effective strategies are used and fair and reasonable

Increasing the relevance

A division of responsibilities

ensuring that all deadlines

During my term I wish to

between the duties of the

are met and that the

appoint representatives of

President and Vice President

association runs smoothly by

The overall aim for the Book

dividing the magazine into

each school to relay concerns

of the HSA will promote the

taking detailed minutes at

Sale is to ensure it remains the

sections relevant to each

to the Academic Affairs

efficiency in the association.

meetings and ensuring that

most profitable venture for

HSS discipline. Interviews

director. This will ensure a

I will achieve this by creating

each committee member

the HSA. This will be achieved

will provide practical advice

greater sense of equality

a division of Directorship

is accountable for their

by embracing past working

and submissions will be

within the HSS faculty.

accountability between the


models and building upon

encouraged through extra-

them to increase profit.

credit initiatives and prize

I will aim to increase

President and Vice President.

I will facilitate assistance to

distribution of funds occurs.

and utility of the publication will be achieved through


interaction between the

any club related to the HSA

Flexible and sustainable

different HSS disciplines. This

in their endeavours by aiding

operating budgets will be

The HSA Internship Guide

will be achieved through staff

clubs to increase awareness

formulated to ensure the

has already been compiled

involvement in HSS events,

and support for any events

continued success of the

but not yet published by the

investment in facilities and

or activities that the club

HSA’s popular social events.

HSA. I recognise the value of

through new events.

holds by utilising accessible

These include Bondy 500 and

the Internship Guide to HSS

promotion methods such as


students and in my term I will

Insight and the HSA website.

work to ensure that it is kept at a professional quality.

Name: Isabella (Bella) Baldwin

to make events more affordable.

Degree: Film and Television/Law

Fresh events: As well as jazzing up White House with a few

Running for: Social Officer

different exciting ideas, I can’t wait to add Twister, Jumping


Castles, Paintball/Skirmish, Dracula’s, Film Festivals and Pool

Inclusiveness: Under-aged students rarely get a legal chance

Parties to the social calendar to name a few.

to let down their hair and party with the rest. I believe that with Collaboration: I see no reason why the social brains of the the proper planning events can include under aged students

FSA’s can’t combine. And as social director I am passionate

with zero detriment to the fun of the rest of the students.

about making the possibility of combined budgets, brains and

Affordability: I’m a team player so I’m looking forwards to

creativity to become a reality for your enjoyment.

working closely with the Sponsorship and Promotions officers


Competitions Director

Sponsorship Director

Social Director

Promotions Director

Alan White

Jacqui Ward

Rupert Partridge

Eloise Hurley Wellington

Thea Dickinson




Policies Budget


I aim to modify the student

I wish to create competitions

In my term I will approach

White House: I will work

I plan to make the HSA

representative system

that are specific to each

businesses of the highest

with the Treasurer to ensure

website aesthetically

in order to enhance

faculty discipline. I recognise

quality and reputation

that White House has a

pleasing and user friendly.

communication channels

that the HSS faculty utilises

with a well-prepared offer

sustainable budget, allowing

I will also ensure Insight and

between students and staff.

a wide breadth of interests

and create sponsorship

the event to remain on

the Internship guide are

and skills, and therefore that

agreements that are

campus. I will also create

accessible online.

competitions have to be

specifically tailored to suit

different themes for each

tailored to apply to each one.

the business in question,

event to ensure that it White

such as a catering company

House remains fresh and

providing food for an

appealing to students.

I will ensure that continued progress is made in introducing anonymity to assignments in certain

It is essential that the HSA

schools, but most

attains desirable prizes for the

importantly to exams. This

competitions to encourage

will enhance the credibility of

student participation. I wish

an HSS degree.

to ascertain work experience

I plan to attract a variety of

gain access into theme parks

and internship prizes while

sponsorship agreements for

and to acquire prizes for the

also aiming to provide

HSA social and competitive


winners with the opportunity

events by seeking the

to compete in higher state, or

provision of premises, food,

national competitions.

beverage, decorations,

I will promote the services of the HSA Academic Affairs Director to the wider HSS student population to ensure that HSS students are aware

event in exchange for an advertisement.

entertainment and goods

of the services available to

or services for competition



Bondy 500: I will work with the Sponsorship Director to

HSA Elections

Academic Affairs

I will promote HSA competitions and events through campaigns which will give the greatest exposure. It will be a high priority to establish a strong branding for the HSA. This will be achieved through creating

New Social Event: The 09-10

a recognisable logo and

HSA planned a game-show

creating an individual

event called the Rich List,

identity for the HSA.

however the event was never held. I will ensure that the event is held and that it attracts HSS staff and students.

Hi. I’m Kasey Ball and I’m the independent candidate for

I will support other HSA members to ensure efficiency and

Secretary of the HSA. I’m in my 4th semester of my Bachelor of

effectiveness. I plan to communicate with HSS students, ensuring

Communication/Business and during my time at Bond I have

they are all represented, and aware of the actions and goals of the

seen the great work that the current HSA has undertaken. I

HSA. Thirdly, I will promote and enable communication between

have recently been inspired to run for secretary to help the

the HSA, other FSA’s, BUSA, the HSS Faculty and HSS related clubs

HSA become a more influential body on campus. My previous

on campus. I envisage the role of secretary as not only taking

leadership roles, including deputy head of boarding, hockey

minutes, but through planning and successful implementation,

captain and debating captain and many other activities

ensuring that the association is transparently, efficiently and

within the community are examples of my dedication and

effectively run.

enthusiasm. My main priorities are to inspire the HSA, students and communication between both groups and the HSS faculty.

To find out more, come see me under the arch on Wednesday or Thursday or contact me via my student email.

Pub Crawl


Rec Crawl

Club Sign on Day



Sport Liam Auer


Welcome to the latest addition to Scope Scope Sport. Due to popular demand, sport is back in Scope. If you are a fitness-freak, an armchair expert or simply a casual participant, this section is your hub for all things sport at Bond and beyond.

Training/Event Times Sport Touch





Weekly games

6:15 - 8:00 PM


Weekly games

Water Polo




Weekly games

Weekly Game




7PM - 8PM



5PM - 6PM


Each week will feature a profile on a sporting club, athlete or event, as well as my (not-so) informed opinion on the physical domain of life. Training and competition schedules from the myriad of sporting clubs at Bond will be published, as well as results from across the board. Finally, because we all know that in exchange for fitness we often give up brain cells, we will feature some of the more questionable quotes from our sporting icons in “Did They Just Say That?!”. This week, I talk to Bond’s resident ironman and Olympian Ky Hurst about his recent success in the opening round of the Kellogg’s Nutri-Grain Ironman Series at his home beach of Kurrawa, balancing study and training, and his plans for the future. Bond has a vibrant sporting community, both on and off-campus. We also count a number of current and former students as some of the finest athletes in the country. Now that passion, dedication and success has a channel – Scope Sport. I hope you enjoy.


Weekly games

ATHLETE PROFILE: KY HURST Olympian, Dancing With The Stars participant and multiple-time Cleo Bachelor of the Year – what hasn’t the Bond Business student Ky Hurst done? Liam Auer spends five minutes with this legend of surf lifesaving discussing the 2012 London Olympics, the upcoming Ironman Series and his ever-stronger passion for marathon swimming. Oh, and his chances of starring in Celebrity Masterchef.

Did They Just Say That?! •‘’It’s all a circus. The game itself is monotonous and predictable, and all the money confuses many of the simpletons who play. After eleventy beers or so, some actually eat banknotes like crisps. Others simply wander off mid-season, seemingly unaware of their obligations to a contract that delivered them a beachside house, a Lexus and a few bail bonds, leading to the annual media frenzy and worldwide chase for the rugby league again or selling out to rugby, where they

Liam Auer: Step us through a typical day in

LA: So you’re fully intending to try out for the

the life of Ky Hurst – what does your training

2012 London Olympics? Is the passion for open

schedule look like? How do you balance all of

water swimming still there?

your commitments?

battle on unless their brain explodes from the complexity. After all, rugby union players can retire and look forward to a future in a wide range of businesses and corporate speaking

KH: Yeah. The whole reason I’ve got back into

opportunities. The best rugby league players

Ky Hurst: I start at 4:45 in the morning at the

surf is to give myself a mental break and just

have to look forward to is a spot of cross-

pool, usually gym straight after that or a track

enjoy sport again and enjoy ironman racing and

dressing for fart jokes on The Footy Show.’’

session for running. And then, back down the

I’m loving being a part of it. I think the transition

Dominic Cadden of the Whingeing Pom

beach in the afternoon at about 3 o’clock for

back to open water swimming will be a lot

explaining rugby league.

an ironman transition session or an individual

easier than it has been in the past. I know what

craft session. Tuesdays and Thursdays are

needs to be done, I know what it takes and I

double-swim days.

think because the blueprint is already in place,

LA: Doesn’t leave much time for study, does it? KH: Yeah, absolutely not. When I’m juggling both sports, that’s when studying is on the backburner. When I’m committed to the one sport, I’ve got time for some uni work. LA: 2009-2010 saw your full return to the sport of surf lifesaving where you made your initial mark on the national stage. Now, tell us – has it been difficult making the switch from open water swimming in the Olympics in 2008 and pool swimming prior that to fully committing to the Nutri-Grain Ironman Series again? KH: Yes. Yeah, I’ve found it quite difficult getting that strength back and the more refined elements of ironman racing, to put it

it should be quite simple to replicate again… so I’m really looking forward to 2012 [London Olympics]. LA: On a lighter note, you’ve done both Dancing With the Stars and Australia’s Greatest Athlete – what’s the next foray into the world of television?

•Mick Malthouse putting sport into perspective on the fact that Collingwood got two less days off than Adelaide last season:

thing for me? I really don’t know. It’s a matter

up in how many days off we’ve got.’’

of doing what I do with my sport and it’s about trying to get the results I want in my sport and I’m looking forward to that.

•Radio commentary during a Manly Sea Eagles and Auckland Warriors match: Commentator 1: “That was a tremendous

LA: So, both eyes on the ball and not looking to

hit by Watmough …” Commentator 2:

be the next Celebrity Masterchef?

“Watmough must have thought he was a

onMasterchef to cook well. I’m my biggest critic in the kitchen, but Masterchef isn’t for me.

smoother with the more races I do.

old battery to crank the whole thing over.’’

of Africa won’t. Is that fair? Let’s not get caught

that I’ve found difficult. But that takes

drop off and I’m starting to feel a little bit

the right tools, and I’m just trying to start the

were pretty poor, which was awkward. The next

own eyes, but there’s too much pressure

doing ironmans, but the rust is starting to

be in the wrong shed. I’m in the right shed with

tomorrow morning and I’ll have breakfast, half

more making sure everything runs smoothly

hard on it. I feel a little rusty running around

horrendously, but I am finding it difficult. I can’t

‘’Tell me what’s fair in life. Is life fair? I wake up

how to paddle a board or paddle a ski; it’s

not paddling anything and I’m working pretty

metaphors: ‘’It’s not like I’m swinging

football skills [in Australia’s Greatest Athlete]

KH: [Chuckles] No, I’m a good chef in my

currently doing. It’s been almost five years of

even rugby league’s penchant for mixed

KH: [Laughs] Good one, Liam. I don’t know. My

basically. It’s not going easy, but I don’t forget

training and a lot of racing and that’s what I’m

•Golfer Stuart Appleby rivaling some of

LA: Well Ky, thank you very much for your time and all the best for the future. KH: Thanks Liam.

sponsor …”

Scope Sport

‘fugitive’. Many of these end up playing


Check out our calendar of events below, they are not to be missed.

Calendar of Events Semester 101

Sustainable Development Student Association Patrice Bowen

BBQ Welcome Lunch

Sustainability Lecture Series

A new decade brings a brand new team

Date: Week 3, Tuesday 12-2pm

Date: Every second Wednesday, starting

Association (SDSA) and a fresh perspective

week 2. 11am-2pm

on the role of the association within the

14 Location: Covered area in front of the SSD

to the Sustainable Development Students

Clubs and societies

student community. The new team, as listed


Location: Living Lab, Building 3

Free BBQ for all property students to meet

To raise awareness about sustainability and to

returning Sustainable Development students

and the SDSA and fellow students. Tickets for

give practical information on what you can do

to semester 101.

the Construction Party will be on sale also.

to become more sustainable. Staff, students and community members welcome to attend.

below, would like to welcome all new and

A new decade brings a brand new team to the Sustainable Development Students

Construction Party

To register your attendance please email your

Association (SDSA) and a fresh perspective

name and the date of the lecture you wish to

on the role of the association within the

Date: TBC

attend to

student community. The new team, as listed below, would like to welcome all new and

A social event held at the Football club on the Bond ovals. A chance to get dressed up, relax and meet other students. Further details will be provided soon!

returning Sustainable Development students

Graduate Panel & Industry Networking Event

to semester 101.


awareness of the SDSA, what the association

TBC (towards end of semester 1)

Our main goal for 2010 is to increase student can offer and how we can be of assistance to

For current and graduating students to get an

students. On a social note, we also aim to hold

idea of what they can except when applying

a social event each semester, which will rival

for Graduate Programs and what companies

events held by other student associations.

expect and what they look for in candidates. Followed by a networking even for students to meet member of the property industry.

2010 Committee

President: Sheila Mananghaya Vice President: Alan Robertson Treasurer: Mathew O’Brien Secretary: Madison Cooke Academic Affairs: Patrice Bowen External Affairs: Scott Noonan Social Director: Samantha Hogan

The SDSA will post regular emails with updates on networking events and news within the industry to keep all property students informed. We also offer a tutoring service to any students who would like extra guidance with assignments or exams. To allow students to meet and speak to committee members, we will be trialing an ‘open office’ roster for semester one. A member of the team will be at the office between the hours of 11am to 1pm Monday to Wednesday and 10am to 2pm on Fridays. The office is room 3_14 of the SSD building (level 3). We would like to get to know as many of the property students as possible, so please feel free to drop in for a chat.

Green Politics or Just Greenwashing? Cara Mottek

Like many Bond University students, I consider myself to have an oscillating attention span when it comes to Australian politics.

15 the tough issue of global warming in time

overthrowing of Malcolm Turnbull, the

for Copenhagen. However, the CPRS that

subsequent media fiasco surrounding

the Government has been anxious to push

Prime Minister Rudd’s proposed Carbon

through before Copenhagen appears to

Pollution Reduction Scheme (CPRS), and

have been received with cry’s of outrage

the failure of the Copenhagen Accord to

from all involved parties except perhaps

generate a binding agreement that would

the Australia fossil fuels lobby. Unions are

result in substantive change, I have started

terrified that adding an additional financial

to pay particular attention to the current

burden via what is fundamentally a tax to

Australian Government’s designs for

corporate Australia during these already

Climate Change Policy.

difficult economic times will force more

For anyone out there who gives a damn,


However since the unfortunate

Australian jobs offshore.

now is a good time to celebrate the fact that

Many economists have grave concerns as

Ultimately, implementing a cap and trade

the problem of climate change has stopped

to the economic implications of a cap and

scheme will require a greater change

being marginalized into an environmental

trade scheme to Australia’s carbon fuelled

process in the Australian economy than


economy. Finally, it is nearly impossible for

the GST. Therefore it is vital that Rudd’s

anyone who appreciates the unparalleled

Cabinet uses this reprieve to consider

threat the climate crisis poses to treat this

other options which make more economic

scheme with anything less that outright

and environmental sense, such as a

contempt and disgust. While some

sensitively applied carbon tax combined

environmentalists may champion this as

with increased spending to accelerate

an initial step in the right direction by the

the development and deployment of low

ever conservative Australian Government,

greenhouse gas emitting substitutes for

there comes a time when action has almost

the energy needed to power the Australian

the same result as inaction. Ultimately it


However, as arguably one of Bond’s more radical and environmentally conscious students, the idea of our government taking any kind of active step towards reducing Australia’s greenhouse gas emissions would normally induce within me the same level of joy as a Trekie at their first Convention, and yet I find myself unable to support the Government’s CPRS even as an initial step to combat the inertia that has held many national governments in its grip for so long on this issue. Let me be very clear here: this does not mean I am supporting the more

seems this scheme has been compromised to the point that nothing substantive and watertight will actually be achieved should it ever be implemented.

Rather than continuing to flog a compromised scheme which if implemented in its current ineffectual state will be a horrendously expensive

conservative end of the spectrum which

The Scheme is full of loopholes and special

mistake that wastes  both precious time

often denies anthropogenic global warming

concessions that lets a number of high

and resources, I say we should remember

as anything other than “ammunition for

impacting industries (such as forestry

what our parents always say: if something

Anti-Consumerists Greenies,” In 2007 Rudd

and agriculture) completely off the hook

is worth doing its worth doing right the first

went to Bali and declared to the world that

and for those industries it does appear


“Australia now stands ready to assume

to have earmarked, it sets ridiculously

its responsibility... Climate change is the

weak emission reduction targets and

defining challenge of our generation...

when combined with compensation

one of the greatest moral, economic and

packages makes you wonder whether the

environmental challenges of our ages.”

Government is in fact paying the worst

It is therefore understandable that Rudd would be anxious to equip Australia with bold policy initiatives designed to address

polluters to do what they do best: keep polluting.

Review 16

I love you, Man After scene-stealing performances in The 40-Year-Old Virgin, Knocked Up and Forgetting Sarah Marshall, Paul Rudd finally gets his chance to headline – and he takes it with both hands. In I Love You, Man, Rudd is Peter Klaven, a dorky real estate salesman who has a knockout fiancé (Rashida Jones), yet struggles to get together enough man-friends for a buck’s night, let alone a wedding party. So logically, he sets out on filling the void through a series of ‘man-dates’ set up by his younger, gay brother Robbie (Andy Samberg of The Lonely Island). Peter’s man-dates are hilarious – particularly when he’s so helplessly lame when trying to impress. Like normal males get nervous around women, Peter’s attempts at being breezy to his friends-to-be fall embarrassingly short of their target. When Peter meets Sydney Fyfe (Jason Segel) at one of his open inspections, the film really starts to hit its straps. Their chemistry is what the film is all about Sydney is the effortlessly cool alpha male, and Peter is the dweebish ladies man who can’t keep up. I Love You, Man is formulaic, but only because the usual formula has been turned inside-out and back-to-front – and as a result, we get a film that is familiar, yet new. This film is about as blokey as it gets – not only in its humour, but also in its recognition that the freedom to be a lout is a cornerstone of manhood, and that in the endless pursuit of skirt, we must not forget that our mates are our real support network. Bravo. --Vinnie Rugari


Animal Collective: Merriweather Post Pavilion Did you like sushi when you first tried it? Unlikely. Did you enjoy the first cigarette you had all those years ago in the school backyard? Almost impossible. Personally, sushi and cigarettes are now two of my favourite things in the whole world. It goes to show that many of the best things in life are acquired tastes. Don’t expect to fall in love with Merriweather Post Pavilion upon the first listen. Expect however, to have your mind opened up to the endless possibilities technology can bring to music. Every single song on the album is intricate and deeply layered with nontraditional samplers and synthesisers, which gives the impression that this is the kind of music we’ll all be listening to in 50 years’ time. While the album is consistently fresh and inventive throughout, two tracks, the singles ‘My Girls’ and ‘Summertime Clothes’ are clear standouts as being the most accessible of the lot. Where Pavilion succeeds is in the way it is not full of fillers to accommodate the singles, rather in how you will eventually be addicted to all 11 songs. Each song is single-worthy in their own rights, but the two singles serve an introductory purpose into the wonderful sounds of Pavilion.

I’ll be honest in saying that I absolutely hated this album after the first listen; it initially came off as irritating at best. I persevered and listened to Pavilion repeatedly and, most importantly, with an open mind. Now, just like sushi and cigarettes, I can’t live without the album. It has gone on to become the most played album in my iTunes library – one that consists of at least ten thousand songs. The album itself is Animal Collective’s most accessible album to date. Pavilion is the gateway drug to the even more psychedelic and surreal experiences of the band’s previous albums. If I can end up loving Pavilion after initially hating it, then I can’t wait to hate the other albums. --Andra Nasrie


Vampire Weekend: Contra

Their latest effort, Contra, is similarly divisive – at least to me. Puzzlingly, it lacks the same appeal as their self-titled debut, yet this is the album that has debuted at #1 on the Billboard 200, and this is the album that is being celebrated as the first indie/ mainstream crossover of 2010.

Suicide Silence: No Time to Bleed I have made it my goal to try and change the general consensus on metal music; to sway metal away from the stereotypes. Said stereotypes extend towards bands not actually making music, but simply making noise. Suicide Silence are the epitome of this belief, and therefore, I cannot achieve my goal with this album. My initial reactions to Suicide’s album No Time to Bleed were interesting. I like to think that I am quite open-minded when it comes to music; however, Suicide Silence makes this a difficult exploit. This band is brutal, in every aspect of the word. From the opening track, until the very finish, it is aggressive. This music would make a perfect soundtrack to any serial killer’s biography. The detuned guitars, the blast beats, the breakdowns, the pig squeals and the screams are enough to curdle milk, and even revive a coma patient. Every track consists of this structure: Open, Open, Double-kick, Roar! This literally means that the guitarists play an open detuned power chord repeatedly, the drummer

performs a blast beat, and the singer blatantly roars/pig squeals. You are probably asking yourself ‘why the hell am I even reading this bollocks? I am never going to listen to this album, let alone buy it!’ I answer with this: Buy, borrow, download (legally, of course) this album. Keep it within easy access. When the Jehovah’s Witnesses, the telemarketers from Punjab, or any person that drives you insane bothers you, introduce them to the music of Suicide Silence, as loud as humanly possible. I guarantee that you will never have to endure their spiels about cheaper phone calls, or eternal salvation again. That is why you are reading this bollocks! This album is the perfect addition to any death metal fan’s collection. To all others, I’m quite sure it will make a great coaster or Frisbee. --Peter Clayton


I cannot present a feasible explanation for this. Vampire Weekend had a number of very, very good songs on it, but Contra sounds like a bunch of b-sides and outtakes that have been processed by the Second Album New Direction machine. For example, the chorus of ‘Holiday’ sounds like a cat getting raped by a dagger. To be fair, so did ‘One (Blake’s Got a New Face)’ from their debut - but once is enough. Twice, and you start feeling bad for the cat. ‘California English’ is undistinguishable. It’s all well and good to try and diversify your sound, but using Auto-Tune to do a retarded Animal Collective imitation is not the way to go about it. Opener ‘Horchata’ sounds like Vampire Weekend doing a bad Vampire Weekend impression, but it’s nowhere near as funny as that hypothetical would lead you to believe. Lead single ‘Cousins’ sounds like Elvis Costello and Echo & the Bunnymen hooked up and had the least talented baby their combined gene pools could produce. Nothing on this record reaches the stellar heights of the debut - in fact, this album suffers from lacking the novelty factor that helped Vampire Weekend to its generally favourable reaction. Contra is, at its worst, highly objectionable, and at its best… well, it’s OK, I guess. --Vinnie Rugari



Scope Review

Vampire Weekend burst onto the scene in a big way in 2008. Their debut self-titled album polarized critics – some crowned them as the new kings of the New York indie scene, some dismissed their Ivy League afrobeat schtick as a one-album wonder, and others struggled to get past the first two songs.

10 Things I Hate About You

2 18

1 People who point at their wrist asking for the time... I know where my watch is pal, where the hell is yours? Do I point at my crotch when I ask where the toilet is?

People who are willing to get off their a** to search the entire room for the TV remote because they refuse to walk to the TV and change the channel manually.


When something is ‘new and improved’. Which is it? If it’s new, then there has never been anything before it. If it’s an improvement, then there must have been something before it, couldn’t be new.

5 7 9 10

4 When people say “it’s always the last place you look”. Of course it is. Why the hell would you keep looking after you’ve found it? Do people do this? Who and where are they?

When people say “Oh you just want to have your cake and eat it too”. Damn Right! What good is cake if you can’t eat it?

People who give me their pictures in Word documents. Hello? It’s called Microsoft WORD for a reason.

When people say “life is short”. What the hell??? Life is the longest damn thing anyone ever does!!! What can you do thats longer?


When people say while watching a film, “did ya see that?” No Loser, I paid $12 to come to the cinema and stare at the damn floor!


People who ask “Can I ask you a question?”... Didn’t give me a choice there, did ya sunshine?


When you are waiting for the bus and someone asks “Has the bus come yet?” If the bus came, would I be standing here???

Annoying Things To Do On An Elevator 1) CRACK open your briefcase or handbag, peer Inside and ask “Got enough air in there?” 2) STAND silent and motionless in the corner facing the wall without getting off. 3) WHEN arriving at your floor, grunt and strain to yank the doors open, then act as if you’re embarrassed when they open themselves.

5) MEOW occasionally. 6) STARE At another passenger for a while. Then announce in horror: “You’re one of THEM” - and back away slowly 7) SAY -DING at each floor. 8) SAY “I wonder what all these do?” And push all the red buttons. 9) MAKE explosion noises when anyone presses a button. 10) STARE, grinning at another passenger for a while, then announce: “I have new socks on.” 11) WHEN the elevator is silent, look around and ask: “Is that your beeper?” 12) TRY to make personal calls on the emergency phone. 13) DRAW a little square on the floor with chalk and announce to the other passengers: “This is my personal space.” 14) WHEN there’s only one other person in the elevator, tap them on the shoulder, then pretend it wasn’t you. 15) PUSH the buttons and pretend they give you a shock. Smile, and go back for more.

HOT OR NOT HOT Girls undressing on TOP of CAPE Pub Crawl The Temper Trap Sam Kekovich watch?v=0o8by05rtMY Hottest 100 Laneway Festival Bond World Cup The full quid iSlate/iPad/iTablet Australian Open Tennis NOT Undressing girls shutting blinds on top of CAPE

16) ASK if you can push the button for other people but push the wrong ones.

The morning after Pub Crawl

17) HOLD the doors open and say you’re waiting for your friend. After a while, let the doors close and say “Hi Greg, How’s your day been?”

South Australian sport

18) DROP a pen and wail until someone reaches to help pick it up, then scream: “That’s mine!”

Hottest 100 leaks

19) BRING a camera and take pictures of everyone in the lift.

Facebook site maintenance

20) PRETEND you’re a flight attendant and review emergency procedures and exits with the Passengers. 21) SWAT at flies that don’t exist. 22) CALL out “Group hug” then enforce it.

Cyclone Olga Drunk-speaking Elections

Ladder climbing A-League referees


Bits & Pieces

4) GREET everyone with a warm handshake and ask him or her to call you Admiral.


Scope - Week 2 101, Issue 8  

The latest issue of Scope, Bond University's only weekly communist rag.

Scope - Week 2 101, Issue 8  

The latest issue of Scope, Bond University's only weekly communist rag.