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Welcome to 111!


CONTENTS Editor’s Report Welcome all new and returning students to semester 111. Cherish every moment of this semester because we won’t have another semester with three recurring numbers for 11 years. In 2022. The Qatar World Cup year. Damn right. For new students who aren’t yet familiar with Scope, here’s a how-to-read-Scope guide: Jump to page eight and hope that our photographers did not catch you in your better moments over the week. The second most popular stop is the trivia page on page 17. The trivia pages have been blamed for the increase in procrastination among Bond students. Don’t miss out on students’ articles. Some highly controversial, others informative, there’s no better company for lunch at Cafe Bond. ‘Hot or Not’ is Bond’s official trendsetter. Whatever it says, goes. Don’t be the idiot with the boxer briefs and grow a fringe. I hope you enjoy the first Scope issue of the semester. See you next wednesday!

--Andra Nasrie

Weekly Busa Report


A Weighty Issue


Education Update from the Vice-President


Bond Children’s Holiday Camp 06 Photos


Important Changes in 2011


Made in Australia


Trivia and Puzzles 17 Scope Sport


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Weekly BUSA Report

Welcome Aboard and Welcome Back James Graham Dear Bondies, For some of us the new year at Bond is just beginning, for others it’s already started and if this O’Week is anything to go by, we are in for a year not to be missed. From Sunday to Saturday we saw over 3,600 heads move through 14 events – from Tight ‘n Bright to Toga to Laser Skirmish, it was a truly unforgettable way to start the year.

points to keep in mind as you start out. 1. Get involved as much as you can. The old axiom “you only get out what you put in” couldn’t be truer when it comes to your experience at Bond – meet new people, join a club, go to Pub Crawl and Thursdays at Don’s, get involved in Res Wars and make sure you have a great time.

For those of you who are returning to Bond, welcome back. I trust you all enjoyed your well-deserved break and got some much needed rest. Our thoughts and best wishes go out to all those Bondies, old and new, who have been affected by the recent flooding that has struck Queensland. Please know that BUSA is here to help in anyway we can, so don’t hesitate to contact us.

2. Find the right balance. Whether it’s between spending time at Don’s and spending time in the library, or between time at work and time in the gym. Finding the right balance is crucial to make the most of your time here and to avoid unnecessary stress in the darker hours of the semester.

I’m sure many of the Freshmen Bondies may not think their time at Bond could get much better than the week they’ve just had but rest assured, it does and it will. Something unique about this place is the amazing opportunities open to every single Bondie that steps onto this campus. Whether it’s the opportunity to join one of the many cultural and sporting clubs on campus or the chance to start your own Perhaps the opportunity to meet new people and make new friends from all around Australia and the world, or simply being a part of the thriving social and academic community that is Bond University.

3. It’s better to regret something you did than something you were too afraid to do. The worst thing you can do when you leave here is wish you had made the most of an opportunity that slipped past you. Whether it was getting that HD you really wanted in Option & Futures, or maybe not running for elections to BUSA or an FSA. Even not going out that one night when you just knew you should have - Bond rewards those who take risks and strive to get the most out of their time here. Remember, some things are replaceable but your time here is not. Make the most of your Bond experience – it’s the only one you’ve got!

BUSA is here to help ensure your time at Bond and the experience you have here is the best that it can possibly be. Our office is located on level one of the University Centre next to the admissions office and is open 9am-4pm Monday-Friday, so feel free to come past anytime.

We have a great year ahead… so get excited. Over and out,

Now for those Freshmen reading this article, here’s a bit of advice – while I don’t profess to be any kind of expert on these matters, in my time at Bond I have developed a few



BUSA Recreation Update from the Vice-President (Recreation) Don’s: Your Tavern Over the past year or so – you will have often heard this incredibly loud, piercing and frankly annoying voice reverberating in and around Don’s Tavern. Most of the time it has been me. For this, I am incredibly sorry. Having someone constantly yell down the line to get your student ID out, or to get back in line because you may have gone to see your friends and weren’t really pushing in – it just was assumed you were - must be incredibly frustrating. After last week I realised this was something I really disliked doing, because after all, you are all Bondies and Don’s isn’t my tavern, it’s yours. But I also continued to reflect upon why BUSA undertakes certain duties that may frustrate students. 1) Checking Student IDs I know this can be a very tedious and seemingly unnecessary part of your night – but the reason my team and I ask to see student ID is as the titles of this piece suggests, because Don’s is your tavern. Over the past number of months, we have found that whenever violence occurs within or outside of Don’s – it is often due to ‘non-bondies’ having entered the event. Ultimately, Don’s is there for you, not students from other universities or the public, and we want to ensure that both your safety is protected, but also that you are able to have the best possible time surrounded by your friends, not your enemies. 2) Checking SAM In terms of ‘tedious’ – checking for SAM takes the cake, I know. But ultimately SAM is your most important asset at Don’s, and university wide. Paying your SAM, and showing us that silver sticker on your student ID allows you free entry into Dons at any point but also, your SAM actually pays for the DJ, the decorations, the food and anything else BUSA purchases to make the night a success, hence why Don’s is your tav-

ern. We are working on making the process of checking SAM quicker and more efficient for you to cut down the waiting line on a Thursday night. 3) Maintaining the line outside Don’s. Whether you are a new Bond student or a regularly returning one – you will have most likely been in a line at Don’s and I completely understand and agree that the waiting line to enter takes too long. But the longer the line gets, inevitably, the wider it grows and ultimately the more it becomes uncontrollable. So when you do hear me or another student shouting down the line, we don’t do it to be mean spirited, it is often just a necessity to ensure everyone gets their turn to enter Don’s and that none one is jumping in front of the line to enter your tavern after you have waited all night. But in saying that – a number of ways in which we can decrease the line to shorten waiting periods are currently being discussed. And I do mean it when I say that BUSA will have a result for you on this issue in the coming weeks – we want Don’s to be more user-friendly just as much as you do. So guys and girls, young and old(er) – Don’s is your tavern, it’s your night with friends, and it’s always a night of some bloody good memories. We just ask that you treat it like it is your own possession. Respect the venue, work with security and be patient with BUSA. I am happy to have students yell, berate and be angry with me as Vice President and manager of the recreational experience for Bondies – but I ask you to direct it to me, not my team, who are simply doing their job to assist your tavern. In return – I will promise to yell less, ensure there are shorter lines, stress less and smile with you all more at Don’s Tavern. Keep calm and carry on -- Alan White

What’s on Recreation This Semester: - Refurbishment of the Undergraduate Student Lounge - Three new Social events run by BUSA - stay tuned! - Club Support Program to launch in week 4 + Old favourites: - Clubs Sign On Day (Friday January 21, 2011) - Bond’s biggest event: Pub Crawl (Friday January 21, 2011) - Weekly Wednesday BBQs

Frogs sometimes eat enough fireflies that they themselves glow

Americans consume roughly 23 litres (6 US gallons) of ice cream per

4 person per year

BUSA Education Update from the Vice-President (Education) A warm welcome to all new Bondies this semester, and welcome back to the old hands. Hopefully everyone is enrolled in subjects and getting ready for a big Summer semester of work and play. The Education team of BUSA is excited about introducing some new initiatives this semester and there are also some important announcements to make about your educational experience. New BUSA Academic Competitions This year, BUSA will be introducing three university-wide academic competitions. There will be one competition per semester and the competitions will be Opinionated Writing in 111, Creative Arts in 112, and Public Speaking in 113. These competitions will each have a mouthwatering $1,000 prize for 1st place, with significant cash prizes for 2nd and 3rd places too. Stay tuned for more information in coming weeks. Bond and iTunes U This year, Bond will join the rapidly expanding “iTunes U” network (“U” for university). Bond will have a private iTunes site U, where your personal educational material such as lecture streaming will be available to you via iTunes, as well as a public iTunes U site where Bond will showcase its promotional materials and publish exemplary research material. This new technology will enhance your learning experience and allow you to

access your course materials in a more interactive and user-friendly way. Enrolment for Excluded Students It is now permissible for excluded students to attend classes and access iLearn while an exclusion appeal is pending. Excluded students will still be automatically “sanctioned” from iLearn, however this sanction can be lifted by contacting Jenny Cuskelly from Student Administration at I strongly encourage excluded students who are appealing their exclusion to attend classes this week and keep up-to-date with class content. Advocacy and Support BUSA has an Education Team consisting of an Advocacy Director, Special Interests Director, Publications Director and a Postgraduate Student Liaison. If you have any questions or concerns regarding your education, don’t hesitate to drop by the BUSA office to make an appointment or simply email us.

-- Henry Norris

WANTED! Scope is looking for dedicated grammar nazis to fill two Sub-Editor positions. Email your interests to

You cannot snore and dream at the same time


Portuguese sharks live at depths of over 12,000 feet

Bond Children’s Holiday Camp - Alex Smith The annual Sony Foundation Bond Children’s Holiday Camp was run at Bond University in the first week of the Christmas Holidays. A fantastic week was had by all our children and by all of our Bond University student volunteers.

the chance to practice putting out some fires. The highlight from the day was our visit to the temporary Bond Zoo: a mixture of goats, chickens, cows, ducks and sheep set up on the lawns to be fed and loved by our campers. After a much needed shower, our campers all participated in an evening talent Day 1: After pouring with torrential rain in the 24 show before climbing into bed in anticipation of hours leading up the start of the camp, we were Santa’s pending visit. thanking our lucky stars when we awoke on Monday morning to a beautiful Gold Coast blue sky and Day 4: We awoke to the last day of our camp the start of the 2010 camp. Campers quickly swung amid a flurry of excitement. Letters to Santa into action on Monday morning with a range of were quickly scribbled down and dropped activities including arts and crafts, jumping cas- into his giant stocking before our camptle fun and giant chess. We then jumped into ers packed and headed over to the annual the pool and swam until wrinkly. After lunch the Christmas party in the Princeton room. We campers went on an adventure hunt around the were delighted to welcome the children, university and met some new friends like Bondie companions, members of the University, the Bullshark and the BCHC Bear. Prior to bed our families, sponsors and friends to join us tired campers went to the movies in the Cerum at Bond University for Christmas lunch Theatre before sleeping off the day’s activities. and a special visit by Santa Clause! Day 2: On day two we again awoke to the relief of another sunny day. After assembling all campers for some quick Christmas carol practice, we all loaded the busses to head north for our annual trip to Seaworld. As per usual, our campers, both young and old, enjoyed the highlights of Seaworld including the seal show, the dolphin show and the polar bears before lunch. In the afternoon some of our campers went on rides whilst others enjoyed the Sesame Street show and managed to feed the stingrays. We were then picked up at the main entrance by the amphibious SuperDuck which took all our campers for a fantastic trip around Main Beach and Surfers Paradise before plunging into the river and cruising the Broadwater. Day 3: Our campers spent day three back at the University. In the morning we were quick to jump back into the pool. Campers enjoyed the pool toys and were keen to try and conquer the inflatable obstacle course that was floating in the pool. Despite some light afternoon rain, campers all enjoyed having their faces painted and watching some balloon animals spring to life after lunch. We then had a very special visit by the Queensland Fire Brigade who showed everyone how the trucks work and gave campers

This camp would not be possible without the generous support of many people. We would like to particularly thank our major sponsor, the Sony Foundation, without their help this camp would simply not be possible. In particular we would like to thank Amy Robertson for her dedication to this camp and for all of her support in 2010. We would also like to thank the fantastic team of people at Seaworld who worked hard to give the children a special day out, and of course the administrators, cleaners, accommodation and food & beverage teams at Bond University who managed to keep a roof over our heads and food in our camper’s bellies. Thank you to all our fantastic Bond University student volunteers who decided to give up the first week of their Christmas holidays. These students exemplify the very best of what our community has to offer and did an amazing job despite having little sleep and some very challenging experiences. * BCHC Team 2010: Alex Smith, Henry Norris, Patrick McNamee, Isabel Jantos & Andrew Dennis*

O-Week: Don’s

Photographers: Sophie McNaught + Caitey Longden

Photographer: Katerina Kaliviotis

O-Week: Enrolment/Info Hubs

IMPORTANT CHANGES IN 2011 Welcome new and returning students to the 2011 Academic year. As we begin our first semester, I would like to take the opportunity to remind you of some important dates and changes to regulations which will impact your study here at Bond University. Wednesday January 26 – lectures and tutorials will be held on this day. Examination dates January Semester (Semester 111) – due to the extended Easter and ANZAC day holidays, examinations for the semester will be held from 14 April to 21 April including Saturday 16 April and Sunday 17 April. Deferred Examinations: Important changes to Division 5 – Assessment, Section (51) Deferred Examinations as follows: Subsection 5, third paragraph: Once an official examination period has commenced, including perusal time, a student undertaking the examination will be deemed to have sat the examination. A request for a deferred examination will not be considered if a student leaves an examination for any reason once the official examination period, including perusal time, has commenced. Subsection (6) (b) A student will only be granted a deferred examination in one semester or phase of their program, for no more than four subjects in that semester or phase. In exceptional circumstances or in the case of a Faculty approved internship, the Dean of the relevant Faculty or delegate may approve a subsequent application. For further information please visit: For assistance and enquiries, please visit Student Administration located at Block 10, Student Court or telephone 55954049 or email: Best wishes for your studies at Bond University Alan Finch Pro-Vice-Chancellor (Student and Academic Support)

For further information please contact us: Enquiries - ( 5595 4049)

Made in Australia -- Madeline Wardleworth How many times have you glanced at tag of a newly purchased garment, be it a polo, party dress or poncho, only to read the words: ‘Designed in Australia, Made in … [insert developing nation here]?’ Note the subtle justification of what may be sweatshop labour. Because it’s designed in Australia, the label suggests, it’s okay if the garment was made in what we might assume are substandard conditions abroad. Personally I prefer the words: ‘Made in Australia.’ For misinformed Australians, this seems to be indicative of a much more ethical production process. If it was made in Australia, then surely workers were stitching spandex to silk in a decent environment, on decent pay, right? Wrong. As I recently learned, it’s not just China, India, Bangladesh and Sri Lanka who are fans of cheap apparel production. Our allegedly equitable continent is part of team exploit. FYI, the Australian equivalent of a sweatshop worker is called a homeworker, or an outworker. Generally a homeworker is female, working, as her job title suggests, from home. She might earn two to three dollars per hour, 18 hours a day, seven days a week. Forget holiday pay, sick leave, overtime pay, or superannuation. And ignore the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, because this back-alley textile industry counters both Articles 24 and 25.

A bowling pin need only tilt 7.5 degrees to fall over

In 2003, there were approximately 329,000 people working as outworkers Down Under. They made clothes for designers, school uniform companies and retailers. Retailers like Sussan’s, Sportsgirl, and Suzanne Grey. That’s not to say that every outworker earns $1.75 per hour, like Mai Mai did. (Her case study is available at But that is to say that we should consider what we are doing with our cash. Every penny that we put into Sportsgirl’s pocket endorses a culture of complacency. Fortunately, some companies have responded to consumer concern. In 2002, Coles Myer was the first major corporation to sign Australia’s Ethical Clothing Code. Labels like American Apparel are proudly sweatshop free, and ladies’ retailer Cue works closely with the Textile Clothing and Footwear Union of Australia, ensuring a fairer deal for manufacturers. So the next time you’re shopping, take a closer look at the tags. Ask the over friendly sales assistant a few probing questions. Better yet, shop where you know the workers are treated the way you’d want to be treated.


Excess grease is the number one cause of restaurant fires


av H J D ith


wn o r B nah

Why? There is no reasonable answer to this question. Australia Day. The day where boys become men and women become slightly more blokey. If you’re not Australian, let this be a formal induction into the subtle art of getting loose. You will be taught well.

What can be more Australian than celebrating the day before we’re actually supposed to celebrate? Come to the Pre-Aus Day Bash. The ultimate pre-game. So epic that Australia Day will be a warm down. Some see it as a challenge. Some will win, others lose. A night of shameless debauchery that none may remember, yet a night we will never forget. Where stories become myths, and myths become legend, and from legends... heroes are born. So ask yourself... are you a hero?

at the Gold Coast’s newest night-club: Vanity. There we’ll be delighted by an exclusive set by Australia’s no. 1 female DJ, Havana Brown (as heard on radio every Saturday night).

Ladies and gentlemen, I give you, the Pre-Aus Day Bash.

And as a wise man once proclaimed:

Whip on your boardies and bikinis, and head on over to the Bond taxi rank outside Don’s for a 7:45pm departure. We will board the mythical Koala Coaches to the land of the Titanium, a land of wonderful prosperity where all is good and just. Feel free to get your freak on at this amazing venue before the official after-party

Australia, Australia, Australia. We love you.

Please don’t make me pull an ACA on you and call you Un-Australian. Tickets on sale under the Bond arch. Times TBA.


Brought to you by the Business Students’ Association

brain teasers

trivia Logic Puzzles 1. In what part of the body are the smallest bones? 2. What do you do when you nictate? 3. What does Phar Lap mean? 4. In what year was the Sydney Harbour bridge completed? 5. How many runs did Don Bradman score in his first test innings?

Brain Teaser After a recent spate of home improvements, four couples were having a dinner party to discuss the additions to their houses. Alan had not recently had a new bathroom. Kara had not yet done her kitchen, but perhaps would update it next. Brian, who is married to Maud, had not had new windows. Laura delighted in showing photographs of her new conservatory. Neither Charles nor David had a new kitchen. Julie had not had new windows. Alan, who also had not had windows, is not married to Laura and Charles is not married to Kara. Who is married to whom and what work had they recently undertaken, assuming that each couple had one improvement and no two couples had the same improvement.

A Man in an Elevator A man who lives on the tenth floor takes the elevator down to the first floor every morning and goes to work. In the evening, when he comes back; on a rainy day, or if there are other people in the elevator, he goes to his floor directly. Otherwise, he goes to the seventh floor and walks up three flights of stairs to his apartment. Can you explain why?

Should You Be Institutionalised? It doesn’t hurt to take a hard look at yourself from time to time. This little test should help you get started. During a visit to a mental asylum, a visitor asked the Director what the criteria is that defines if a patient should be institutionalized. “Well,” said the Director, “we fill up a bathtub. Then we offer a teaspoon, a teacup, and a bucket to the patient and ask the patient to empty the bathtub.” Okay, here’s your test: 1. Would you use the spoon? 2. Would you use the teacup? 3. Would you use the bucket? “Oh, I understand,” said the visitor. “A normal person would choose the bucket, as it is larger than the spoon.” What was the director’s response?

Add lines to this grid into create five areas that each have 4 letters, to spell five 4-letter words

Solutions can be found on Scope’s Facebook profile. Add us as a friend.

VENUE DON’S, BOND UNI DATE THURS 20 JAN TIME 7:30PM Do you hate DJs who have terrible song selection? Do you think you could do a better job if given the chance? Red Bull i-Battle is rolling into Don’s and we’re looking for some fresh combatants. Step into the ring and face off against other aspiring DJs, vying for the crowd’s affection. With Red Bull i-Battle, you get the chance to play your favourite music to the masses and grab a piece of the DJ Dream.. through your iPod. Get loose, entertain the crowd and you could find yourself crowned as the inaugural Bond University Red Bull i-Battle Champion, where the ultimate prize is your tallest team member’s height in Red Bull! The rules are simple: 1 - Grab a mate and name your duo. 2 - Pick your best three tracks and upload them to your iPod, then let ‘em spin. 3 - Bust a move and pump up the crowd. For those of you who like to watch, it’s all out war on the dance floor as wannabe Disc Jockeys seek to get you rocking to their beats. You’ll be judge, jury and executioner as the decibel meter decides the night’s champion. Whether you want to be in the limelight or on the d-floor, get ready for a big night of music and mayhem.

Scope Sport

Semester 111 Timeline


HOT Spyke SAM Illegally Bond


-- Sam Hourigan

Fringes Havaianas

Week 1: 21st January- Club Sign On Day

Wally Short hair

Week 5: 17th February- North vs South AFL

Australia Day 127 Hours

Week 8: 10th March- USA v ROW Basketball 11th March- Blaze Big Night Out

Club Sign On Day 2022 FIFA World Cup

Week 9: all week- Grudge Week 17th March- Bus v Law Rugby

Kergunyah Thighs Dark meat

Week 10: 26th March- BrisVegas AFL

NOT Ulcers

Week 12: 7th April- Soccer Club Bond World Cup

Wisdom teeth Young marriage The Crazies

Bond Shield - The Curtain Raiser

-- Cody Isles

Broken harddrives

Come down to the Soccer Fields at 3pm on Sunday 23rd (Week 1) to watch Bond’s soccer season get under way. Last years champions, Vatican City, will face an All Stars XI. This is the first installment of the Bond Shield and will be a hard fought, entertaining encounter.

Boxer briefs Ricoh Boredom

The teams: Vatican City Coach: Vinnie Rugari

Bext XI Coach: Eivind Sletten

Cody Isles (c) Sam Coad Michael Al-Rasheed Muteb Al- Rasheed Hisham Al-Riyami Tariq Al-Riyami Andra Nasrie Kwabby O’Sarfo Adam Cunynghame Christian Holtz Michelangelo Benedetti Ayman Jabber Mark Manolas

Eivind Sletten (c) Thibaut Demaneuf Xavier Demaneuf Dumas Jean-Baptiste Sascha Rankin Justin Seitz Morten Almaas Stevie Kogon Martin Wiederman Havard Kjoglum Pepe Nevasalami Daniel Fennel

BDO Lady boys Tattoos Strippermobile Naked postmen Pub Crawl ticket line

Referee: Hari Shoran Hippo milk is pink


Only humans shed emotional tears

Scope Issue 9 Week 1 (111)  

Bond University's Weekly Student Magazine

Scope Issue 9 Week 1 (111)  

Bond University's Weekly Student Magazine