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Inside: Connor v Gaddafi Ramblings of an oldie Opinionated essay competition - one week to go!


CONTENTS Editor’s Report Welcome to week 8 AKA recovery week. Congratulations to all of you who did well on your mid-sems and a big boo hoo to those who didn’t (myself included). You should’ve known better. Now that we’ve resumed normality around campus for at least the next couple of weeks, Scope too is back to its scintillating best. We’ve got many important articles in store for you this week. As always, Caleb Connor is there to inform you about the latest in the world’s current affairs; this time Libya’s Gaddafi being in the spotlight. In your fifth semester and yearning for graduation? You’re not alone. However, some of us love this institution so much that we’d love to stay here our whole lives. Charlotte Duddy has become a part of the furniture here at Bond, with 111 being her 13th semester. Read her ramblings on page 14. Do not miss out Alan White’s informative article on Careers Fair 2011. If you are graduating any time soon, this is an unmissable event. On March 31st, the Careers Fair is the best opportunity to get your name in the minds of employers. That’s it from me this week. Enjoy. P.s. Just a friendly reminder that Mid Sem Bash is on Thursday. Take out the sombrero and the poncho and party it up like there’s no tomorrow. You deserved it.

Weekly Busa Report


Bond’s Greatest Athlete


What the Future Held


In the Kitchen with Caleb and the Colonel




Careers Fair 2011


How to Know when it’s Finally Time to Graduate


Grudge Week 111


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BUSA Weekly Report

Recreation Round Table Alan White This week’s BUSA Update is taking on a slightly different tone this week – hence the name change to the ‘recreation Roundtable. Like all good representative groups, we are only ever as good as how high our constituents (the student population) believe we are doing. This is why in Week 9, the BUSA Satisfaction Survey will be released, allowing you to give your feedback on the performance of your BUSA – the events, academic representation, management of clubs, our sporting programs and even on simply how helpful and god forbid approachable we are as your elected representatives. In the mean time – we are still on the lookout for as much feedback as possible. If we are ever going to put up a fight for the student body, it’s going to be over issues that you really care about, and change that is most important to your student experience. Below are a number of current areas we are looking to improve and expand upon before our term expires. Undergraduate Lounge Refurbishment Caleb Connor, the BUSA Campus Life Director recently presented to Senior Management BUSA’s plans to refurbish the undergraduate student lounge, which we feel is currently an under-utilized and under-resourced space for students and cultural groups alike. It is BUSA’s intention to invest, with the support of University finances, a hefty sum of money into creating a lounge that is accessible, open 24 hours a day, offers state of the art facilities and is used for the enjoyment of the student body. If we are to go ahead with such an idea – we need your assistance. Where do you think money can be best spent in the undergraduate lounge – and what would you most like to see in your new lounge? EMAIL CALEB.CONNOR@STUDENT.BOND.EDU.AU to express your feedback Starting a new club or society BUSA’s Cultural and Social Clubs Co-Coordinator OJ Lesslar is constantly on the lookout for new and exciting clubs to start


up on campus. It always hard to cater for all students across campus – but by ensuring that there is a large range of clubs for students to chose from each semester, we can attempt to bridge cultural and social gaps that may exist on campus. If you feel your interests are not being met and there is a club you would like to form/see formed at Bond, then get in contact with OJ as soon as possible. Applications for new clubs will open Monday of Week 9 and close at 5pm on the Friday of Week 10. EMAIL OLIVIA.LESSLAR@STUDENT.BOND.EDU.AU to gain an application form and further information. Bondstock – September 18th – 24th 2011 One of the largest activities undertaken by BUSA is Bondstock, Put simply, there is no other event or week like this one on the Bond Calendar. While the festival itself has a committee to plan and organise the week, the people we are organising it for are you, so its important we know what events you would like us to improve, what places you want us to take you to and which music artists and guest speakers you would like us to obtain. EMAIL BONDSTOCK@BOND.EDU.AU to give us your feedback on how you want your Bondstock 2011 to unfold!

Bond’s Greatest Athlete

Vinnie Rugari

Last week, we spoke of the perennially heated battle between aesthetics and athletics in the fitness world and asked ourselves whether Bond University was full of pretenders. This week, I can reveal exactly how we can get to the bottom of the debate and find out what we’re made of, once and for all - through Bond’s Greatest Athlete, to be held on Wednesday of Week 9. If you haven’t seen Australia’s Greatest Athlete, then listen up. Bond’s Greatest Athlete is the ultimate physical test. It’s a series of challenges designed to test your ability at all levels of athleticism - hand-eye coordination, speed, endurance, strength and flexibility. Tickets are on sale under the arch all this week and at the start of next, but in the event proper you’ll take on: * A rugby conversion kick challenge * An AFL set shot on goal challenge * A soccer penalty kick challenge * The bench press - lifting 70% of your body weight * A stationary bike endurance challenge * A 40m sprint * A basketball shooting challenge * And the dreaded ‘beep test’ to finish it all off. You will be scored in each of these areas. The highest scorer - the winner - will take home the coveted Bond’s Greatest Athlete trophy. Second place will win a VIP pass to all Warner Bros. theme parks, and third gets a dinner voucher for two adults to the Watermark buffet. But everyone wins a prize - each contestant gets a free t-shirt or hat. Yay! And our doors are wide open for anyone to come and have a crack, be you male, female or some twisted concoction of both. And best of all - all profits raised will go to those who need them the most through the Premier’s Disaster Relief Fund. If nothing else, come for a laugh in the knowledge your money will go to someone who needs it more than you do. But if you want more than that, come and get it. The title of Bond’s Greatest Athlete is up for grabs. Claim it.

What the Future held Alex Myers In the words of my housemate, we are now annually going to refer to the 5th of March from now on as Future Day. Is there a good reason for this? Absolutely. My decision to attend the Future music festival on the weekend was one I definitely don’t regret. To agree with what anyone who went will say, yes, the weather was awful, and yes, coming home other than ridiculously muddy was impossible. The train we caught also broke down and we ended up being abhorrently late getting home. However, none of those things can be blamed on the organisers of the festival, who, all things considered, put on a pretty smashing day. Featured artists included Pendulum, MGMT, the Presets, Sander Van Doorn, Mark Ronson and the Business International, and of course the Chemical Brothers. The Silent Disco was there too, having become a staple of music festivals everywhere. Mark Ronson and his crew were the first full set we got to see. They were incredible. The set featured everything from Radiohead covers to Bang Bang Bang. Although the rain was coming down and the mud was ankle deep, the music made it all bearable. Sander Van Doorn was next on the list. We saw both the start and the end of his three hour set, with MGMT and the Silent Disco in the middle. If the stage Sander was on was tiny, the crowd he attracted was anything but. Sander’s set featured a variety of songs, ranging from Faithless to less well-known tracks from Super8 & Tab. After Sander, it was time to head to MGMT. I’m a big fan of a lot of their music, so my expectations were high. I was disappointed. MGMT’s set began about 10 minutes late, which wasn’t great. Luckily though, a DJ was there to get the crowd revved. This left a big disconnect between the fast paced, big-beat music of the warm up DJ and MGMT’s slower, more laid-back style.

A lot of the songs played were also from MGMT’s newer album, which isn’t bad but doesn’t quite have the same impact as Kids or Electric Feel. We then headed to the Silent Disco. For those that don’t know, the Silent Disco has no speakers. Each person is given wireless headphones instead. Two DJs play and the headphones can be set to a channel for each. Unfortunately, despite changing my headphones three times, the second channel didn’t work. The Silent Disco was still a positive experience but I would have appreciated being able to hear both channels. From the Silent Disco, we made a brief stop to hear the end of Sander Van Doorn’s set and listen to the introduction from Cosmic Gate. Cosmic Gate started out excellently, but we decided to head a bit early to the Chemical Brothers so we could get a good spot. Arriving early at the main stage, we got to hear James Holroyd, who was also great. Last, but certainly not least, the Chemical Brothers finished the night brilliantly. I had missed out on an opportunity to see them about five years ago at Big Day Out, so I was extremely keen. Starting out with their famous hit Galvanise really set the mood for an incredible performance. Songs from older albums like Dig Your Own Hole were masterfully blended with those from Push the Button and Further. Improvements for next time? Not having Steve Angello and Steve Aoki on at the same time would have been appreciated, as the type of music played by each is somewhat similar and they have many mutual fans. Better weather and more public transport would also help, but there isn’t much the organisers can do about those things. Future music festival is a must attend event for those into electronic music, regardless of whether your taste is in trance, house, electro, or anything else. Hopefully we’ll be luckier with the weather in the future.

F U T U R E M U S I C f e s t i v a l 2 0 1 1


In the Kitchen with Caleb and The Colonel This week on In the Kitchen, your host Caleb cooks up a storm with “Mad Dog” Muammar al-Qaddafi, and discusses all things Libyan revolution and Bedouin tents. Caleb Connor (CC): Welcome readers to another instalment of In the Kitchen! It’s my honour to introduce a very special guest, Col. Muammar al-Qaddafi! Al-Qaddafi (Q): Salutations brothers and sisters. CC: Today we’ll be cooking up a delicious dictator-clings-violently-to-power, which we’ll serve on a hotbed of popular-revolution with just a touch of bumbling-international-community to garnish. What do you think of that Colonel? Q: This sounds familiar…didn’t you make something similar last week? CC: Oh, with Hosni? Haha, don’t get me started on that guy. Couldn’t tell a pestle from a pyramid. Now, we’ll start by preparing the main. Tell me Colonel, what’s happening in Libya at the moment? Q: Don’t believe anything you hear dear readers! “What is happening in Libya is not people’s power, it’s international terrorism led by al-Qaeda…all they want is to kill your kids!” CC: Really Colonel? Hand me the spiced deflection just there, thanks. The latest I’ve heard is that what started as Egypt and Tunisia-inspired protests has flared into a widespread popular movement. Anti-government forces apparently control vast swathes of the country, including the second-largest city of Benghazi and most of northeast Libya. Is al-Qaeda really behind this? Q: Of course! “They are brain-washing the kids and young people who are trigger happy and shoot, especially when they are stoned on drugs. They give the kids pills at night, they put hallucinatory pills in their drinks, their milk, their coffee, their Nescafe.” CC: Colonel, you have been in power since staging a coup in 1969, and have dismantled anything that could threaten your rule ever since. How did you not deal with these protestors before the situation escalated? Q: “I was going to talk with the youth in Green Square and spend the night with them tonight. But oh, it is raining…” CC: I suppose you can’t stand that oppressive humidity, am I right Colonel? Alright, so while we take the unhinged-tyrant out of the oven, tell me, as the international community debates enforcing a no-fly zone over Libya and the United Nations Security Council starts implementing sanctions amid a rising civilian death toll, I guess you’ll need to find another source for all of your bodyguards. Tell us more about that?

Q: Whenever I travel overseas to speak at the stooges of American imperialism, I always sleep in a traditional Bedouin tent. For protection from the agents of subversive Western intentions, this tent is guarded by dozens of female virgin bodyguards. CC: Too bad Russian sanctions might hamper any new talent hey Qaddafi? Off that point, is the tent comfortable? Q: I sleep as sweetly as a nomad Bedouin roaming the North African desert under a new moon! All that ever wakes me up is those bastard European and American leaders always trying to crawl into bed for snuggles. My son has the same problem whenever he travels. CC: Oh, good to see your son has time to travel after finishing his dissertation! What was it on? Something like the need for greater democracy in global governance institutions? Yep, and we’ll just finish our dish here with a splash of irony…little more…. there we go. Just before you go Colonel, how do you spell your name? Q: Why must the West persevere with this ignorance? Gaddafi, Qadhafi, Kaddafi, Algathafi, Kaydaffy....why not just stick the name on the Al-Gaddafi Prize for International Human Rights? CC: That’s a fair and not batshit insane point you’ve made there Colonel. Thanks for coming in, bon appétit! From Charlie Sheen vs Muammar Gaddafi: Whose Line Is It Anyway? 1. I have defeated this earthworm with my words – imagine what I would have done with my fire-breathing fists. 2.
Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body 3.
Life without dignity is worthless 4.
I’m extremely old-fashioned, I’m a nobleman, I’m chivalrous 5.
I am like the Queen of England 6.
I am much bigger than any rank, for those who are talking about rank, I am a fighter 7.
Every great movement begins with one man 8.
These resentments, they are the rocket fuel that lives in the tip of my sabre 9.
I woke up at 4am, before dawn. You should be asleep. You’re all tired after a sleepless night 10.
The US commission report on 9/11 was ‘an absolute fairytale, a complete work of fiction’


Photographer: Andra Nasrie

BIG Titans of Industry Photographers: Bella Baldwin and Sultan Al Saheal

Goodna Flood Relief Photographer: Mitch Hammer


Bond Careers Fair 2011 Whether you are a brand new Bondy, or one who may be counting down the days until graduation – it is never too early, nor too late to be thinking about the road your degree will take you down. Graduation Season occurs in March of each year – and it is at this point when employers across the country are looking to recruit the countries best and brightest graduates – and that means YOU! The Bond University Career Development Centre assists students with this recruitment process through a series of employer presentations and information seminars. On March 31st, the Careers Centre will be holding Careers Fair 2011, with over 50 employers present to showcase their graduate programs. The Careers Fair is available to all students, free of charge, and is your

Alan White Careers Development Centre

opportunity to set the wheels in motion on the road to success – for those who are starting to think about their graduate destination, and for those Bondies, who are nearing the end of their degree program – and are looking to be recruited in the coming months. Plus, by attending one of the many careers events being held in March – you will receive a ticket into the draw to win one of ten fantastic prizes including: • A Hot Air Balloon ride over the Gold Coast • 5 Free Surfing Lessons • Gold Coast Jet and Helicopter Adventure • Gold Coast Cinema Gift Card • Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary Experience The more events you attend – the more chances you have to win!

Confirmed Employers  for   Careers   Fair  2011  Employers for Careers Fair 2011 Confirmed Oysta  

Defence Force  Recruiting  

National Institute  of  Accountants  

Department of  Transport  and  Main  Roads  

Qld Police  Recruiting  


Volunteering Gold  Coast  


Australian Internships  

Department of  Finance  and  Deregulation  

Australian youth  ambassadors  for  Development  


Grad Connection  

Intercontinental Hotels  Group  


Defence Signals  Directorate  

Graduate Opportunities  

Defence Imagery  and  Geospatial  Organisation  

Meltwater Group  


RBS Morgans  


Urban development  Institute  of  Australia    

Laing O’Rourke  

Institute of  Charted  Accountants  Australia  


Queensland Audit  Office  

Lend Lease  

Australian Federal  Police  

Price Waterhouse  Cooper  

Unigrad Graduate  Guide  

Human Services  Portfolio  


Defence Materiel  Organisation    

Department of  Environment  and  Resource   Management  


The Aurora  Project  

Australian Secret  Intelligence  Service  

SAP Australia  


Turner and  Townsend  

Department of  Environment  and  Resource   Management  

Rio Tinto  

The Aurora  Project  

CPA Australia    

SAP Australia  

The Mantra  Group  

Turner and  Townsend  

By Charlotte Duddy

How to know when it’s finally time to


13 Palavers, 10 Pub Crawls and too many Thursday nights at Don's

“Hi, my name is Charlotte. I’m from Sydney (it’s actually Tamworth but no one knows where that is so a city five hours away will suffice) and this is my 13th semester.” Ever found yourself in a similar situation? Ever noticed how all your friends have somehow graduated and now you have to eat lunch alone? Ever sat back and thought that after 13 palavers, ten pubcrawls, too many Thursday-night-Don’s-sessions to remember and countless subjects, maybe it’s time you graduated, got a job, applied at Centrelink and finally did something with your life?

Take a look at our smiling faces. We used to be cool.

Well, let me set some context: like a fat kid looking at a piece of juicy cake, excitement runs through my veins each and every time I see someone who started in 071... Even 082... I even get a kick out of seeing those of you who started in 091. It’s like Christmas morning when I see someone who I can sit next to in the library who I can actually relate to. You know what I mean? Someone who remembers what a meal ticket is, when the MLC was an art gallery and the Sustainable Development building was actually sustainable plants and trees. But, alas young newbies, I am not alone. You yourselves will shortly find the majority of your friends graduating and a resulting lack of people to hang out with, let alone study, lunch or communicate with. You will be that awkward kid in the corner doing ‘study’ on a coffee table so you don’t look sad, lonely and/ or irrelevant. For those of you reading this who have no idea what I am talking about (and probably don’t care) take a look at the smiling faces on this page. We used to be cool. So if you see any of these faces around campus, say hi, as we are most likely sad and lonely and only ‘walking with purpose’ because all three of the people we can call are busy.

Tuesday and drinks never running out 4. You can remember getting a carpark wherever and whenever you wanted 5. Glenda at the Law Faculty reception asks you how your masters degree is going and you have to explain that you are still completing your undergrad 6. You can remember Goof Troop on Tuesdays at Varsity and 360 Bar 7. Your student ID starts with 1284... 8. You can remember when subjects were only $2500 9. You can remember the introduction of fee-help 10. You used to catch the bus home from the Bedroom every Friday morning and, if you didn’t, it was complete and utter social suicide 11. You can remember Pub Crawl leaders being the drunkest of all and handing out free drink tickets 12. You can remember when Market Square, the Cape and the Reserve were mere building sites 13. You can remember when the Legal Skills buildings, Medicine Faculty, renovated library, School of Sustainable Development and amphitheatre didn’t exist 14. You can remember when the University Centre had no power points because no one had laptops in those days, thus, they were unnecessary 15. Cafe Bond was called the ‘Chase’, and the other Bond dining experiences included the ‘T House Cafe’ and the ‘Lakeside Grill’

But in saying it’s our time to leave, we mean no hate against this lovely institution that has let us stay so long. Bond has been a gorgeous and incredible experience and none of us would change anything (well, we would have maybe called a day of rage prior to the part where you couldn’t find a car park on campus).

16. You used to be too scared to walk into the Student Council Office because everyone was so cool; now you avoid walking past in case you have to talk to anyone

So, in a bid to stay relevant and to gloat about the ‘good old days’ (albeit showing my age and sounding like a nanna), me and my fellow legit old school Bondies have compiled a checklist. If you answer yes to more than five of these points, you too should look in the mirror and maybe decide to finally graduate.

18. You realise that all of your friends are now lawyers in Melbourne, bankers in Sydney, or travelling the world with DFAT and then wish you didn’t join so many FSAs or clubs so you could have graduated on time

You know it’s time to graduate when: 1. You walk all the way over to the gym-side of campus to get a salad from Lakeside, only to remember it hasn’t been there for two years 2. You can remember wearing heels to Don’s only to get them caught in the wooden decking

17. You remember when iLearn didn’t exist and you had to attempt to understand the individual subject’s website system

19. You remember seeing ‘Laz’ sitting down in front of you in a lecture theatre and knowing it’s going to be ok because if Laz is still around, then you must have plenty of time to finish your degree (for those of you don’t know Laz, Google him, the guy’s a legend) 20. You have written the ‘Graduating Students’ article in the year book and had it published, only to still be sitting around un-graduated 12 months later

3. You can remember Palaver tickets being SOLD OUT by the 15

grudge week 111 Ava Phillis The tension between the LSA and BSA is rising, and both faculties will be introducing merchandise and better events to boost faculty spirit in Week 9. “This semester’s Grudge Week will include the sale of faculty Tshirts to encourage participation,” said the Business Students’ Association (BSA) Social Director, Lizzie Harrington.

This semester’s opening party will be held at newly opened LOVE Nightlife at Broadbeach on Tuesday, with buses leaving Don’s Tavern at 8.45pm SHARP. Note that your faculty T-shirt is your official ticket. Aside from the opening party, the traditional Club Empire is set to take place on Thursday from 8pm.

“The competition is going to be more fierce than ever!” Lizzie added.

“Club Empire is all about enjoying VIP entitlements by the footy field,” said Lizzie.

T-shirts will be sold at all Grudge Week events, and every day under the arch for $10 SAM and $15 non-SAM.

“This semester we will have live comedic commentary by Spud (former BSA player), Niko (Bond comedian) and Slinky (former LSA player).”

Law student Hayden Wyatt said he is excited about the competition. “I think the selling of merchandise creates a healthy rivalry around campus, with wonderful slander from one side to the other,” he said. “I will be supporting Law, although next semester I am changing from a Bachelor of Law to a Bachelor of Law/Commerce.”

The usual events include a debate on Wednesday at 6.45pm, and beach cricket in conjunction with Wednesday by the Water on the volleyball courts. Girls’ touch football kicks off at 7.30pm on Thursday and rugby union at 8.30pm, with a special halftime show by the cheerleaders.


Chantal ’s Kitchen -- Chantal McNaught

Baked salmon with lemon (serves 4)

This recipe my dad had shown me, it is by far my favourite fish dish. I recommend a sweet white wine with this one and a group of friends to share it with. INGREDIENTS: 4 skinless salmon fillets 2 tablespoons of extra virgin olive oil 1 lemon, freshly sliced 1 teaspoon of wholegrain mustard Dash of mixed herbs (thyme, rosemary and basil) Cracked black pepper and salt

METHOD: Pre-heat oven to 220°C. In a large baking dish, line with aluminium foil making sure to leave extra over the edges of the dish in order to wrap fish later. Squeeze lemon onto foil and sprinkle cracked pepper, salt and herbs. Place the fillets on top and squeeze remainder of lemon, sprinkle cracked pepper, salt and herbs. Place the lemon on or beside the fillets and wrap tightly with the foil. Bake for 10 - 15 minutes until cooked through. Garnish with fresh lemon and shallots.


Scope Review

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest The film adaptation of Stieg Larsson’s Millennium series is finally complete with the release of the highly anticipated The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. Yet, at the culmination of the three films, something still feels missing. The initial spark between Lisbeth Salander (Noomi Rapace) and journalist Mikael Blomqvist (Michael Nyqvist) from the previous films has gone out. Disappeared completely, along with Lisbeth’s kick-ass attitude, and Blomqvist’s personality. Though as the film progresses we do see refreshing glimpses of the lead characters former selves. The film picks up where The Girl Who Played with Fire finished off; Lisbeth has three bullet wounds, she hit her father with an axe, and Blomqvist has called for help. While the beginning was easily the most thrilling part of the film, it was also the hardest to follow. Unless you have seen the previous film recently, very recently, it’s hard to keep up. With Lisbeth confined to the hospital and later a prison cell for most of the film, it’s up to her hacker friend Plague, and the Millennium team to protect her from jail-time, or worse; another stint in the crooked mental asylum where she was abused as a child. But this could prove difficult, with her father’s associates out to coverup their crimes of the past by any means necessary. It’s unsettling to see Salander go from her out there attitude from the previous films to a more vulnerable character. Though, as we get the final part of Lisbeth’s story, Noomi Rapace continues to play the part to perfection. Her dedication to the role is astounding: getting several real-life piercings, cutting her hair, and undergoing intensive exercise routines in order to attain the build and aesthetics of the Lisbeth Salander depicted in the novels. While some aspects of the film are thrilling, others leave us wondering when this 147 minute movie will end. Despite its shortcomings, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest provides a successful conclusion to the trilogy; tying up the loose ends of the previous films, and providing a final insight into the fascinating lead characters. The movie trilogy has set high expectations for the upcoming Hollywood remake with director David Fincher (Fight Club) and stars Daniel Craig (Casino Royale, Layer Cake) and Rooney Mara (The Social Network).

Rating: 7/10 --Christina Webb

Greek Well, the unfortunate time has come.... The show Greek is having its finale screening this week. For those who don’t watch Greek, you are missing out. Before I begin, I must state the following: Greek is not a poofy show. I have copped some flack recently about my viewings of Greek. But hey.... Haters gonna hate. Greek is a show based on the American college experience. Naturally, like everything about America, it is completely glorified. Everyone looks stunning, campus life is party-filled and no one seems to study excessively, if at all. The main premise of the show is a rivalry between two fraternities: the Kappa Tau’s and the Omega Chi’s; a rivalry that has existed since the dawn of ‘Greek Row’. There is also the addition of the ZBZ’s, who provide the oestrogen of the show. But, more on this later. The KT’s are considered the underdogs, the lovable cock-ups who live to drink and party. Kappie, the KT President, has a care free attitude, never declaring a major, and believing that karmic synergy will guide him through life. The Omega Chi’s are the preppy boys, with the figurehead of Evan Chambers. Evan Chambers is rich, good looking and epitomises the big man on campus. Each of the Omega Chi’s don their suits, flaunting their parent’s cash and all of the opportunities that their brilliant alumni can offer. Greek, like every other teen show America produces, contains typical teen drama. Who’s sleeping with who’s boyfriend/girlfriend; who hates who; who is secretly friends with who, etcetera, etcetera. But, Greek manages to do this in the best possible way. It is not too sappy, only somewhat predictable, but unique enough to keep the audience engaged. Characters come and go as the plot develops, creating a delightful amount of conflict. The males provide the entertainment with rivalry and pranks a plenty; party antics and typical male humour. The women can be quite frustrating, though. It gets quite annoying when they start jumping up and down screaming in delight over something that requires very little emotional outburst. Far too many things relate to Sex and the City and other generic female stereotypes, to the point where it can force a person to turn off the show and perform something masculine immediately. I tried to write this review without giving away any plot points. While most of them are predictable, I know a few people who would be quite pissed if I gave anything away. If you are looking for a show to waste the hours away, and spur on procrastination, watch the first few episodes of Greek and you will most likely be hooked. Like any show, once a few episodes are under your belt, the rest just falls into place. For all of its few shortcomings, it’s a good show. Get into it, but perhaps wait for the holidays... as there is nothing worse than starting a series close to exams. “Thanks ‘How I Met Your Mother’, I didn’t want to study anyway.”

Rating: 7.9/10 -- Peter Clayton

brain teasers

trivia Logic Puzzles Trivia

1. What is the minimum number of musicians a band must have to be considered a “big band”? 2. What does the Italian musical term adagio mean? 3. What Michael Jackson album spawned five chart-topping singles? 4. What Shania Twain recording became the best-selling country music album ever by a female artist, in 1996? 5. Who’s waxed more gold and platinum albums than any other solo female artist?

Ketchup Sachet

A man picked up a plastic water bottle and filled it to the rim with water. He put a ketchup sachet in it and closed it up. The man approached a woman and said, “If you can solve how this works, I’ll give you a dollar.” The man said “down” and the sachet of ketchup suddenly went down. Then he said “up” and it went up. Then he said “down”, and when it was halfway down, he said “stay” and it stayed. How did he do this?

License to Kill

Brain Teaser Below are anagrams of some musical instruments popular in a particular style of music. Your task is to discover what these instruments are and the style of music. I have placed the number of letters in brackets if there are two words. Good luck. Term put Clear tin Bent room Air tug O! A pin A U.S. bobsled (6, 4) A drab show

Wordoku Wordoku is played just like normal Sudoku except that each row, column and 3x3 square must contain unique letters from a special 9-letter word! In this puzzle the unique 9-letter word is VOLUNTARY. Good Luck!

Inspector Ixolite of the Yard was investigating a murder at Nottonmye Manor. It was a difficult case, and Ixolite was completely stumped until he noticed a message sent to him by the killer cunningly hidden in a newspaper advertisement selling Car Licence Plates. Inspector Ixolite thought about it for a while, and when he had solved the puzzle, immediately arrested the guilty man. Q1) How did Ixolite know the advert was a clue for him? Q2) Solve the code and tell me who Ixolite arrested. This is the newspaper advert (Car licence plates for sale) that Inspector Ixolite saw. Plates For Sale; [W 05 NWO] [H 13 HSR ] [O 05 EBM] [D 08 UNE] [U 10 HTY] [N 04 BRE] [N 16 TTE] [I 26 LHC ] [T 10 AEE] [I 26 CNA] [X 22 VDA]

Solutions can be found on Scope’s Facebook profile. Add us as a friend.

Scope Sport USA vs ROW Basketball Can we beat them at their own game? The great country of America has introduced numerous things into this world, ranging from How I Met Your Mother to George W. Bush. One notable contribution is the game of basketball (fun fact of the day: basketball was actually invented by a Canadian!). Anyway, to honour this great game and acknowledge the large influx of American Study Abroad students, Bond Basketball has cultivated this USA v Rest of the World tradition. This friendly grudge match allows an All-American team & a team with Bondies from around the world to settle their differences on the court. Although you might assume that the ROW Bondies wouldn’t understand the game as well as their American counterparts, they have come out victorious in past rivalries. To see if the ROW Bondies can put up a good fight, make sure you come down and get into it!

--Sarah Cobourn


HOT Winning Power Fiiiiiiestaaa

The Gold Coast Blaze is also on board this semester, providing game tickets to the winning teams, MVP, and the open-entry shoot-out competition at halftime.

The West Wing

A much necessary improvement for this semester is the introduction of ALCOHOL. There will be a bar up on the stage with cheap drinks, popcorn and hotdogs, in true American style.

International relationship

So grab a drink, get rowdy, then stumble down the stairs into Don’s for Mid-Semester Fiesta for the rest of the night! Details When & Where: Thursday 10th March at the Sports Hall. Women’s Game: 7pm Men’s Game: 8pm How much: FREE!

Sky blue polos Mooting

Bond’s Greatest Athlete Blaze Careers Fair FC Barcelona Pizza Hut restaurant French women Drive-in movies Melbourne NOT Petrol prices iPad Generation 1 John Galliano Ear muffs Merkins Sickness Blisters Arsenal Networking Writing resumes for Grad positions etc Broken promises Law assignments in week 9 Caterpillars Boys Magpies (the birds) Cold calling

One minute with...

Jonathan Ping

Which is your favoured International Relations school of thought: realism, liberalism, or constructivism?

What did you do prior to Bond? Research work at other universities and for the government.

All of them. I’m an academic and I must have a good understanding of all of them.

If you weren’t Australian, what nationality would you like to be and why?

Greatest fear? Changes with age.

Either European or American. Great standards of living and high levels of opportunity and freedom of speech and action.

Favourite Food?

Who is your hero and why?

Anything new, as long as it doesn’t include exotic animal parts.

Broadly, my family, because they demonstrate strong social values and determination to succeed.

What are the most interesting countries that you have visited? Iran, the Maldives and Uzbekistan.

What advice would you give to students as they come up to exam week? Study… but hopefully it’s not too late.

Scope Issue 16 Week 8  

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