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Valentine's Dumb

CONTENTS Editor’s Report We at Scope think Valentine’s Day is dumb. It’s essentially a good-for-nothing commercial cash cow. We’ve only decided to do a ‘special’ Valentine’s Day edition because we like the colour red. Jorja Wallace carries on this rant on page seven, a must read entitled, ‘Love and other drugs... give me the other drugs.’ I’m sure you won’t miss the first of the photo pages: a collage of the most prominent couples (well, most of them anyway) around campus. Apologies if we caused any embarrassment, but hey, you shouldn’t be together if you’re embarrassed by your partner. Moving away from the dreaded Valentine’s Day, make sure you read Caleb Connor’s ‘Egyptian protests for dummies.’ Entertaining and informative at the same time, just how I like it. Also, don’t miss out Bella Baldwin’s accurate quiz, ‘What SAM benefit are you?’ Shameless plugging or not, there’s no denying the endless benefits of SAM membership. Enjoy this week’s edition. Spread the love. Not just next monday, but every single day. --Andra Nasrie

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7 Reasons it’s okay to be locked away in a room for six months working on the Phillip C Jessup Public International Law Moot --Mona Mizikovsky What is the world’s largest moot court competition, with participants from over 500 law schools in more than 80 countries you ask? Well it’s the Philip C. Jessup International Law Moot Court Competition of course! The Competition is a simulation of a fictional dispute between countries before the International Court of Justice, the judicial organ of the United Nations. The 2011 problem concerned the legality of drone strikes against terrorists, banning the veil in Europe and international anti-corruption law. Each year Bond sends a team and in 2011, our team made it to the quarter finals [kudos to you guys!] We got Q.M Noakhtar, senior nerd of the team, to give us 6 reasons as to why it’s ok to be locked away in a room for six months working on the Phillip C Jessup Public International law Moot: 1. Smarts… it’s all about the smarts baby. You probably think you’re smart. Most people think they’re smart. So, put your IQ where your mouth is and prove it by mooting the Jessup problem. But if that isn’t enough, the Jessup team represents Bond’s finest student legal minds, so if anything, get on the team so you can source that. 2. Atkins diet shmatkins diet. You want a real weight-loss method? I’ve got one - It’s called the Jessup Diet. A little anxiety, three smidgens of paranoia, a bucket-load of stress – and before you know it, you’ll drop three sizes. I mean it. When Jessup’s over your milkshake will totally bring all the boys to the yard. 3. Nothing you do in the foreseeable future will be as difficult as the Jessup competition. True-story. It’s important to be reminded every so often that you are capable of more and the insurmountable challenge of Jessup provides a perfect platform! You can do better than sit in a tutorial full of randoms who don’t know Magellan from a glockenspiel. You can argue about drones in Pakistan and banning the veil in France and what to do with the leftover Guantanamo jumpsuits.

5. Enticements – free trip to Canberra and a possible free trip to Washington DC. Need I even say more. Or how about having the opportunity to mingle with fellow nerds at such aforementioned places? Also, whilst I’m here, I’d like to give kudos to the team from Afghanistan had their study room suicide bombed a month before the competition. I wish I could have met them and hugged them and shook their hands and expressed my sincere respect to them. Do it for me. 6. Free printing. you may not think much of it, but the next time you need to read Hamden v Rumsfeld (at a beautiful 80 pages) you’ll appreciate it. Plus chicks are totally into it. If there’s a special someone who’s not diggin’ your vibe, it may be because you can’t give her what she needs. Security, warmth, epic smoochy-times, but most importantly: a two-per-side copy of the Equity outline.

4. Jessup provides a complete defence to hanging out with your friends. But lets be honest here, friends are overrated. They always text at the most inopportune times and they’re always breaking up with their annoying BF/GF and of course they want to tell you all about it – and let’s face it, you don’t care, do you? solution? ‘Can’t talk now, Jessup deadline due at 6’


Faux News Fair and Balanced

Matthew Harman out regularly) – and if you aren’t, well you might as well be, because FOX seems to believe Joe the Plumber is the majority, and democracy means majority rule (No it doesn’t... I’d be remiss if I didn’t point that out)!

Ever since the former President of Tunisia, Zine El Abidine Ben Ali, left the country – there has been an explosion of commentary surrounding virtually everything to do with what has been called the ‘6 April’ Movement in honour of strikes held in Tunisia on the 6th April 2010, that resulted in what is now referred to as the ‘Jasmine Revolution.’ It is a movement that has sparked a chain reaction in the Middle East, and has featured most prominently in Egypt - but also the world of political commentary – and so called journalism.

You may be asking yourself, “If you don’t like what FOX says, why watch them?” or “What has this got to do with the situation in the Middle East?” and probably most aptly of all, “You just wrote this to rant, didn’t you?”

As far as revolutions go, this one was relatively benign, short, and in spite of the footage of violent clashes with authorities – relatively bloodless. Contrast this with the French, Russian, and American revolutions – it was also much shorter and arguably more effective. The reasons cited for the relative success of the movement, and the revolution at large has filled political commentary around the world with a good deal of clutter. “The revolution was sparked by Twitter,” or “It was started by food prices and local factors” or perhaps a more telling example, “These socalled ‘freedom’ movements are in fact the work of fringe Islamist extremists”. Very rarely is a view postulated that could be a ‘little from column A, and a little from column B’ – particularly if you watch FOX News.

If you are thinking those things, you’re a damn sight more patient than I am. To the first question, Know thine enemy! I watch FOX News to better understand the mentality of people who might be misleading, or perhaps the answer is simpler in that I really am a sadomasochist. That could be very plausible! The second question is by far the most important. I wrote this in the context of the Middle East freedom movement, because it is something that strikes me on a level unlike the usual political discourse that one might hear about in American or Australian politics – both of which I follow. This isn’t the first issue FOX News has taken out of context, or manipulated to score political points for their conservative allies, but it is perhaps the most irresponsible moment in their history to try turning this movement into something it simply is not. The people of the Middle East have tried, with great adversity to protest peacefully for their freedom. There has been violence, there has been repression, and they are bleeding – in many cases literally, for their rights. Something a conservative American ought to appreciate, for all the multitude of times they invoke those sacrosanct words ‘Our Founding Fathers...’. Drawing comparisons with issues in the US to the Middle East, trying to find a shred of proof that ‘Revolution COULD be upon us too!’ – demeans both Americans and those in the Middle East who are protesting. The US has its freedoms, it also has its fair share of struggles to endure – but this movement belongs to the Middle East. This is their moment in history, their time to build a new beginning or fall back into the past – whichever way it goes. America is ancillary in this, but to those people protesting – America isn’t the number one concern. Their own freedom is the issue.

In the United States, and for those who have cable TV here, there is a ‘news’ network that tends to air on the side of political hypochondria. FOX News is a media organisation that uses slogans such as “Fair and Balanced” to promote itself as a politically impartial network. This might sound all well and good if you’ve never watched any of their programming. After a single segment of their repertoire, you can almost visualize the words “Far and Balanced” on a mop handle, somewhere in their studios, being used to wipe up freshly spilled bile that they might otherwise call “punditry”. No media organisation on earth relies on this method of distributing misinformation and biased opinion, so prolifically, or as brazenly as FOX News. I mentioned earlier the notion of political ‘hypochondria’, and this is why. During their coverage of the massive protests in Egypt, and their ongoing campaign spreading to countries like Jordan and Yemen – ‘pundits’ would state rather openly, and without context – ‘This could happen here (The US)!’ These pundits pointed to statistics, regarding the increase of food prices in the US as a potential catalyst for poor people to start rioting on the same scale as those seen in Egypt as proof that it just might happen in the US of A! Never mind that food prices only increased marginally in the US over a longer period of time, whereas food prices in the Middle East, Tunisia and Egypt in particularly virtually tripled in a short space of time. Never mind that Americans have more social and political freedoms to content themselves, that Arab countries have lacked in many ways – often with US support. Oh, no! You see, FOX has a strong case of tunnel vision. If you aren’t white, or culturally Anglicized, aren’t carrying a Bible, or a US flag stapled tastelessly to your suit jacket, you’re probably a homosexual, a Mexican, or a Muslim (all groups FOX singles

So when a ‘news’ organisation, tries to blatantly Americanize the trials and tribulations of another nation(s) when there is no real commonality under the present circumstances – I do feel compelled to anger. Is a reversion to the tried and true methods of 1930s propaganda, the new face of journalism? Is it limited to the US or is it systemic in the international news media? I wish I knew. All I know for certain is, it has to stop. Even if I were to stop watching it myself, it wouldn’t stop others from falling into the trap of being caught up in the hysteria of news ‘makers’ rather than news ‘breakers’. And yes. This was a rant. Inarticulate, biased and highly subjective. I readily admit it.


Egyptian Protests for DUMMIES

Caleb Connor

While watching the news about all of this pro-democracy business what the future will look in the Middle East right now, do you find yourself wondering any of like. To use an R. Kelly the following: analogy, should a democratic revolution in Egypt • Is Tunisia where tuna comes from? sweep anti-Israeli ele• Why are a million people gathered in Cairo’s Tahrir Square? Is Justin ments to power, rather Bieber playing? than having fellas on its • Who is Egypt? left and hunnies on its • Mubarak…he’s the Obama guy right? right, Israel will be con• Muslim Brotherhood? Are they like the Wu Tang Clan? tending with Hezbollah to the north, Hamas the If you are familiar with any of these or any similar legitimate east, and a more assertive Egypt to the south. It’ll be like the geopothoughts, please continue to read through the following Guide to litical gang-bang they never planned for. the Egyptian Protests for Dummies. As a responsible cosmopolitan university student, it is your moral obligation to remain in the know What the Protestors Want about current world events. Either that or go stream the latest Glee episode while the latest upheaval in the Arab world transforms the Why, a democratic revolution of course! The welfare and level of political landscape of the Middle East as we know it. Go on, I won’t opportunity (socially, politically, economically) for your day-to-day judge. Egyptian has for decades been well below the expectations of the public. This is especially concerning given the 30-years of oppresKey Actorz: sive restrictions placed upon them for the sake of stability and security. And since that guy in Tunisia lit a match and started this whole Hosni Mubarak: calamity, every man and his pyramid has decided now is the time to act. “President for life” in power since 1981 after the grisly demise of his predecessor. He and his National Democratic Party (lolz, more like Obviously these demands include the immediate resignation of old undemocratic) have held onto power in Egypt through banning man Mubarak. Even though the president has stated he will not run formal opposition and hating on the Egyptian public’s club with an for re-election this September, the protestors continue to call for emergency law that has resulted in torture, arbitrary arrests, and the him to step down. Imagine I’ve been kicking you in the balls for 30 stifling of any localised dissent. He’s also been bestest-friends-for- years but that I’ll stop in September. Ok guys, keep on keepin’ on. everers with the United States, who would rather provide military aid to an authoritarian regional foothold, than risk Egyptian democ- Prospects racy bringing players such as the Muslim Brotherhood into the fore. While the Egyptian people are demanding Mubarak step down imEgyptian Public mediately, doing so would throw politics in Egypt into a state of chaos, Constitutionally, if he steps down elections would take place Since the declared “Day of Rage” on January 25th, millions of regu- within two months. The 30-year ban on formal opposition hasn’t lar citizens have taken to the streets of Egyptian cities. These aren’t been very conducive for the consolidation of any party to take over just the poor, but are a diverse cross-section of the Egyptian public. from the one in power, so for now we wait it out as dialogue goes P.s. They’re pissed off if I haven’t already mentioned this, and most on between all kinds of opposition movements and government of them have set-up in Cairo’s Tahrir Square. There, they’ve been officials. Mubarak himself has stated this reality in recent weeks. Oh chanting slogans all day, becoming a little chummy with the mili- Mubarak, you so wise. tary and getting their ‘Green Street Hooligan’ on with pro-Mubarak supporters. Ahh, the life. They’ve also pioneered the latest in riot- Conclusion helmet fashion. I’ll stop being a dick for the moment and urge you to keep an eye Muslim Brotherhood on this space. Statements from protestors indicate that many regular citizens are demonstrating simply for the rights and freedoms An Islamist party Mubarak has tolerated as the only formal opposi- implicit in the dignified life they’ve been denied for too long. While tion in Egypt. This way he has been able to justify his authoritarian the dialogue occurring between actors across the entire Egyptian methods by pointing at ‘the bros’, and saying to Western govern- political spectrum is a positive development, the future remains unments, “It’s me or it’s them. Now, what was that about aid?” clear. Further, if any elements of Mubarak’s regime remain in power it most likely occur through increased violence and intimidation. Israel The people have spoken and a political system is in transition. The international community now waits to see how the Egyptian sociWhile a stable Egypt under Mubarak has been a cornerstone of their ety handles this precarious milestone in its ancient political history. security concept, the Israelis will be twitching in their boots about 5

Love and Other Drugs ... Give Me The Other Drugs Jorja Wallace I hate Valentine’s Day. Of all of the holidays in the year, February 14th has got to be the worst. Flowers, chocolate, jewellery, stuffed toys, massage oil, candles, restaurants – on any of the other 364 days of the year, fine. On Valentine’s Day they just make me want to vomit. Of course if I was on the receiving end of one or more of these items, I probably wouldn’t be so cynical. Chances of that are one in a million, so I’m going to keep on being a love-hater. I even tried to watch a rom-com last night to put me in the right frame of mind to write. I lasted all of 30 minutes before I changed to horror and sat, content, painting my nails black. Such the optimist. Unless you’re dating someone who acknowledges the existence of V-Day, it’s just going to be an ordinary Monday. Except for the fact it’s going to have more cheese than a dirty Italian restaurant. There will also be the constant kicks to the old self-esteem, as you navigate through the minefield of loved-up couples. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not so deranged I’d rather watch someone in pain than in love. Valentine’s Day sucks because it’s a nice little reminder that yes, you are single and yes, you are alone. Or worse still. The old slap in the face that while your boyfriend loves you, it’s just not enough that he’ll get off his fat arse and take you out to dinner. My favourite excuse has to be the ‘but-I-can-show-youhow-much-I-love-you-any-day-I-don’t-need-society-topressure-me-into-celebrating-a-commercial-holiday’.


True, but yeah, that never happens. Like most ‘gunna’ situations, it’s just talk, no action. It is a nice concept though; the partner that spontaneously displays their affection without prompting. In reality, it’s a rarity – I’m not holding my breath. And this so-called ‘pressure’ society apparently exerts? Dude, it’s all in your head. Most of us want you to spend your time on us, not your dollar bills. Well, unless you have an extremely materialistic partner – then all I can say is good luck, and sucked in. In the end it’s more likely your woman has spent more on vamping herself up for the bedroom, than you will on the bunch of flowers that’s going to get her there. Guys, taking a ‘stand’ and refusing to even say “Happy Valentine’s Day” isn’t going to win you any points. Actually, it will probably just end up in her comparing your piss-poor effort to that of what her friend’s boyfriends did. I’m not great at math, but I’m going to take a stab and say that equals no sex for you. Personally, I think V-Day is about taking a chance you wouldn’t normally take. It’s the one day of the year a guy can do something incredibly thoughtful, and still remain completely masculine. Unfortunately most men don’t seem to have the balls to make it happen. Truth be told, this is probably the reason why I hate Valentine’s Day the most. Despite the cold-heartless-bitch exterior, on the inside I’m an old-school romantic who is sick of making an effort and getting nothing in return. And as much as I say I want nothing to do with V-Day, like most girls I wouldn’t turn down a gesture of affection if it was made. Until then I’ll be celebrating Singles Awareness Day (SAD) with a bottle of red, and the goriest horror flick I can find where all the couples die.

C o u p l e s a r o u n d c a m p u s

S i c k e n i n g, i s n' t i t ?


Photographer: Jen Phan


Photographer: Jen Phan

By Caleb Connor, Mona Mizikovsky, Caitlin McNamara



40 bands. 10 hours. 17 applications of sunscreen. One hell of a festival. Brisbane Laneway 2011 went down last Friday and despite the sweltering heat, the festival managed to attract all manner of hipsters, tripsters (trust fund hipsters) and all round good-music-lovers to catch an incredible line-up of indie goodness. A smaller and more intimate alternative to Big Day Out, Laneway has quickly become a must on any music lovers’ calendar. Beginning in Melbourne in 2004, the event attempts to provide a unique atmosphere and sound environment through the use of urban spaces such as laneways. Combining up and coming local acts with international indie treasures, the lineup manages to appeal to a wide audience and tends to include a lot of the bands that will make significant headway in the Australian music scene in 2011. We’ve listed the incredible bands we managed to catch, and we encourage every reader to check out the amazing music featured at Laneway this year. Menomena: On record, this band from Portland, USA strikes you immediately with its unbridled creativity, using guitars, synths, piano, saxophone, and ridiculous drum-lines to create their own unique rock. Live, they managed to produce the same effect with each of the four members playing at least two or three instruments as the set went on. Songs from their massive new album Mines went down amazingly with the early crowds, and props goes to their fro-sporting pianist, who at one point offered the whole crowd some OJ because apparently he had “a bunch”. Beach House To be honest, I was a little worried about seeing Beach House perform in this kind of festival environment, given that this fantastic Baltimore duo have carved their path with unique, dreamy, timeless pop. Rest assured, their set was well worth my time. They were utterly unbelievable, whipping the crowd into a state of bliss with their soaring vocals and atmospheric soundscapes. Lead singer Victoria Legrand was absolutely captivating on-stage, and her vocals were just as breathtaking live as they are on record. Do yourself a favour. Get your hands on a copy of their record, Teen Dream ASAP. Then see them live. Warpaint So after sitting through Warpaint’s galvanizing and energetic set, I can safely say I would convert to lesbianism on behalf of this four pieced, all-girl rock band from LA. I must admit, I was expecting great things from the quartet, especially after falling in love with their debut album Fool prior to Laneway. The album is a mix of psychedelic rock, subtle electronic and sensational vocals and this really came out during their performance. Emily Kokal’s vocals were jaw-dropping and mixed with the band’s persuasive energy made for an awesome 45 minutes. All in all, girl bands = win, so awesome, talented, sexy girl bands = mega win.

Two Door Cinema Club Another highlight was the Irish lads from Two Door Cinema Club. After rave reviews from Splendour in the Grass, the trio had the crowd dancing within seconds of taking the stage. Crowd favourites included singles I Can Talk, Undercover Martyn and Something Good Can Work. Having opened for a number of bands including Delpic, Phoenix and Metronomy, Two Door Cinema Club have now become festival favourites in their own right. Yeasayer To say Yeasayer were amazing is an absolute understatement. The group describes their music as ‘Middle Eastern-psychsnap-gospel’ and it’s not too far from the truth. They performed on the larger outdoor stage in the afternoon, and though they had the elements and horrible acoustics against them, they truly blew the crowd away. Opening with one of the best songs of last year, O.N.E, the crowd was instantly moving to the almost anthem-like song. Highlights included and extended version of 2080 and Ambling Alp which powerfully closed the set. Hearing the front-man pronounce how impressed he was at the number of “jacked” Australian guys in the audience was also pretty comical. Cut Copy As a Aussie band that has hit the bigtime worldwide, we bailed on The Jezebels to catch what was hopefully going to be a huge finishing set. What followed was the band coming on stage, the first stop of their latest world-tour, only to encounter technically difficulties not 30 seconds in. As the band struggled through their fantastic new song Need You Now, lead singer Dan Whitford eventually threw his guitar in frustration and smashed his sound equipment. Remember, this was the first song. The energetic vibe in the crowd disappeared, and even though guitarist Tim Hoey tried admirably to win back the static masses throughout the show, we ended up getting our Lights and Music, Hearts on Fire, and then we went home.

brain teasers

trivia Logic Puzzles 1. What were the famous words spoken by Tom Cruise to his on-screen partner (Renée Zellweger) to win back her heart in the film Jerry Maguire? 2. Who is Valentine’s Day named after? 3. What year was Valentine’s Day declared an official holiday, and by who? 4. What is the only country that doesn’t celebrate Valentine’s Day? 5. During the 1980s, what industry began to promote their product as a good Valentine’s Day gift?

You are a prisoner sentenced to death. The Emperor offers you a chance to live by playing a simple game. He gives you 50 black marbles, 50 white marbles and 2 empty bowls. He then says, “Divide these 100 marbles into these 2 bowls. You can divide them any way you like as long as you use all the marbles. Then I will blindfold you and mix the bowls around. You then can choose one bowl and remove ONE marble. If the marble is WHITE you will live, but if the marble is BLACK... you will die.” How do you divide the marbles up so that you have the greatest probability of choosing a WHITE marble?

Logic Puzzle The four people in this puzzle all competed in different classes of dog agility at a recent competition. The competitions all required the dogs to run over jumps, through tunnels and various other obstacles in as quicker time as possible. Each had a different result - one came first, one third, one fourth and one ninth. All four dogs were each of a different breed. Can you work out who handled which dog, at what level each competed, the place each finished in and the breed of each dog? 1. If Tiff finished first then Terry finished fourth. 2. If Terry finished fourth then Jago is a collie otherwise Jago is not a collie. 3. If Jane competed in the Senior class then she finished third. 4. If Jane competed in Novice then she finished fourth. 5. The dog that finished ninth was an alsatian. This was either Jago, in which case Jago competed in the Elementary class, or this was Kelly, in which case Terry handled Kelly. 6. Mark won Starters. 7. If Mark’s dog is called Patti then Patti is a labrador otherwise Patti is a collie. 8. Ruth’s dog is called Jago. 9. If Jago finished fourth then she competed in the Novice class otherwise she competed in the Senior class. 10. If Patti finished first then Terry’s dog is an alsatian otherwise Terry’s dog is a collie. 11. If Jane’s dog is a doberman then Jane finished fourth otherwise Jane finished third. Handler’s Names: Jane, Mark, Ruth and Terry Dog’s Names: Tiff, Patti, Jago and Kelly Breed: Alsatian, Collie, Labrador and Doberman Level: Starters, Elementary, Novice or Senior

Throw some anagrams around! In the sentences below, there are 10 jumbled phrases. Each is an anagram of a word or phrase that helps complete the story. Can you decipher all 10? The kids were playing on the WET SIGNS, Uncle Frank and Jack from next door were playing a game of HOSS HEROES, and it was time for the grill. The THICK TRIO was lighted, and the TOAST PIE had been dusted off. Kristen, their teenager, was stretched out on the EAGLE CUSHION and talking on her CLONE HELP as usual. The RUM LABEL offered some shade, and it was time for the announcement: “NO HBO CONCERT!” This followed by PRESCRIBE MAD HUB and a genial reminder: TO CHOKE SKIES!

Using the letters AAEEIIMMPPTT complete this grid. The grid reads the same across as down.

Solutions can be found on Scope’s Facebook profile. Add us as a friend.

The Red Cross Donor Mobile is visiting BOND UNIVERSITY on: Wednesday 9th February : 9am – 3pm Thursday 10th February : 10am – 4pm Friday 11th February : 8am – 2pm

Eligibility Most people are allowed to give blood if they:

Have brought photo ID with them Have eaten a substantial meal in the last 3 hours Have drunk at least 1 litre of water/juice on the day of their donation Feel fit and healthy Are aged between 16 and 70 years of age Have a signed parental consent form if they are aged between 16 and 17 years Weigh over 50 kg

You will not be allowed to give blood if you:

Have a cold or are feeling unwell in any way Lived in the UK for a total time which adds up to 6 months or more between 1980 and 1996 Are pregnant, breastfeeding or have given birth in the previous nine months Are currently taking or have taken antibiotics in the last 5 days Have had a tattoo in the last 6 months Have ever had a serious heart condition Have ever had a serious blood disorder or disease Have ever “used” drugs by injection or been injected with drugs not prescribed by a doctor or dentist

The Red Cross Donor Mobile is located near: The Academic Spine, across from the Health Sciences Building To make an appointment call 13 14 95




Week 3 Netball Wrap --up Emma Brinkman

It has been a hectic start for the Netball Club this year with a night and time change for the Social Mixed Netball Comp, as well as a massive interest in our new Netball Squad which will play on Tuesday nights. We can tell that it’s going to be a huge year for the club already.


HOT S&M Docs Being a lone wolf

Black nail polish Midget porn True Grit Stephen Fry Nutella

Thursday night kicked us off for the semester with people desperate to ‘play and dash’ to make sure they got ready for Palaver on time. I don’t know whether it was the mad rush to get out or the newbies raising the bar, but the competition was intense. With some incredible goals from Emilia McNamara, great play from Tara Ridgeway and Megan Ball and an unfortunately twisted ankle in the midst of everything else, I think there was definitely an indication that it will be a tooth and nail fight for the trophy this semester! Sunday added more Netball to Week 3 with trials for the Netball Squad being held. It was amazing to see how crazy good the new kids are and see them make sure that the long term players had a run for their money! Everyone there played great games and I am sure it was not an easy decision to make. Final trials and grading for the external competition were held on Tuesday so we wish the best of luck to the Squad during the season.

Training events and times

The Rage Train Clitoris Friends taking care of drunk friends Overdue library books Your new FB DP Muscles NOT Obliterated friends Lanyards Self-involved people Crappy resumes Graduating without a job Valentine’s Day How everything gives you cancer Vegetarianism

Waterpolo 111

--James Chumbely

2011 has so far seen some new faces and new talent, with this we hope to rebuild the team and return to higher achievements in the water with hope that we will compete at the Australian University Games to be hold on the Gold Coast later this year. In order for us to achieve this realistic objective we need to grow appreciation and interest in the game throughout the bond community and this will only be achieved through regular attendance at training and strong outfits arriving on game day. Furthermore we will possibly be implementing a social competition to run for 5 weeks throughout Semester 2 of this year please contact me if you’re interested Leadership: It is important for us to expand as club through the delegation of some duties James Mullholland has been appointed vice-captain of the club. If anyone else is interested in helping out and assuming a leadership position within the club please contact me on 0410 924 039‪; 0410 924 039.


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