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Editor's Report Scope on Tuesday? Yes, we’re that keen. For the first time ever (I think), your brilliant student publication was released a day earlier in conjunction with the BUSA elections. In the red corner we have the Authentic ticket, headed by Henry Norris. In the yellow corner (imagine how well this would have worked out if they were blue) we have the (One) ticket, headed by Benjamin Strick. Get to know each candidate in the following pages before you make your informed decision when you vote tomorrow or Thursday. Apart from all the campaign material, we’ve still got a few articles in store for your reading pleasure. Shannan Smith is at it again with ‘Controversy in Congress’. It actually scares me that she writes these articles, or more fittingly, International Relations essays for fun. I know I’ll be voting for her should she run for Prime Minister. The Bond Book Club (BBC) got together and contributed a list of five books to read before you die. I’ve read some of the books on the list and I tend to agree with the selection. Our photographer Ash Adams was recently gifted with a fisheye lens, so it’s no wonder he went all out with his new toy at Pub Crawl. Speaking of Pub Crawl, this is also the first time we’ve managed to send a sober photographer to the chaos that is Pub Crawl. Lucky we did not capture some of the more disgusting things that happened that night. If you’re curious, ask your Pub Crawl leaders. That’s it from me this week. I hope to be back in your hands next Wednesday, when normal service resumes. Adios, Andra Nasrie email us at: Cover photo by Ash Adams

Weekly BUSA Report

Why Vote? James Graham

As the festivities of Bondstock carry us through the days and nights of 113, it’s hard to think of any place in Australia, let alone the world, that you’d rather be studying and spending these years of your life. Bondstock truly is a celebration of ‘all things Bond’ and epitomises everything this incredible institution stands for; it’s a week that offers a great range of cultural, social, academic and sporting events. In fact, as I write this article I’m sitting outside on a balmy spring night, overlooking the ornamental lawns and the lake – I’ve just come from a comedy show at Don’s, tomorrow I’m going to a luncheon with some of Australia’s best and brightest, right before heading off to [*undisclosed location*] for a night that you better hope you have a ticket to. As all of this goes on around us, it’s easy to get lost and caught up in it all and to not really think about how we actually came to where we are right now. There is a reason this week exists and that it is as memorable and amazing as it has been (and will be). There is a reason why every week at Bond there is something not to be missed. This doesn’t happen by magic – this happens because people put their hands up to do it – they volunteer their time so that our experience at Bond truly is the best it can possibly be. Right now there are 35 students who have put their hands up to run for BUSA and to say they want to spend the next twelve months working for you to make your time at Bond as good as it can be – and to that I say thank you. On Wednesday and Thursday of this week from 9am– 3:30pm in the Undergraduate Student Lounge you can exercise your God-given right as a Bondie to have your say about who is going to do the best job to make your time at Bond better than it could be at any other university. Over the course of the next few days, take the time to learn about these people, find out what they stand for, and make a decision. Vote. I know I will.




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Controversy in Congress

Shannan Smith

The theory of benign hegemony holds that the surest way for a state to achieve and sustain global dominance is to quietly imbue that state’s national interests within the multilateral frameworks of the age. Testament to the effectiveness of this approach to international relations is the global pre-eminence that has been enjoyed by the United States (US) since the end of the Second World War, when the United Nations (UN) was established in accordance with many of the liberal principles viewed as fundamental to a life of dignity in the Land of the Free. In more recent times, however, some within the United States’ political established have seemingly felt as though their hold over the ethos and direction of the United Nations has been slipping. Accordingly, on August 30th this year, Republican Representative Ros-Lehtinen submitted to Congress the United Nations Transparency, Accountability, and Reform Act (the Act) of 2011. At the heart of the Act lies an ambitious attempt to reform the UN’s funding process such that contributions made to the organisation by member states are offered on a specific and voluntary basis – specific in that funds may be made available for the exclusive use of a particular UN summit or committee, and voluntary in the traditional sense. For the United States, at present the state responsible for the largest portion of the UN’s total budget and, thus, likely the state that would make the greatest financial contribution under a voluntary system, such restructuring represents an opportunity to pursue a specific agenda through the UN whilst allowing less favoured initiatives to languish due to lack of economic resources. It is an attempt at benign hegemony sans the subtly. Yet, the public argument is, unsurprisingly, more altruistic. Congressional supporters of the Act argue that the introduction of a voluntary funding scheme will promote greater ‘transparency and accountability’ within UN agencies, as only those UN programs that can substantiate their progress and performance will attract investment. This is certainly not a baseless argument. Illustratively, the Act itself incorporates the testimony of Catherine Bertini, former director of the World Food Program (WFP), which has long been funded by voluntary contributions. The legislation quotes Bertini as claiming that such a financial system does foster an environment in which efficiency and quality of outcomes are accorded the highest degree of importance.

Moreover, improved productivity, stimulated by whatever means, is an appealing prospect to many who are frustrated at the lacklustre efforts of the UN establishment to instigate their own overhaul of the organisation’s infamous bureaucratic processes. Similarly, the Act incorporates a number of other provisions that could presumably attract widespread support, not only in the US but around the world. For instance, the Act includes a provision to compel the reorganisation of the UN’s Human Rights Council so that states sitting upon this Council must meet a basic set of eligibility criteria. Specifically, states that are the subject of sanctions relating to human rights abuses, and those under investigation for similar crimes, would not be eligible for Human Rights Council representative positions. In addition, the Act supports the development of a universal and enforceable Code of Conduct for UN peacekeepers involved in UN operations around the world and endorses holding those who violate such an agreement personally liable for any breach of the Code. Specifically, the Act argues that those peacekeepers found guilty of a crime against the nationals of a state the peacekeepers have been deployed to protect should be personally liable for that crime, including any financial compensation that may be owed to the victim.


Yet whilst many of the Act’s suggestions may be deemed reasonable and viable means of strengthening the image of the United Nations, there are also numerous grounds for criticism, all of which have been identified and exploited by opponents of the Act since its introduction to Congress last month. One prominent suggestion is that the legislation constitutes no more than a thinly-veiled threat to UN member states considering supporting the Palestinian bid for statehood at the meeting of United Nations members this month. Indeed, under Title IV, Section 403, the Act explicitly reveals the US intention, under a voluntary voting system, to withhold US financing from any UN program that recognises Palestine even as a “non-member-state”, a status presently held only by the Vatican. Further, there is fear amongst the American population

that irrespective of the legitimacy of any of the secondary provisions included in the proposal, the notion of withdrawing mandatory US funding to the UN represents a serious threat to US national interests by lessening US influence amongst key organisations. So acute are these concerns that America’s Better World Campaign has launched an operation entitled “Let U.S. Lead” to encourage Americans to oppose the UN bill in order to protect US interests abroad. Ultimately, as an almost wholly Republican-backed piece of legislation set to face a disapproving Democratic-controlled Senate and a critical White House, the United Nations Transparency, Accountability, and Reform Act has little chance of becoming law. Nonetheless, the Act has certainly stimulated a necessary debate over the need for United Nations reform and the role that the United States can and will play in this process.

The Bond University United Nations Student Association (BUUNSA) are delighted to announce our new executive for 2011/2012. Our members Ashleigh Peplow Ball, Rupert Holden, Rachael Young, Dora Huang and Ellen Scobie are dedicated to revamping a club that has tremendous potential to engage students from all faculties. Whatever you think of the UN, it is our hope that we can use BUUNSA as a means to encourage student awareness and involvement in international politics. If you care about promoting social and international stability then we would urge you to get involved. In 113, students can expect the revival of debating competitions, ‘Films That Matter’ evenings, guest speakers, book clubs, and model UN competitions both within Bond and across Australia. Like the real United Nations, any association is only is strong as its members. For this reason we would urge you to get involved! Find us on Facebook, talk to us on Club Sign On Day, and feel free to email any of our executive members with questions or ideas about what you think we can be doing to promote UN-related issues at Bond. To conclude with the illustrious words of Iranian poet Saadi; If thou hast no sympathy for the troubles of others Thou art unworthy to be called by the name of a human. These words, placed about the entrance of the UN building, are a solemn reminder of the need for compassion, participation, awareness, and activism in international politics. We hope you will found out new council lacking in none of these qualities, and we hope that you will share our enthusiasm.

BUUNSA (Bond University United Nations Student Association) 11

Illegally Bond Photographer: Ash Adams

Clubs Signon Day Photographer: Ash Adams

Cowboys and Indians PubCrawl Photographer: Ash Adams

Five (really seven) books to read before you die Bond Book Club (BBC) Book: Veronika Decides to Die Author: Paulo Coelho Why: This book follows the plight of a girl who attempted suicide, and now has a week left to live, although she is stuck in a mental hospital. Whenever I read one of Coelho’s books, I feel inspired to be a better person, to live my life to the fullest. Although this feeling never lasts, I always enjoy the magical whimsically philosophical journeys that he takes me on. His writing is easy enough to read, making the twist near the end of this book a wonderful delight. -- Jaymee Mak (President)

Books: The Millennium Trilogy Author: Stieg Larson Why: When I finished the Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, I ran to the library to get the next book and fell to my knees in despair when I realised somebody else had borrowed it before me. This series is THAT good. It has the perfect mix of mystery, suspense and drama. The characters are unique and well-developed, and you find yourself wanting to fight alongside them for justice. The first few chapters are a bit dry due to setting up the complex plot but it soon becomes difficult to put the book down. Recommend not reading these the weekend before major assignments are due. -- Jaymee Mak


Book: Diary of a Wombat Author: Jackie French Why: Viewing the world from another perspective. --Stephanie Koo (Vice-President)

Book: The Five People You Meet in Heaven Author: Mitch Albom Why: It takes a unique look at the afterlife and makes you think about your daily interactions with people you know and those you don’t. I really like the idea of heaven being your own form of paradise where you meet 5 individuals that you significantly impacted during your life. The bit where he meets the fifth person always sends chills down my spine. -- Jack Kingston (Treasurer)

Book: Shades of Grey Author: Jasper Fforde Why: I was given this book as a gift from my book-worm-incarnate sister. Having read a fair amount of Jasper Fforde (best known for his Thursday Next series), I knew in part what to expect; vivid imagery, eloquent writing, and a peppering of subtle and witty humour. What I didn’t expect was for him to create a wholly original story of a man living in what the book refers to as a colourtocracy; a sociopolitical movement where social classes are determined by what colour a person predominately sees. Fforde infuses his story with tales of forbidden love, self-discovery, and political corruption to create a truly stellar novel. It is definitely on my top list of books to read before you cark it. -- Farley Webb (Secretary)


Only a short walk away . . .

. . . . is the Lake Café, centrally located to Varsity Lakes in the Market Square precinct. This waterfront bistro acts as the local hub of Varsity Lakes, and is a popular destination for local residents, business owners, and students. The Lake Café serves their delicious breakfast, lunch, or dinner menu all day from 7am (closed Sunday evenings), has great coffee, and is fully licensed. Owned and operated by Chef Gerhard Breuss and his family, the friendly staff of the Lake Café is willing to accommodate any need. Why not have a lazy breakfast of French Toast, with poached pear and mascarpone? Lunch could be double-decker tapas on the boardwalk over the water with a crisp Sauvignon Blanc, while sampling from the European inspired Modern Australian menu for dinner. Whatever mood strikes you, the Lake Café can accommodate your needs. We look forward to seeing you soon.

235 Varsity Parade, Varsity Lakes, QLD 4227 Phone: (07) 5578 9962 Web: Email: 18

BE PART OF SOMETHING EXCITING IN 113! THE CAREER DEVELOPMENT CENTRE IS NOW CALLING FOR APPLICATIONS FOR THE BOND 20 BOND 20 is an initiative that provides unique career development opportunities to 20 students each semester who have demonstrated an active interest in reaching their ca-reer ambition and are enthusiastic about sharing their experience with their peers. Being part of the BOND 20 will entitle you to: • • • • • •

An invitation to an exclusive launch party and awards function Intensive Careers Consultation for a careers checkup, resume review and employment strategy session Specialised resume editing and interview exercises Introduction to the CDC resources and general career planning tools Exclusive access to a guest speakers and professional development opportunities You will receive a certificate of participation at the completion of the semester.

To apply... Send your resume and a cover letter which includes the following information: • Degree and completion date • Career ambition • Demonstrated ability to teamwork, communicate and contribute amongst peers • Previous experience with the Career Development Centre • Brief description of why you should be a part of Bond 20 Your role as a BOND 20 Member will involve attending Careers Events, sharing your experience with your peers both online and in person, acting as a Career Develop-ment Centre Ambassador and providing feedback to the Career Development Centre to continuously improve our services to students and employers.

Applications open for Semester 113 now. Send your application to Nick Harvey :


HOT Tea cups Wongstock Deal Land

Bianca Gah... Bianca Scope Sem 111 Week 12 Editor’s Report: “CBF Bro...” Scope’s important addition to the Bond marketing strategy Gossip Goat Independent candidates Simon Stephen’s fast car Ditching class because Bondstock is just that much better Meeting Harry Kewell at East last Thursday Girl getting round campus in white dress, not realising her nipple had slipped out into view Vote 1 Liam Auer NOT Missing any aspect of Bondstock due to class or work Fernando Torres open goal miss Gym rearrangement Sambucca Vommitting after tea cups

One minute with... Sophie von Zeppelin Tell us a little bit about yourself. Born in the lovely country of New Zealand, I moved to Sydney and then the Gold Coast before I had the chance to develop the kiwi accent. I went to school on the G.C and came to Bond straight after that. I’m terrified of all birds, (and will walk on the Ornamental Lawns to avoid the crows at Bond Cafe) and drink about a litre of milk a day. Why did you join the Bondstock committee? I thought it would give me a great experience to get involved in campus life and organise some incredible parties and events for Bondies... And it gives me an office to nap in during the day. What are you most looking forward to in Bondstock? There’s no one real particular event that I’m looking forward to. I’m excited to finally talk about ‘the location’ of the party tonight, but also for the Wednesday Night Markets-which has never been done before-and the Music Festival which is off campus for the first time ever.

It’s been such a massive year of organisation, I think I’m going to wake up on Sunday and wonder where the week went. Oh and what subjects I’m enrolled in this semester. You’re stuck in a dinghy built for two. Who do you chuck out - Alan White or Georgina Chao? Tough question. G. Chao would eat less, but chances are Alan is Facebook friends with the captain of the next passing ship. If you had all the money in the world, what event would you create for Bondstock? Secret Location to the Moon with LMFAO and David Guetta as the Djs. You’re in a torture chamber. Your torturer wants to know the whereabouts of the Secret Location Party. Will you cave in? Hell No! ...Unless they’re giving Bondstock dollars and dollars of sponsorship money.

Scope 113 Week 2  

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